Clearly Contacts Canada Day Sale! BOGO Eyewear Coupon Code.


Clearly Contacts has an awesome Canada Day sale. Buy one get one free for all eyewear. Free pair must be of equal or lesser value of course. This is a fantastic deal what a great time to stock up! Buy a fun funky pair, why not. Use the code “CLEARLYBOGO” at checkout. Sale is on until July 5th 2010.

Click here for details.

12 responses to “Clearly Contacts Canada Day Sale! BOGO Eyewear Coupon Code.”

  1. Stephania says:

    After their last “scam”, re: free glasses…BUT not for higher prescriptions which is not stated ANYWHERE, I will not be falling for any more Clearly Contacts promos!

  2. Sally says:

    OUCH really? I’ve never had any problems with them. I do know they suggest better quality lenses if your prescription is high, but thats a standard in the industry.

  3. It's There says:

    @ Stephania all the information including what lenses are and are not included for free were in the Terms and Conditions and listed for you convenience at the bottom of the email that the coupon code was mailed out it. 500 lucky people can vouch that it was not a scam, you were mislead by your own inability to read to the end of a page!

  4. andrea says:

    I had a hard time with Clearly Contacts last fall, but my husband did indeed get free glasses this spring…I am blessed with BAD eyes and as such did not qualify for completely free glasses, but I could have opted to get the free frames and pay for the strong prescription.

  5. shiloh says:

    I didnt have a problem with them at all… I even got the pair of free glasses in the last giveway.. which i absolutely love. Would totally buy from them again !!!

  6. samantha says:

    I am a licensed Optician and Contact lens fitter….you only have one pair of eyes why would you order glasses over the internet for them? Trust your eyecare to a fully qualified professional! So many things can go wrong especially with higher or more complex Rx’s!

  7. Ashley says:


    I’m happy with my cheap glasses, thanks.

  8. Stephania says:

    @It’s There, I’m pretty sure I read the T&C! All I remember was that I signed up, qualified for the free giveaway, spent hours, upon hours choosing frames, and when I made my selection, it stated that my/bf’s prescription did not qualify.

    It was just a waste of my time. Why can’t that detail be in non-fine print? And the prescriptions that did qualify were UNDER 3.00 which is nothing! I wouldn’t even wear glasses, on a regular basis, if my prescription was that low.

  9. Sally says:

    Ummn….. not sure if you can see through others eyes but im a -2.75 and if I didn’t wear my glasses on a full time basis i’d never see anything, walk into stuff and live not reading anything. So I think to say under 3 not wearing glasses would be silly considering you’d fail a driving eye exam and have your license revoked. You still could of gotten the free glasses you just would to of paid a bit extra for the thinner lens, no big really. Thats an industry standard.

    Samantha, how come my local eye dr’s charges a 55 dollar fitting fee when all they do is sit them on my face and say good to go? No thanks I’ll pass. Its not like im booking surgery online, there glasses.

  10. mist_ynight says:

    @Samantha, I have a prescription of -7.25, and -6.75 and I have NEVER had a problem ordering glasses offline. I’ve order from and Why would I pay you for something I can get for less then half what you would charge. I still go see my optician on a yearly basis and she knows I order my glasses online. She has never said a word to me about and told me lots of people are doing it now.

    Thanks for the heads up, I got myself and my husband a pair of glasses for $167, and $99 of that was for my thinner lenses.

  11. Patty says:

    Hi there, it’s Patty from

    @Stephania – Sorry to hear you were not happy with the free promo. Just to clarify, the 1.5 index lenses that are included free with the promo accommodate up to a -8.00. However, we do recommend that if you have an Rx above -2.00 that you upgrade to thinner, lighter lenses. We’ve given away around 20,000 free pairs of glasses to Canadians so far in 2010.

    These are the offer details that are on each of the emails, as well as on our Facebook Event ( for the giveaway:

    Offer includes frame, standard 1.5 index lenses, A/R coating, UV coating and Scratch Resistant coating. One free pair per household. Shipping & handling applies.

    *Customers who have already received a free pair of glasses from a previous promotion are not eligible. Certain frames are excluded from offer.
    *Upgrades to thinner lenses for higher Rx’s or tints to make Rx sunglasses can be added at an additional cost.
    *People who require progressive lenses or who have an Rx above -8.00 can get a free pair of frames, and these lenses can be purchased at an additional cost. Anti-reflective, UV and scratch resistant coating are included.

  12. Ellis Radder says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts but unfortunately this time you perhaps have been too sick while writing because the article it seems rushed.


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