Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Cosmetics (Almost?) Free Shipping and Gift with $10 Order Today Only


Elf has FINALLY reached their two millionth order and to celebrate they are offering free shipping and a free gift with your $10 purchase. Enter TA2M at checkout.  To read about Elf and join in on the forum discussion click here. (It works out to $1.05 shipping to Canada with this promo code when you pay buy Paypal $8-$6.95)

Click here to shop at ELF.

For the Elf-aholics out there what are your favourite Elf items?

Edit. I thought I paid the difference ($1.05) but I actually got the free shipping. Heres a screen shot of the final confirmation after I placed the order. Please dont contact them to ask if its free shipping to Canada, just try it for yourself using the coupon code and Paypal.


My email confirmation


54 responses to “Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Cosmetics (Almost?) Free Shipping and Gift with $10 Order Today Only”

  1. maisce says:

    Sadly. it is never free shipping for CDNs though 🙁

  2. Kathy says:

    Shipping to Canada $6.95 & I used paypal, but such great deals!

  3. Romana:) says:

    it says 6.95 for me to, how did you only pay 1.05?

  4. Radeyah says:

    Emailed customer service they said their is no discount for shipping wen u pay by paypal.

    womp womp womp 🙁

  5. Peach684 says:

    The paypal thing was a glitched, i read they fixed this a month ago when i ordered and still payed the 8$ extra for canada shipping using paypal.

    Sorry girls (and boys, i don’t want to be sexists) 🙁

  6. Sandi says:

    Did you all use the code (TA2M) and still get charged more than a $1.05 for shipping?

  7. Sally says:

    I put 10$ in my cart, used the code then it minused the 6.95 then i paid via paypal and paid 1.05 shipping 🙂

  8. Sally says:

    Ok I lied. I paid nothing for shipping. See top post for update. I dont think you guys are using the coupon code as instructed in my post.

  9. TarynM says:

    I used this code this morning and also received 100% free shipping! EMail customer service and ask if they can apply it after the fact since you tried and didn’t do it correctly maybe? LOVE e.l.f. stuff! The spf 15 lip gloss for $1 and the tinted moisutrizer for $1 are my faves and I have stockpiled them during these sales….lol.

  10. Angela says:

    How did you manage to pay with PayPal? I only see options for paying by Visa, Mastercard, etc.

  11. Sally says:

    Its right when you go through the checkout, instead of logging in you click check out with paypal.
    Tarynm- Im glad it worked for you too.

  12. nuwala says:

    Worked for me this morning, but not my mom this afternoon…? They want to charge $8 for shipping to Canada.

  13. Angela says:

    Got it- thanks, Sally!

  14. Jessica says:

    I tried to pay with paypal and they’re still charging $8 to Canada….jes

  15. Tash says:

    Thank you! I used it and was charged nothing for shipping! There was a little note about $8 for CAD shipping in the total line when I checked out, but in the end I wasn’t billed for anything 🙂

  16. Sally says:

    Yes I highly suggest you go right to the end of the billing and youll realize exactly what Tash said 😛

  17. Christie says:

    Mine says $16.00 Canada shipping 🙁
    I did the paypal check out and went all the way through to just before checking out but the total never changed. The code TA2M did discount the shipping charges but not the extra for Canadian shipping.

  18. jones03 says:

    yep. mine was the same as Christie’s 🙁
    $8 for shipping to Canada

  19. Mine won’t even check out with paypal unless I add a CC to my paypal account…Anyone else have that problem? I have enough $$ in my account but for some reason it says “You must add a credit card to complete this purchase. Some payments, like instant and immediate payments, require a credit card.”

  20. Sally says:

    I have no idea why you guys are having problems. Hers the rundown again. 🙂 Hope this helps everyone

    Have at least $10 in your cart.

    use the code provided in my blog. Without this code you will have no discount. YOU HAVE TO USE THE CODE

    check out with paypal and yes the free shipping works with paypal.

    it will list the 8 buck -6.95

    complete purchase

    it will say -6.95 total 10$ and no charge for shipping.

    Rose I have no idea why yours isnt working for pp.

  21. Sally says:

    And, I just went and did it again through another paypal account and it still worked fine, free shipping 🙂

    Remember you have to pay via paypal and use TAM2 code.


  22. Raya says:

    So I saw the $8 shipping to Canada, then fingers crossed and finalized my checkout. Lo and behold I didn’t have to pay 8 bucks after all!

  23. Jenn says:

    I went through paypal as well and it still says $16 shipping minus 6.95…How disappointing

  24. haha I have no idea either sally…I have never had that message before. I also refuse to add a CC to my paypal soooo…not happening not like I need makeup anyway haha

  25. Sally says:

    I have no idea what $16 you are talking about, 🙁 unless your talking about your basket total before shipping lol.

    Rose, yours seems like a whole different policy, maybe you have to have a certain amount in pp.

  26. Jenn says:

    Got it to work! Tried in IE rather than Firefox

  27. Sally says:

    I am so glad it worked for you!

  28. ur862 says:

    worked for me, no shipping! thanks sally!

  29. I don’t know exactly what the reasoning is either sally…I am contacting paypal about it. I have around $40 in my account and tried to order the studio brush set ($30 with free shipping, yes the shipping is working for me with no mention of anything extra) No matter what I do when I get to paypal it won’t let me get any further without adding a CC…I doubt it’s an ELF issue it has to be something on paypals end.

  30. Jenn says:

    @ Sally: Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean there weren’t errors for others. Mine did say $16 Shipping instead of $8. I don’t like your tone, it makes it sound like the bunch of us that couldn’t get it to work are lying.

  31. Janetta says:

    Anyone interested in splitting an order?
    I made a huge order last time when everything was 60% off and fell in love with their $1 spf lip gloss! Looking to pick up $4-$5 worth of stuff- I live in the Yonge & Steeles area in the GTA!

  32. Busy Mommy says:

    Easy gals! 🙂

    If it really doesn’t work out, try to visit Dollarama instead, I know they carry some ELF products. I bought the mechanical eyelash curler for $1.25 last week. Great buy!

  33. Sally says:

    My tone? I was just trying to help so that it works for everyone!!!!! I even made a video showing everyone how to use it but decided not to post it since it showed my address. 🙁 I’ve explained it the best I can there really isn’t much else I can do to help. I never said anyone was lying I was only trying to help and it sucks you twisted it into something it wasn’t.

  34. Sally says:

    Roseofblack that just sucks 🙁 Maybe since its a pre authorized thing thats why it wont let you? Have you ordered from them before? Im sure you have. Pm me on here or facebook if you want me to use my account and your addy to place an order for you.

  35. vooalakasha says:

    Free shipping worked for me!

  36. UBooboo says:

    at first the $8 shipping was added to my shipping… but then I tried again and even though it still said $8 shipping to Canada, it wasn’t added to the total! I think there’s a glitch in their system… worth it to try again!

  37. lavender_lux says:

    Free shipping worked! Only 2 minutes left until the sale ends. Be happy everyone! Jeez 🙂

  38. ze says:

    Now $2 shipping with new code that expires Aug 9th: 2FOR2MILLION

  39. Kris says:

    I tried it out and it was really screwy for me as well as a Firefox user … like even the site had problems and there were items I could not add to the cart. For example the tweezers said “choose a colour” but had no colour in the drop-down menu so I literally could not proceed.

    I may try again with the new code but I’ll do it in IE. Boo for not being compatible on all browsers, E.L.F. 🙁

    My preteen loves that stuff though and is just getting into makeup so worth pushing onwards! we have been able to get it very cheap at Winners, but not all the products are there of course.

  40. stuffedpandapuppet says:

    I’ve never had a problem with ordering on the ELF site with Firefox…

  41. Michelle says:

    I had the same issue as Roseofblack on my last order. I used paypal for several orders before that and all of a sudden, they wanted a credit card instead. When I contacted elf, they said they only accept credit cards now.

  42. CityGirl says:

    I just tried to order $24 worth of stuff with the 2FOR2MILLION $2 shipping code. No option to pay with PayPal, $6.95 for shipping to Canada plus $9 for misc. charges – duty, etc. Total for #24 of cosmetics was almost $40!! Did I do something wrong? I just shut down before I hit the final button. I’m heartbroken! I’d picked out such great stuff! But I feel ripped off when the price ends up being almost double. Anyone else have this happen?

  43. CityGirl says:

    I tried again. I got this message:
    (Attention Canadian Residents: Any Canadian Order that has a value over $20 USD (not including shipping) will incur the following charges: $5.00 customs handling fee and a 6% GST Tax, as well as local Provincial taxes. These charges will be due to your mail courrier upon delivery of the order.)
    So I reduced my order from $24 to $19, but it looks like they’re still going to charge me $6.95 not $2, and $8 for no reason.

    Subtotal: $19.00
    Shipping: Standard $6.95
    Ship to Canada: $8.00
    Tax: $0.00
    Total: $33.95

    And BTW, I wiped out all my contact and credit card info before I left the site last time, but when I went to the site again, all the info I had wiped out was still there.

    Any ideas?

  44. Sally says:

    If you dont pay via paypal you get charged some insane fees unfortunately.

  45. CityGirl says:

    Hi Sally – Actually, I did pay with PayPal. The first time I tried to place the order, there was no option to pay with PayPal. I went back a third time to try again – I must be nuts! – and there was the PayPal option, so I used it. Shipping was only $2 and there was no $8-ship-to-Canada fee. So I authorized the PayPal paymnet. But when I got my receipt, ELF had added an extra $15! I emailed their customer service department. I guess we’ll see what happens. Damn my addiction to eyeliner!

  46. Sally says:

    Sorry I meant to expand on my comment but I got called away. I noticed yesterday if I was logged in there was no paypal option, i had to log out then it was there.

    Thats insane that they added 15$ when you DIDNT authorize that. If they wont take it off Id cancel my order! Thats so crap of them!

  47. Dalfie says:

    Everything worked fine for me with the new 2$ shipping, but I had to test a bit before.

    It seems you get different results depending on what browser you use. I’m on a mac and after testing with Camino and Firefox, I tested with Safari.

    I think the important thing to not be charged 8$ and + for shipping is to look at the Total they give you. I bought for 10$ and my total was 12$, even if among all numbers it was written “ship to Canada = 8$”

    When I tried with Camino, my total was 20$. So try with different browser until the total makes sense ! 😉

    Oh, and if the option for paypal isn’t showing, quit your browser and re-open it, the option should be there when you go to the ckeckout process again.

  48. Cathy says:

    I agree the browser makes a difference, or at least the cookies stored on your browser. Been trying it on Google Chrome and couldn’t get it to work. Resorted to Internet Explorer 8 and just placed in my order. Thanks!

  49. CityGirl says:

    Further to my posts above, they charged me $15 for shipping to Canada (after I approved (through PayPal) their invoice with $2 for shipping). I emailed customer service and got this message: “Thank you for your purchase with elf cosmetics. We apologize for any inconvenience. Shipping to Canada is a flat fee of $14.95 no matter how much you order your still paying the $14.95.” They took $5 off – the difference between the usual $6.95 shipping in USA and the $2 shipping offer – but still charged an extra $10 that I didn’t authorize. I’ve emailed them again but haven’t heard back yet. If they won’t refund the $8 overcharge or cancel the order, I’m going to file a dispute with PayPal. There’s something wrong when the invoice says $21, you authorize a payment of $21 and they take $29. Not sure what they call that in the U.S., but in Canada it’s called stealing.
    Did anyone else get hit with $14.95 shipping charge AFTER they placed their order?

  50. AG says:

    @ CityGirl

    That just happened to me too. This whole free shipping deal is a total scam.

    It says $8m shipping to Canada which is more than the $2 promo advertised but I understand since it’s international. However after I click “place order” it changed to $14.95 without my approval. Total scam!

  51. CityGirl says:


    Are you going to file a dispute with PayPal too? I’m putting all my paperwork together and submitting everything this weekend. I’ll post here again to let everyone know how it goes.

    On another note, I was in Dollarama yesterday. Like Busy Mommy said, they had a whole rack of elf cosmetics. Every item was $1.25. No need to order online and pay $15 for shipping.

  52. CityGirl says:

    Well, 12 days later, ELF did refund my $8, albeit begrudgingly. They said that their FAQ says shipping to Canada is $15, but as a courtesy they’re refunding the difference. I’m glad to have the money back, glad they did the right thing, but I think they should change the way their website works so that the invoice shows the $15 shipping charge before you hit ‘submit order’, not after. And one item was out of stock, the packing slip states that the money I paid for that item will be refunded. It has not yet been refunded. But I’m just glad they made good on the shipping charge.

  53. Sally says:

    I received both of my packages, with free shipping. It really sucks that they did this to you 🙁

  54. Karen says:

    Sally, there is another “free shipping” deal at ELF until midnight today, and i was wondering if the free shipping offer only works through paypal and not any other payment method (such as directly credit card).

    Thanks 😀


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