Free 30 Day Canadian Club Pogo Pass with 10,000 Point Redemption

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Any Pogo players out there looking to try some club pogo games? Well when you follow the link below and redeem 10,000 points you will get a free 30 day pass to Club Pogo.   Thanks to TraCee for posting this:

 “Copy and paste link below.
Sign in (if not already), and presto a 30 day trial to Club Pogo!!
You must have 10,000 POGO tokens to do this as it deducts it from your account.

216 responses to “Free 30 Day Canadian Club Pogo Pass with 10,000 Point Redemption”

  1. helena says:

    this works but dont know how long this will work hopeing a long time

  2. pogoer says:

    The above link is no longer working.

  3. Nadine says:

    i am looking for a pogo pass and i need it right bad i dont have the money for one so would it be possible if i could have one , please

  4. bobwolf112 says:

    pls send me a 30 day pass ty

  5. Cherub_Angel says:

    I found a Club Pogo Free Monthly Pass that will expire on April 14, 2008. It will also give you 25,000 tokens to start you off.
    Enjoy. This is a promotion from Women’s World Magazine.

  6. geo says:

    thank you for free tokens

  7. kickbum5 says:

    thank you so much for have this pass

  8. john says:

    if the above link does not work for you…it didn’t for me. Try

  9. pattypugs says:

    looking for free pogo pass can anyone help

  10. Marshall says:

    Thanks a million form hawaii!

  11. Marshall says:

    OK I tried but the two free passes didn’t work thanks for trying.

  12. ASHLEY says:


  13. Kristin says:

    Ashley — check your Pogo account! 🙂

  14. mic says:

    anyone have an extra free pass my pogo user name is theolkid thanks

  15. Norelisa says:

    Hello, I am from Panama, had a Club Pogo Subscription before, but expired 🙁 and I can’t afford it anymore. Could somebody tell me how to get one for free? Kisses, btw, my nickname in Pogo was MuninguiTAM.

  16. hello i was just wondering where to get the month or year passes for free someone was saying to come to this site
    any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

  17. Peaches8607 says:

    Can anyone give me a free club pogo pass please and thany you

  18. Corrie says:

    Would like a free club pogo pass if anyone has one to spare. I am Corrie_ on pogo

  19. Nancy says:

    would love to have a free pass if anyone has one to spare

  20. Pogonut says:

    Free Club Pogo + 10,000 Tokens (May 2008)

    Token and Guest Pass offer expires 05/19/08. Limit one offer per Screen Name. Current Club Pogo members excluded


  21. sue says:

    this link still works

  22. reginaandterry says:

    this linked worked for me june19th 2008

  23. Tammy says:

    Thanks it worked for me!

  24. rinsie says:

    does anyone have a free i month pogo guest pass i could have please

  25. vince says:

    is there a 60 or 90 free trial to club pogo?can someone please let me know!!thank you!!

  26. This sites gives 96,000 free pogo tokens on a daily basis

  27. Jenn says:

    worked for me! =)

  28. ohsoexcited says:

    pay no attention to the person who said this link does not work, I just used the link minutes ago and it works just fine. I love my club pogo thank you to whoever published this link you super duper rock…

  29. headpetslook says:

    right canada woman australia usa speed stone global

  30. angelgirl1978 says:

    The link that has been posted to get a free 1 month pogo pass, no longer works. I have been trying to get into it for about 20 minutes. Keep getting the ” page can not be displayed”. Is there any other way of getting a one month free pass?

  31. pixiedust69p3 says:

    the link to quick and simple for club pogo doesnt work either. wanting to know where else to get a pass without paying. ty

  32. patricia says:

    if anyone finds a new free link let me know my expires on aug 3 so i hope someone finds one soon i checked everywhere lol hagd hope to hear from you soon and thanks

  33. Toni says:

    I had this link work for me Oct. 5 2008. Thank you Original poster!

  34. Angie says:

    It worked for me just now. I applied it, and there it was. Its awsome! Thank you original poster!

  35. Diane says:

    hi i was sent to this site for a free yearly club pogo pass…. any help would be muchly appreciated.. my name on pogo is diane19707 thank you very much

  36. tasmania45 says:

    hello,ineed a pass please if somebody want help me ill be so happy,pleaseeeeeeee help me.thanks everybody!!!ill be waiting for a good friend…my name on club pogo is tasmania45.have a nice day!!!

  37. nina1029 says:

    hi everyone ,ineed a pass for club pogo ,i want to play its so fun!!!so if somebody want to help me pleaseeeee i will so happy .please everybody help me .have a nice day my friends.ill be waiting for you

  38. SherrieAnnBuck says:


    quickandsimple only works once as does the 5 day pass only we club members can give away

    once only use


  39. msmeow5554 says:

    If anyone would like a free pass to club pogo, contact me even if in pogo full member.

  40. msmeow5554 says:

    P.S. What I meant to say is that Im a club pogo member since 2003 so if anyone would like a pass contact me thanks again.

  41. marion2pp says:

    hello i need a pass to go back to play in club pogo its been so long that i did play agains athors player so if any one have a pass to give please let me know ty marion

  42. debbie owen says:

    l would like a pass please 30 day pogo ty so much

  43. i need a 30 day pogo pass

  44. Rod says:

    I would like a 30 day club pogo pass, for my pogo screename of:


    I have tried the above links, none work.

    Thanks to all who try and help!

  45. shell says:

    i would like a free pass please for screen name: moore1m4
    i have tried links but they dont seem to work.

    thank you

  46. Akoyu mais says:

    free pass and to receive my tokens and in a quick responce

  47. avonladi says:

    Rod & Shell.. passes sent 🙂

  48. Valerie says:

    My pogo expires in two days does anyone have a pass pogo name is val82000

  49. michelle says:

    i usually have club pogo passes if anyone wants one. my name on pogo is seanlovemichelle just ask for one ill be glad to give one.

  50. Tosha says:

    I really would like to get a club pogo pass & none of the links on here worked for me. If anyone has a pass to spare I would be very very grateful!!

  51. ladydove says:

    love playing

  52. mizzsharl says:

    can someone explain how to redeem this 30 day club pogo pass, i tried but nothing happenend, if not can someone give me a pass, ty ever so much….

  53. connie038 says:


  54. frenchild says:

    would like a free pass if possible thank you

  55. catman says:

    would like a free pass if possible thank you

  56. mike laspesg says:

    i like it

  57. i would like a free months pass of club pogo plz

  58. KatsruleP says:

    Would anyone have a pass for me please? 5 day or let me know where I could get one? Thank you soo much. My name on pogo is KatsruleP Thanks again your GREAT!!

  59. patricia says:

    hi would like 2 get a pogo guess pass 4 a month i have 2 kids that go nutz when they cant play on pogo my son is 7yrs has autism and aspergers along with adhd alot of that he luvs playing in pogo, so does my 4 yr old daughter …if u can help me plz it would be gr8ly appreaciated imma going nutz cant find any free club pogo passes help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… thanks so much if ya can help me….patricia

  60. i would love to have a 30 day pass

  61. i would love to have a 30 day pass thank u

  62. cdngirl2009 says:

    i would like a 30 day free club pogo pass please

  63. torontofan24841 says:

    please i need 30 day free pogo pass can’t afford it at the moment

  64. brigitte says:

    can anyone PLEASE send me a 1 month pogo pass?…please n thank you

  65. kenny says:

    please let me play

  66. mucki says:

    i love you

  67. amanda says:

    my pogo account runs out in 11 days can u send u a free monthly pass

  68. Nancy says:

    Note the date of the original 30 day pass – Feb 2008

  69. Lee says:

    Hey all,I too am a pogo addict and am having
    club it would be sooo awsome
    if some1 could send me a pass
    s/n ButchLee Plzzz TYVM

  70. hIsHoNeYbEe says:

    I would like a 30 trial offer. I cant afford it for a month….

    My Pogo Screen name is: hIsHoNeYbEe

    Thank you so much!!!

  71. CwGurl09 says:

    i was wondering if anyone knows where i can please get a 1 month club pogo pass i can’t afford to purchase the club pogo right now due to son’s medical bills from surgery. i would greatly appreicate it very much.

    thank you

  72. Scott says:

    would like very much a pass for 30 days…thnx “weldguy007”

  73. BluenoserToo says:

    very much in need of a pass if anyone has a spare one…thx

  74. Kasey says:

    hey i need a free pass for 5 days or more. I am trying to get a year but i have to wait until i get my money. and it wont be here for another 5 to 10 days please. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. and once i do get it i will be more then welcome to share my free passes that come with the subscription <3

  75. Heather says:

    Looking for a pass just till i get some extra money.

  76. mike says:

    send me my pass please

  77. CHARLES says:


  78. Joe Smith says:


  79. chantale says:

    dont woek please cant i have a psss for a 30 days thank you

  80. lorainlady21473 says:

    would like very much a pass for 30 days…thnx “lorainlady21473”

  81. GinnyR says:

    Anyone have an extra guest pass? I’d love it if you could send me one. Here’s my email
    [email protected]

  82. Lisa says:

    Does anyone have a 30 day pass for someone who does not have a visa which is the only thing keeping me from buying my own?

  83. sara says:

    hey i need some help getting club pogo just untill i can get it in a month i would greatlyappreciated and when i can help some one else out i will

  84. ollie says:

    i would like to have a club pogp pass

  85. pamela says:

    Free 30 Day Canadian Club Pogo Pass with 10,000 Point Redemption

  86. dave says:

    i would love a 30 day pass
    [email protected]

  87. deanna says:

    can you please please please please pretty please send me a free 30 day pass for club pogo thank you soooooooo much

  88. deanna says:

    sry my screen name is hotgurll28

  89. michelle says:

    how come everytime i try to go to the site it just takes me to the pogo home page. is there something else i should be doing. since i cant figure it out would someone please email me a 30 free pass. [email protected]
    thank you very much

  90. oleander says:

    need a code pr pass please!!!

  91. oleander says:

    need a code pr pass please!!!
    [email protected]

  92. sue says:

    i would love a 30 day pogo pass

  93. ang says:

    if anyone has any club pogo passes i would greatly appreciate one, my pogo name is angarbour and my email is [email protected]
    thanks 🙂

  94. ROE says:

    Can someone please give me a pass for pogo

  95. ROCHELLE257P says:

    I’m asking that someone send me a pass 4 pogo

  96. sc0rpio says:

    It takes you to the pogo home page because you need to be signed into pogo for it to apply the free pass. If you already used the pass on another site and it is the same pass just on a different site it cannot be used again. I hope this helps anyone out.

  97. Grapesicles says:

    Could someone get me a free Club Pogo Pass as well? My screen name is Grapesicles & I love playing, but don’t have a credit card and would really appreciate someone giving me one.

    Thanks so much

  98. deanna says:

    can someone please give me a 30 day pass for club pogo or a code so i can get club pogo please ty my email [email protected] screen name hotgurll28 tyvm : )

  99. Eva says:

    Hi all! Can someon please give a guest pass. Screen name Ewunia555, email [email protected] Thanks!

  100. sherry3951 says:

    can i please have a pogo pass has anyone got one ? i play pogo to relieve stress. would realy appreciate it thank you

  101. Synmoney says:

    Hey what’s good if anybody has a Club Pogo pass email me please [email protected]

  102. Jon says:

    I would like to know if someone could send me a club pogo pass. please and thank you.

  103. St0rm says:

    It appears that Pogo is not currently offering any free passes. They have also reduced the number of tokens given to new accounts from 30,000 to 10,000, and they seem to be very sparing with 5-day guest passes as well. Perhaps they’re feeling the effects of the economy?

  104. DONNA says:


    [email protected]

  105. john says:

    please may i ask for a pass it would realy be apreciated ty

  106. Tara says:

    If anyone could spare a club pogo pass it would be greatly appreciated. My screen name is TaraAndMark and my email is [email protected]


  107. lee says:

    hi as any 1 got a free ogo pass i got told two come on this sit my pogo name is leeroberts233 thatnx two any one that can help me

  108. judy says:

    i would love a pass

  109. nanooksmom says:

    hi all pogo friends it would be greatly appreciated if some1 could send me a 30 day pass [email protected]

  110. melba says:

    i love the bvadges but my cc not aplicable to site

  111. melba says:

    i love the badges but won’t ever take my cc

  112. James says:

    Anyone would like to send me a free pogo pass?
    My email: [email protected]

  113. Tracey says:

    Could some one send me a free pass i have tried all of the links above and they don’t work i would really appreciate it My email is [email protected] thanks

  114. Reta Brooks says:

    Â ”Copy and paste link below.
    Sign in (if not already), and presto a 30 day trial to Club Pogo!!
    You must have 10,000 POGO tokens to do this as it deducts it from your account.

  115. Debbie says:

    how do this work about getting a free 30 club pogo pass?

  116. albundy2 says:

    free 30 day pass

  117. Renee says:

    Im lookin for a free trial to club pogo. If anyone one knows where to find one can you please let me know thanks a million and my pogo name is reneedaniellep

  118. Dolas says:

    Can i have a free pass please my user name is Dolascane thank you

  119. choppersingle82 says:


  120. lucinasmith07 says:

    could you please send me a free pass

  121. Janie says:

    was wondering if can possible get a 30 day club pogo till i can renew my membership thanks

  122. ZzzNature says:

    go to there is a 4 weeks free guestpass – click at the top on free tokens and then look at the bottom

  123. nikki says:

    can u send me a club pogo pass

  124. BGB44445 says:

    I cant afford a pass at this time please can i have a 30 day pass BGB44445

  125. BGB44445 says:

    ty pogo

  126. Jaded says:

    Can Any1 plez send me a month pogo pass plez, i will be very greatful TY!
    send to either [email protected], or [email protected]
    appreciate it, thanxs 🙂

  127. kristie says:


    Also looking for a free pogo pass to try it out! kristieI89


  128. nikki says:

    can i plzzzzzzzzzz have a club pogo pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  129. Marla says:

    If anyone has a free pass to pogo I would like one. My screen name is daddysgirl1957. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  130. Tammy says:

    Can someone send me a free pass to pogo my name there is lilBitBehind please and thanks..

  131. sylvia says:


  132. beautiful says:

    please i need a game pass

  133. colleen says:

    ty so much

  134. scrabblesuz says:

    Please give me a free pass! Thank You!
    My name at Pogo is: scrabblesuz

  135. jules1974146 says:

    can i please have a game pass?

  136. jules1974146 says:

    i would like a 30 day game pass please

  137. mohan says:

    i would like a 30 day game pass please for sandeep5582

  138. Kalisonn says:

    I would like a 30 day trial for pogo club if anyone has one…..thanks

  139. Ty says:

    Hello My Nickname is spencert1
    please give me a club pogo membership

  140. dee says:

    does ne1 have a up to date pogo pass please send it to me

  141. Haven says:

    try it it really works

  142. bridarpet says:

    If anyone has a 30 day pass that is up to date and they do not want it, I would truly appreciate receiving it.

    Thanks to you

  143. Maureen says:

    I would love to recive a free club pogo pass if you could send me one it would be great!
    thanks so much!
    Pogo name is jimmyswife1234 for pogo!

  144. Ty says:

    Please Give me a free clubpogo pass my username is spencert1 thx

  145. claybolt889 says:

    hello I would love to have a club pogo free pass 30 day my screen number is claybolt889

  146. bicjackie says:

    If anyone is able to send me a one month Club Pogo free pass, I would really appreciate it. My screen name is bicjackie! Thank you.

  147. looking if anyone has free pass on pogo member name is jadensmommyo3 please

  148. jm says:

    I’m looking for a pass! my user name is

    thank you

  149. regot01 says:

    please hook me up with a pass i am out of work and play pogo a lot tyvm

  150. Wendy Ernst says:

    I Love Pogo Games:… 2009:…

  151. jjhocky says:

    hope this is corect and works

  152. Sin says:

    I would like a 30 day pogo pass,Please. Just to get me through the Holiday season. Christmas and all, Money it tight. Thank you so kindly. Happy Holidays every one. 🙂 3/12/2009

  153. tammy1234410 says:

    hi looking for free months pass please mine just ran out


  155. Graham says:

    Like to see what a “Canadian” club pogo pass is like. even if it’s
    for 14days. just recently used a 30day usa club pass(Opra W) so i’m
    not able to use a nother one untill about 6 to 8 weeks away as to rules. bugger, LOL. still all’s good at . i’ll keep
    looking through the wbe for a valid club pogo pass. thanks for your website it’s nice.

  156. i would a free pogo pass to club pogo. i cant buy one right now. iw ill when i can thank you

  157. wilfred8998 says:

    im looking for a pass please can any 1 spare 1 please send wilfred8998 1

  158. PinkThistle129 says:

    Does anyone have any free passes? I would appreciate even a 5 day pass plz


  159. randy says:

    hello im disabled and dont own any credit cards or checks.i did have a free month with pogo but it will soon expire would really love to have a subscription if any one has any thank you my screen there is swampthing742 thank you so much

  160. seraina says:

    would be nice to get a free pass for club pogo to enjoy when its quit time.

  161. angie19922 says:

    hey everyone. i was wondering can someone plz send me a free pogo membership plz and thank u so much

  162. Eve says:

    how do I get a free pass and tokens?”

  163. fishnetloverbaby/ april says:

    hey um ya was reading this page cause i am a pogo addict lol and um well i was just wondering if i can have a month free pass please i give u tokens to i go make some right now lol please take ur time deciding ha..i be waiting for a message back to okies thanks and have a good one.. my pogo name is … fishnetloverbaby:)

  164. gerri says:

    love to play pogo

  165. pamelahowze says:

    i need a 30 day club pogo pass but not from opra magizine had that one

  166. smastracci says:

    i need a 30 day club pogo pass but not from opra magizine had that one

  167. smastracci says:

    I need a 30 day club pogo pass.

  168. Michele says: search ‘pogo’ free trials & A TON of free tokies!

  169. Gerri says:

    Anyone help me get a club pogo pass…PLEASE!!!

    pogo name is gerriparrott….Thanks!

  170. pfefferle says:

    i love club pogo could i plesae hsve a free 30 free pass?

  171. pfefferle says:

    please send me a 30 day free pass. can anyone help me?

  172. shari says:

    looking 4 pogo passs

  173. terri says:

    this is great tyvm

  174. hi says:

    does anyone have a free 30 day pass for club pogo my name is greatjanetlynn50 email is [email protected]

  175. pariseagles says:

    free pass plz.

  176. Rotella says:

    I would like to share my vision about your craft idea that I think it is actually fabulous gift.

  177. terri says:

    free pogo pas plz

  178. Eberle says:

    Hospedagem de sites com a TRM Hospedagens e o melhor negocio.
    Banda ILIMITADA.
    Obrigado por esse pequeno espalo em seu site, para eu divulga meu novo servi?o

  179. JAMES H says:

    dear sir.madame,,i am an amputee would like to play club pogo ,,money is tight ..thanks kindly james

  180. CG says:

    Hi,I would love a free pogo pass thank you

  181. VICKY says:

    please send me a 30 day free pass. can anyone help me?

  182. Chris says:

    please send me a 30 day free pass. this link is ancient and doesn’t work.

  183. Joyce188 says:

    hi can anyone plz send me a 30 day free pass thanx

  184. Wolverine362 says:

    just wondering about the free pass, would appreciate any handout,thank you.

  185. PlyPkitty3 says:

    i dont know if i got the pass

  186. PlyPkitty3 says:

    why cant i have this pass

  187. PlyPkitty3 says:

    how do i get this pass i need it

  188. robert says:

    how can i get this free pass

  189. yvonne says:

    how do i get my free pass

  190. Moi says:

    Hey geniuses, take a look at the date, it’s 2 years old. Still wonder why it doesn’t work?

  191. terri says:

    HI how do you get a free pass i just want to try other games and see ifi want it people say i would is there anyone has one or how to get it

  192. judysmith011 says:

    i been buying pogo pass for long time can i please have a 30 day pass for free

  193. judysmith011 says:

    how do you get a pass

  194. Rachel Daigle says:

    Hi, I’ve had the oppertunity to play pogo on a 2 week promo and now it’s over!!! Can’t afford to buy right now and would like to know if it’s possible to get a months pass free!!! By then I should be able to subscribe!! Hope someone can help me!!!


  195. Bob says:

    Get 1 month free here can be used once and expires 6/21/2011

  196. cabernet says:

    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks a ton!

  197. Wendy Ernst says:

    Hello May I Have A Pogo Guest Pass PLease..! [email protected]

  198. james dufour says:

    may i have a pass please

  199. dave says:

    what a piece of crap does not work

  200. would love to have a free pass for a month would be greatly appreciated thank you very much

  201. bill says:

    free 30 day pogo pass

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