Coupon for $5 off your total purchase at Rexall Pharma Plus Stores when you spend $25

Get $5 off your total purchase at Rexall Pharma Plus stores. The minimum purchase required is $25 i.e. you can just visit a Rexall Pharma Plus store and get $5 worth of items for FREE 😀 when you spend 25

Offer expires October 31st, 2008

Wow! loads of hot coupons today, but it doesn’t get any better than that!

Click here to print your $5 off Rexall Pharma Plus coupon


Unfortunately the $5 off $5 was a misprint, as per Rexall’s request the new coupon has been added.

99 responses to “Coupon for $5 off your total purchase at Rexall Pharma Plus Stores when you spend $25”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh wow! Thanks for this.

  2. zoro says:

    What is the origin of this? It is not hosted at rexall. The bar code is missing them numbers normally wiht it for potential manual entry. Im guessing htsi comes from some sort of targeted promo, not meant to be mass printed?

    Forgive my skeptisism but i’ve notice this site is even more enthralled with outright fraud then others.

  3. Reggie says:

    Wow! Where’d you find this?

  4. Joel says:


  5. Sally says:

    Great find Booley! Even if you are entralled with outright fraud (wink wink) your so squeaky clean you glisten 😛

    What a freat find on the rexall site!

  6. umgujrag says:

    i just used this coupon – the cashier went in the back to ask about it and came out saying i could use it! it doesnt matter about the barcode either because they dont usually scan coupons, the manually type in the amount!!

    awesome coupon, thanks so much ~ 🙂

  7. nis says:

    i felt like doing some nailpolish shopping, this will come in handy 🙂

  8. Justine says:

    thanks a lot. great coupon.

  9. Moe in Ontario says:

    Thank You very much . . .
    This is an awesome Coupon, which I used today with no problem at all.
    The Sales Girls even asked where I got it so they could get one. . . New Members
    Again great coupon Thanks,

  10. Amber says:

    Wow, sounds great. Do you guys know if all stores are accepting it, or is it just certain stores. I usually don’t have too much luck with coupons 🙁

  11. Boo Radley says:

    All Pharma Plus stores are accepting it 😀

  12. Amber says:

    Thanks Boo! 😀

  13. filza says:

    thanx a lot Boo

  14. mememe says:

    You love being enthralled by fraud. I mean … lol

    that was hilarious

  15. annie says:

    used mine today, and even though it was printed from my inkjet printer, it actually scanned!! =O
    it went *beep*, then showed up as 0.00 off, then after my airmiles scan a pop up came up with 5.00 store coupon as an option.. how cools is that!

    PS. use it to buy sale products that gets you bonus air miles, then you save money AND gain AM!

  16. amy says:

    I also used it today and got the discount! Ihere were 2 other people there using the same coupon. haha But be warned, not all printed coupons scan. My printer is horrible and the ink bled into the paper. They had to take someone else’s coupon and scan it in order for me to get the discount (mine did not scan properly). The cashier said I would not have been able to get the $5 off if they didn’t have a coupon that works. I think if you have a bad printer, then just make the coupon into a larger size and it should be fine.

    I also tried to use another coupon with this one but that didn’t work out.

  17. nis says:

    I went to a Rexall near my house, and the bag was refusing it, said she had been turning away a bunch of people because she wasn’t sure if the store was taking it.
    She finally asked the manager, and the manager said it was ok, but can you believe she turned a bunch of people away before even asking the manager?!?
    so I had a $2 off loreal coupon, and it made perfect sense to me that I sould be able to use the coupon off the product I had, and that as long as the total purchase was over $5, I sould be allowed to use the $5 Rexall coupon. Nope!! the manager said I can only use one coupon or the other.
    I emailed Rexall/Pharmaplus/whatever tonight to clarify.
    poop on them!

  18. miguel says:

    I used it today as weel and it scan at $0 but when I used my air miles, i got the $5 discount.

  19. Great coupon!! Used it today,without any issues whatsoever.
    They also had an instore coupon for mascara…walked out of Pharaplus with the biggest smiles ever.
    Thanks for posting.

  20. amy says:

    Oh yeah, meant to say that I told the lady that I didn’t have air miles and she just clicked “No” for that, and I still got the discount. It does say zero before that though

  21. amycanada77 says:

    Wow … this is almost to good to be true! I guess there really are some free things in life.
    Thanks Boo

  22. Justine says:

    I used it today, the cashier tried scanning it but it didn’t work. She had a copy for the store and just used that. It works! My bf used one too and paid for some of my stuff that way we used two!

  23. annie says:

    hmm, to expand on my message I also used a 75c off SC johnson product for a pledge spray (that got me 2 bonus air miles)… so I used both a manufacturers coupon and the $5.00 store coupon with my purchase… there seemed to be no problems using both at my pharmaplus.

    is this coupon a-ok at both Rexall AND PharmaPlus stores?

  24. makr says:

    the coupon will work at all Rexall, Rexall PharmaPlus, and PharmaPlus locations

  25. miguel says:

    i wonder if it will work again if i go back with my air miles scanned. anyone tried going back?

  26. A says:

    How many times can you use in 1 visit? because i head that other people used it more than once? someone even used it 9 times in a day?

  27. amycanada77 says:

    Used mine today in Kitchener – Worked perfectly – even used it with two other coupons – all I had to do was pay the taxes.

    Thanks so much again Boo

  28. rubyy says:

    I live in Manitoba & we don’t get airmiles at Rexall/Pharma Plus here – no problem with the coupon – my husband & I each used one & combined them with manufacturers coupons – again, not a problem – 912g Folgers for .48 – now that’s a bargain

  29. rubyy says:

    sorry – I forgot to say THANK YOU!!!!!

  30. Kari says:

    Thanks! Used this today in Winnipeg and got some free canned fruit – what a great deal!!

  31. consumatrix says:

    Wow — what a great deal. I used mine today (Ottawa, Carlingwood) and it scanned in, no problem. They had obviously had some before me, since they didn’t even question it.


  32. consumatrix says:

    ps. Boo — the link you provide at doesn’t work. I’d like to refer family members to the coupon too, but I want to make sure it is legit before I do that. Can you repost the link? (Or have they taken it down already now or something??)


  33. Boo Radley says:

    Thay’ve taken it down

  34. bejaap says:

    Thanx so much. My sister and I used them today(Hamilton,ON) with no problem at all. The clerk actually saw them in our hands before we got there and put her hand out for them right away, so nice that they actually expected them and seemed glad that we were taking advantage of their offer. To bad they have taken it down though, I guess they got more of a response than they thought they would maybe?

  35. consumatrix says:

    Thanks — that’s what I figured.

    Thanks again — great deal!

  36. amycanada77 says:

    umm mthe link at the top of the page works perfectly for me and my best friend just got it to work for her too – brings up the full coupon and works fine! Back to Pharma tomorrow!

  37. Lee says:

    Thank! You! Much!!

  38. couponmom says:

    Took my coupon at a Pharmaplus Hamilton location near Eastgate Mall and would not take my coupon because I would purchase two items at $2.99 each. The lady said my item would have to be at least a $5 dollar item. She said no one came into the store yesterday (Saturday) with that coupon… Did anyone else shopped in Hamilton and the coupon worked? If so please tell me where? … A sad couponmom

  39. kib says:

    The coupon says Rexall Pharma Plus only. We don’t have Pharma Plus in the West. Has anyone tried it in a plain Rexall?

  40. A says:

    oh my i read on a different fourm that people have been using it 20,30,40 times and one even 82 times. By tomorrow it will be gone, hoping to use 1 more today (used 2 already)

  41. consumatrix says:

    Why do you say ‘by tomorrow it will be gone’? Did you hear that from elsewhere too? Just curious.

    The coupon itself says it is good until the 31st.

    Strangely the coupon itself doesn’t say you can’t use it more than once per person or household, just once per purchase. I was surprised by that myself.

  42. amycanada77 says:

    I’ve saved the PDF on my computer so if the link disappears I will still have it 🙂

    I didn’t catch on to the fact that it just says one per purchase… hmmm… I’ll see if I can use two on two different purchases at the same time today

  43. amycanada77 says:

    oh wait consumatrix it does say one per customer

  44. connie says:

    went to PharmaPlus in Richmond Hill and they would not honour it, apparently they had been advised by “head office” this morning that the coupon was a misprinted and you needed to spend $25 to get the $5 off. BUT, I went to another PharmaPLus in the area and used it no problem.

  45. bambinoitaliano says:

    I was told it was a typo and meant to be spend $25 dollars and get $5 off. Anyway the first store i went to, the douche bag refuse said too many abused them . Like I’m responsible for it!! So I went to another store who told me I can use it. If it’s a typo they should just print a retraction and post it on the store or at the cash register instead of making me feel like a criminal.

  46. connie says:

    i agree, they were JUST printing a notice when I was at the register. I argued a bit but ended up leaving the merchandise.

  47. grumpy says:

    The coupon now does not scan. I think we should post that this is a dead deal; no thanks to people who used it multiple times. Let’s all not forget to be greedy but be thankful for these good deals.

  48. umgujrag says:

    agh, i was at another pharmaplus today and i was told that it was just an error and the coupon wasnt even working for who were spending $30 on regular price items.
    because it was sunday they couldnt call any tech support so they suggested i put my items on hold and come back.

  49. mommynumber1 says:

    thanks to all the people who were using it over and over because now nobody can use it some people are just so greedy to go back to the store multiple times in a couple days i was told by the manager maybe some of us could actually use any help we can get

  50. amycanada77 says:

    notice was up at only one of the Kitchener locations stating that it was a typo and there should’ve been a $25 min purchase.

  51. Sam says:

    Used it in Calgary store by the new T&T Supermarket. When my bill came to $6 (because I only purchased items that were on sale), the cashier could only take off $0.50. I later convinced him to treat it as a manufacture coupon and he was able to take $5 off.

  52. bug says:

    Too bad the people who used it multiple, multiple times (50+ times!!) ruined it for the rest of us. Both stores in my area had signs up at the entrance and at the cash registers. I can’t say I really blame them though since the promotion was subjected to much abuse.

  53. RM says:

    They stopped accepting this coupon. When I went to pharma plus today, I found that there was a notice telling that they won’t accept this coupon anymore. More information will be available on Monday.

  54. Tina says:

    I tried at a few of the pharmaplus near the yonge-bloor and yonge-college corridors. None of them work. At least I had some exercise. Ir comes up with an error that says Coupon does not meet requirements, or something to that effect, weird.

  55. V says:

    I tried to use it today and cashier said it cannot be used for anything on sale .Hasto be regualr priced merchandise only.

  56. ME>Greed says:

    Well, its too bad that the people (including me) who havent used it wont be able to anymore because of a few GREEDY people!!! Its soo sad!

  57. MissScrooge says:

    amycanada77: What Kitchener location had the notice up?

  58. Justine says:

    If people want to use it multiple times that is their right. If the coupon it’s good, and it shouldn’t matter how many times people use it.

  59. Poot says:


    But this one is toast, RIP $5 coupon.

  60. nsangel says:

    i have a question! the medicineshoppe here in halifax and sackville, (part of rexall), have their own promo going in our weekly newspaper. $5 off (same as your guys’ coupon).

    anyone know if that was a misprint? nothing about min purchase..i gotta send my hubby in right away!

  61. Betty says:

    Just to let you all know that it was a miss print the coupon should say with minimum purchase of $25

  62. bette says:

    For everybody’s info, it was a TYPO and the early birds were able to use the coupon…the thing is they made too many photo copies..and there was a family with one copy each, so the staff at the pharma plus were alerted and called the “BOSSES”, i was at the end of the line…i was not able to use my coupon….

  63. blabla says:

    The typo excuse is so they do not get sued for refusing coupons. Obviously they did not expect this kind of response and we thinking only those receiving the e-mail news letter would use the coupons. It is almost as if they did not know about the internet and the fact that the word goes around much faster because of it. One store I went to had a whole pile of them on the counter near the cash. Lucky me they were still accepting them.

  64. Nancy says:

    Oh no, I won’t get to use mine until October 14 or so… I hope they’ll still accept them.

  65. Bindy says:

    They are not accepting these coupons any longer

  66. Bindy says:

    It’s all over folks. Snooze you loose. Should have known it wouldn’t last cause it had to be a tyoe o. No one gives their stock away for free and thats basically what they did. OOPs someone got fired .

  67. Sally says:

    Wow ‘A’ its sad that you saw on another forum people using it up to 80 times, how ridicuous! Thats pretty balsy of someone to do!
    I didn’t even use one, but it is pretty funny that rexall made that big of a typo… maybe it was intentional until everyone caught on, you know get people in the doors.

    I’s quite shocked still though over people using it that many times, really ruins stuff for everyone.

    I probably shouldn’t be shocked but I am.

  68. Fred says:

    Oct 5th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    If people want to use it multiple times that is their right. If the coupon it’s good, and it shouldn’t matter how many times people use it.

    I disagree and believe the appropriate word here is Greed!

  69. amycanada77 says:

    miss scrooge – the location at fisherhallman and university (Glasgow Heights Location) had the notices up.

  70. MissScrooge says:

    ^ Thanks! 🙂

  71. Justine says:

    missscrooge – you see a good coupon, you use it. The coupon was a typo, they fixed it. I am in kitchener too, and you can still use it no problem, just spend $25. I would of purchased stuff at pharma plus anyway, so the $5 off was a bonus for me and ya, I will keep using it if it’s good. Simple as that.

  72. MissScrooge says:

    ^ I’m aware, I wasn’t complaining – was simply curious as to where it wasn’t being accepted. There isn’t a location that’s convenient for me to get to otherwise I would have tried by now, 😛

  73. Justine says:

    highland and belmont accepts it for $25 purchases.

  74. Finulla says:

    Fred Oct 6th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Oct 5th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    If people want to use it multiple times that is their right. If the coupon it’s good, and it shouldn’t matter how many times people use it.

    I disagree and believe the appropriate word here is Greed!

    Fred – If you’re not greedy, you should not use the coupon AT ALL since you’re so morally sound. I BELIEVE you just didn’t have the balls to use multiple times yourself, so the word of the day for you is JELOUSY.

  75. Finulla says:

    Fred Oct 6th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Oct 5th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    If people want to use it multiple times that is their right. If the coupon it’s good, and it shouldn’t matter how many times people use it.

    I disagree and believe the appropriate word here is Greed!

    Fred – If you’re not greedy, you should not use the coupon AT ALL since you’re so morally sound because you knew it was a typo yourself. I BELIEVE you just didn’t have the balls to use multiple times yourself, so the word of the day for you is JELOUSY.

  76. filza says:

    So my story is that all the time since the coupon was posted i was dreaming to use it multiple times,but could nt get out of the house due to some reasons.and when on oct 5th i read on this thread that they stop accepting coupon,we ran out to stores and still able to use 2 that was my sad………..and by the way Boo you din t tell us,did you able to use any of those coupons? ??????????????????well just a little curious???????????.

  77. Fred says:

    Fred Oct 6th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Oct 5th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    If people want to use it multiple times that is their right. If the coupon it’s good, and it shouldn’t matter how many times people use it.

    I disagree and believe the appropriate word here is Greed!

    Fred – If you’re not greedy, you should not use the coupon AT ALL since you’re so morally sound because you knew it was a typo yourself. I BELIEVE you just didn’t have the balls to use multiple times yourself, so the word of the day for you is JELOUSY.

    I’m far from morally sound,as we all are.

    Sin is Sin no matter what word you want to use.

  78. MeMe says:

    Rexall Pharma Plus now say there is a typo on the coupon, it should read save $5.00 with minimum $25.00 purchase.

  79. meisagirl says:

    I am surprised that some people on here are harping that others used the coupon more than once. Well, my theory is that if the cashier let me then I can use it without feeling greedy. And I used it quite a bit. Some stores limited me to five, others let me use it as much as I pleased…and so I did. I live at 50% below the poverty line, do not use welfare, food banks or any other form of a hand out. This allowed me to stock up on things for my children that I can’t rarely afford. It also gave me a chance to stock up on many things (such as kleenex, paper towel etc) for almost the next year.

    If the company made a typo, didn’t include a security device that would only allow it printed off once… well boo hoo. They should have ensured that they covered all their bases. Like um proof reading. I personally never shop at pharma plus because it is too darn expensive and I am unable to collect points (besides air miles). Maybe in the future I will consider going up and buying something if it was on sale…business is business and they made a blunder. Trust me they would never notify YOU if they made a blunder that cost you.

  80. connie says:

    well said meisagirl !!

  81. filza says:

    i agree with meisagirl s point of view,those companies are making millions billions,if they made a mistake,they should let people use that coupon,instead of printing a big error notice in front of every store.
    now i would give the credit to SPONGE TOWELS COMPANY.SO many people used their free sponge towel coupon but they dint do such a thing.

  82. Dave says:

    meisagirl – good points.

    I find it pretty hard to believe that they made a “typo” by accidentally saying $5.00 off, period, instead of $5.00 off of $25.00. A typo is when you accidentally misspell something or leave out a word. Not when you forget an entire clause like that. I’m sure they have lawyers for these things.

    Sounds more likely to me that they put out the coupon, didn’t believe it would get circulated too widely, found out it was on sites like this, panicked and backed off to save themselves some money.

    Apologies for the cynicism, everyone. I’m going to try and use the original coupon today and see what happens.

  83. mommynumber1 says:

    it sucks would have liked to use it more too

  84. Little One says:

    My Experience
    I used 19 coupons the first day, going into 10 stores (2 of us and on some stores my bf just has the car running while I dash in to get the cottonelle (2.99each X 2). No repeats. The second day, I went on my own, claimed 11 coupons again, over a course of 5 stores. Repeat once in a store with the same cashier. Some other stores has pharmacy, so I bought “pharmacy stuff” and paid at the pharmacy (even thought a pharmacist how to use the coupon.. I was like, well, you will see CWD as 0.00. Next you’ll need to ask me for my postal code, and I’ll say XXX XXX. Finally you will need to ask me for my airmiles, and I’ll say I don’t have any. Press ENTER, and voila, the message “COUPON VALUE 5.00 appears on the screen.) She was appreciative! 😀 😀
    All in all, I cashed in 30 coupons ($150). Personally, I think I spent about 1/3 that, which is about %50 bucks. If I was a little bolder and repeated many times at the same store… I’d be able to open my own store by now.

  85. Kathy says:

    Sally or anyone! What other forums do you use? This one is my favourite, though. This was the best coupon ever (along with the free Sponge towels – I got about a 6 month supply of those) – used it 3 times before I was told about the min. $25 purchase.

  86. budge says:

    darn it! tried to use it tonight. guess i was too slow:(

  87. Jeremy says:

    Hi Everybody. I am a manager for a Rexall store in Edmonton. Yes… the coupon was a typo. It was never intended to provide 5.00 of free merchandise to people. Remember the old saying… “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t” ? It was an unfortunate mistake. The coupon is being honored for purchases of 25.00 or more on regular priced goods.

  88. ilmk says:

    Thanks Jeremy for your input.

    I have received an email from the Marketing Director and yes it is an unfortunate typo.

    The new coupon is up on the forum.
    But it still needs to be rectified here.

  89. Sally says:

    As per a previoous persons post I only use Smart Canucks, as it offers everything I need, I was quoting other posters.

    Very unfortunate that it was a typo, as I’m sure someones in a lot of trouble.

  90. meisagirl says:

    Jeremy I am sorry but I can’t believe that it was a typo…in both the bold face and in the fine print? I think it was a promo idea that when bad. NOBODY with any business sense would make such a huge blunder. I mean come on, nobody proof read it? Read it out loud and gee that doesn’t sound right.

  91. Sally says:

    Maybe Meisagirl, but everyone does make mistakes. They certainly weren’t expecting people such as yourself so use them tons of times, but I can’t see Rexall ever being so generous.

  92. Dave says:

    Sally – They probably weren’t expecting such a response. It’s a valuable lesson to learn in how quickly things spread on the Internet and how easy it is to abuse such a basic electronic coupons system. (Yes, using them multiple times when it says not to is an abuse – I’m not going to judge whether or not it was justified, and I’d be tempted to use them lots of times myself, but clearly it’s doing something that Rexall didn’t intend.)

    Unfortunately, the lesson Rexall should have learned is limited somewhat by their blatant disregard for fair and legal marketing practices, which leads me to my next comment:

    Jeremy – Please be serious. The revised and original coupons are fundamentally different. It’s not like someone accidentally misspelled a word. They say, and repeat in the fine print, fundamentally different things. I know you work for Rexall but some critical reflection is in order here.

    Besides, even if it was just an unfortunate typo, in my world companies and people are still bound by their public statements when it comes to marketing. How convenient for you, isn’t it, that Rexall discovered this “typo” in their ads not after they released it to the public but after it became clear that they were going to be swamped by it?

    Personally I will not be shopping at Rexall again. I have difficulty giving my money to people who I can’t trust.

  93. Sally says:

    Excellent points Dave! I never used one of the coupons, since i’m not much of a Rexall fan, the local one here is very ”snobby” and even though I have money in my pocket to spend I don’t like that attitude. I think they should of honoured coupons printed before the error was found, but it’s so hard to tell what was printed before and what wasn’t. Could of it been a publicity stunt gone bad? Sure, but now rejecting the $5 off $5 leaves more customers mad then anything.

  94. Jeremy says:

    I think they are using a little poetic license by choosing the word “typo”. I think it’s the short way of saying that somebody misunderstood what the ad was supposed to say and jumped the gun. And to give Rexall a little credit… even though we knew it was an obvious error, we still honored it (we apparently honored it up to 80 times for some of you), until we were told directly by corporate to stop allowing the use of the coupon. And before badmouthing the company, you should realise that $5 off of a $25 purchase is certainly not a bad discount. 20% off is a pretty good deal. I’d also like to throw in that we would probably have continued the use of the coupon regardless if it had not been for the sheer number of photocopies that came in. Are the people that took advantage of this so cheap that they could not even be bothered to use their own color inkjets? Those are the ones you should blame for the quick judgement to stop accepting the coupns altogether.

    As for Rexall being a “snobby” store, I am sincerely sorry that that has been your experience. If you were to come in to my store I would take pleasure in showing you that that is not the way we all do business. Don’t let one bad apple ruin it for you. If you ever get the chance to stop into another store, please do. Most of us take pride in our customer service.

  95. Jeremy says:

    I know… I’ve said my peace and should probably shut up about it now, but…

    I’ve read a few comments about how these companies are making billions of dollars and should bite the bullet and allow the use of the coupon.

    The problem with that is that while the corporation could afford it, the individual stores can not. Those people that used the coupon over and over weren’t putting the company in any kind of risk, just the poor cashiers and stock people that get laid off as they inevitably do in retail when sales volume takes a big deep. I’m not saying that is the case this time, but it is something to think about the next time you come across the opportunity to take advantage of a mistake. Some of you have been trying to use the coupon over and over again even after you’ve been told it was a mistake. That is plain greed. I’m sorry, but my people’s jobs are worth much more to me than your free toilet paper.

    Again, I am sorry. I certainly don’t mean to offend or alienate anyone. I just think that aspect of it had to be thrown in there. That being said, I’ll just keep my big mouth out of it from here on in. If you have any legitimate complaints about Rexall please let me know. I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Happy shopping!!

    (By the way… I hope I haven’t implied that I have been given the right to speak on behalf of Rexall or the Katz Group. These are my own opinions and are not endorsed by anyone.)

  96. bambinoitaliano says:

    I had to agree with Jeremy, I used to work for a national chain drug store myself. The people who get hurt are the front line workers. Morality is not guided by someone else but yourself. Just because a company made a mistake does not mean you have no moral guidance or it’s an open season to take advantage.Rightly so, when a company made a mistake it should honor it’s mistake. But when someone repeating over and over again to cash in on mistakes that’s immoral. This is not about the company rather your own morality. Regardless of your own situation, rich or poor, that’s not the issue here. I love a great deal just like anyone else. Cashing in 50 times 80 times is not about being ballsy, it’s plain simple greed!! One do not have to be ballsy to be greedy. The ballsy one is the one with self awareness to say enough is enough. Because banks made billion of dollars therefore it’s justify to rip them off? That kind of rationalization just a cop out. There are enough companies providing coupons and freebies for one to take advantage of not to mention often great sales on the front page flyers. I’ve learned nothing is ever free in this world. Someone somewhere some how pay for it one way or another. Just because it’s not you does not mean it’s a free for all. I hate to imagine what these people look like in an all you can eat buffet.

  97. don ed hardy says:

    I hope he does, I truly do. It really sucks being my age and realizing everything now, instead of when I should have, then. Thanks very much for the compliment and comment!

  98. Hi, Thanks. Having been experiencing exactly the same issue. Resolved now Regards.


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