Clearly Contacts Canada coupon offer discount code 20% off!


Today I was browsing around and I noticed quite a few different sites are offering coupon codes for 10 or 15% off orders.

Well ladies and gents I got one for 20% for glasses the code is “TELLAFRIEND” and its good on Cleary Contacts and Coastal Contacts first order (or new email.) Coastal is in USD but I highly suggest you check out both sites because sometimes the price difference is not just a few dollars and saves you more on one site even with the exchange. Also Coastal ships from Canada( for Canadian orders.)

Happy shopping.

17 responses to “Clearly Contacts Canada coupon offer discount code 20% off!”

  1. McC says:

    WARNING! The code doesn’t work, and if you try to check the price you will place an order!

    I went to check the price of some contacts and entered the TELLAFRIEND code.

    After I provided my contact details and clicked “Continue” to see the final price after taxes and shipping, I got an order confirmation page.

    ClearlyContacts has a Buy Now, Pay Later model where as soon as you provide your address, they submit your order. They will ship you whatever is in your cart and send you an invoice!

    Fortunately I was able to call and cancel, but watch out!

  2. Sally says:

    MCC I dislike when Sc’ers are misled. This code is perfectly fine.
    You placed submit your order, OF COURSE IT WAS SUBMITTED LOL! Clearly Contacts does have the pay later option so when you click submit its sent! I’m sorry you didn’t realize this. I do not post deals without checking them out and I just ordered glasses yesterday with this code and it worked no problems.

    Anyways as proof heres the picture of the offer. 🙂

  3. Tmak says:

    Hey Sally,
    Does the Clearly contacts allow you to use this code along with other codes?
    nevermind, i doubt it. haha
    thanks for the offer anyways Sally!
    O wait, does this offer give you free shipping as well? I see other codes with 10-15% but with free shipping so that works out kinda around 20%

  4. Sally says:

    Well this one made it the cheapest for me. After the code, shipping and taxes my glasses worked out to be 68 reg 79…… plus tax and shipping. Don’t forget its free shipping over 129$ anyways:D

    🙂 do whatevers cheaper and remember that its free return shipping.

  5. Me says:


    That coupon is only valid on the first pair of eyeglasses you order. It doesn’t work if you are a returning customer,buy contacts, and if you buy two pairs, it will only discount off one pair. Also, it’s better to order from the Canadian website because most of the time, they will cancel the order and ask you to place it on the clearly. but the 110 % price match guarantee works! 🙂

    hope that helps!!

  6. Sally says:

    Ive ordered 2x with Coastal and they have not cancelled them, they were shipped by Clearly in the same location but the USD price was applied.

    Thank you for placing your order (order number 61653150) with Your order was shipped to you on 09-28-2009.

    Also in my post I did put first order or use a different email lol!

    I’m not sure why people are having problems as I just used it yesterday and my friend ordered tonight with no problems either.

    Gosh sounds like it all depends who is processing the orders?

  7. Niocle says:

    I ‘mistakenly’ placed an order as well. I tried the code in both the canadian and us site for my contacs and it didn’t work for either. Oh well, just thought i would try it. Hopefuly they cancel my order.

  8. Sally says:

    I seriously dont know how u guys are making an order by mistake. If your just trying to see if it works for you dont put in your real info. But you do have to press confirm your purchase to place the order. I’m sorry this is happening to some.

  9. Lisa says:

    I just placed order through coastal two weeks ago. used coupon for first time costumer and saved over 100.00 on four boxes with the exchange. Came in a my regular clearly contact box with my free pair of sun glasses.


  10. Stacy says:

    Hey, tried to use this but didn’t work i used REDFLAGSEPT15 a few days ago because i am looking for colored contacts for halloween and when i did it then on the following page it showed me the discount (which is probably why people keep submitting orders.. that code no longer works so it doesnt show a discount so if you didnt know you would keep clicking) anyway just thought i would let you know 🙂 hopefully ill find one that works because i want purple eyes! hahah

  11. Sally says:

    Lol, I just recd my next pair of glasses and the code was in the box again, so it is valid, just as it was last week. Perhaps it only works on eyeglasses and regular contacts first order (or new email)

  12. Sheila says:

    It didn’t work for me and I tried multiple emails… It didn’t work on either Clearly Contacts nor Coastal Contacts. Thank goodness I didn’t submit my order yet or else I would’ve ordered it twice… =(

  13. Marissa says:

    I was speaking with someone at today and they said that the coupon code TELLAFRIEND is good on glasses only.

  14. Catie says:

    I just used this code and it worked fine but it was under a new email and on glasses….thanks for the coupon code!! saved almost 25 dollars. better than nothing

  15. godvchaos says:

    I just ordered 6 boxes of contacts from Coastal Contacts for the same price as 4 boxes from Clearly Contacts and 50.00 cheaper than what the local optomotrist wanted for 4 boxes!!

    Thanks for the code and tip!!

  16. JEfffff says:

    TELLAFRIEND is only good for GLASSES no contacts

  17. sue says:


    Probably always worth checking prices on the Coastal/Clearly US site.

    Oct 29: 8 boxes of Accuvue Oasys: USD $178.00. CA: $277.59!

    I complained and their response was: “We do have both a Canadian and American website that are priced competitively to that country specifically. Prices are generally more competitive in the United States so the pricing on the US site is lower in some cases. We certainly don’t want our Canadian customers to miss out on the deals so we are more than happy to offer a price match.”

    Did they offer a price match? No.

    So…I cancelled that order and through the US site ordered 12 boxes of Accuvue Oasys and 4 boxes of 1 day Accuvue Moist. Total cost in USD was $373.94. This came through my Visa in CA dollars as: $415.66. BUT THE IDENTICAL ORDER ON THE CANADIAN SITE: $526.91! Note: all these numbers include shipping, etc. and the US order came from, you guessed it, the CA warehouse!

    Perhaps “…priced competitively to that country specifically.” means whatever they think Canadians will tolerate!

    If someone knows of a way of posting to their Canadian web site, it would be nice to alert all Canadians to at least check out the US prices and then let our Canadian credit cards do the conversion.


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