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Usually Chapters sends out these coupons with a minimum dollar amount you need to spend in order to get your savings but this time you can get $5 off on any purchase (of at least $5 of course)!  This is great because they have some really great stocking stuffers and bargain books that are between $5 and $10.  Such a great coupon!  The coupon is valid from November 29-December 1 only so print yours off and head to your nearest Chapters store!

Click here to print your coupon.

Huge thanks to pink_panda for posting this great coupon for us!

68 responses to “Chapters Canada $5 Off In Store With No Minimum Spent!”

  1. reesespieces says:

    thank you! amazing deal!

  2. leftie says:

    I read the post in the forum and the OP states that the $5 off with no spending limit is a unique code – so don’t think we should be printing this off to use as the OP or whoever put this link in for printing will have to be 1st of all us SCers to use or they will be S.O.L. as the code/upc on the coupon can only be used once – originally intended for the email recipient.

  3. pink_panda says:

    it’s been confirmed that the barcode is NOT unique. so i think we should be fine in using it.

  4. yingy says:

    Yup, I just received the an email with the exact same barcode, so no worries!

  5. Tiger Campbell says:

    WOW!! There are a few Coles and Chapters stores on my way home…I just printed off a few of these for stocking stuffers..any suggestions since they can’t be used on magazines?

  6. Natalka says:

    thx – she might want to remove her email address, though.

  7. vitabella says:

    wonder if they are still good on sale items?
    It says not valid in conjunction with any offer or promotion.

  8. Neda says:

    This just made my day!
    Thank you.

  9. AmberLab says:

    Darnit, I just made a purchase there yesterday too. I guess I could always go and get another book. LOL

  10. Danam314 says:

    I knew I was waiting to buy my book for a reason. Thanks!!!

  11. NT says:

    Thanks!! I got one in my e-mail but it was with aminimum $30 purchase. This is so good!

  12. sunshine7388 says:

    I got mine it is $5.00 off no minimum

  13. Nujhat says:

    It should work on bargain books (books with the purple stickers) as well.

  14. Toule says:

    And it’s didnt work online right?

  15. Princesstefer says:

    Mine was also $5 off with a minimum $30 purchase… so glad to have this one instead since the other one does me now good with hubby recently laid off and three kids at home. Now I can pick up some free Christmas gifts. 🙂

  16. sandray says:

    I went to Coles today and the coupon didn’t work when it was scanned but the cashier did it manually and gave me the $5 off anyways.

    You can use it on the bargain books too.

  17. godvchaos says:

    awesome deal, Thanks!

  18. Luce says:

    Excellent. Got a lot of amazing godiva chocolates.

  19. mop1342 says:

    Yes, the coupon did not scan but was accepted when manually overridden by the store manager.

  20. cheapskate101 says:

    i went and i had something that was 4.99 and she said i cant use it! i was pretty mad lol i went around the store for almost an hour picking out stuff and then i couldnt use the coupons:(

  21. sharisays says:

    This was awesome! We used 13 coupons! Almost everything we got was 4.99, which made the item totally free. We weren’t charged anything. Got lots of animal toys for our daughter.

  22. Chuppy says:

    I just got back from Chapters and they let me use 2 coupons on separate transactions. There is no “one coupon per customer” in the fine print, so you just have to ask. I need to print some more and go back over the next few days. Both of my items were 5.99 (kids books) with i-reward discount, I only paid a few cents for each. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  23. Ditto says:

    This is an amazing deal. Thank you so much for posting this! Got a bunch of Godiva chocolates and stocking stuffers today 🙂

    And thanks Chuppy for letting us know about using more than 1 coupon but for separate transactions. I’ll definitely have to ask tomorrow!

  24. lucci says:

    Too bad I was at chapters and they didn’t let me get items under $5.

  25. cheapskate101 says:

    im going to coles tomorrow to try again!!

  26. JANICE says:

    thanks for posting we used 6 coupons . got 6 free kids christmas books !
    all were 4.99

  27. lucci says:

    For those that were successful can you share which stores. 🙂

  28. Steph (esbee) says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t sleep because of this coupon, FOR REAL. I was at Coles today and we bought 3 books for free (kids books) and I want to go back and get more (bad, I know!). We had one book for $4.99 and the cashier just adjusted the coupon price for $4.99..we only had to pay a few cents for each book. THANKS AGAIN. Great deal 🙂

  29. Ditto says:

    Lucci: I’m not sure why they’re not letting you buy stuff under $5… the coupon does say no minimum required… But the stores I was successful with were Coles and Chapters (both in Mississauga). Coles couldn’t scan in the coupon but the cashier did it manually for me. I also didn’t have to pay anything at all and my items were $4.99 or $4.75.

    Good luck with it today!

  30. Kris says:

    very cool!! went Sunday with the family and got 3 items for $5 off each! 🙂 really great for christmas shopping!

    although there are soooo many gift items and other tempting buys all over the store that are hard to resist so I can see why they are offering this amazing a deal to get people in there! 🙂


  31. filza says:


  32. Shawty says:

    they discontinued this coupon as of this afternoon. i was only able to buy one item this morning.

  33. sandray says:

    I was able to use the coupon this late afternoon.

  34. Rosie says:

    Just went to the local Chapters to use the coupon and was told an email was sent out from head office this afternoon discontinuing it. Too many people were coming in and using it for purchasing items that only cost $5 and using it multiple times. The cashier was saying that Chapters was taking a hit on this.

  35. itsjustmebub says:

    offer is OVER

  36. Nice Sass says:

    Just used it (8:00pm) at an Indigo store. According to staff there, Head Office left it to the store level to determine whether or not they would honour it. I’m assuming this means that once each store feels that they’re being taken advantage of, that’s it. I acknowledge that it was the chain’s fault for creating a coupon with so few rules or exclusions attached to it, but at the same time, those that exploit the loopholes ruin it for everyone else. Clearly they didn’t mean for people to acquire retail value of $50 worth of goods for free. The Indigo I attended is on the outskirts of the city in a posh neighbourhood, so I’m guessing fewer people are attempting to redeem there, hence fewer problems.

  37. Stephanie says:

    The Indigo I went to (North Edmonton) wouldn’t use it. Apparently it was discontinued 🙁 Oh well!

  38. Polly says:

    I think it was because too many people were taking advantage of the offer. Haha, I tried using mine this morning and was able to buy something small but the employees were saying to each other how much they hate these coupons. It was good while it lasted 😀

  39. me :) says:

    Well (no hate :)) I guess that’s what happens when you take advantage of companies, orinting a bazillion coupons. I didn’t get to use mine. 🙁 one. Dang it :'(

  40. Pablo says:

    thanks for posting this GREAT deal!….Just got back from Chapters and was able to use 11 coupons for 11 seperate transactions… Youpi !! Will go back tomorrow…

  41. Donna says:

    Now we know why we won’t be able to use it for the first time tomorrow ^^^^^

  42. Princesstefer says:

    I was told at the South Edmonton Common store that they were told to stop accepting them but that they’d accept one each per person since they didn’t feel it was fair to turn people away. They were also handing out the phone number to complain to head office if we wanted to. I didn’t take the number, and I was only at the till with one item, but I saw one person who had picked out a few items and they seemed pretty upset (pretty understandable considering the terms on the coupon).

  43. Rosie says:

    I don’t blame Chapters for pulling the coupon. The original intention was to give people a discount on a purchase; thereby enticing them to shop. I think they miscalculated the lengths some people will go to to get anything free over and over again. You see the constant abuse of generous coupons on this site all the time. Too bad there are always some bad apples…

  44. reesespieces says:

    For those living in the east the coupon is still valid. I talked to a salesperson at one location and she said that it was meant to be sent to only a few people. They were to be sent to only those living in certain areas but they sent to everyone by accident or made the mistake of having the option of allowing the coupon to be shared. The girl showed me a list but I was only interested in Ottawa location and the Rideau Chapters was on the list that said was suppose to accept them. I do remember a lot of the places were in Quebec, can’t remember exact place and I do remember one Toronto location because she thought it was in Ottawa. As for those living in Edmonton, I’ve encountered the downtown and wem coles not taking it but the some chapters are still undecided. I saw the list at the WEM Coles.

  45. reesespieces says:

    *I don’t remember a lot of the places * correction ^^^

  46. Pablo says:

    To those of you complaining about people like myself having used 11 coupons for 11 seperate transactions don’t be so quick to judge. I live on a limited income. With Christmas around the corner this was a great opportunity to buy a few gifts of appreciation for my family and friends. Try making a soup on a Sunday and eating it until Thursday or doing thru trash cans collecting bottles/cans for extra cash. If I can get a great deal, discount or gree stuff…i’m in – Wishing you all a great day! Peace.

  47. Pablo says:

    gree = free

  48. Zonny says:

    I used two of these last night, got a puzzle set and a tin with card tricks, etc., for $2 each.

    But I just tried printing off another coupon – it says this offer is no longer valid! Waaah.


  49. Kristina says:

    I couldn’t get out til today. It’s only a 3-day offer. Why wouldn’t they just leave it. I’ll try anyway since it’s upto the store to let us use it.

  50. abfab says:

    went to chapters last night. they are no longer accepting them. they were notified by head office to stop accepting because people were printing numerous copies. Its unfortunate that people abused the offer, but I also think its the store’s responsibility. had they simply put “one per customer” in the fine print we all could have take advantage of the great offer.

  51. akim says:

    If Chapters limited one coupon per customer, I wouldn’t purposly go there for $5 discount on those 3 days. I would just purchase books from Amazon, where it is usually having greater discounts than Chapters. I would say that Chapters successfully bought some people to their stores and got rid of some old stocks that didn’t sell, except for the Godiva chocolates. I used some coupons to buy some children’s toys and books and donated them in Square One. Some people used the coupons to buy Xmas gifts or otherwise they might not have been able to do so. I believe it’s a win-win situation. Thanks Chapters.

  52. mark says:

    Had to fight with the cashier to accept this coupon last night. Eventually they accepted it but it was a waste of 20 minutes. I suspect they are counting on people being too embarrassed to redeem.

  53. Julie says:

    The lady I spoke to in store said the offer was supposed to be $5 off a minimum spend of $30 (which is what the email version of the coupon said actually), and that they revoked the offer at 5pm last night.

  54. Nice Sass says:

    It seems that those stores that are still honouring it are telling the truth; that it was up to the store level to decide whether to continue to accept them. Those not honouring it are claiming that it was per Head Office, when in actuality Head Office is leaving it to each store.

    There are many people suffering from unfortunate times right now, making Christmas shopping more difficult; I still don’t think that gives anyone the right to exploit this offer and ruin it for others.

  55. Teresa says:

    I used this coupon last night with no problem at Chapters in West Edmonton on 170st & stonyplain. Will try again tonight and see if they say it’s been cancelled.

  56. Sandy says:

    I agree with Nice Sass. As for someone who says that they are so poor as to have to root through garbage for cans, well, not to be mean, but how can you afford a computer, internet connection, and a printer to print out all those coupons? Most people that I know who go looking for cans are seniors on limited incomes, homeless people and people who truly cannot afford all the nice extras in life.

  57. reesespieces says:

    waiting for message 44 to be moderated, it just says:

    For those living in the east the coupon is still valid. I talked to a salesperson at one location and she said that it was meant to be sent to only a few people. They were to be sent to only those living in certain areas but they sent to everyone by accident or made the mistake of having the option of allowing the coupon to be shared. The girl showed me a list but I was only interested in Ottawa location and the Rideau Chapters was on the list that said was suppose to accept them.

  58. Melissa13 says:

    I went to the Metrotown Chapters in Vancouver and they took it no problem. But I also only used one coupon on a $10 item.

  59. Katrina H says:

    I tried using it about noon downtown at the Cole’s in Calgary. She literally ripped it up in my face as she told me they were no longer accepting them, they were supposed to be limited to a couple stores not meant for all stores. I was buying something for 34.99, I wasn’t exactly buying something for nothing. So I left and just will not shop there anymore.

  60. Talia says:

    They wouldn’t accept mine today… argh!

  61. stranger says:

    Coupon worked tonight when I used it. I guess they didn’t cancel the deal in the West Coast. Not that many abuses occurred, I guess.

  62. star84 says:

    I went shopping tonight in Burnaby, B.C. with my mom, and each of us had a coupon…and let me tell you i was prepared to argue if i had to, to be able to use this coupon. I didn’t have a problem using the coupon, but the cashier did explain (without my even asking) what the deal was with the coupons. He said that the company had made a mistake on the coupon and that it was originally only supposed to be a promotion for some new Indigo stores (he named one in Surrey) and that mistakenly the coupons had been done with all three store logos on them. So he said that it was the companies’ mistake for not being more specific on the coupons and for sending them out. He said that instead of not allowing the coupons (which was making people upset) they changed the terms to one per customer instead of one per transaction.

    I think it’s completely the companies’ responsibility and that no one should have been turned down for using the coupons. I think they’ll definitely learn from their mistake. I’m very glad i was able to use mine, and i didn’t even have to argue!

    And I guess the lesson to learn from this…as i’ve seen it happen with other coupons and sales…if you don’t use the coupon/promotion in the first day (when it seems like a ridiculously good promo) then you just might lose out 🙁

  63. JOhn says:

    Well I think that people using coupons over and over just to get free items is very selfish! obviously chapters would not want people using it got items for free!!!!!!!! Selfish

  64. coupon clipper says:

    FYI – for those who were unable to use this coupon, but who purchased items anyway: I’ve recently discovered that Chapters has one of the best customer service policies that I’ve heard of. Their receipts have a survey listed at the bottom ( On Nov. 30th (2nd day of this promotion/coupon), I attempted to use the coupon to purchase a couple stocking stuffers (~$7 worth). Although they told me I couldn’t use the coupon (instructions from their head office), I purchased the items anyway. I filled out their online survey explaining what happened, and had asked to be contacted about my concern. To my surprise, the store manager emailed me this:

    “I am sorry to hear that you were frustrated with the change in procedure concerning the $5 coupon. The communication that comes from Head office is sometimes delayed. Your business and time you spend in our store is very important to us. Next time you are in please ask to speak to a manager and we will be happy to offer you a gift card for your use here in the store.

    Thank you, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

    When I went to the store to pick up my gift card, I discovered that they had given me a $20 gift card for my trouble. I am very grateful for this, and wanted to spread the word. It definitely helps, esp. in these tough economic times.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  65. Elisa says:

    I printed the coupon, went to the store and it was revoked. I purchased an item anyway. When I got home, the coupon was still available on their website. I wrote a letter of complaint online to the head office and did not receive a response. I even filled out the online survey a few days ago requesting that I be contacted, and still didn’t receive a response. I find the customer service at Chapter’s very disappointing.

  66. Katherine says:

    Thank goodness a Chapters/Indigo coupon that doesn’t require you to spend a minumum of $35.00!!!

  67. jean says:

    HELLO!@!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s expired!!!


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