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I am a huge fan of eReaders.  I personally have a Kindle, but I have a couple friends with Kobo’s and they love them.  And now you can get one on sale for only $119.  It’s a savings of $20 and if you order online you can get it shipped for free.  This sale is going on until January 11 so you still have sometime to think about it.  If you travel and like to read an eReader is the way to go!

Also, if you buy a Kobo, or already own one, keep your eye out for coupon codes to get discounts on your books.  Kobo likes to help you save!

Click here to check out the Kobo Touch at Chapters.

5 responses to “Chapters Canada Kobo Touch on for $119 In Store and Online”

  1. Deb says:

    I got one for Christmas and I LOVE it!!

  2. Momto2ks says:

    I went to Best Buy and not only did they price match but they beat the price by 10%. I got it for $107.10. So far so good. I love it!

  3. Zay says:

    I got one for my Birthday this past month and I love it! Hubby got it from best buy I too got the deal and used a coupon that I get from the Best Buy Rewards to with all taxes in I got it for under $100!

  4. Funkymunky says:

    I got one for my birthday this year 🙂 I’m so excited! btw, if anyone wants to accessorize the reader, make sure to check ebay – the covers on Chapters’ website are pretty pricey!

  5. johnet says:

    I have a Kobo wireless, wife and daughter like it too. But they won’t give it back.

    Sony dot ca had a boxing day special for the T-1 for $119 with free shipping. But as of last Friday had not removed the special price. So ordered one. Most stores have them for $169.

    Cart charged me $169. So set an email to Sony dot ca. Got a replay in minutes. They will honour the special price if you complain.

    They have a weird way of charging then credit your account. But given the VERY reasonable price, I’ll go with it.

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