Facebook Canada: Neutrogena Is Celebrating 60 Years In Canada *Free Birthday Surprise At 12 Est Today!*

Neutrogena is celebrating 60 years in Canada. Today at noon they are letting you in on the celebrations.

Here’s what they posted on their wall:  Thank you for 60 wonderful years Canada! At noon EST  we will be revealing a special Neutrogena® birthday gift just for you!

I wonder what it will be? A sample? A coupon? A full sized freebie? Who knows! Just be there at noon today.

Click here to view the Neutrogena Facebook page.

28 responses to “Facebook Canada: Neutrogena Is Celebrating 60 Years In Canada *Free Birthday Surprise At 12 Est Today!*”

  1. flamingteeth says:

    people are mad, can not load the page…

  2. samm07 says:

    Keeps crashing…looks liek a few people got samples…every facebook offer does this companies really have to get their sh*t together when they are going to offer these promotions. c’est la vie

  3. GG says:

    Was able to choose sample but website crashed when I hit Continue to submit. Never got to fill out any form.

  4. A.L. says:

    That took a lot of work! I had to try three different browsers and it took me nearly 30 minutes but eventually I got past the address info page and received a confirmation that my samples were on their way. Previously I’d enter my info and then the page would time out before I’d get a confirmation. These promos are great but they seem to create a little more excitement than the servers can take. Nice promo but I think in the future companies need to rework how they give free stuff away since this becomes frustrating to customers. But hey, it’s free.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Don’t bother … if you can FINALLY get in, makes you select your 5 trial sizes/coupons, and after doing this 10 times you MAY get to enter your address … and then it times out. Going to lunch.

  6. Alana says:

    I just waited a few mins and got mine 😀

  7. kristin says:

    lol whatever! if i am incorrect correct me but it looked like they said it is a neutrogena SAMPLES. i have tried for an hour,no point in wasting my day.whatever neutrogena!

  8. Kat says:

    I managed to get it after trying a few times, but under the French link. Thankfully I know basic French.

  9. boyzmom33 says:

    I finally got to submit my info but it timed out so I have no idea if I’ll get it or not, but I do know I’m not wasting any more time on it…….lol

  10. Chu Chu says:

    It took me over an hour to get from picking the samples to filling out the order form to sending the order form and getting a confirmation. Kept on pressing the refresh key so many time their was almost smoke coming off of the keyboard but finally got through. I do agree the company has to be better prepared for the instant increase of traffic….. to all those people out their keep on trucking!!!! Good luck!

  11. Scarecrow says:

    Finally got mine to work, yay, thanks

  12. roseofblack25 says:

    I’m selecting samples but it keeps kicking me back to select samples again…will try again in a few hours if there are any left…

  13. wendy jane says:

    got mine using the french link in about 15mins be patient for screens to load etc!

  14. hijin25 says:

    SO infuriating!

  15. Natalka says:

    I used the French link and got through, no problems. Using Firefox.

  16. RedEng says:

    A little bit of patience, but I finally got it after several tries. Probably took me about an hour, just kept checking every 5 minutes. The samples are 7 – 14 ml, so pretty small and coupons range from $5 – $10. Neutrogena is usually expensive, so I don’t know how good of a deal it will be compared to other products. But Free is Free, so I won’t complain.

  17. Andrea says:

    Got mine pretty easily. It bumped me once, then worked fine (a little slow, but fine)

  18. cp says:

    Got mine on the first try as well. A little slow but it finally confirmed. Thought I was going to have a problem as it gave me the message “Sorry, you must be 13 years of age to participate”. It made my day; I’m 65!!

  19. bluerose says:

    Recieved yuppeee:)

  20. NotSandy says:

    The webiste says they’ve given away 10,000 of their 100,000. I just got mine using the French link. There are 10 products, 5 are coupons (mostly for $5 off) and the other 5 are samples (I picked all samples). After selecting, entering shipping info and hitting select I got my “Congratulations, expect your samples in 4-6 weeks. “

  21. parent says:

    if it was samples and you waste ur time like this what if it was the full size?

  22. hana says:

    Finally got mine!!!

  23. Lin says:

    Finally got mine earlier. I was only able to add 5 items as the others kept greying out. So I picked samples instead of coupons and each time I clicked continue it would just time out, finally it went through. Whew!

  24. heather says:

    I went to order my samples but when I got to the last page I read the “fine print” and I decided to decline the offers…..all info is being given to a third party for collection…not under any privacy.

    You will also be requested to do a survey/questionnaire a few weeks after you get the samples….no biggie…

  25. Mitch says:

    Sweet got mine thanks!!!!

  26. Rene says:

    Everyone is trying to load the page, no wonder it crashed. Got my samples after two tries though. 🙂

  27. kerry says:

    Got a set of samples for myself,hubby,and mother.Glad I waited til later.

  28. harrydecker says:

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