Do you decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day Canada?

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Remembrance day is this Thursday November 11th.  I am seeing more and more Christmas displays popping up everyhwere.  Now it’s never a surprise that Wal-mart starts decorating the day after Halloween as they are about the mighty dollar.   

Here it’s pretty standard not to decorate for Christmas until after Remembrance day out of respect for our fallen heroes, Vets &  people that have/are serving for our country. It’s easy enough to understand that Christmas joy (for those that celebrate) shouldn’t outshine Remembrance Day.   Interestingly enough I have yet to seee a Timmies Holiday cup, yet Starbucks felt the need to relase theirs  ahead of time. 

Do you think Starbucks should hold off like Tim Hortons appears to be doing?  Do you decorate before Remembrance day? I would love to hear your opinions.


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  1. trucks12trucks says:

    I don’t plan on decorating until late November probably..just cause I am lazy and can only stand a decorated house for so long..but you have to remember not everyone agrees with the act of war and invasion : ” anti-remembrance day”. Those people may put up decoration whenever they like.

    • Sarah Locken says:

      Just because you decorate before Remembrance Day does NOT mean you are anti remembrance. I put mine up because I have kids that can’t wait. I do however decorate the tree with poppies until after remembrance day. I support our troops,half of my family is fighting and guess what?? They could care less when your bloody tree goes up

  2. kdespati says:

    We don`t decorate before Nov 11th – to show support for our vets. We also think it`s too early if we do decorate the lights don`t go on until December.

    • Rebecca Hunt says:

      I’m so confused. My mom told me you shouldn’t put the tree up before November 11th. I support our troops, I wear a poppy and put everything on my computer for Remembrance Day but I kind of decorated a bit. It calms me down because I have severe anxiety and depression. Is that bad?:(

  3. Alex says:

    Retailers had an unwritten agreement that they would not put up any Christmas decorations till Nov 12 out of respect for the veterans and fallen. Then Walmart came to Canada….. 🙁

  4. Sally says:

    The older I get the later I decorate. I use to do it Dec 1st, I think last year was around the 10th lol!

  5. mckie0514 says:

    As a military wife we never decorate until after Nov.11th. War has nothing to do with Remembrance Day…You can support the troops and not the war!!! The men and women who serve our country go where they are told no matter what their personal feeling are. They are dedicated to their country and fight for every thing we tend to take for granted. As my friend once said…”For freedom today thank a Vet, for freedom tomorrow support our troops!”

  6. neesci says:

    We dont put any displays up in the windows at our stores because its disrespectful. After the 11th its totally fine.

  7. madryn_m says:

    It’s funny that you use Starbucks as your example. I work for Starbucks, and have questioned how early we decorate ourselves. I brought it up this year, and basically was told that we do it so early to AVOID the Remembrance Day issue. We launched Christmas the day after Halloween so that we could compete with other companies for Christmas, and be far enough away from Remembrance Day on the other side of it to try to distance ourselves. Personally, we don’t decorate before Remembrance Day in our house. My husband is a serving military member, and he finds it disrespectful to decorate early. Also, his family suffered a devastating loss around Remembrance Day (though it had nothing to do with Remembrance Day) and he doesn’t feel like celebrating before the anniversary of that date either. I’m just fine selling Christmas products to customers who are eager to get in the Christmas spirit early, and those customers who find it too early just don’t buy those products yet. I’m also just fine with not decorating my house until the first week of December. Frankly, it’s too difficult to clean around all those decorations!

  8. Amanda says:

    Interesting you should peg Tim Horton’s as the “respectful ones”, especially since my morning Tim Horton’s coffee was served to me in a CHRISTMAS CUP!

  9. mist_ynight says:

    I don’t decorate until a week before Christmas and I don’t take the decorations down until old christmas day, January 6th so that issues has never crossed my mind. But you do bring up a valid point, I think it is disrespectful to the veterans and soliders.

    To trucks12trucks, you don’t have to agree with war and invasion to respect the veterans. Regardless of your opinion on war many lives were lost and they deserve your respect. Unfortunatly the soliders who have fought and lost their lives didn’t control the war. That responsibilty lies with the governments.

  10. abbasgirl says:

    It never even occurred to me that decorating before Remembrance Day was considered disrespectful and I suspect there are other people who aren’t aware of this either. I have always observed Remembrance Day, respected veterans and supported the Canadian troops. I also don’t even think about Christmas until December because I think the commercialization of that holiday has gotten way out of hand and I don’t want to spend 2 months preparing for one day. But just because someone has put their decorations up early doesn’t mean they are disrespectful. I think they just really like Christmas.

  11. KMP says:

    I was in Dollarama before Halloween and overheard an employee saying she had put out some Christmas stuff and it was selling so they were putting out more. Power of the all mighty dollar.

    Christmas arrives at my house the weekend after my birthday (nov. 23).

  12. Sally says:

    Amanda, I said apparently as there are no xmas cups here or are there at the 5 London Ontario locations I called. Unforunatley I don’t have the resources to phone every single Timmies in Canada. My husband and I actually got coffees about an hour ago in the ugly brown cup. I do however realize that Tim Hortons are individually owned so who knows how many out there have released them. I know here they wont until after.

  13. Ashley says:

    We don’t decorate in my house until December and my mother NEVER put the light on until then either, because of the cost of running them.

    At work however (retail) we have already started installing our holiday windows but they never have anything Christmas related. It’s called a “party window”.

    Our mall is decorated first thing November 12th.

  14. crAZy4dEAls says:

    Having family members who are veterans (an uncle of WWII, a brother-in-law of Bosnia and Afganistan and a sister of Afganistan) I want to say that we’ve had this discussion before and have come up unanimously with the same response: Rememberance Day and decorating for Christmas are TOTALLY unrelated. I really don’t think any veteran will give a rats- a** about the Timmy’s cup you drink from or if the tree is lit up in your house–they’ve got BIGGER things to think about!

  15. sally says:

    I have to respectfully disagree Crazy4deals. Im a major part of the local Legion here and all the Vets find it disrepectful, as far as not ever going to that business in town again. I know a bit far. But I assure you that a lot of people do give a rats a** Its not the fact that they are “related” its the fact that it shoves out Remembrance day.

  16. theweave says:

    Well every store that I have been to has Christmas stuff out! Heck I saw Christmas lights at Canadian Tire in September!!!!

    About Tim Horton’s, they may not have the cups out but they have the gifts out1 Have you seen the new mug that looks like their cups??? That was my idea!! Seriously! I get surveys from them all the time and that was the design I said I liked the most! So it’s kind of like Windows 7… that was my idea1 Oh I simply LOVE the ornaments that look like the Timmie cups! I am sooooo getting one of them!!!

    As for our house, we don’t decorate until after my birthday on December 4… nothing to do with timing or anything, I just don’t like setting it all up and taking it all down!!! But I have seen houses already with their lights on at night! *AUGH* TOO EARLY PEOPLE!!!!

    Then again the Santa Claus Parades are starting already too! EEK!

  17. Katty says:

    We don’t decorate until late December!

  18. tinkerbell_joD says:

    We put up our Christmas lights before the snow flies but do not light them or do any more decorating until after Remembrance Day.

  19. cathie says:

    my father didn’t go to War in 1943 for nothing. November is the month of the dead.

    no celebrations.

    Wait til December 1st. And wear a Poppy to show respect!


    • holly says:

      your father went to war for our rights. the right to decorate and celebrate whenever we want. no offence but most veterans dont even understand why we hold off decorating until after that day. i can take a moment of silence and remember and give thanks while my lights are shining bright.
      i give thanks daily, everytime i do something we can only do because of our rights, but still. these are the rights they fought for, ill be damned if i didnt choose to use them.

  20. Maureen29 says:

    We own a Retail business, and although Christmas is our major selling Season, we do not decorate the store until after Remembrance Day out of respect to our Veterans.

  21. MariAngel says:

    We don’t decorate outside (live in a tiny basement apartment) but we do decorate inside but no tree (no room). And this does not happen until a week before Christmas. Since it’s just for my husband and I, we keep it very simple. It all comes down again a week after New Year’s.

    I cannot bring myself to decorate earlier than that. For one, any kind of Christmasy stuff before November 11th, I avoid. I think as a nation we give very little respect to our fallen soldiers whenever and wherever it occurred. I wear a poppy year round. Some people think it’s funny when they see a poppy in my jacket collar in February. I just shrug and move on. If they don’t get it, no amount of words will make them get it.

  22. Mrs H says:

    I agree, Stores and shops should hold off until after Remembrance day. The exception that comes to mind would be card shops or dollar stores. If you are sending cards over seas you need to think early.
    I’m a world vision sponsor and you need to ship early November to make sure the package arrives int time.

  23. Litesandsirens911 says:

    Being the wife of an ex -Navy officer, I absolutely DO NOT have anything to do with Christmas until after November 11th…as Canadians, I also think our country does very little to show our respect for the veterans…I think it should be mandatory for any company to refrain from advertising or promoting Christmas before then…….I won’t even step into a store that has Christmas decorations or plays Christmas music until after Rememberance Day, including Walmart.

    I wear a Poppy year round…I also think that people should actually participate in the moment of silence, instead of just going on…and also, it should be a mandatory day off to be able to pay our respects at the cenotaphs if we wished..I hate the fact most places make you work, including my employer…it’s just rude.

    I am very grateful to those who have given their lives for us to have freedom in this country, as well as all the troops who put their lives on the line every day.

  24. Jayshanny says:

    I have white light all lit up around my house because I hate having a dark yard. And yes some are the white xmas lights…..I use them on my deck, beside my house and in front ALL YEAR LONG. They are on a timer from dusk to dawn. None are coloured. I do hang a poppy wreath on my front door. I guess it is all in how you interpret it!

  25. Sally says:

    Lol Jays, that doesn’t mean your decorated 😛 My dad use to do the same thing.

  26. Diane456 says:

    Today we had our yearly Rememberance Day service in church. It included a colour party by the Girl Guides, Brownies & Sparks who also lay wreaths.
    Our Rector directed her homely to the children but the adults could relate to it as well. I think for the most it is important to teach our children just what the freedom they enjoy cost those who paid with their lives. As she said, even she did not know the names of the people on the brass plaque in the church (as she read them out) but they give their lives for us. And yes I did mckie0514 suggested, I did thank a vet selling poppies. He seemed surprised, to me that means more of us need to do just that.

    I have been getting thing ready for a bazaar but As for Christmas in my home, not until after Rememberance Day. That is the VERY LEAST we can do. There is also a large poppy in the front room window. Any vets that read this….. THANK YOU!

  27. Lori says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first year I have heard of this, and I’m over 40. I don’t decorate until the first week of December but I had no idea it was disrespectful to decorate before Remembrance Day. And both my Grandfather and Grandmother served in WWII.

  28. kelnel76 says:

    If people find it disrespectful to decorate before Nov 11th then don’t decorate. Retailors won’t put out there stuff early if people don’t buy it.I have worked in retail long enough to tell you if I put up ornaments in September they will be bought. At some point we have to stop blaming and expecting companies to model the way they see is right.if you feel it’s wrong to decorate prior to Nov 11th then don’t but don’t push your belief and values on everyone else. Personally I don’t think drinking a peppermint hot chocolate in a Christmas cup makes me remember and be grateful to all Canadian soldiers have done for us any less.makes me remember all that canadian soldiers have done for me any less. On remembernce day when I am standing at the cenetaph remembering and giving thanks I will be holding my grande nonfat peppermint hotchocolate with no whip….and do know what no one will care.

  29. kelnel76 says:

    If people find it disrespectful to decorate before Nov 11th then don’t decorate. Retailors won’t put out there stuff early if people don’t buy it.I have worked in retail long enough to tell you if I put up ornaments in September they will be bought. At some point we have to stop blaming and expecting companies to model the way they see is right.if you feel it’s wrong to decorate prior to Nov 11th then don’t but don’t push your belief and values on everyone else. Personally I don’t think drinking a peppermint hot chocolate in a Christmas cup makes me remember and be grateful to all that Canadian soldiers have done for us any less. On remembernce day when I am standing at the cenetaph remembering and giving thanks I will be holding my grande nonfat peppermint hotchocolate with no whip….and do know what no one will care.

  30. melis says:

    I think it completely makes sense to wait until after Nov 11th to decorate… who needs to have your decorations up for more than a month anyway? I try my hardest to wait until Dec to decorate (as I also celebrate “old Christmas” January 6/7 same as Mist_ynight) and as far as Remembrance Day, Canada would not be as we know it without our veterans!

  31. recessionisnotfun says:

    Thank you to our Vets!!! I haven’t decorated in a couple years now. People around us already have lights on, they did the day after halloween. Drives me insane, wayyyy to early imo. Between the stores and Commercials, Christmas is so heavly pushed down our throats, right untill the end of January. It’s all about making money. Christmas is all commercial now, the true meaning is lost 🙁

  32. Abby1 says:

    We don’t decorate until after Remembrance Day (usually not until the beginning of December).

  33. Jan Horsnell says:

    I must admit that I am more concerned with the recent news about vet concerns about government changing their pension security.
    It also has been pointed out that troops coming back need more emotional support than is being provided.
    Our vets should be honoured and supported financially and emotionally so that when they return to our country and expect appropriate support for their needs. Vets are indicating that one time payments will not provide the security for disabled vets and their families.
    What are you thinking government!!!! This isn’t an area where to try to solve government debt. These folks gave their all, and they and their families should expect security for their futures.

  34. CCG says:

    I never really thought about this prior till reading this on here today, its amazing as a young woman what I read and learn off this site, I must say I don’t usually decorate until after my bday on the 16 of november only because i am so busy with that that don’t have the time to do it before hand, however I do agree it would be respectable to decorate after this date indeed to show to RESPECT to out soliders! ) great post

  35. cdamom says:

    I love how some people are ignorant enough to say “no one will care”… I hate the commercialization of Christmas… it’s not supposed to be about buying crap. I never step foot in walmart and reading this stuff reinforces my “holier than thou” attitude about that trashy, mass consumption, toxic plastic pushing, censoring, inconsiderate, big boxed, child labour forcing, small store closing, community raping junk store. I remember when stores were closed on Sundays… same thing with decorating- until walmart came along. I shake my head at the people who race there to buy their cheap plastic crap. Even more so at Christmas time- since when did the holidays start before a sacred day like Rememberance Day? oh.. since walmart decided we should consume ourselves to death.

  36. Natalka says:

    We don’t decorate til mid-December, and only put our ‘real’ tree up just a few days before Christmas, because we leave everything up til Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7 – and hopefully it lasts through New Years’ on the 14th and taken down just after Epiphany (Feast of Jordan) on the 19th.

    I agree that Remembrance Day needs to be recognized more, and to me that means leaving the Christmas hoopla til after that date. Yes, in stores, too… I wish all stores were closed November 11, as they were when I was growing up.
    Listen to the song “A Pittance of Time” by Terry Kelly –

  37. DiamondLil says:

    We will put up the lights in November but wont light them until Dec 01. Like many in this forum, I never thought Christmas decorations would be offensive to Veterans and families if they were lit prior to Remembrance day. I guess you learn a new thing every day.

  38. mommasaver says:

    I never decorate before Remembrance Day. It’s out of respect. I think Starbucks should have held off on their festive cups also.

  39. eriluo says:

    We decorate on or abouts December 1st. That way we can count down the days prior to Christmas by adding a special ornament each day to the tree. As well in Scandinavian tradition, typically you don’t start decorating after St. Lucia Day, which is December 13th, so I had to compromise between my eager son and my heritage 🙂

    As for the Remembrance Day issue, I truly believe there is entirely enough time to decorate for Christmas after November 11th, so let the veterans honour their day without the Christmas decorations, because afterall, they stay up a lot longer than any day of remembrance unfortunately.

  40. Fritz says:

    I’m not from Canada originally, and as you pointed out, in the US we don’t consider waiting until after our Veteran’s Day to start hawking holiday season wares. I was thinking this weekend about trying to get the decorations up earlier, while it was still warmish, but I didn’t consider Remembrance Day. Thank you for informing me of this tradition, and I will honor it.

  41. Colin says:

    I’m one of the people who starts decorating in early November. It’s not out of disrespect, it’s due to my love of Christmas. It all starts up the day after Halloween for me.

    I got into this habit because the Santa Claus parade in my town is fairly early every year.. always in mid-November… and I like to be in full Christmas mode before the parade! 🙂

    Not everything goes up in November, as I get a REAL tree every year, and I don’t get that until mid-December. I just get all the other decorations up in November.

  42. Katherine says:

    My spouse was in Afghanistan for Remembrance day last year, so we will be happy to be together this year: I asked him what he thought of the whole not decorating before remembrance day thing, and he had never heard of it!
    I had heard it, and I think it’s a nice gesture- and also keeps it from getting a little out of hand (Costco has had x-mas stuff out in August!).
    That being said, I think that it’s ok for a store to sell xmas decorations, but I think they should hold out on things like lights, enormous blow-up santas (Canadian Tire) and christmas cups until after November 11th.
    I think that supporting out troops is such an important thing, and maybe some stores that chose to wait until after November 11th should make it a point to let consumers know, maybe a sign that says something like “out of respect for our veterans, we will be waiting until November 12th to turn on our xmas lights”

  43. AnnieP says:

    I wait until my son’s birthday (December 23) is over.

  44. Bobbi says:

    I haven’t even heard anyone mention Jesus in any of these comments, his birth brings the Celebration of Christmas!! Jesus is what Christmas is all about! I personally just put up my decorations yesterday, I think all this arguing about putting aside Christmas until after rememberance day is just Silly!! Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be here today arguing about putting him aside until another holiday is over? That is not good. The vets have given us freedom in exchange for their lives and I do think that Jesus should also be observed at the same time considering that he made the ultimate sacrifice and is the person who will be with the vets for all eternity. This is my opinion and I am tired of this countries politics putting every Holy holiday aside and making it seem less special! For people who celebrate the real reason for Christmas I say please put your lights up and at the same time wear a poppy observe the moment of silence and pray for the fallen soldiers. Jesus is always observing everything we do, make it count.

  45. Sue says:

    Like most, never considered not putting up Christmas decorations until past the day of Remembrance (it’s something your observce, not a ‘celebration’ – too many people use THAT word) but what a lovely thought. We celebrate Christmas in our home in the traditional sense (pre-Christian) and any decorating we do has meaning to us rather than the retailers. I LOVE Christmas but don’t quite understand the rampant need to over-decorate, certainly not before December 1st. To each their own but like many, December 1st is our frame of time to bring out anything related to the season.

  46. Reb says:

    I didn’t realize this was so widespread – my mom was really into christmas and every year on November 12th everything would get put up – she always said that you had to wait until the 12th out of respect for the veterans and we always thought it was funny becasue she was the first person to decorate every year.

    FYI – for the person going on and on about the evil Walmart – Sunday shopping came in way before walmart and hello you are posting on a shopping site – i.e. something geared towards consumers…. so if you aren’t interested in “Cheap crap” then maybe you need to start commenting on some other site and not a bargain shopping site!

  47. Kodynme says:

    Christmas comes once a year, we can Remember fallin heros ANYTIME of the year. Tree is up and love it!!

  48. Sarah says:

    I have put a few items outside. I do NOT plug them in, but they are outside. I staked them in the ground before the ground was frozen. I am not decorating the inside of my house until the first snow fall after rememberance day.

  49. Chris says:

    We respect Rememberance Day and do not shop. In the afternoon we put our Christmas tree up. We started doing this a couple of years ago and it works out well. We are very busy towards the end of November so this works for us.

  50. Not me says:

    I refuse to decorate anything until Dec. 1. I just feel that by the time Christmas rolls around, it’s been crammed down your throat so much that I’m sick of it… I don’t have to see it in my own house in November too…

  51. Theresa says:

    My husband and I both grew up in military families, and never heard of this unwritten decorating rule. I think it is wonderful that people wait. Come to think of it now, growing up on various army bases, no one did decorate before November 11th. Funny I never clued into that.

  52. couponfreak says:

    We decorated last night and it has nothing to do with not supporting our troops. Many of those troops fought and lost their lives in order to protect our rights and freedoms so that includes decorating when ever we want. When I lived in the states one of the army wives always decorated very early so her husband could see it before deployment one year they even celebrated in September (turkey presents whole deal).I think people also need to realize we live in a multicultural society and friday was the start of Diwali (celebration of lights) I have friends who have switched to Christmas lights as part of this celebration instead of the tradional oil lamps (as it is way safer for their children to enjoy.)

  53. Airline_guy says:

    I dont put the decorations up until the end of November, early December but it has nothing to do with Remembrance day. It just doesnt feel like Christmas to me until then.

    I dont see how its disrespectful to veterans if you choose to put your decorations up any day before Nov 11th though?

    Why cant you honor and respect veterans and start Christmas decorating at the same time? How/why does it offend veterans?

    Some would argue that celebrating the birth of Christ far out-ways worrying about hurting a veterans feelings. Honestly i cant see a veteran being offended by someone who both respects veterans and celebrates the birth of Jesus. ??

    anyone who thinks its disrespectful is a little to sensitive in my opinion.

  54. couponfreak says:

    just wanted to add Christmas stuff in August wasn’t started with Walmart. My birthday is August 11 and I have always been able to buy the new Hallmark and Carlton card ornaments on that day Walmart is actually one of the later ones.

  55. nguyen3828 says:

    My father and brothers were the veteran for Vietnam war….out of all the respect, we’ve never decorated our house until Dec 1….we used to live in Newfoundland and back there people have deep respect for Remembrance Day. When my dad was alive we always go to the Memorial Service & the parade afterwards. It’s a tradition that I’ve carried on and will always be for as long as I’m capable.Thank-you Canada for giving us Peace, Freedom & Justice. We’ll always be thankful….

  56. Bilbo says:

    I don’t decorate because I’m too tired from taking down the Hallowe’en decorations.

    However, I’m pretty sure that being able to put up my Christmas decorations any darn time I want to is one of the many freedoms that veterans fought for.

  57. Dcr says:

    I’ve always decorate early, not out of disrespect for Remembrance Day but because we love the Holidays.

    Personally, I have NEVER seen decorating for Christmas before Remembrance day a problem until now – it’s never crossed my mind – and I’m still going to decorate for Christmas early Nov, but I’ll always wear my poppy and have much respect for our Soliders and Veterans, just because I decorate early does NOT mean I have no respect for Remembrance Day.

  58. Mike says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard about not decorating until after Remembrance Day because it’s a sign of disrespect. I think it’s stupid to decorate in November just because it’s so much before Christmas.

  59. cdamom says:

    lol at REB it’s a sad state of affairs when people think that ethical consumers have to be rich 🙂

    Also- to all of you who say you aren’t disrespecting vets and you don’t know what the fuss is about- LOOK AT ALL THE VETS AND MILITARY FAMILIES ON HERE SAYING IT IS DISRESPECTFUL… Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Fools.

  60. lekate says:

    I think a lot of the larger retail stores that have the larger areas set aside for seasonal stuff just want to fill in that space. When I worked at Loblaws and seeing the empty space even just for a night between seasonal changes was eerie.

  61. Danika says:

    I have a hard time with war and “fighting” but I 100 percent support our troops and the vet’s in wars past. I appreciate them fighting for our freedom. I heard a news report recently that says Eddie Bauer is have a “remembrance day sale” I find this utterly disrespectful as did most of the people the news interviewed. November 11th is about us remembering and respecting those who have gone and fought for us. I agree with what I heard the retail places should be closed on Remembrance day and we should all be taking that day to respect and remember not shop.

  62. Iwannadeal says:

    I’ve never heard of this issue before now, maybe because now there are many more vets, with the war in Afganistan. I’m 53 and I do remember the Santa Claus parade in Toronto being held the day after Halloween one year and everyone complained it was WAY too early. I’ve seen Christmas decorations up in stores in October, and certainly as soon as Halloween is over.

  63. Lynn says:

    Normally I don’t. Although, this year I’m hostessing an “Everyday Style” party and it’s theme is “Christmas”, so naturally, I’ll be putting my decorations up!
    However, I agree with Iwannadeal. Christmas decorations have ALWAYS been “present” (pardon the pun)right after Hallowe’en so I’m not sure what’s the difference THIS YEAR!

  64. Airline_guy says:

    @ CDAMOM, im not sure but i think the only fool might be the one looking back at you in the mirror.

    How do you fault someone for celebrating the birth of Jesus along side remembering veterans?

    anyone i know in the military does not have that ME ME ME 1st attitude

  65. Lennea says:

    I had never heard of the “no decorations before Remembrance Day out of respect for the fallen” thing either. Though I could get on board with it very easily.
    I think it is ridiculous that Christmas is around for 3 months!All that hype for one day?!
    I feel a not so hidden pressure to shop to show love. The more you spend the more you love.
    I feel it is completely out of control and there is no hiding from it … it is everywhere!
    The amount of waste, both in all the fixings and junk no one needs. What a bizarre ritual we have created (and/or feed into) around a holiday that should be more about love, family and being grateful for each other and perhaps brightening up the long dark gloomy nights with some lights.
    Christmas does not need to take up longer then a week out of the year… except maybe in the minds and imaginations of children.
    …and that is my 2 cents worth (-8

  66. Jonathan says:

    No I don’t, and I wish stores would not be pushing Christmas down our throats so far in advance of Dec 25th.

  67. liberty says:

    i have never understood how my decorations, or a stores or any place have anything to do with vets. i support my vets and our troops throughout the year. i think most people don’t give enough (or even one) thought about our military and all of a sudden i am a horrible person because i put up my decorations before the snow flies?
    i donate time and money to military causes, i also campaign my government for better treatment of our vets, and for the day off so that we can actually attend the ceremonies, but i get bashed for lights?
    if people stopped worrying about these silly details and actually did something for our military-past and present, then that would show respect. if people did things like vote it would show respect for the sacrifices made, and being made.
    and besides, the average home isn’t going to be decorated until dec anyways, so it is a lazy tribute. how about you take the day off work on the 11th and stand in the often cold weather to salute those who gave and give you freedom beside me before critize me for when i hang decorations.

  68. justamy says:

    i don’t have a problem with it, infact i decorated my home on Nov. 1st. i don’t find it the least bit disrespectful. dh and i make a point to shake the hand and thank every veteran we see and donate, even though we (and our 2 young sons) have poppies on all of our coats.

    just because a person likes to extend their christmas season doesn’t mean they have forgotten the great sacrifice our soldiers and the ones before them, have made for us.

  69. Theresa says:

    Never before December and accually I do not decorate until2-3 weeks before Christmas

  70. DJ says:

    My hubby stars putting the xmas lights up on Nov 1st because (1) the weather and (2) the amount of lights he puts up – we are the Griswald’s of our street. It takes at least 4 weekends to get everything decorated on the outside and we’ll start the inside the first weekend of Dec. DH turns the lights on a few times to make sure everything works and is in the right place but we don’t put the lights on till Dec 1st because of the cost, not out of respect which is the first I have heard of this issue. We are also the kind of family that drop money in every poppy box we pass, we buy our poppies at the local Legion because they are much nicer and cost more so more money goes to the vets, my mom volunteers her time at the Legion and we always go to the services regardless of the weather. I never would have thought Christmas lights were disrespectful to vets but I will ask one the next time I thanking them and shaking their hand. I support the vets and the military families regardless of my views on the currents wars. Like other people have said, I wish everyone would get as passionate about other more important issues affecting our society as opposed to when a few lights go up.

  71. lisa says:

    What you do in your own home to remember is a lot different than what companies and stores do. I could not care less if they decorated for Christmas before Remembrance Day, I do not go by what the stores do. They do it to sell products, they have always done it with every holiday. If you look at a store to dictate how you should choose to remember our fallen and fighting soldiers then you are foolish.
    I don’t hear anyone complaining about stores ambushed by Valentines Decorations and products during Black History Month!

  72. CaseysCoupons says:

    We always decorate ON remembrance day, after the ceremonies. To not only remember, but to celebrate that we can celebrate a holiday like Christmas in freedom. Plus, the men are home to put up the lights anyhow. 🙂

  73. zee kid says:

    We usually put up the outdoor lights whenever it is warm outside but never light them until early Dec. Never decorate until after Rememberance Day.

  74. erin f says:

    I would not decorate before nov 11th , I have family who faught in a war and I belive it is a matter of respect, we are able to celebrate these holidays becouse of the things the vets did and I thank god for all they did.I belive the stores and shops should all have to wait out of respect.

  75. Jess says:

    We actually hung our outdoor lights this past weekend because it was nice weather but won’t turn them on until December. I had no idea about the “after Remembrance Day rule”.

  76. FunkyMunky says:

    we dont decorate until December 10th or so – we keept it late because my Christmas is Jan 07, and my roommate celebrates the traditional Dec 25 Christmas..

    on the topic of this – I really don’t think Veterans should find this disrespectful and whatnot.. I mean, obv. all businesses will start as early as they can but I don’t see how starting on Xmas cheer can be rude towards our Veterans..

  77. ODwyer says:

    Someone said that stores should be closed on the 11th. Here in Ottawa, its a bylaw not to open before 12:30 if they do, they must pay a pretty big fine. Why so that all citizen’s in Ottawa can observe the 11th, workers, students etc. However, its a goverment city. Which means, an afternoon of getting started on holiday shopping, cleanning etc.

    People should have the right to choose when they decorate for the holiday season…. Not everyone celebrates Christmas on the 25th…

    My husband served his country and he believes his family. Myself and our sons should wait til after the 11th. Its a personal choice and I respect him for it. However, I will not get flustered due to someone we know or the neighbour decorates before we do.

  78. Naail says:

    I think the Sad thing is how Ontario does not make Nov 11th a holiday when we celebrate holidays like Victoria day weekend. The monarchy is a joke in Canada and the holiday has been turned into nothing more than a boozefest weekend called may 24, Most people actually call it may 24… So thats a day off instead of honoring our fallen soilders who died to preserve our way of life… Pretty sad.

  79. Dawn Marie says:

    We put up our outside lights right after thanksgiving…only because we don’t want to be out there with snow on the roof/grass. We don’t put them on until the end of November. I’ve never heard of this thing about it being disrespectful to wait until after November 11th to decorate. Why should we only thank a veteran on november 11th? If it personally bothers you to decorate prior to Nov 11th, then don’t do it, but don’t take it personally that others are being disrespectful of a veteran just because they’ve decorated early. Some like to have CHristmas last longer than just a week or two…and some even start having Christmas family get-togethers in November because of long distance…why not decorate for it and enjoy it!?

  80. Penny says:

    I agree with Abbasgirl and Lori. This is the first I have heard of this. My grandfather served in WWII and his father before him in WWI, they did not feel it disrespectful to decorate before Nov 11 or to buy the gifts or decorations, their wives had a long standing family tradition to decorate whenever the mood would strike, sometimes they would do it November first, sometimes not until December. It all had to do with when family could come. They fought, they served, they were thanked when they came home (and daily by our existence) and they just wanted to forget about it. In the end my grandfather went mad over what he did and saw over there. I’m sorry but to some people they’d rather not remember and they’d rather we not remind them.

    I think that many people decorate or buy Christmas stuff now because they want to get a jump on things and have no idea that others feel it is taboo or cruel, and perhaps we shouldn’t villanise people for not knowing something only a few groups of people seem to find offensive. AGAIN my family has a long standing military history and they don’t know what this is all about, so don’t go telling me I’m talking out of my a**.

    When it comes to stores being bad, shoving it down our throats blah, blah, blah… hard core consumerism was being put in place in the 1950’s and it had NOTHING to do with Walmart. It had to do with greed and if you can only see corporate greed in Walmart you live a very sheltered life. The problem is that whatever way they do it, ethically or no, they provide things at a lower cost than the small local store, and so people on budgets (most of us here) feel like they have no choice but to shop there. You can shake your head at us bit if you can get more food for your family for less there or half of that food for the same cost at a small grocer what choice do you really have?

    And let me just ask this, would people not be up in arms at the stores if they couldn’t shop early for Christmas and try to beat the crazy crowds? If they only put the decorations out on Nov. 12th or even Dec. 1st people would be upset, the stores would be even crazier than they are now. They put them out early mainly because it takes up valuable space not to. I work at a small CTC and once Halloween goes out we have no choice, it’s either get it out of our tiny warehouse or be able to provide no toys or actual gifts for people to give until it is too late to sell them (well other than to those Christmas eve dads that are always there). We let the vets come in and sell their poppies and are sure to ask everyone at the checkout to please get one. But no, that’s still evil because we’re not closed. Boy are you people going to be mad when they finally make it so stores are open on Christmas, to support our ‘cultural melting pot’ of a country in trying not to offend other religions. I’m not allowed to say Merry Christmas not because ‘corporations’ say so, because over zealous people like I see on here actually chew me out for it. If you want to celebrate a less ‘shoved at you’ Christmas, try doing what I do, stay in and out of the madness, give people a couple gifts they have been really wanting (bought early), and baking and cooking my heart out for my family. We don’t feel like it’s become so bad, because we simply choose not to go out into the madness.

    Sorry that post had to be so long but I think people just get carried away with it all. You can’t force others into your views and if you can’t admit that you might be getting it a little wrong, perhaps you should just be happy with feeling right in believeing what it is you believe and not demonising others for not agreeing with you. It doesn’t make them evil or foolish, it just means they have had a different life experience than you have. It is what it is.

  81. Nicole says:

    aside from the matter of decorating for Christmas too early, as a florist “in training”, I am wondering why we depict an anemone (the picture of the flower on this post) rather than a real poppy? this has baffled me for the first time (just this year)….does anyone know why this is? Or are we just all herded cattle, led into what we believe?

  82. Alex says:

    Do you decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day Canada?

    “Remembrance day is this Thursday November 11th. I am seeing more and more Christmas displays popping up everyhwere. Now it’s never a surprise that Wal-mart starts decorating the day after Halloween as they are about the mightydollar”

  83. Penny says:

    I’m right there with you Nicole! I am a fellow green thumb and I noticed that too, but I figured if I mentioned it they’d be down my throat for being knit-picky. Good on you for having more cajones than I in mentioning it. I grow real poppies (oriental and icelandic) in my garden, man are they differentfrom anemones!

  84. asta says:

    I have friends currently serving and relatives who died fighting for Canada and this is the first time we’ve seen this attempt to dictate behaviour.
    The timing of your decorations matters not one whit when it comes to honouring and respecting the members of our Armed Forces and veterans; instead expend some time and energy writing your MP urging better treatment of Canada’s vets–medical care, pensions etc. and those currently serving–family services, etc. Do something that means something.

  85. Candice says:

    Tim Horton’s didn’t hold off too long! I got myself a fancy schmancy Christmas cup today! I wait till Dec 1 to start decorating… every year i go into denial that its THAT time of the year agao – come the 1st – i cant deny it any longer!

  86. Alex says:

    Stores in Ontario had an unwritten agreement to not put up any store Christmas decorations or point of sale material until November 12. This was to show respect to the veterans and those who gave their lives for Canada and Canadians.
    Then Walmart came to Canada….
    Enough said.

  87. L. Wilson says:

    I always wait until after November 11th. Actually, I was born in Michigan, so we always wait until after American Thanksgiving… so it really has nothing to do with Remembrance Day, although I am a teacher, so Remembrance Day is a big deal where I work.

    I think I’ll wait longer than usual to put the tree up this year, my son is the climb-the-tree type of toddler.

  88. Richelle says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard it was disrespectful to decorate for Christmas before Remembrance day. My family has been decorating for Christmas at the first weekend of November my whole life. We donate to the vets, wear our poppies, and have our moment of silence. I personally get disgusted at the people who don’t have moments of silence and go about their days and how more and more people aren’t wearing the poppies anymore. I personally just moved out on my own for the first time and decorated my house just yesterday, ornaments still need to go on the tree but that’s about it. But, I’m also expecting my first child in 2 weeks so better to get them up before I’m too tired and busy.

    Guess I never thought it was disrespectful to get excited for Christmas so early, I just love Christmas and I believe I got it from my mom who loves Christmas even more then me.

  89. Sara says:

    So i do have to say that in response to wal-mart…………….in Kitchener they had the X-mas stuff out before Halloween was even over, it want from Halloween aisle to x-as aisle. Craziness!!!!!

  90. Jenn says:

    Last night driving past my parents house I realized we are the only ones who have Christmas lights illuminating their house on our block…and I mean the whole house, deck and trees included, are illuminated.
    I could hardly stop laughing.

  91. Lisa Pineo says:

    Decorating for Christmas has nothing to do with Remembrance Day. Why would Vets be upset to see decorations up? Seems weird to me. I don’t buy a poppy or do anything for Remembrance Day anyway as I don’t feel the need to celebrate war. Either way, I don’t decorate until after Dec 1 anyway since I get so tired or seeing it at the malls. Sears has started decorating their stores on Halloween night for as many years as I can remember. Doesn’t mean anything to me except not wanting to be in there long since I’d just want to kill someone after listening to crappy holiday songs for more than 5 minutes.

  92. Dee Dee says:

    I put up my tree this weekend. This never occured to me. I put it up for the simple fact that all of my upcoming weekends are packed and there will be no time at the start of Dec. I love the holidays, love the decor and wanted to be able to enjoy for a full two months. no disrespect intended at all.

  93. Penny says:

    To Lisa Pineo and others who are blaming stores for trying to somehow ‘ruin’ a holiday that they really go out of their way to make sure you have what you want and need for it. Would you really make your own Christmas lights and presents by hand without them?:

    You know no one is forcing you to be out at the malls or stores during that time of year right? If it makes you so intensely bitter (as you sound Lisa) it would probably make you less so to do your shopping early and just avoid the din and the decorations you disdain so much. I personally enjoy seeing the decorations, even in the store I work at, the music is annoying I will give you that, and if you can’t stand it for 5 minutes try working retail and doing a 9 hour shift with it on a 1 hour loop. But it isn’t the actual deocrations and music that makes Christmas sickening for me, as a retail worker, it is honestly people’s crummy attitudes. They march in, throw a fit if we happen to have sold out of the popular item of the year on that day, they fume and snip at the staff as if we were forcing them to be here and spending their money.. If it is the decorations and music that make you behave that way please remember you are treating actual human beings like crap for something that they cannot actually control so please get over yourself, keep it to yourself and get on with it. If you hate Christmas that isn’t my problem or my fault, you have the option of not observing it you know, you have the option to not put yourself in the situations that make you angry and bitter. You can get most everything online anymore and grocery stores don’t usually decorate much so you really can avoid all of this and free yourself from this bitterness. You can’t change how others observe a holiday, but you can change your surroundings so it is easier for you to observe it.

    Perhaps if everyone became early shoppers or even gift card givers (it really is the nicest and not the laziest thing you know, if we had them when I was a tween/teen I would have avoided a lot of horrible gifts from parents who meant well but had no idea what I would actually like, and they aren’t receipt keeping people) the stores would be less zealous about it and things could go back to the old ways.

  94. TANGHI says:


  95. Jo says:

    I think it is dierespectful as Rememberance day is really only given an 11 day span and then not many ever think of it again until the next year. I personally do not decorate until December. it is just too long to have your decorations out in November my son is a New Year’s baby and he is only going to be 3 so I leave the tree up for him until after his bday.

    I always thought the rememberance day got less thought than any other day out there.

  96. Penny says:

    BTW when I was walking my dog this evening I ran into a couple of neighbours and asked them if they had heard of this and they had no idea what I was talking about. I don’t think that this is as widespread as some of you think that it is. I wonder if it has been a tradition only in certain cities and/or provinces. I am from the thousand islands region in ontario and it seems to not have been something observed or regulated here. We do observe Remembrance Day however.

  97. Stephanie says:

    I put my Christmas decorations up usually near the American Thanksgiving (I’m an American, living in Canada),that was when it started feeling like Christmas to me! 😉 But I think people should put decorations up whenever they feel it’s time.

  98. Joe Mead says:

    Boycott any place that disrespects people that were or are in service to this fine country.. I can see why this country is so hyper in it’s ideas.. In my India as a child we would be beat for this disrespect.
    Put Boston Pizza on the list..

  99. Lisa says:

    I’m so annoyed at all the Christmas commercials on tv..I’m talking to you Canadian Tire!!

  100. John says:

    Do the stores reallly think we do not know when Christmas is?!?! This is capitalism at it’s worst. November 11th should be a day of respect for those before and who presently serve in the military. Turn the lights on December 1st not before November 11th whether you believe in the reality of Christmas or not.

  101. glowworm2k says:

    I had never really thought of not decorating until after Nov 11, because decorating in November was never something my family did when I was small. We only had decorations during the christian season of Advent (4 Sundays before Christmas). Now that I am older, I still observe Advent, but no longer decorate or buy presents. I make homemade cards and sweets and give these, as well as the gift of a visit to family and friends, for Christmas. My family were reluctant to respect my wishes for no commercial gifts for a year or two, but now we all embrace this simplified, non-commercialized version of the holiday.

  102. Rachel says:

    I don’t understand why decorating early for Christmas is disrespectful towards soldiers. Why does it have to be one or the other. Why can’t it be both? Why can’t I have my decorations up and remember the soldiers as well? Actually, Christmas is about the birth of the most important soldier that was killed in the battle of good and evil to save us… Jesus Christ. I still remember the soldiers and am thankful for them even though my decorations are up. People are way too easily offended nowadays by everything.

  103. Diana says:

    Well,Tim Hortons has started to decorate in the city of London. I am told that all Timmies stores are supposed to be decorated BEFORE the Santa Claus parade which this year is on November 13th. But aside from that I think ppl will either choose to honour our vets or not all on thier own.Just because ppl or business’s start decorating isn’t going to change my observation of Vetren’s Day, maybe thats because MY grandad served in the war. Idn but we don’t have the right to force or expect that everyone will observe Vetren’s Day. it’s still a free country after all. And to tell u the truth, it’s pretty frustraring the ppl are so into other ppl’s business. If it really bother’s you about the decorations then don’t go there, that’s your choice and you are FREE to exert that right. Just because someone decorates or starts x-mas shopping before Vetren’s Day DOES not mean that they don’t observe it or that they weren’t touched by a vet in some way. Please ppl why do we have to be worried about little things all the time. Jeesh

  104. Diana says:

    Oh and by the way I do believe that the holidays are TOO capitalized. But again it’s up to us to teach our kids the true meaning of christmas and any other holiday we celebrate. Instead of gripeing and bitching about every little thing that doesn’t suit your liking maybe we should try to have a little more fun in life.

  105. Natalka says:

    For those gardeners wondering about the poppy used for Remembrance Day – it’s a stylized corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas), which bloomed on the Western Front.

  106. Penny says:

    Yeah but the pic posted above at the start of the article is of an anemone, which is what we were talking about. Thanks though, it is nice to see a real one.

  107. cdamom says:

    Just because you don’t understand that it’s offensive doesn’t mean it isn’t. As an example- sexual harassment- if any of you have jobs you probably went through that training at some point in your career- it doesn’t matter what YOU THINK- it’s the other person’s response that MAKES it offensive- you might think it’s a great joke- well the woman in the corner might not. Same with racism- just because you aren’t of a certain race or don’t understand the joke/slang/hate doesn’t make it not offensive. COME ON PEOPLE.

  108. Airline_guy says:

    O M G, saying a gay joke or a racial joke (if for some stupid reason someone finds those funny) is no where in the same category as hanging Christmas lights.. not even on the same planet.

  109. kerry says:

    Every year is different for me.Sometimes its late nov.or early dec.This year Im early,and have a window,with a decorated lighted tree,already up.I also have a small tree in my bedroom.The rest will be done by the third week in nov.It all depends on my creativity-energy level…..

  110. Penny says:

    CDAMOM that is the exact same kind of logic that has made everyone so hyper sensitive and crazy about what is ‘offensive’ to any one person in the world. It is not your responsability to be offended on behalf of someone else or to dictate what others should and shouldn’t find offensive. We’re all adults here and the issues you brought up are an issue of what is wrong and what is right to do on a fundamental human level. No one should have their a** slapped in the office or be called a name or stereotyped or any of the other putrid things that racism fosters.

    But I am not acting on a racist mentality when I take a leaf from my own grandfather who fought in the war and eventually went mad from its awful effects and put up my lights whenever I please because he did not think it was offensive. Not every vet thinks so and so you shouldn’t speak for them. If you want to wear a poppy year round and think that it makes you better than the rest of us, try watching a man you love slowly retreat into his own little dream world to escape the memories of watching the faces of the men that he was forced to kill for his country. I think that remembering what he did, and both sides of it, means that I am aware of veterans every day of my life and I don’t need people like you telling me that I am being offensive to someone like my own grandfather when he was the one putting up the lights on Nov. 1st, 7th, 17th, whenever he had to time to. You need to step down off of your imaginary high horse CDAMOM and get over yourself. Us folks in the real world, with ACTUAL veterans in our families, don’t need over zealous people like you telling us how WE should remember our veterans.

  111. Tara says:

    Christmas has become so commercialized its actually revolting. It’s difficult not to allow yourself to get caught up in all the hype and overspend, overspend, did I say overspend?

    This year I have made a vow to reduce my spending and instead of buying my children a ton of toys they certainly don’t need – use the time I would waste shopping, standing in line, wrapping, etc., and spend it doing things with my kids instead. I would love to encourage family members to contribute to RESP’s for my kids futures instead of buying presents. I have discouraged my children from making lists of any kind as it just takes away from the whole spirit of the holidays.

    As to Remembrance Day – stores should be respectful and not decorate for Christmas until after we have recognized those that sacrificed their lives so that we can live in peace. Furthermore, if Christmas decorations weren’t put out until after mid November, then maybe people wouldn’t get so caught up in all the needless consumption that just ends up in landfills – and instead, be reminded that Christmas is just ONE day of the entire year. Spend it focusing on quality time – not the quantity of junk you need to make the day ‘special’.

  112. Penny says:

    Does anybody actually read the rest of the comments on these pages before they post? Of course not, they just spew more repetative crap that most of us have said already. Thanks Tara, you pointed that out to me. And we wonder why no one learns anything from the internet… they don’t bother to actually read anything on it. I am always sure to make sure my point hasn’t been made already before I post, but it is clear people just stop on here, post and/or preach at people and leave. These are supposed to be DISCUSSION boards, where people discuss a topic back and forth. This is not what we are doing here. But of course you wouldn’t want to read or anything, might make you smarter.

  113. Sally says:

    A few points.

    To the commenter who said Remembrance Day is a celebration your not really correct.

    TO all the ones who cant possibly understand why Vets and people in service get upset at holiday celebrations is that it ends up overshadowing Remembrance day simple as that.

    If you think its just my area please google the topic and research before you make such a claim. Its very widespread throughout Canada.

    Its just a respect thing apparently something a lot of us no longer have.

  114. kerry says:

    What a stupid question,who decorates they’re home for rememberance day,other than your poppy.Christmas,to me has nothing to do with veterens day.So many of you use armistace day to make people feel obligated and guilty.manipulative

  115. Sally says:

    that was really rude

  116. kerry says:

    I expect this site to be lighthearted and concerned with freebies and coupons.Heavy topics like this should remain elsewhere,in my humble opinion

  117. Penny says:

    I’m sorry Sally but I have been asking people around my town for the past few days and they have never heard of this. My point was simply that it is not as widespread as you may think that it is. Is it not that widespread because EVERYONE is disrespectful? I don’t think so, I think people just didn’t see the two ‘events’ as linked in any way. For one, as you just stated, one is something that you observe (as in the moment of silence and the meditation on the subject) and the other is a celebration which some people really enjoy and want to make last longer.
    You know it’s not even about overshadowing it, some people just like to have pretty lights and sparkly things in their house.

    Let’s not forget that I’ve been seeing heritage ads and little moments from the government and news on tv since mid-september and they aid in reminding people pretty much daily so I don’t think, this year at least, people are not thinking about it.

    I know I’m especially thinking about it since I saw a news story that some yahoos tried (or are trying still? I don’t know if they are still at it) to stop an actual public rememberance service I believe in Ottawa because they did not believe it to be something that the people/government had the right to do. Now this was a few days ago and I’m not clear on the specifics but these may be the same people who are always claiming that the Holocaust didn’t happen, etc.

    I think we have more fish to fry than Christmas lights on the 9th here people, I am hearing more and more people who seem to think everyone was imagining WWII to begin with. We should try dealing with their insanity and blatent disrespect before we pick on each other over whether Christmas decorations are distracting.

  118. Sally says:

    Well, you posted in this thread yesterday and didn’t have a problem. Now you all of a sudden do, that makes no sense? The blog has ALWAYS had discussions and other posts since 2006 when it was created. If you prefer not to read them please skip past them.

  119. ckmullin says:

    Have had ALL the x-mas stuff up for the past week…along with the x-mas lights outside on the house.

    Putting up such things has nothing to do with war, or Nov 11. X-mas is a time for the kiddies…if they like the flashing lights and all the doodads…that is good enough for me!

  120. CouponKristin says:

    I have never ever heard of this before.

  121. Alex says:

    I think what has happened here is the American retailers (Walmart being the biggest) have pushed Canadian values aside and replaced them with American. Other than the calendar difference, the Veterans day in the States is commercial which includes Veterans day retail sale promotions. There was one business here this year that tried to tie commercialism with Remembrance Day and there was a backlash including from the Legion.
    There should a boycott of these American retailers and the Canadian ones who have now followed their example who put up Christmas point of sale and Christmas decorations before Nov 11.
    Lets start showing respect again.

  122. Tara says:

    Geez Penny, could you be any more bitter?

    I do in fact read all the previous posts and state my point or views on the subject, whether or not the comment has been previously said. I didn’t realize there were rules stating that one couldn’t post a comment that had already been mentioned! But then again, this is just YOUR opinion of what constitutes proper discussion board etiquette, therefore I plan to continue to post my opinions, seeing as you seem to lack any etiquette what-so-ever.

  123. Tammy says:

    Veteran’s Day, a day that congress can move from month to month(ie. 1968 veteran’s day moved to the fourth Monday in October, then moved back to Nov. 11 because that day was when they buried the Unknown Souldier. Christmas however is celebrating the birth of Jesus, i’m not disrepecting Veteran’s Day or any Veteran’s as my Grandpa, Father and Brother all served and serve to this day. Infact i spent the whole morning at Ceremonies but… some religious ppl are more into honoring Christ over our Vet’s I can’t speak for everyone thats putting up decorations but my Grandma was very religious and brought out christs halo on rememberance day it sat out till jan.6. As we hit the late 20th century Christs halo was turning into little christmas trinkets and reefs around the house, my grandpa did not see this as disrepectful as christmas is celebrating something that alot of ppl in the world care more for than americans war, I’m not trying to belittle the troops and vets but most religious people I know have been against wars america has been producing since vietnam. Yes they support out troops they have the magnets on their vehicles they bought the poppies how is that over shadowing remembrance day what else can they do? like everyone that want ppl not to decorate for christmas before nov.11 i sure hope you spent this day at ceremonies or vet grave sites and not just buying commercialized coffee just to come home to notice and complain it has some snowflakes on the cup.

  124. Sheryl says:

    I put up my light in November when its still warm and someone is around to watch that I dont kill myself on the ladder!! I NEVER thought of Remembrance day at all in regards to Christmas, they are unrelated…

  125. cdamom says:

    Penny is a troll clearly.

    And I said my points about sexism and racism were examples of how everybody interprets things differently not about hypersensitivity. If women in the 60’s didn’t start being sensitive about things would any of us women be able to work without having our asses slapped? Probably not. Society changes and we have to flow with it. Regardless of wether or not you have vets in the family doesn’t make your opinion better than anyone else’s. I have holocaust victims in my family- am I better or are my opinions about Hitler more justified? No. I’m just saying it’s respect. OBVIOUSLY some people are offended by this- regardless of what you people think or say “oh they are unrelated” or “I don’t see it” or “I wear my poppy” blah blah blah it’s all disrespect. Grow up, think about others, and take heed. Teach your children some manners please.

  126. cdamom says:

    Unless of course you don’t think bad about Hitler… lol… then all hope is lost for you AND my opinion does matter more than yours 🙂

  127. Alex says:

    Is this the direction American big retailers will take here in Canada also?

    Wal-mart, Sears to open on Thanksgiving

    Never mind the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Shop until you drop.

    Two of the nation’s top 10 retailers, Wal-Mart and Sears Holdings Corp, said they will open on Thanksgiving Day.

    The move is the latest in a creeping commercialism of Thanksgiving, once strictly a holiday for family gatherings, gorging on turkey and pumpkin pie, followed by a nap or walk.”

  128. Shelly says:

    I have never heard of waiting until after November 11th to decorate. I guess it’s a good idea as far as respecting our Vets. I just never put the two together.
    I usually decorate between mid-late November, rarely will I wait until the beginning of December. We put up our lights close to Halloween because it gets so cold and snowy in October/November usually, and we don’t want to do it in the cold. We don’t turn them on until after American Thanksgiving though.
    As far as when retailers and coffee shops start to decorate, I think that’s up to them. I love Holiday decorations, so the first time I walk into a store that is decorated I get excited (I get the same feeling in the spring when stores start to put out patio furniture and BBQs…I guess that’s what I get for living in Southern Ab. Where I get the extremes of Winter and Summer and not much in-between.)
    It’s a personal choice for everyone. Although, I might adopt the November 12th tradition of putting up decor. I’d like to have a set date. I lived in the US for a few years and it was always the day after Thanksgiving down there. Since moving back to Canada it’s kind of whenever I get the chance to decorate.

  129. lisa says:

    I’m sorry (no disrespect at all) but this is the funniest thread I’ve ever read. I respect the troops very much. I have many family members who have and do serve our country, and I actually wear a poppy year round. I have never heard of this “No decorating before Nov. 11 thing” and reading some comments just make me laugh. I honestly don’t think that the Holidays and Remembrance Day have anything to do with one another. I get that people are passionate about things, but really? Again, no disrespect, this has enlightened my day reading this, so thank you ALL.

  130. shannyn says:

    Remember people….it is because of those heros that we have the freedom to put up Christmas decorations before Nov.11th. How is that disrespectful? Do they care if we have decorations up? Wal-Mart employs hundreds of thousands of people, so yes, they are after the dollar..but it is that dollar that keeps all those people fed and warm.

  131. realistic says:

    Hi.. I decorate a week after the American thanksgiving. I like to enjoy the house decoration free for awhile till the next season start. I have young kids too it was up to them it would be today. I love the Christmas season but things should be done in moderation. Department stores are gluttony for money. By the time Dec 15 comes things are already which they had out are 25-50% off. Kudoos for us. Everyone should decorate when they like. But look around your town and friends and family home to get an idea. Our town lights the big tree the first of December,that’s when light up our outside lights… good Luck.. if you guys want to lose some weight before the holiday check out You can check out Tammy Lee Web who is on my website. She is the buns and steel workout weightloss guru.. and it works…. cheers

  132. Michelle says:

    While I do t decorate until november 30th (my birthday) I have no problems with retailers, big or small putting out christmas decorations. In my opinion Rememberance day and Christmas are not correlated in any way. A don’t see how putting up a few lights here and there disrespects anyone. Can’t a person put up lights and still respect veterans and troops? I think it absolutely ridiculous that people find some petty things to get upset up. If you don’t want to shop at Retailers becuase they have Christmas displays up Nov. 1st, I can respect their decision but there is no need to make judgements and say it disrespectful I put decorations up before Rememberance day.

  133. Deidra says:

    It’s what’s in your heart that matters…I am one that absolutely loves Christmas, maybe because we tend to be more kind and patient with one another during the Christmas Season. I’m a grateful everyday for my life and how men and women fought for me to have this wonderful life, I’m not just grateful on Rememberance Day. I will continue to decorate for Christmas when the urge hits me. Take Care and be kind to one another 🙂

  134. Minou says:

    My birthday is November 10. Because I’m a teacher, we generally have a Remembrance Day service at school on the 10th, as it’s usually the last school day before the day itself. Most years, I’m hearing trumpets/bagpipes/In Flanders’ Fields on my birthday. I guess I feel like I’ve already observed Remembrance Day by the time it comes around!

    Many stores have Christmas product out right after Halloween, but I think it’s silly to have Christmas-themed decorations/cups/bags out until about mid-November, when most people start thinking about their Christmas shopping. Like most Smart Canucks, I shop for Christmas year-round for good deals. I’m not sure I understand why the government doesn’t consider Remembrance Day a statutory holiday, but I’ve honestly gone out shopping a few times on that afternoon, as it’s a holiday day without a dinner commitment, meaning that I have a little bit of time.

  135. Hogan says:

    Who gives a shit when you put your lights up, the two are two totally different holidays, the poppy has been out for over 2 weeks prior to remembrance. Just another double standard made up by people who support war and its attributions. I will put my lights up when I make the decision to do it, has nothing to do with Veterans or Remembrance Day.

  136. nick says:

    As others suggest one has nothing to do with the other. If they started in July it would still have nothing to do with honouring our veterans. Veterans did not serve to have a special time for shopping. The main reason for doing the early shopping is because some people want to and the stores oblige. Got news for some , some start shopping for Xmas a lot earlier then Oct/Nov. If you don’t like to shop early don’t.

  137. nick says:

    Tammy in Canada we celebrate on Nov 11 because that is the official end of the first world war and has nothing to do with the yanks.

  138. Tammy says:

    I am a daughter of a WW2 vet and I can tell you that this blows me away. My Dad absolutely loved Christmas and would in no way feel one has anything to do with the other. He LOVED Christmas and was the biggest kid himself…..first one at the tree lot as soon as it opened to buy a tree every year…he was…. THAT IS WHAT HE FOUGHT FOR…..freedom. I have to laugh at what some people will spend their time judging….seriously….I will tell you how I RESPECT my Dad and every war vet and God’s honor…..I give all year when people are in need when I can, I never harm anyone purposely, I do not lie, cheat or steal..My children have never seen me drunk and I have given 100% to my marriage and family my entire life…I work my butt off for everything I have and when I can I visit the sick at hospices and hospitals….I even drove a war vet I hardly know to a doctor appointment when he was diagnosed with cancer…..and hey, that was in JUNE not Nov. 11th…..Am I a hero….no I am THANKFUL and I believe you should give back when you can and I was also taught that by my Dad, a WW2 vet…If you want to honor them….Don’t go on witch hunts over stupid crap like this, don’t assume people are unthoughtful because their opinion is different than yours…honestly I never heard this concept til last year and I was raised by a war vet and am in my forties now….so many never even considered one to have anything to do with the other…..Honor them and what they fought for by choosing to live better every day and try to be a better person each day than you were the day before….You also do not know other people’s reasoning…maybe their child is sick and will not make it past November 11th and they want to let them have one more Christmas…..That is my 2 cents….My tree will go up anytime I choose and my Dad and many vets I know would totally support a shared poppy and Christmas tree relationship. :0) I also know some “vets” who only used the military for their means or an education….wouldn’t give a dying man a dime, beat their kids, ran around on their wives…and some who use the legion as a glorified bar and pick up place not to go their to honor vets either but I don’t judge all legions or certainly not all vets because of a few people and their personal choices in life…..but most vets would give their life for anyone…..just like civilians….there are good and bad ones….God bless and thank you to the many vets for your sacrifice and love, I salute you EVERY day ALL YEAR….and I appreciate those who feel it is another special way to honor our vets by not putting up their Christmas decorations until after the 11th as well. I hope you can appreciate that my Dad ( a war vet) would not agree with this as being disrespectful and neither do I.

  139. Lindsay says:

    Without any disrespect I honestly don’t understand why putting up a few decorations is a sign of disrespect. My family participates in Rememberance Day events locally. Can someone please elaborate? Is it because it is considered a celebration during what is a somber time?

  140. Tammy says:

    WHY do we need Christmas decorations at the beginning of November ? Christmas is Dec 25th. It is not a 2 month long event. If it is not disrespectful to have Christmas decorations up on Remembrance Day, then it’s okay to have Easter Bunny’s parading around on Christmas day ? How about Valentines at Thanksgiving ? Heck, lets put our Halloween decorations up at Easter too while we are at it ! LOL Maybe it’s not “disrespectful to the Veterans… but to be sure, why not go down to a legion and ask them ?

  141. Junie says:

    Geez, Tammy…how about you leave it to the individual to decide what’s right for them? Ask a vet? Okay. I asked my dad…who LOVES Christmas…and he says he’d leave the tree up all year round. It makes him happy to have the glittering lights and evergreen…he says he saw enough drab in a prison camp…thank you very much!!

  142. Mike Pegg says:

    Bunch of sheep…..Half you don’t give a rats ass about Remembrance day or when Christmas lights go up…Most of you people buy a poppy and that’s it!!…Ask a Vet for Christ sake they’re not children..Let them speak and think for themselves….Instead of just jumping on the politically correct bandwagon…Think for yourselves..

  143. nick says:

    No but it has nothing to do with Remembrance day but just do not want to get sick of the decorations

  144. kerry says:

    I put mine up after Rememberance day,usually in the third week in Nov,but this year I think I will start around the 14th or so and do a little at a time,so it will all be done by the end of Nov.This includes some wrapped presents.

  145. melanie says:

    I want to decorate on the 12th. If stores didn’t have their stuff out before then, id be scrambling to get what I need.

  146. cathy says:

    Bless all of you who take the time to respect our fallen soldiers and those that are still helping to keep our country free…..

  147. Kris Pelkey says:

    I am a Veteran , my father is a Veteran , my father in law , my husbands grandfather was a war 1 hero and we always respect Veterans . Is this something Canadians do because I’ve never heard such a thing nor will I be told that I’m being disrespectful at any time. If this is something one wants to do on their own, ok.


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