FREE $10 Cash Card Coupon for Mark’s Work Wearhouse! ($10 off $10) *HOT*

Mark's Work Wearhouse Canada Cash Card Coupon

Thanks wendymac for posting this awesome freebie on the Canadian Freebies forum

It’s free Money

Use this cash card toward men’s and women’s casual business wear, denim, outwear, footwear, even workwear. It’s a FREE $10 to spend any way you like

Just print it out and use it to pay for anything ay any Mark’s in Canada

Here’s the  coupon for a free $10 cash card off a $10 purchase i.e. you can get $10 worth of items from Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada stores for FREE! All you need to do is print the coupon, take it with you to any Mark’s store and buy $10 worth of items for free 😀

Now that’s a smart company that knows how to market and attract people to visit knowing that a lot of people will end up spending much more than just $10 and that it’ll create a buzz around their brand name!

Coupon expires Dec 24th, 2008.

Click here to print the coupon from Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada website
Click here to print the coupon from a PDF copy
Click here for Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada store locations

60 responses to “FREE $10 Cash Card Coupon for Mark’s Work Wearhouse! ($10 off $10) *HOT*”

  1. meenapapu says:

    this is my fav. store. Love shopping and this is a nice way to appreciate it I guess !!!

  2. Amy says:

    I find that they have really great, well made jackets. My last 2 winter ones were from there. They have this promotion that if you give them a “gently used jacket” (however you interpret that) then they’ll give you 20% off when you buy a new one. I don’t know if that combines with this offer though.

  3. Aussie says:

    awwww I was gonna use it to buy a toque….. says you cant use it for that….

  4. ame555 says:

    darn…not mitts or socks…but maybe the stuff you use to spray your boots to keepthem dry???

  5. Doesn't work? says:

    It says it can not be used socks gloves underwear headgear and gift cards. That’s like everything they sell under $10….

  6. natalka says:

    Ours has some necklaces and earrings… so I’ll see what they are priced at.

  7. baggypants says:

    They have two great women’s sweaters on sale this week for $18.99…great deal if you use this coupon…can’t beat $8.99 for a cute sweater…either for you or your sweetie or you BBF!!

  8. $aver says:

    It doesn’t say anything about scarves – or would that be considered headwear?

  9. Smart shopper. says:

    I dont expect this one to last long.

    One person posted the printed it 20x and used 12 of them


  10. prob says:

    I went today and bound a great blouse in the clearance section marked down from $50 to 12.49
    Found the perfect size too! and only paid 2.81!
    they also had these really nice silver watches that you can attach to the belt loop for 12.99
    I’ll get my dad to buy that.
    and a variety of bottles, mugs, some lotions
    and tons of clearance things 15-20$

  11. The_Scarecrow says:

    Last time I got: insoles($5.49), Shoe Polish($4.49) and energy mints($2.00). Alot of their stuff don’t have price tags and no staff were around to ask the price…. it was a bit frustrating, but i’ll go back now that I know the prices of some stuff.

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m all for a great deal, but abusing something like this just ruins it for the rest of us. I doubt after event that they’ll ever be so generous next time. Good going =/

  13. Stephen says:

    1 per person people … read the terms!

  14. Muffyn says:

    Why the heck are some people so damn greedy? It kills me since they always ruin all of the good freebies. Are they blind to read the fine print or do they just not bloody care?

  15. tacky says:

    I agree.I used it once and won’t be going back.I think it’s embarassing when the same cashier sees you using the coupon over and over again.

  16. Cassie says:

    I used it today and they gave me another FREE $10 Cash Card Coupon with $10 purchase at the checkout.

  17. mark ceci says:


  18. Boo Radley says:

    Mark would you like me to make a blog post saying you’re a teacher? 😛

  19. Boo Radley says:

    and how will you you teach your students to not write everything in capital letters when you do?

  20. Jayshanny says:

    Thanks for the coupon. I went to the site and printed out two – one for me and one for my dad! He wanted to get a pair of those comfy jammie pants so he was pretty excited about this coupon also. Thanks for posting it!

  21. TaraF says:

    Awesome coupone, thanks. And Boo your response to “Mark The Teacher” – Priceless lol

  22. TaraF says:

    Grrr I can’t spell coupon right….maybe I need some teaching lol

  23. itsjustmebub says:

    worked for me thanks!! 🙂

  24. itsjustmebub says:

    lol @ boos comment

  25. Kari says:

    Just saw an ad for this coupon on CBC TV – so it seems like it’ll stick around for a little while!

  26. Cheryl says:

    I Have used it 37 times!!
    Amazing!! I hope to go back tomorrow 🙂

  27. alice says:

    Hope so Kari. I have not gone yet.

  28. Muffyn says:

    I got a pack of energy mints (2.99) and a Dorcy flashlight that you charge by hand (on sale for 7.49) for only $0.54!

  29. mememe says:

    Cherly are you joking? 37 times?

  30. tacky says:

    37 times! thats crazy..dont the cashier’s recognize you?!
    i saw the ad on tv too..almost missed it on the bottom

  31. freestuffforme says:

    Awesome! I love these coupons and I love Mark’s! I got two coupons like this in November (actual coupon cards, not printed ones), and I used them both on two different occasions at two different stores.

  32. TaraF says:

    Umm I hope the person who has used the coupon 37 times at least made 37 separate trips to the store! I couldn’t imagine turning in 37 coupons, especially in only a few transactions! Eeek! I am going today for the first time (never shopped there before!) so this coupon is a great incentive to get me in the store!

  33. itsjustmebub says:

    i don’t like the store but you know what? i’ll enjoy my free coffee mug 🙂

  34. drpepperslurpee says:

    I used this printout without a problem. I was going to buy my cousin a Mark’s gift card for our family gift exchange (a $40 limit); instead, I bought him a $60 hoodie on sale 25% off, and only paid $35. We both win!

  35. Kathy says:

    It’s funny seeing a person get rejected after using the coupon too many times. Seriously, use the coupon once and get a life. You know you don’t have one when you use the same coupon fifty times. It really shows you have nothing better to do.

  36. nsangel says:

    omg, did you see the long list of stuff that is exempt! darn and i wanted to buy socks with it!

  37. nsangel says:

    btw, your lucky you got the flashlight…they’re exempt, so are mugs, waterbottles, leather protector. basically everything under $10.

    but check the clearance items 🙂 i’m surpised they did not exempt those!

  38. ty says:

    ah this sucks.i wanted to buy a watch for my mum.its 14 dollars..but its excluded now!
    thanks to the abusers!

  39. rebelinu says:

    I hate it when a great coupon like this comes along and people abuse it. It just ruins it for the rest of us. I was going to buy my stepfather a pair of jeans for xmas. Hopefully they’ll still accept it by the time i get there.

  40. itsjustmebub says:

    i know. why do people have to be greedy?

    also yes they had lots of pjs on sale for like $15 so you could get a really nice set for $5!!

  41. sunshine says:

    They have just updated there coupon restrictions, thanks to everyone that abused it.

  42. Cheryls says:

    Used its 9 times today
    5 yesterday!!!

  43. Kathy says:

    Cheryls, please find a new hobby.

  44. Roxy says:

    Wow. They DID change the restrictions. I was going to use it for a sweater or a cozy bottom…my coupon was printed before they added that but I won’t take any chances. I’ll use it on clothing, hopefully on sale or discount.

    People: when you abuse a good deal, you risk ruining it for everyone else. I try to not be selfish…

  45. tac says:

    i dont think it matters if you used the old printed coupon or the new one.They have the excluded list behing the counter so the cashier knows.The bar code on both the coupon is the same.

  46. sally says:

    i saw the same senior use the coupon like 100 times

  47. The_Scarecrow says:

    I got some sweet clearance items($1.99 each) and I used 2 coupons today and spent 29 cents. I have 2 more coupons and I want to get the LED light and some more energy mints and i’ll be happy. Using the coupon more than 10 times(or 2 times a day) seems like too much.

  48. Ricky says:

    Man people here are pathetic. Sounds like everyone in the trailer park will be getting a falshlight for Xmas.

  49. hm says:

    omg that’s an embarassing amount of restrictions. luckily i printed ONE before they added all those extra.

  50. The_Scarecrow says:

    ya, pretty much everything people were getting with the cards are now on the restrictions list.

  51. The_Scarecrow says:

    it`s probably a smaller list of things you can use with the card

  52. Sally says:

    I didn’t use any at all but I can see them adding restrictions since the point was to get people in the store spending money lol.

  53. The_Scarecrow says:

    They now exclude earplugs on old coupons because they say it’s headwear now. Some stores might accept it though.

  54. alice says:

    I went to marks today.
    I never used a 10$ coupon as I have not bought computer ink in forver… anyways back to my story 🙂
    I had to get a few christmas presents and everything was 25% off.

    There was two “crazy ladys” yelling at the cashier because they could not use there 10 coupons on little things under and around 10$ They looked so pathetic trying to get something for free.

  55. Missy says:

    I had so much trouble with the coupon yesterday. I wanted to use the free socks ooupon with the $10.00 coupon . I was buying 2 turtlenecks. She said I could only use one of the coupons. I argued but she wouldn’t budge. After telling her that I would put back the 2 turtlenecks and just use the free sock coupon she finally gave in.

  56. Sara says:

    Mark, what does being a teacher have to do with the coupon? I am a teacher too and can’t stand that so many teachers think being a teacher should let them get away with stuff. It gives all teachers a bad name. So embarrassing!!

  57. hm says:

    what’s always with this guy and his ‘teacher’ comments? it IS embarassing. 12x/50 more? poor wife. i hope it’s a teacher of something other than children’s education.

  58. gloria brown says:

    Always a pleasure to shop in your stores

  59. Shannon FinkHelfrick says:

    Please delete this…its confusing…old expired coupon! ! !

  60. Darn, I thought I was getting some discount on new work pants until I saw shannons message. Typical.

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