Dollarama: Brand Name Candy Bars Now $0.82

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Dollarama Chocolate Prices Now 82c

Once the cheapest place to get candy bars without a special sale, chocolate has suffered one of the first price increases since Dollarama introduced $4 items.  All of those $0.77 candy bars like Reese, Hersheys, KitKat, Cadbury bars and more are now priced at $0.82.  To be fair, they have been $0.77 for ages, I remember getting some for a rebate when Target was still open in Canada, but it does indicate that we will see some other price increases on the everyday basics many of us buy at Dollarama.

Their off brand king size bars are still priced at 2 for $1, if you are not familiar with them:

  • Duet – similar to Twix
  • Meteor – similar to Mars Bar
  • Titan – similar to Snickers
  • Island Bar – similar to Bounty
  • Crispy Rice which doesn’t have an exact brand name duplicate

They tend to only have 2-3 of them at a time and I don’t recall seeing Duet bars recently, but it may be a regional thing.  Discussion of Dollarama finds and price increases can be found on our forums here.

12 responses to “Dollarama: Brand Name Candy Bars Now $0.82”

  1. Edite says:

    A new off-brand one I’ve purchased is called Luppo. It’s called a ‘dream bar’, and is described as ‘milk chocolate coated cake with caramel’. It’s quite tasty, but is not king-size (50 g). Also 2 for 1.00.

  2. Punker101 says:

    My wife bought a pack of Sharpies and they were $4 at Dollarama. Haven’t seen that until now

  3. Christopher says:

    It would have been cheaper for your wife to buy Sharpies at Wal-Mart or maybe, Staples at $4 a pack.

    $0.77 for candy bars after taxes was, $0.87 well really only $0.85. Now at $0.82 after taxes will be $0.92.

  4. Around the north shore of Montreal, Titan and Island Bar are the only names that are still widely available. Meteor seems to have been phased out a few months ago and it’s been over a year since I’ve seen Choco Duet. I could only find the Crispy Rice bar on the island of Montreal itself, so there might be a regional distribution limitation there.

  5. shelby says:

    I remember when they were 50c 😛

  6. Danny says:

    no Duets in Summerside, P.E.I. but I grabbed a Meteor, Titan, and Island Bar to try later this week,,, 1 a day after my lunch and I also purchased a Crispy Delight which is also a product of Turkey, just like the 3 mentioned above,,, since Crispy Delight has rice krispies mixed in with the chocolate – I think its a knock-off of the Nestle chocolate bar CRUNCH and / or the Hershey chocolate bar KRACKEL . There is also a Turkey based chocolate bar called Dream Bar by Luppo which the Dollarama here also sells – I don’t know if its a knock-off of a brand name chocolate bar though . Note – I think Crispy Rice bars are called Crispy Delight here on the Island same bar but a different name / packaging ???

  7. Danny says:

    I see Giant Tiger does this as well with their Solen brand candy bars

    Duet , like Solen’s Invite is similar to Twix
    Titan , like Solen’s Max Bar is similar to Snickers
    Island Bar , like Solen’s Wish is similar to Bounty
    Crispy Rice is similar to Solen’s Octavia

  8. Laurie Davis says:

    I too have recently purchased (2) Luppo Dream Bars, 2 for a $1. Yes, they are somewhat tasty, I was disappointed as the candy bar depicted on the package is not exactly what you get. The caramel is dry and the chocolate cake part is crumbly and dry. I will not purchase these in the future. Price may be good, but I got what I paid for.

    • Stephanie B says:

      Don’t buy Luppo people as it has medicin like : pills hidden inside and causes brain paralysis


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