ELF Cosmetics: 10 FREE Mineral Eyeshadows with $20 Purchase


ELF is really good about having promotions codes on all the time. Recently I received compliments of ELF Cosmetics, a 1 year subscription to Elle Canada for free, just for placing orders with them. Today, I got this promotion emailed to me today and it’s a good one. Spend $20 or more and use the “EGMES” to get 10 FREE Mineral Eyeshadows. This coupon is valid until May 15, 2010. Also keep in mind, if you pay with paypal, the shipping is a lot less expensive to Canadian addresses.

Click here to order ELF.

34 responses to “ELF Cosmetics: 10 FREE Mineral Eyeshadows with $20 Purchase”

  1. Agent 99 says:

    I just ordered from there for the first time! Thanks!

  2. MBank says:

    I can only use the code if $50 worth is being purchased…

  3. Justine says:

    @MBank – I just tried it and it does work.

    * Put $20 worth of items in your shopping cart.
    * Choose 10 Mineral Eyeshadows
    * Use code EGMES and it takes $30 off.

  4. Catherine says:

    Right so you have to add the 10 shadows first then enter the code- worked for me too. I ordered a few powders and have never tried the line before. I paid $8 for standard shipping and it says there will be a $5 charge as well as any duties upon delivery. It didn’t give me the option to pay with paypal. How much is it through paypal?

  5. Radeyah says:

    Paypal is $6.95, instead of around $15

  6. Justine says:

    @Catherine – I’ve never been charged any duties with ELF and have placed lots of orders from them.

  7. Mel says:

    Does ELF’s mineral shadow really compare to Bare Escentuals’? Just asking, I’ve never used either, I just find that their $130 value claim is a bit misleading. (It already seems like a good deal.)

  8. Catherine says:

    Yah, wouldn’t it be a $30 value since they sell for $3 each?

  9. Catherine says:

    OMG! I just looked at my invoice and it says $14.95 shipping- that is insane!

  10. sammy says:

    hey guys,

    i was wondering if they charge the usd to cdn coversion rate. because it says you must spend $20 usd. does it appear more expensive on your bill? (like buying on sephora’s website)


  11. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    Please see the ELF thread if you need any help, the following link has information I have prepped about how to pay using PayPal:

    @sammy: And yes, ELF prices are in USD, so it will appear a little bit more on your credit card. But since our dollar is on par, the little extra is probably the 2% fee that most credit cards will charge.

    @Mel: By $130 value, they mean if you were to buy 10 Bare Escentials mineral shadows, that would be how much they cost.

    I have a few of these mineral shadows, my fave include: Socialite, Royal, Confident

  12. Mel says:

    @stuffedpandapuppet: I know, I just think it’s weird to be saying it’s a $130 value, when really, it’s a $30 value in terms of ELF products alone.

    My question was whether or not ELF eyeshadow is equivalent in quality to BE eyeshadow.

  13. Debbie says:

    I found a decent review on the comparison between BE and ELF. The review seems reasonable and I would agree completely with it.


  14. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    Yeah ELF is strange in their marketing gimmick, they always compare their value to brandname products that are similar. I don’t own any BE eyeshadows, but I’ve swatched them at Sephora, they’re pretty similar I think. Just make sure you use a primer.

  15. Justine says:

    @Mel – yep, the code will give you a savings of $30. ELF’s marketing is about claiming that some of their products are just as good as high-end makeup but for a lot less money, and I think they do really well with this. I think some of their products are really good, like the studio powder brush, warm bronzer, hd powder. If you need any suggestions on what products to buy, you can message me on the forum, I own a lot of their products, and have posted many of my hauls in the thread stuffedpanda mentioned above.

    Also have pictures and reviews of my blog

    Shipping is $14, but if you use paypal it’s like $8, so very beneficial to order that way.

  16. angeldessert says:

    I just tried to pay by paypal, and the shipping is $14.95 instead of $6.95 or $8 or anything. it just showed up at the last step when u check out.

  17. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    @angeldessert: when you say “tried to pay by PayPal”, did you end up doing that? The how-to that I made was from an order that I only made last week, the $6.95 shipping cost should still work.

  18. Waterwings says:

    I just paid by paypal and it worked, thanks stuffedpandapuppet for the instructions!! 🙂 I referred 3 friends and it said I was getting a free gift with my order…anyone know what it is??? This will be my first time trying their products…wish me luck!

  19. S J says:

    @ waterwings you will get a candy lip gloss, unfortunately its not a very great product but I have a 8 year old who was trilled by it as all she can collect is lip gloss for now ! their kabuki brushes are greatest i bought one and then ordered a back up as soon as they had good sale.

  20. angeldessert says:

    @stuffedpandapuppet No, i finished my transaction, and i was charged $14.95

  21. Justine says:

    Make sure you are not logged in when you do the paypal option.

  22. sammy says:

    if you guys want free shipping instead of the free mineral powders use code “ECTAPBY”. not sure if it applies to canadian shipping too.

    unfortunately you can’t combine

  23. sammy says:

    its after $30 tho.

  24. Pam says:


    I also just tried to do an order, and was NOT logged, in..then clicked on the Paypal icon, then it took me to the page where I had to log into PAYPAL. Then on the screen it asks you to confirm address… it changes the shipping to $6.95 but right below it says ‘SHIPPING TO CANADA $8.00’…It’s not 8 bucks, it ADDS the 8 bucks to the 6.95 (so like the others, yes it’s $14.95)

    Has anyone figured out a way around this… I don’t want the free shipping, I want the free eyeshadows, but don’t want to pay the $14.95 shipping… (THEN the u.s exchange, although small, plus the $5.00 to Canada post, plus the duty, if they add (sometimes depending on the mood of the border agent, they will add the duty, again, very small though) but add it all up, your total ends up costing you an additional $20+.


  25. Pam says:

    Oh yeah, plus add the gst they add onto it as well… getting costly with this nickel and diming.

  26. Pam says:

    Are the people who say they got it for $6.95 SURE they got that… I just found if you click on the question at the bottom where it says “ORDERING AND CHECKOUT HELP”…”if I ship to Canada, blah blah blah… when the info pops up in a window, scroll to the bottom-ish and it says right there, that shipping to Canada IS $14.95. I do see though that the info on the pdf (that was great help by the way, I couldn’t figure out the paypal thing either 🙂 but yours shows the shipping method, mine doesn’t. It has instead, in smaller print, the added $8.00.

  27. LeighAnn says:

    Mine worked fine through PayPal… only $27.95 USD taken from my PayPal Acct.

    Sub Total: $51.00
    Shipping: $6.95
    Tax: $0.00


    EGMES 10 Free Mineral Eyeshadows! ($30.00)

    Total: $27.95

  28. Pam says:

    Hmmm…ok, so I am not logged into ELF. I clicked on checkout, and it says Billing and Shipping, big letters at top, then bottom left is the paypal icon. I clicked it and it took me straight to a page that has ELF sort of in pink, but the page is paypal asking for my log in name and password. Did you get the same screen so far? I wonder why mine is adding the 8 bucks and also some others have the same problem, but it seems there are a few of you who don’t get that 8 bucks added. Thanks for the help by the way.

  29. Pam says:

    SOLVED! K…me again, and this is my last post, lol… and I wouldn’t bother, but this ‘might’ help some of the others who have the same problem. So I use Firefox browser normally, and I originally set up my user info on ELF earlier, BEFORE shopping. I did log out, as instructed, but it still wasn’t working, kept adding the $8. I think the “cookie” that the site put on my computer with my user info was interfering even though I was not actually logged in any longer it can still ‘see’ my cookie if it wants (which has all my info INCLUDING CANADA as my country)….because…. when I started a NEW session on Internet Explorer, which does not use the same cookies as Firefox, and did NOT log in at all, so as far as ELF is concerned, I’m a completely new shopper since it of course cannot find any user info (cookies). THEN VOILA…it worked. SOOOO… I THINK (not sure tho) that it is adding the $8 on my other order, because it’s referencing the cookie which of course shows I’m in CANADA, which tells ELF to add the Canada shipping charge. Bottom line is though…I think this is a boo-boo on ELF’s part, because it clearly states that the shipping charge to Canada is in fact $14.95. I just don’t think they catch it, because it’s all automated, and all the warehouse pickers do is process your order, no one is checking to see what the actual breakdown of charges are on each order, they just box it up, slap an automated label on it, ship it, you know what I mean? lol

    Whew…sorry, I guess I could have summed it all up with “clear your cookies” before you order.

    (and I hope everyone knows what cookies are because otherwise after reading the above, it’ll sound like I’ve been into the “hooch”, lol.

  30. Pam says:

    OMG I’m sorry, but one last thing…clear your cookies BEFORE you begin shopping because items in your shopping cart are also cookies, which means it will also clear your cart if you do this after you have added items.

    I promise… no more…lol

  31. Justine says:

    If anyone is having troubles getting the cheaper shipping charge, please look at stuffedpandapuppet’s link posted above. I have ordered from them like 6 times this year and have always only paid the US shipping. They ship quickly (one week approximately to Ontario) and products are very affordable, super cheap with coupons like this. For more coupon codes, please check the ELF Cosmetics thread in the forum (started by me).

  32. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    LOL Pam, I’m glad you got it worked out in the end, sorry I wasn’t around to assist you. But yes, I am never logged into my ELF account, especially since the items added into the shopping cart always stays there, so I guess I never run into the trouble. So remember to clear your cookies everyone, and enjoy the $6.95 shipping!

  33. Frankie says:

    Is there no tax if you use the paypal $6.95 shipping method? I noticed on the pdf you linked to it said taxes: $0.00…I was just wondering if that was right.

  34. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    Taxes within the invoice should only apply to certain states, I think NJ, because that’s where ELF ship out of. So you most definitely should not be taxed by ELF directly.
    I have ordered from them over 7 times and I haven’t incurred any customs or taxes upon arrival either. They usually claim the value after discount, except the order I just received on Friday, but didn’t get dinged either.


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