Don’t Buy a New PC Now… Wait for Intel Core 2 Duo

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Intel RevolutionIf you’re thinking of buying a new PC I very very strongly urge you to wait for about one and a half months when most desktops ship with Intel’s new Core 2 Duo Processors (replaces Intel Pentiums). The Core 2 Duo processors received loads of positive reviews from IT professionals all around the world. Without getting into any computer jargon, new PCs using this Intel Core 2 processor will work significantly faster, quieter and consume less energy.

Here are some reviews:

Wikipedia, Techspot, Cnet

Dell and other computer companies aren’t selling PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors yet but they will very soon. The Dell Dimension 9200 as well as a whole bunch of other models which have Core 2 Duo should be out soon.

5 responses to “Don’t Buy a New PC Now… Wait for Intel Core 2 Duo”

  1. Christopher Yuen says:

    You might also want to wait for Windows Vista to come out in January if you are not really desperate for a new computer.

  2. Boo Radley says:

    oh I forgot to mention that too. Thanks Christopher for pointing that out 🙂

  3. LKB says:

    my hubby just bought a new macbook pro, still waiting for it to be delivered. he said he doesn’t think notebooks will include intel core 2 duo for a while yet, just desktop models.

  4. Mike says:

    The C2D is highly exaggerated. All this hysteria should stop. Yes, a C2D is 10% faster than a CD, and it’s 64 bit.
    But, it’s does not consume less power, but the same, if not more power.
    Most programs are written in 32 bit. Vista will work fine with 32 bit. Linux 64 bit hasn’t been offering anything special over the 32 bit version, neither will it for windows. 32 bit will be supported. HDTV will work just fine on 32 bit.
    You can find all kinds of great deals on a normal CD.
    Although Intel charges the same for a C2D as a CD, the manufacturers are painting the town with higher prices for laptops with the C2D. Dell has been doing this for about a month now. Where some people flatly deny this, after pointing their browser to, they’re completely missing the fact that there are all sorts of other deals and incentives resulting in higher C2D equipred prices.
    You can upgrade a CD to a C2D mostly without any problems, but not in all systems. With Dell, the upgrade is simply a chip swap, and making sure the Bios is from aroudn September or newer – that’s it, no sweat.
    The money you save now you can spend later on a C2D upgrade, but chances are you eventually realize that the must-have-disease is not worth it after all.

    H A ! ! !

  5. Dodgey Rog says:

    Hey there, 2 comments on this site in one day! I will be ordering Maple Leaf stationery real soon. hehehe.
    Re the Intel thing, I worked for distributors in this market for many years and dealt with Intel directly. If there is one thing that you can be sure of these days it’s that The Silicon marketeers have learned from the Auto marketeers that you only release new stuff on a drip feed basis. If you are really using “Bleeding Edge” technology then you will have all the new kit before it hits the market anyway! It was many years after Intel announced to the guys buying from them that USB would be included on there next generation of motherboards, now it’s the normal interface for everything, but it took a lot of years to get there. SOOO if you need a new PC, go buy one that will do what you want now. Keep it for a few years and bin it when the next BIG step in technology is released. If your browsing, emailing and using standard applications, no sweat! It wasn’t that long ago I finally got rid of my original Pentium 100 mhz lump, for more storage and USB! Sorry if I have “banged on” here.
    Be lucky, Dodge


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