Condoms at Dollar stores across Canada … hmm

Thanks Dinglehopper for posting in the forum about Dollarama stores selling condoms… (located conveniently beside the pregnancy tests)


Is it just me, or does this make anyone else really uncomfortable?

Part of me thinks why should it matter, they are sealed and they are $2, great deal! But then the ever cautious side of me kicks in and says yeah but they are only $2 and it’s the DOLLAR STORE … doesn’t this seem kind of wrong?!

What do you think? Would you trust buying condoms at your local dollar store?

96 responses to “Condoms at Dollar stores across Canada … hmm”

  1. sam says:

    I think it is HILARIOUS!!!! Proceed with caution!!!! lol!

  2. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Sam … bahaha …. scary but true

  3. Samantha C says:

    I’m sure they are fine as I just did a quick Google search.

    According to Paul DeLaplante, a Public Relations Consultant for Dollarama, the key to the store’s success in getting brand names from the likes of Unilever and Proctor and Gamble, is simple. Dollarama’s buyers deal with companies directly.”The business model of Dollarama is that they source directly. There are no distributors, or middle men anywhere,” said Mr. DeLaplante. He says that sometimes the brand name products they sell are closeout merchandise or overstock, but not always.

    So, three things come into play when you see name brand products in Dollarama. First, their buyers deal directly with the manufacturer, avoiding the costs associated with a middleman.

    Secondly, the recession forced many people to look for stores selling products more cheaply and that, in turn was instrumental in getting the big companies to look at supplying dollar stores.

    And thirdly, manufacturers, realizing that dollar stores are no longer thought of as junk stores by consumers, created strategies for getting their products into them, either by means of smaller packaging or by selling them clearance and overstock items.

  4. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Samantha … there is still no way I would buy them there!

  5. Samantha C says:

    I would just be weary about the expiration dates.. otherwise I would buy them.

  6. Jenny Jones says:

    Here is what is funniest about this i saw these on the weekend next to the pregnancy tests (which make a great gag gift by the way got one for Christmas with the sticker still on, lol)so i pointed them out to the ol’ boy friend and he insisted i should take a picture and write about it on here for you all to know about. He was both excited the condoms were next to the pregnancy tests and curious to see if SC thinks they are a bargain or a risk, lol. So glad (and kind of surprised) someone else posted this, now he will leave me alone.

  7. Lcheng says:

    Too many substarndard products around; and sometimes people may not even aware they are buying forged items. Hygenic items like these should be bought at trusted source only, in my opinion.

  8. Dayanara says:

    Lifestyles is a brand that has been sold for years and can be bought at many other stores, including pharmacies. I used them for years and was buying them from SDM.

    As long as it is a name brand I see no reason to be leary…the pregnancy test however I probably wouldn’t try any time soon, lol.

  9. stressedmuch says:

    Hey, I got my positive pregnancy test with my son:) I used the dollarama ones to test since I knew we were trying and sure enough got that positive line the first month:) He is now 9 mths old! I still keep one around just ‘in case’ I need to know if I am late or something – a pee test is a pee test…

  10. BEth says:

    if i cannot trust the toys and food they sell there how can i think these would be safe!

  11. Mee says:

    I wouldn’t trust the 1.25$ pregnancy test in a million year, however the condom are LifeStyle’s and those are sold in drug stores everywhere. I trust this brand, so why not by it at the Dollar Store for cheaper?

  12. amy says:

    It makes you wonder if this is the real reason why low income family have more children.

  13. jmac says:

    Dollar Tree in the States sells all kind of merchandise, including products with DIN. Dollarama, like Dollar Tree, is a huge national retailer. The first time I saw these brand name merchandise at Dollarama, I was leery that they were fake. But after understanding how the retail supply chain works, like Samantha C posted, I would have no problem buying them (I would still inspect carefully for any clues of non-authenticity). I would be leery to buy this from an independent dollar store though.

    Months or years down the road, someone is going to post somewhere that claimed “I got pregnant with Dollarama Lifestyle condoms – don’t trust them”! But there is no way of actually proving or disproving that is the reason…

  14. Melissa says:

    Are they next to the pregnancy tests to remind people ” You should have used this , before buying this” lol

  15. kathy says:

    the consequences of these condoms being tampered with, expired, faulty whatever.. are too high! a pregnancy test, well the results are already determined like it or not, the test will just confirm the hormones found in your pee. I’ve used it before, but don’t really plan to condom shack it at the dollarama. I will however, go to a free clinic and take a hand full as needed. haha

  16. shishla says:

    lol if the condom pack is sealed, I would trust it (easy for me to say since the hubby is ‘fixed’ and I dont need em anymore 😉 lol But back in the day, we got many an ’emergency’ condom at a convenience store. Convenient for sure! LOL If the 3 pack works from a convenience store, why not a dollar store? Kinda like people avoiding generic pills because of the packaging (I’m an RN, so I approve of generic pills.. but not generic condoms LOL).

    As for the pregnancy test. I say go for it. If you SAW the ones we actually use at the hospital, you wouldnt be surprised that they can come so cheap lol. When I was trying to concieve both my kids, I bought preg tests in bulk off eBay. They looked like litmus strips, and cost me about .50 cents per test if that… both kids correctly predicted by the cheapo tests :). You dont need fancy packaging to tell you you’re pregnant 😉

  17. Amber says:

    I worked at Dollarama for 3 years and as any other place it has policies on there products, they don’t sell expired stuff and they don’t sell stuff thats been recalled ( trust me we got the memos the same as everone else and had to pull stuff of the shelves if there was something wrong with it.) not to mention if they did sell stuff that was gone bad all the time or recalled/not safe they would be shut down for sure, I mean this is Canada. they just buy stuff that companies made to much of or that is like 6 months till the expirey date and sell it super cheap and once it does expire the stores get a memo telling them to discard the expired product!

  18. Carole says:

    My mother always said…’Condoms are cheaper than diapers!’ She’d be laughing her head off at this! LOL

  19. stressedmuch says:

    Exactly Shisla! I don’t know why ppl think that the dollarama pregnancy tests are bad… they work the same as the hospital ones and if you are pregnant you are! LOL! It isn’t like you are using it to GET pregnant:) It isn’t as fancy and won’t tell you super early like the ones at the drugstore but if you wait till you miss your period then it is just as accurate. I did retest with a drugstore test just to confirm but I was looking for a positive and was overjoyed:) Not low income – just cheap! LOL!

  20. honeydoo says:

    wasn’t there brand name toothpaste “colgate” at the dollar store that turned out to be counterfeit? meaning it showed the brand but was not made by them… and it had some poison crap in it? i think this is the same situation. i hope anyone that buys these likes kids!

  21. Stephania says:

    I’ve never used “Lifestyle”. 😉 So I can’t comment on their quality, however, 12/$2 is a good deal!

    I think I’d be too paranoid to trust the Dollarama pregnancy test. It just seems too cheap to be true!

  22. Jeff says:

    I hadn’t heard about the fake toothpaste , but apparently it’s true:

  23. JB says:

    I agree with honeydoo – I remember the Colgate incident. I’d be totally wary of the condoms – just because it *says* Lifestyles doesn’t mean they are!

  24. Jessica says:

    I work for a company that sells brand named goods to grocery stores, wal-marts, ect. Dollar stores are becoming a bigger and bigger consumer for food goods and other things. They buy in such mass amounts that they can offer a good price on what the company needs out of their inventory. Perhaps these companies over estimated what they would sell and needed to sell off quickly. I wouldn’t be at all concerned with the quality of many things at a dollar store.

  25. Tiff says:

    I learned something new today… but I still would hesitate to buy dollar store condoms. I can’t even trust their pens, a condom is a whole other issue lol.

  26. Sally says:

    So the free ones at the public health office noone should use anyways because their free and lesser quality?

  27. Lori R says:

    The fact that they are a name brand makes me think they are ok. Like all things, you should always check the expiry date before using. Somehow, even stores with high standards manage to have expired items on shelves. If it was dollar store condoms or nothing, I would suggest using them! LOL – not everyone can afford the more expensive ones.

  28. MelissaK says:

    Um, NO WAY!! I’m sorry, there are just some things in life you shouldn’t cheap out on; condoms are one of those things.

  29. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Tiff LOL!!

  30. Unsure says:

    In my opinion…’If cant afford drug store pregnancy tests, and you have to get them at the dollar store, then you shouldnt be having kids, as you probably wont be able to afford that either!!!’

  31. Unsure says:


  32. Unsure says:

    Sorry for caps… darn thing stuck on! 🙁

  33. Sherri says:

    A friend that works at the lab in a hospital mentioned once that the brand of pregnancy test that you buy at the Dollar Store are the same kind that they use – if it works for them,it works for me!

  34. Kristen C says:

    I took three of the dollarstore pregnancy tests and all were positive in my first month and one name brand one because I didn’t trust the dollarstore ones lol but they were right every time!

  35. benji says:

    The pregnancy and ovulation tests cost upwards of $20 at the drug stores!! They work just find… nothing wrong with them at all.

    Unsure – Just because someone choose to spend less doesn’t mean they “can’t afford” more. Maybe they want to save money for that unborn child. Don’t equate being frugal with lack of funds.

    And really… no one here who’s opposed to dollar store-sold condoms as EVERY heard of a “brand name”, more expensive condom breaking? Ya… sure…

  36. K says:

    Haahhahahahaha… no.

  37. Meow says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I’m just thinking about teenagers having more premarital sex since they can afford it at the dollar stores.

  38. Corbinx says:

    I’m sure the pregnancy tests are fine. It’s really just a piece of litmus paper…you pay more for all the extras like the digital displays and such that some of the other ones come with.
    The condoms I would be leery of…especially with the toothpaste situation that occurred. There’s a lot bigger consequence if they fail than if the test wouldn’t work.

  39. kathy says:

    well people youth or otherwise will do what they’re going to do.. Their morals won’t change because condoms aren’t available at the dollar store, plus condoms are available at schools too.
    I would prefer babies aren’t born to youths who will likely need funding from my tax paying dollars after all is said and done.
    Anyways, yeah i’m not poor, but I watch my pennies, so forget it, I wont buy condoms from the dollar store- not convinced I can trust them since the dollar store is a for profit company they look out for number 1- themselves, so i can’t trust buying such a serious item.
    I’ll go to the public health offices, they don’t stand to earn money by me taking a few each time.. they don’t gain or lose so they have no motives for giving out unreliable products or potentially unreliable condoms.. such as the colgate incident.

  40. RB says:

    Pregnancy tests are extremely cheap to make. They all do the same thing. Even the Dollarstore brand.

  41. erin says:

    LMAO! I wouldn’t take the risk… lol

  42. tasha says:

    Do you really think any store can get away with selling faulty condoms?? You think a ton of random pregnancies are going to come up due to defective condoms all traced back to dollar-rama?? I don’t think so. They get some of their products from closing stores liquidating. I’m going to go with completely safe to use….

  43. slide says:

    It’s definitely wrong to sell $2 condoms at the dollar store.

    It should only be $1.

  44. Marta says:

    I don’t think that cheap AND stupid people should be having babies which is what would happen if you bought those condoms.

  45. Sonia says:

    The pregnancy tests definitely work so why wouldnt these!!

  46. Stacey says:

    I think they are trustworthy BECAUSE of the fact they are a brand name, Lifestyles, which I have used befroe and trust. HOWEVER if they were a no named dollar store brand, I would be weary.

  47. Stephanie says:

    LOL @ slide! Agreed! It’s a dollar store afterall! LOL

  48. Gabby says:

    If you are past the date of your period, taken properly, the pregnancy tests are accurate, both my children are here to prove it! Why spend $18.00 for a test, when you can buy many with the same amount of money! lol… I bought 6 and took a test everyday, and the line became more and more visible. I would check the expiry date and use the condoms too. Companies make too much money off their “BRANDS” these are cheaper because they save on advertising.

  49. Crystal says:

    The only reason i’d be leery of dollar store condoms is if they were improperly stored. Even if the expiry date is still good, they are meant to be kept in certain temperatures and not get roughed around and such… as long as they were careful in transporting them then they’ll work just as well, but i guess that’s the same risk at every store. Dollar stores just strike me as less careful with their merchandise… Didnt you learn you can’t keep condoms in your wallet or car cuz the heat and movement weakens them… well who knows how long these things travelled in a hot truck… ?? i use the pill, so i dont have to worry about this… but i think anyone having sex should be ready for the consequences should the condom break no matter where they buy it. so good luck everyone!

  50. stressedmuch says:

    “Unsure” that is not fair… I was trying to conceive and therefore may have had to take a bunch of pregnancy tests and at $15 or so bucks a pop that is EXPENSIVE! We are on a site about getting a deal so I think we are all looking to save a penny here or there so be careful who you insult. I am an educated professional woman with 2 kids but I love a good deal and to save money to spend on things for my children where I can. I would however be scepticle of anything that can impact your health and would avoid the condoms… pregnancy is not the only consequence of unprotected sex… or poorly protected sex! I have seen lifestyles at the Shoppers but if you read the address of production on a lot of the “namebrand” products they are made out of the country (like Mexico etc.) for things that in another store are made in canada. Just my 3 cents! LOL!

  51. glowworm2k says:

    From Health Canada:
    In Canada, condoms are considered medical devices and are therefore regulated by Health Canada. These regulations outline the conditions that condom manufacturers and importers must meet. Strict standards are set for latex condoms regarding tests for strength and leakage. Condoms made from other materials must be evaluated before being marketed to prove that they are effective against disease and sperm. The regulations also include packaging, labelling and other quality measures. Health Canada also maintains a database of medical devices listing condom brands licenced for sale in Canada.

    Database of medical devices:

    Also, on a side note: when I couldn’t afford condoms (unemployed teenager at the time), I got them from the school nurse or the health unit. I know of other kids who were too shy to go this route and couldn’t afford the pharmacy prices, so they just did without. To me, having them in the dollar store is a GOOD thing, no downside!

  52. Carmen says:

    Tried and tested correctly the pregnancy test. It was faster than the expensive fancy ones too and correct! a definite re purchase! as for condoms…I’m skeptical!

  53. Jenna says:

    just does not seem right to me. I am sure since it is a brand name they stand by there product right………

  54. Kimberley says:

    Well we used “High End” Condoms(me and my ex) and well lets say our son is 16 lol. No Condoms are 100% Cheap or Expensive

  55. DCH says:

    I find it ridiculous the way some of you are acting.

    These condoms can be bought at Wal-Mart and many other places, there is nothing wrong with them regardless of where they are sold. If you want to buy them at the drug store and pay almost 5 times the amount go ahead. Regardless of where some things are sold it DOESN’T affect their quality.

  56. smartnewbie says:

    I would trust the pregnancy but not so much the condoms at the Dollar store. There is a bigger consequence to you if the condom doesn’t work as it should. I have never bought pregnancy tests at the Dollar store (never knew they carry them!) but definitely would the next time I need them. I find though that you don’t need so many tests if you are using it right. I usually wait at least 3-5days or upto a week after my period is suppose to come before using the test with the first pee in the morning since that’s the most accurate. If it shows positive, I would book an appointment with my doctor to confirm. If it’s negative, then will a period should come anytime after that. So far, I have only used two tests for two separate occasions. I know and understand that it can be very hard to wait it out until when you should test it but patience can definitely save you money in this aspect.

  57. Tracey H says:

    I’m with those people who mentioned fake Colgate. Just because something looks like an authentic brand name product, doesn’t mean it isn’t counterfeit.

  58. thaichips says:

    i don’t care if they sell them there. people need to protect themselves. maybe teens don’t have the money to pay what the drugstores are charging.

  59. ib says:

    I wouldn’t quite trust the dollar store condoms. Actually we got pregnant using those “free” condoms that were handed out at the “healthy baby” program.

    I totally would buy the dollar store pregnancy test. The expensive $10-15 at the department store is totally a rip off. I personally buy the cheap strips @ They work great and prove to be more sensitive than the department store ones. I showed my doctor the strips I was using, she laugh and said those look just like the ones we use. Where did you get them? She was going to recommend it to her other patients.

  60. Molly says:

    Lifestyles is a trustworthy brand, I would definitely buy condoms from dollerama! I don’t see any reason why not, it’s the same brand, it’s just like buying them anywhere else except cheaper.

  61. Yulia says:

    We didn’t buy condoms in Dollarama, but I was naive enough to buy a pregnancy test there (or in another dollar store). And the result was wrong!!! I just didn’t want to spend $15 at a pharmacy, so I spent a buck (or two) and later it proved that I wasted the money. Not that I was disappointed (’cause I was craving to see two stripes), but I once again saw for myself that Dollarama and Co. are not the trustworthy sources for such purchases.

  62. Moe says:

    Some of you sound dunce, A lot of people also use pregnancy tests that do not want a baby, and just want to ensure they are not pregnant.(broken condom ect)

  63. dizzyb says:

    Yulia, expensive pregnancy tests are equally prone to failure. There are many factors to be considered!
    We have used 5 of the Dollarama pregnancy tests in the past, all with correct results.

  64. Tammy says:

    Maybe the dollar stores gets them cheap because they are seconds. Maybe they turn out to be funny shapes and sizes…ha ha

  65. SuperM says:

    No – but I have used the pregnancy tests… lol

  66. Wilson says:

    I remember the poison dollar store toothpaste incident (a couple of you already mentioned it). So, it isn’t the price that bothers me, it is the possibility that it is a forgery.

    I never never buy food/personal hygiene products from the dollar store. I also think twice about buying things my kids would put in their mouths (cups, baby toys, etc) I may be paranoid, but I’d like to avoid lead poisoning, if I can.

  67. tattoodprincess says:

    I personally wouldn’t use them, but I have the luxury of being able to afford to buy them at full price. Not every one does. I’d rather see people buying them from the dollar store than to have kids having kids, or people who can barely afford to take care of themselves get knocked up and have to struggle even more and suck off the social assistance system. Everyone deserves to be safe, even if it’s at a discount price.

  68. Kelly Milner says:

    You know, those pregnancy tests in that picture really work. lol

  69. Mist_ynight says:

    @ Meow, teens are going to have intercourse with or without condoms if they really want it. I think them being cheaper and accesible is a good thing. Hopefully the will prevent some teens from becoming pregnant. I used to use Lifestyles and would have bought them from dollarama if they had sold them then. I have no need of the now since we are trying to concieve. I’m glad to hear positive things about the pregnancy tests, I’m going to pick some up the next time I’m there.

  70. Jay's Mom says:

    I actually took a close look at the Lifestyle packaging and there is a definite reason why there only $2… The ones that I looked at look totally legit at first glance however the fine print stated that they where manufactured in Thailand with a registered copyright date of the package design of 2006! The ones bought at SDM have a package design date of 2010 and are manufactured and distributed in Canada.

    If the packaging design is 6 years old what does that tell you about the product inside? OLD! Also how can you trust a product that important imported from a country that may not have the same stringent manufacturing protocols in place as we do in Canada?

    Personally, I think Dollarama should pull these from the shelves as I would not like to see teenagers using a possible sub-standard product as a method of birth control.

  71. kb says:

    Condoms should be less expensive than they are; hopefully this will bring down the price in other pharmacies. I agree with Mist-ynight: might as well have affordable condoms and less babies, since everyone, teenagers included, have sex. Instead of preaching to them, which doesn’t help, we should make sure they are safe and take necessary precautions. This includes affordable protection for STDs and birth control.

  72. imjustsaying says:

    i just couldn’t leave it at comment number 69 loool

  73. Felicia says:

    I used their pro care pregnancy test twice and both times were accurate. Would recommend this productt.

  74. Lulu says:

    No joke I was at a Flea Market one time and someone was selling boxes of condoms on a card table, My Dad looked at me and said ”That’s for the cheap F#ckers!!!!!” LOL this still makes me laugh!

  75. Diane456 says:

    Hmmmm A pregnancy test perhaps, you can always confirm at the doctors but a condom, not in a million years!

  76. alisa123 says:

    to Stephania:
    they are really cheap!!! There is nothing expensive about them! In the country where I am from you can buy pregnancy tests from the pharmacy for about 18 cents. Just a tiny stripe in a small package. And if you want to go fancy 🙂 you can buy a GERMAN MADE for $1. Both work 100%. I was very surprised when I saw a HUGE boxes with pregnancy tests and HUGE prices on them in Canada. I guess they are making them big, so people would believe it really costs that much. I was even thinking to make a little business out of it, but there are a couple of problems. First they are not labeled in English and no English instructions. And, second, the companies who make them here are very good in brainwashing and you just proved it with your comment – people believe they have to be big and expensive. Hard to fight with last one…

  77. Spitz says:

    What is wrong with this?!
    BUY them USE them

  78. Vic009 says:

    be careful to check the expiry dates before U buy them?!

  79. Lori says:

    Whether a dollar store is part of a chain or independent, I would never buy condoms there. I would be worried about expiry dates and counterfeit products. This is just one of many things in life you do not cheap out on.

  80. nik says:

    I am pretty sure that when you can get a brand name item at dollarama it is because they have discontinued that item and them have a large warehouse sale for retailers to go and buy the products for super cheap to get ride of it. They started selling my favorite mascara at dollarama and then i found out that they didn’t make it anymore 🙁 (lash stylist sad day)

    I used to work at a dollar store too and the owner would always go to shows like that and get hair colour and makeup. so the product is still good they probably just don’t make that style or have upgraded in some way

  81. Claudia says:

    There’s a reason the pregnancy tests are right beside the condoms.

  82. Sandy says:

    I think it should be all right. Really the cost of condoms are pretty low anyway…and the lifestyle and other brands just jack up the price. Just like the Dollarama pregnancy test..everyone thought it’s so cheap it’s not accurate…but i’ve used them, my co workers have used them, and they are very accurate. It’s better than buying the ones from shoppers that cost $12 for one…One girl is having her 6th child..and through out all the other pregnancies she had used their home pregnancy test…so i think the condoms would be fine to use. It is also probably aimed for lower income people, who can’t afford expensive’s good for them to be able to have access to affordable condoms…else they rather not use!

  83. TallNFunny says:

    I’m pretty sure that if it’s a reputable brand name and the expiry date has not passed, then it should be safe to buy them regardless of the price. Not willing to guarantee that obviously (no messages from angry couples please :P). Obviously do what you’re comfortable with! 🙂

  84. Jay says:

    I would buy them, the problem is where I live you have to ask for this stuff at the till becuase they don’t put it on the sales floor which itself is somewhat… what’s the word…

  85. smartmer says:

    I agree with what many posters have said. The fact that they are beside the pregnancy tests makes me laugh!!!

    Also, I wouldn’t buy them from there.

  86. sheila says:

    They’re probably just stolen anyways. I’ve noticed things with Safeway stickers on them at Dollar Stores…

  87. MeMew says:

    Remind me of the famous commercial ads od Durex on Father’s Day: To all those use our competitors’ product: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!
    Personally I trust Dollar Store’s pregnancy tests. Same as another poster told above, where I lived before the same preggo test is sold very very cheap, less than 1$ for sure and it is the same test used at clinics, hospitals. Here in Quebec, CLSC preggo strip test is the same as Dolarama ones. Thus I also trust the condoms sold there if they are real Lifestyle brand, and not yet expired

  88. browneyedgirl says:

    The pregnancy tests are fine, these products are HUGELY marked-up at the pharmacies. My friend works for a doctor’s office, they get their preg tests without the fancy packaging and they pay only a few cents each and they work just as accurately as any others…

  89. kasrcg says:

    after spending a lot of money on home pregnancy tests trying to conceive i visited the well known website and read up that dollar store tests are sometimes more reliable than other well known tests because they are more sensitive (25mIU/ml). 2 pregnancies later i received a positive test result with my dollar store tests sooner than at the doctor’s office!!! (there tests have a sensitivity rating of 50mIU/ml. so sometimes cheaper just means cheaper 🙂

  90. Sarah says:

    When I 1st saw these 2 items at the Dollar Store I was also skeptical. But now after reading all the Comments. I think its a good thing. Alot of you are worried about it breaking etc. This is great for people that can’t afford going into Shoppers Drug Mart. Id Rather them use a Rubber that might break than no Rubber at all.

    Also with the Preg. tests… I agree with a few of the comments on here .. I’d get a bunch and then when I through It was positive .. I’d go to the Doctor. Remember People we do Live in Canada. If you have 20 min and a walkin Clinic Handy you can get it done for free !

  91. Mandolin says:

    Dollar Tree (the store with the bad toothpaste in the US) isn’t dollarama…I first want to say. I used to go to the dollar tree and the quality difference between dollar tree and dollarama I find substantial.

    I wrote about the pregnancy tests before…they aren’t quite as sensitive as the drug store home tests…i tested positive on the drug store test and then negative at the doctors office on a dollarama like test and negative again at home on the dollarama test I bought afterwards….and thought I wasn’t but they called me three weeks later with my positive blood test. I imagine the doctors office and dollarama urine tests would have been positive a couple of weeks later. I was 3 weeks pregnant at the time.

    As for the condoms I would use them. It”s a name brand rubber.

  92. LIN-Z says:

    seriously, there are some who are either too poor (and shouldn’t be having sex if they can’t pay full price for rubbers!) or too cheap to pay full price for protection. i personally wouldn’t trust or buy them from the dollar store, HOWEVER, at least they are there for the dumbass’ who don’t want to pay from a proper drug store. the std factor alone justifies it!

  93. Heather says:

    Just wanted to point out that pregnancy tests and condoms are sold side by side in Shoppers as well. Everyone seems to think this is funny they are beside one another but it’s all conception related – to prevent, to predict (the ovulation test) and to determine.

    I like what someone posted about Dolarama’s relationships with Proctor and Gamble but I heard their toothpaste is from China even though it says Crest while the Crest tubes in Shoppers are made in North America. I mean China makes everything so you can’t say that’s the reason its bad but something to consider.

  94. gunes says:

    one of my friend bought a pregnancy test just to try whether it works well…but she left it aside to try later…a couple months later her period was late, she tried the test, surprise:) there were two lines:) she thought the test is cheap, that’s why it is wrong…BUT, the test really works because she went to doctor, had a blood test and learnt she is pregnant for only about 2 weeks =)) she is in fourth month pregnancy right now…

  95. Dustin says:

    I live in Bc and I usually get condoms at the dollar store. They usually carry Lifestyle or Durex. Both quality brands. I can’t see a trusted, massive Canadian company risking their entire reputation to make a bit of extra money by selling counterfeit condoms.


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