Candied Bath Bubble Bakery Canada Save 20% On Purchases Until August 31st


Thats Moosho for using the suggest a deal feature to let me know about this sweet site!  It’s quite similar to LUSH but their bath cupcakes are just too cute to resist.  To celebrate their new site design they are offering 20% off all orders until August 31th simply use the code “NEWSITE20” at checkout. Click here to visit the site.

This stuff looks good enough to eat.

12 responses to “Candied Bath Bubble Bakery Canada Save 20% On Purchases Until August 31st”

  1. PINKROSE says:

    Until August 20th?? we are the 27th today?

  2. nscouponchick says:

    Ooh, apple crisp and toffee soap?!

  3. Lori says:

    The prices were in US dollars and the shipping was $8.00 US for 1 small item not including duties and taxes. I thought this was a Canadian site from the post “Candied Bath Bubble Bakery Canada”.

  4. Sally says:

    * We ship via Canada Post to Canada, and the USA by Expedited Parcel or Small Packet USA Surface.

    It is a Canadian Site.

  5. Lori says:

    Do you know why they charge US dollars for Canadian purchases?

  6. Sally says:

    Maybe because it attacts more Usa buyers? Not sure

  7. Perogie says:

    I know what I’m getting my sister for Christmas 🙂 She bakes cupcakes for friends and family and is really good at it 🙂 Last year I bought her cupcakes pj’s, she’s going to love these!!!!!!!

  8. Mi says:

    There are many similar selling like this on Etsy with various shipping pricings! Many from Canada as well as the US. Maybe check Etsy if you are interested in these types of things.

  9. Mi says:

    Here is an example of a Canadian seller with better shipping for 1 item and with similar prices:

    Here’s Candied Bath:

    I love these – so pretty.

  10. Perfume says:

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  11. MissQT says:

    Thanks for the deal! 😛 Btw, they charge USD since it’s easier to convert from CAD to USD than from USD to CAD.

  12. Descoperind avantajele exploatarii echipamentelor second-hand, am devenit importatori ale acestor aparate.

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