Clearly Contact Coupon Code: Get Your First Pair Of Glasses For Free

Clearly Contacts

Clearly Contacts has a good offer. The new customers can get their first pair of glasses for free. Enter the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE to get this offer. This Clearly Contacts offer is valid until Tuesday, May 21, 2013 only. Choose from over 200 styles includes durable air lenses.

Click the link to get this Clearly Contacts offer.

4 responses to “Clearly Contact Coupon Code: Get Your First Pair Of Glasses For Free”

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    This is a good offer if you want free frames or have a very low Rx and don’t really need glasses. But if you are like me and need glasses for real, forget it. A high prescription, ultra thin lenses and coatings that protect against scratches or UV damage brings your “free” glasses into the $300+ range.
    If you live anywhere near the US, drive over the border and you’ll get a good pair of glasses for less than that – and the price includes your eye exam, which saves you another $100 – enough for a night at a hotel and some spending money for the casino.

  2. Gazpache says:

    I’ve had a completely different experience than Elizabeth. My prescription is -9.5 in my right eye and -11.5 in my right. I ordered my last pair of single vision lenses from Clearly Contacts with the free frames offer and I paid $100 for the lenses. My entire bill, thin lenses with all of the coatings and anti-glare and shipping came to around $115. They’re great glasses, I see no difference in quality compared to the glasses I was getting from the optician, and I would order from them again in a heartbeat. I’ve referred a few people to them because of my excellent experience. They saved me about $500. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the glasses. I had kind of figured for such a cheap price they’d be terrible quality but they really are good. I’ll never go back to the optician.

  3. hoothoot says:

    well i actually study this in school so let me give my 2 cents…

    they sell for a lot cheaper because their materials are lesser in quality, simply put. not SO bad that you can plainly see if with your eye – that would just plain suck. but if you compare to quality lens like Essilor, then yes. Don’t get me wrong, they all pass tests like drop ball. It’s just QUALITY difference. For example, yes, you get them cheaper than optician and you get the same coatings yadeeyada etc. but the coating is standard or worse. It can be softer. It can get scratched easier. But there’s no way for YOU to test that (there are machines in the lab where it vibrates sand over it to see how easy it scratches. you just dropping it on the floor and ‘yup it’s all good’ means nothing.)

    Also, coatings can also mean stuff like oleophobic, hydrophobic etc for easy cleaning. If you have never read those terms on ClearlyContacts, then they don’t have it. It’s just not antireflect/scratch coating and that’s IT.

    Final note: if you have high Rx (prescription). BEWARE! Yes, Gazpache, you’re lucky your glasses work even though your Rx is high. Many i know aren’t so lucky. High Rx is trickier because the margin of tolerating error is much less. Not getting the vertex distance right (distance from eyeball to lens) will basically screw up the Rx. Also that’s not even the final thing haha…. it’s not JUST whether you have high Rx or not… it’s the difference between eyes. If it’s a lot different then please just go to an optical. they have to calculate stuff to make it balance or you might get crazy headaches.

    sorry this is so long but i just wanted to give an opinion on all this. saving money is good but know WHO will benefit the most from it. I got a pair off CC and yeah they’re aight but it lasted me 1 year which is ok for a free pair. I have a rimless one from 6 years ago (rimless are the most fragile of all specs) and they are still around.

  4. hoothoot says:

    rimless one from 6 years ago… * i got it in store. they’re not the best but they haven’t broke.


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