ClearlyContacts.Ca 5000 Free Glasses: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa

Clearly Contacts Canada

Here is another awesome giveaway by! 5000 pairs of glasses will be given away on these dates for the following cities:

Vancouver: Jan. 7, 2011. Use coupon code VANCOUVER5K at checkout.
Toronto: Jan. 14, 2011. Use coupon code TORONTO5K at checkout.
Calgary: Jan . 20, 2011. Use coupon code CALGARY5K at checkout.
Ottawa: Jan. 25, 2011. Use coupon code OTTAWA5K at checkout.

Check out their Facebook page for complete information. Make sure to read the FAQ section. Note that previous customers who have already claimed their free glasses from a previous offer are not eligible.

Click here to visit

Thanks to sampler for the heads up on this great freebie!

47 responses to “ClearlyContacts.Ca 5000 Free Glasses: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa”

  1. TheguyRob says:

    Is that Noon Toronto time?

  2. couponclipper says:

    i live NEAR toronto … does that count ? i wonder if i can get it shipped to a store in toronto and then go pick them up … hmm

  3. FatB says:

    Again? Wonder how these guys ever make money 😛

  4. FatB says:

    @TheguyRob Yeah, 9am PST = 12pm EST.

    @couponclipper They are only online, so they have no physical stores. If you’re relatively close to TO I’m guessing that’s fine.

  5. anisa says:

    this is why they are the best company!!!

    not some place where you have to pay for a membership ;p

    and certainly not where you have to save tons of coupons and have membership to their points collecting/customer info collectin membership card just to get a decent deal

    i have a pair from their 10,000 giveaway, and i had to pay $167 for thinner lenses and i am STILL very happy and thankful for the great deal.

    this is service! 🙂

  6. jelliebean says:

    It says “Residents of Metro Vancouver area only”, so I assume ‘close enough’ isn’t gonna work! Unless you have someone in the metro area.

    I’m not close enough. Too bad.

  7. rj says:

    wow, this is amazing. thank you so much for sharing.

  8. John says:

    Do we have to pay shipping? If so, it ruins the deal (kinda)

  9. Elisa says:

    This is GREAT!!!! I live in metro vancouver but I’m a bit unsure of how I would get this done since I won’t be getting home until about 1pm =S maybe I should leave all ready to go and tell my babysitter to click send? hahaha

  10. starbaby55 says:

    I found frames that I want, but I don’t understand how this promo works (I haven’t checked out FB because I’m at work and don’t have access). Do you place the frames in the cart then put in the promo code? Where do you enter your prescription info?

  11. solo says:

    Shipping is generally 15 dollars. That’s all you have to pay for a pair of designer prescription glasses. Unheard of. Amazing deal and a great company.

  12. kathy says:

    I got a free pair early last year, they didn’t limit which frames I could pick whereas now you’ll see most nooice designer frames are excluded from the free offer which sort of blows, BUT still I love the Cynthia Rowly’s and those aren’t excluded. Yeah but seriously, how do they make money!?

  13. TudorChick says:

    does anyone know if i have to pay for an eye exam somewhere or will my doctor have my prescription to give to me? he’s one of those local small town guys that doesnt like you going elsewhere…

  14. julyprincess says:

    Does anyone know if Sunglasses are included?

  15. Cmoody8107 says:

    You will need a current prescription from an eye doctor. If they are no covered through work, health insurance ans such its costs $85 in Ontario for an eye exam.

  16. Ashley says:

    @TudorChick: You have to see an optometrist for an eye exam. He/she will give you a prescription which you’ll need to order your glasses.

    @Julyprincess: Probably not, but when you’re filling in the details for your prescription, after that you’re given the option to select thinner lenses or shades (for sunglasses) which is an extra fee. But still pretty inexpensive, I think it’s about $30 for shaded lenses.

  17. rj says:

    shipping ‘ruins’ the deal?! hah……i’m charged over 400 bucks for my prescription when i got to the optician. i can get them with this deal for about a hundred. i am certainly not complaining.

  18. cindy says:

    Does anyone know what happens if they run out of stock for the specific pair of glasses I want? Is it a race to be the first ones to order them??

  19. Jessica says:

    I’m living in Kingston right now, does anyone know if I should apply for the Toronto deal or the Kingston deal? Thanks.

  20. Jessica says:

    Sorry I meant the Ottawa deal or the Toronto deal.

  21. Vivi says:

    I really think that Clearly Contacts should be donated glasses to those in need rather than giving them to people who can often afford to buy them themselves. There are men, women, and children in shelters, or in countries like Haiti who could benefit far more from this offer than middle-class folk who just like a freebie. Perhaps offering them to students who can’t afford glasses would be better than just a mass giveaway. I feel that giving away glasses which are a medical device to those who just want free stuff is wrong.

  22. Ashley says:

    @Vivi: Why should they be donating glasses instead of giving them away? They’re a business and they need to make a profit so that they can pay their employees too. This is a marketing strategy to encourage more business, and to reward past customer’s for their loyalty.

    How are glasses a medical device? It is possible to survive without them. It’s not like they’re giving away free insulin, which is a necessary medical device!!

    Not only that, perhaps you should do your research about Clearly Contact’s corporate social responsibility before criticizing them that they should be giving away glasses to people who can’t afford them.

    Taken directly from the company website:
    “Hardy’s [CEO] charity contributions have been an important part of his rise to success. He established the Hardy Endowment Fund at Bishops University which will pay the tuition for a student “in need” each year in perpetuity. Hardy is responsible for donating to and contributing countless hours along with his team at over the past years to charities close to their hearts. Easter Seals, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, ORBIS Canada and The Red Cross are some of the many charities that he is involved with. Hardy has also contributed hundreds of pairs of free glasses to people in developing countries such as Mexico and El Salvador, as well as disadvantaged people in Canada.”

  23. t says:

    They are real sticklers about “previous customers”. I rec’d a pair of glasses through a promo like this before- loved them. Awesome. I told everyone how happy I was. The next time they offered the promo I encouraged my mom to try and score a pair of glasses. She provided her own mailing address (different than mine) but she had to use my email address as she does not have a computer or an email account. Clearly Contacts deemed her a “previous customer” because the email address she used, mine, was already in their data base.

    In response to other questions, my shipping was only $12.

  24. Vivi says:

    Ashley, there is a reason that insurance companies pay for eye glasses and contact lenses. They are very much a medical necessity for most people and not a frill as you seem to think. So you are off base to say that corrective lenses are not a medical device – they are. The purpose of eye glasses is to correct vision. My point is that by donating eye glasses to those who have next to nothing and cannot afford to buy them the company could help people in need rather than give to those who are just looking for something free. It’s a suggestion I am making. I applaud companies that have progressive social policies.

  25. Ashley says:

    @Vivi: What I meant by not a medical device, is that it is something that people are able to live without. Unlike insulin, which is a life necessity, glasses are not. (I do wear glasses by the way).

    If you read the text I pasted from the website, you’d see that Clearly Contacts is very active with local charities, and have also donated hundreds of glasses to people in developing countries. The point I was trying to make was don’t “jump the gun” and assume that a company isn’t socially responsible before reading up about them.

  26. Andrea says:

    Ashley: I would love for you to live one day of my life without glasses – you’d be lucky to walk out of the house without being hit by a car…not all medical devices are “life necessities” – a prosthetic limb, hearing aid, wheelchair, etc. Get a grip. You should spend a day in a hospital discovering what medical devices really are. They come in all shapes and sizes.

  27. Juniperjune says:

    This forum is intended to be open to all, and negative speech is not permitted. That being said, can we stop harrasing other members and if you read something you don’t agree with or like, move on? Enough bashing one another.
    This site is to help us find bargains and deal hunting. So we post about FREE GLASSES? Who cares?! That is why I assume you are on this site, to find freebies, n’est pas?

  28. known says:

    does any one know if they have selected glasses?? i miss out last time and this time i want to make sure i have selected a couple of frame before hand in case a pair is sold out!

  29. Joanne says:

    I got a free pair last year and had trouble adjusting to them. I was at my optometrist last week, he measured them & the PD is off by about 5 mm – I sent in the correct number, but they were made wrong. Anyone else had problems like this? Makes me wary of ordering from them again.

  30. Eric says:

    Toronto code up…10 minutes early…do it!!!

  31. known says:

    the site is down 🙁 .. it let’s u go thru until order summary then site is down!! … 🙁

  32. couponclipper says:

    i just ordered mine omg THANK YOU SO MUCH
    i really needed them, and im so thankful for clearlycontacts AND smartcanucks

  33. Dinglehopper says:

    Wow – I managed to get a pair. I didn’t think I would… I’ve only had 1.5 hours of sleep after my overnight shift, but it was worth it.

    I don’t know if the ones I chose will look nice on me, but for free it is worth a shot.

    I also ordered 6 months of contacts and for the glasses, the contacts and shipping through FedEx it was under $100.

  34. sara says:

    Got mine too! Woot woot! If you get the error msg after placing the order check your email cuz mine went through even though I got the error page… got a confirmation email!

  35. systemfx says:

    Today is toronto! I GOT MINE

    yes check your orders pending … mine was even with a error message

  36. Rachel says:

    It keeps erroring out probably because of the number of people trying to get in but I finally got the confirmation. Thank you so much for posting.

  37. Ro says:

    After trying for over an hour, I finally got a pair. I was able to tint mine (for a slight extra charge) to make them sunglasses. Thanks for the heads up.

  38. RJ says:

    well to Vivi….for me…and I suspect others out there…a deal like this is one of the only ways I could afford to get a pair of glasses every year as opposed to…every 2 or 3. I am legally blind without my glasses so they are very much a medical necessity for me, and although they are not donating to Haiti, they are very much doing a good thing for the community AND doing something smart for their business by offering a deal like this. My glasses normally run hundreds of dollars for the special lenses I need, but with a deal like this it makes it much more affordable for my family. Why don’t you put yourself in other people’s shoes before making generalizations like you have made. BTW, I’m NOT a ‘middle class folk just looking for a freebie’. I get discounts and freebies not only because they’re available, but because otherwise my family would really struggle to get the things we need to get.

  39. KS says:

    @ Vivi Not every has coverage for glasses. For instance, I don’t and it is a medical necessity for me. Don’t assume things are the same for everyone.

  40. wellcalm says:

    Tried to order for my daughter and the Toronto code has reached its limit. Sniffle….

  41. Vivi says:

    @KS no where did I state that everyone has access to insurance. My point is that free glasses should be offered to those who need them most. I am well aware that many people in Canada cannot afford eye glasses. I think though that it would be better for a company to offer free glasses to those who financially need it rather than those who just like to get free stuff. I feel strongly that people in Haiti and other poor countries need this type of generosity rather than those who have a means to buy such a product themselves (and unless you are reading this blog from a public library terminal, you are rich enough to afford internet access and a computer). There are people living in tents who fear for their safety. These are the people who, in my opinion (you may disagree), should get glasses first. @RJ, I don’t know your story and I don’t pretend to. My point is that I would rather see corporations focus on those who need help most. If this company wants to give out free glasses to Canadians, good for them but maybe prioritize and give to those who financially need this medical device most. Not everyone needs to have the same viewpoint on everything. I’d rather do with a little less so that those who have nothing can have a little more.

  42. Brad says:

    Damn, missed it again

  43. Dinglehopper says:

    If people want to help others in another country they can donate their old glasses to one of the programs that provides glasses to those in need. That’s what I plan on doing with my other ones, provided the ones I got through this promotion fit me and look good.

    I personally don’t have eye coverage right now – so getting glasses for free and 6 months of contacts for under $100 really helped me.

  44. bee says:

    My sister got hers from the promo in Vancouver and rec’d them in the mail yesterday! Such great service! Thanks smart canucks for letting us know!

  45. sara says:

    I was thinking the same thing Dinglehopper! I always donate my old glasses at the school where I work:) Great programs out there to help those less fortunate but I have to agree – being on mat leave and supporting my family on EI is tough (my husband just changed jobs and is going through a period of adjustment with much less money coming in…) so this is an amazing deal for my family! I am so frugal I am always looking for the next deal… for instance bought $145 dollars worth of second hand clothing today for $15!

  46. sara says:

    Got mine today but can’t wear them – they don’t feel like the right perscription but probably just not used to them. Right now they give me a headache! I will have to ease into them…….

  47. Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be benefited from this web site.


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