COACH Canada Factory Outlets Save 20% Extra


I was at COACH Niagara today and they are offering 20% off all purchases on top of other discounts etc. The sale runs until this weekend and while I don’t have a specific link for you today the associate told me they are handing out coupons for 20% off at all the COACH outlets.  If you want to make sure yours is participating I suggest calling ahead.

Heres some COACH Q&A

  • Yes it’s on top of all other discounts offered in-store. So if you find a bag thats on sale then 50% off extra in-store you get those savings PLUS an additional 20% off
  • The Coach outlet in Ontario is in Niagara Falls on Lundys Lane and Windsor.
  • Yes the COACH factory store carries overstocks bags from the regular COACH store. While there is bags just made for the Factory there is generally a nice selection of regular COACH bags as well
  • The coupon is valid in Canada and the USA (Call ahead to confirm)
  • Yes you can buy me a COACH bag
  • I picked up a few mini skinny’s, a coin purse and a Signature Duffle in this gorgeous eggplant colour.

    15 responses to “COACH Canada Factory Outlets Save 20% Extra”

    1. dawn_sweety says:

      lol I just knew it was Sally before I even read who wrote the blog 🙂

    2. Sally says:

      Haha, guilty.

    3. mattsmom says:

      I have to be a bubble burster…they hand out 20% coupons everyday.
      But thats a good thing!!!

    4. Sally says:

      Actually Matts mom, I’m a COACH addict and trust me they dont. I’ve been in a COACH factory probably a dozen times when they aren’t doing coupon discounts. They do them on and off throughout the year. In fact… I was just there a few weeks ago and there was no coupon offer. Just like a few times a year they also offer 30% off if you spend $250 or more. 🙂

    5. modishstyle says:

      how do I get a hold of a coupon and how does the sale last?

    6. Jing says:

      I guess my luck has been as good as mattsmom, since every time I went to a COACH outlet they were handing out 20% coupons!

    7. Sally says:

      Thats good then. But def dont go in expecting coupons everytime. I would of enjoyed coupons everytime though, that would of saved me hundreds and hundreds.

    8. Katty says:

      I was at the Coach Outlet in Balzac yesterday and they were still handing out the 20% off coupons at the door. Actually, every single time I go they always handed it out… even when I was in Hawaii back in June!

    9. Sally says:

      Lmao, well im not lying.. go on the purse forum and ask if they always have coupons and then you will find out they DONT. These ladies are hardcore addicts, if its COACH they know about it. Seriously lol If there always was coupons Id have hundreds of bucks lying around extra. Im up to about 25 COACH purses now not counting the ones I’ve bought to resell. 🙂

    10. MammaC says:

      I too have been to the Coach Outlet in Niagara when they have not been handing out the 20% off coupons. I find they usually do on the weekends but not always on week days but there have been weekends as well that they have not handed them out although not often. I live nearby so do tend to go often.

    11. Sally says:

      ^ Haha were you there today? I might of seen you 😛

    12. dgefrerer says:

      SO excited! I’m heading there this Friday 🙂

    13. Rimma says:

      Anyone have an extra coupon for a trade? I’m going up to Niagara this weekend and would be very disappointed if they won’t hand out a coupon.

    14. Savergirl123 says:

      How can I tell the difference between regular COACH bags and COACH bags that are made just for the factory?

    15. Sally says:

      Ones made specifically for the factory have an “f” in the COACH serial creed inside the bag. Generally the tag reflects the serial number as well. If its got a bullseye and no F in the serial creed it’s most likely from the regular COACH.


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