Cineplex Theatres Canada: FREE “New Moon” Collector Cup Drink with popcorn purchase

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For all those Twilight fans, I know I am definitely not one, but I know a lot of people are… buy any popcorn size between Nov 17 and Dec 7, 2009 at Cineplex Theatres and get a FREE fountain drink in a New Moon collector cup!

It looks like you have to be a SCENE member to get this offer, for more information and to print your coupon click here.

Thanks to couponlady for sharing this deal with us!

15 responses to “Cineplex Theatres Canada: FREE “New Moon” Collector Cup Drink with popcorn purchase”

  1. trinity991 says:

    Sweet. I’m going to the advance screening tonight. Thanks.

  2. tofuu says:

    omg thanks so much!!! totally looking forward to drinking from this :))

  3. mlongboat says:

    trinity you are one lucky duck!

    It says members who are fwded this email are not eligible for this offer:( It says its for the direct recipient only. Let me know if it works trinity. I want a New Moon Cup!!!!

  4. Justine says:

    mlongboat – they may deny you the coupon, but.. there is no barcode on it, so I don’t see how they would track this to see if you actually got it.

  5. Joel says:

    is this a paper cup?, if so, how the heck is this a collectors cup? I ain’t keeping no soggy cup on a shelf

  6. Eric says:

    Sigh… Twilight makes Harry Potter look like Shakespeare.

  7. Natalka says:

    lol Eric 🙂

  8. whatever75 says:

    great coupon I am going to see this movie on the weekend.. can’t wait

  9. hm says:

    dang, i was on my way to the show when this was posted .. oh well, maybe for the second round! ;P

  10. trinity991 says:

    I tried to use the coupon last night and the theatre didn’t have any of the cups yet so I just saved it to use later since I’m going to see New Moon again with my husband when we have a sitter.

    mlongboat-the movie was SO good! 1000 times better than Twilight.

  11. dgefrerer says:

    Just came back from seeing new moon at Colossus (Woodbridge) and they honoured the coupon with no issues! Great cup, thanks for the coupon!

  12. skylah says:

    it is a hardy cup it is recycable and plastic but, sadley i livee in the USA,….

  13. skylah says:

    but i still go one for

    $6.56 USA MONEY

  14. Theda Elson says:

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