Free iPod Nano from TD Bank Canada Trust – Updated

Update: this promotion expiredFree iPod from Canadian bank TD

AlexElder updated his post and gave me permission to post his new article! Thanks Alex 🙂

This promo is open to existing and new customers. i.e. anyone living in Canada

You must be 19+ years old.

Offer valid May 29 August 4

Official TD ipod offer page

Brief summary of the promotion.

TD Canada Trust is giving away ipod Shuffles (512MB) and ipod Nanos (1GB).

To obtain an Ipod Shuffle

  1. Transfer over a bank account from another institution using the EasySwitch program offered by TD Canada Trust.
  2. Set up(or have already in place) One of the following:
    1. One Direct Deposit (1 DD). Any external deposit to the account which is electronically credited to a customer’s account on a weekly, bi-monthly or on a monthly basis (quarterly or annual credits do not count as regular deposits)
    2. Two Pre-Authorized Debits (2 PAD’s) This includes automatic bill payments registered with outside companies as well as TD Mortgage, Loan, VISA or LOC PADs. Pre-authorized transfers or PTS do not qualify. This means setting up an automatic transfer from a chq to sav account every month does NOT work.

To obtain an Ipod NANO

You must do part 1 and either part 2.1 or 2.2 from the above Ipod shuffle deal.

You must also be approved for a brand new TD Gold Elite or Travel Visa (will be referred to as Gold Visa from now on) and accept it. The Gold Select Visa is not applicable for this promo. If you want more info on the 2 Visa cards head over here. There is an overlapping promo for the Travel visa as well. You get 7500 bonus start up points.

I will be talking about the nano promo from now on because the shuffle promo is pretty straight forward.


  1. The Gold Visa has an annual fee of $99/$120. This can be waived by having a Select Service account
  2. The Select Service account has a monthly fee of $24.95. This fee can be waived by maintaining a monthly balance of $5000 in the account.
  3. If you don’t have $5000 to keep in your Select service account you will most likely have to pay for 1-2 months of service fees depending on when you do the work for the promo and how fast you get your DD or PAD’s set up.

The following are step by step instructions on how to get a Nano with the least fees. If you want to pay the fees, it will be around $100 still not bad for a Nano, but nowhere close to Free.


  1. Open a President’s Choice (PC) Financial (or any other chqing account at any bank like CIBC RBC, etc. PC Financial is free so its preferred) you do not need any money in this account.
  2. Or you can transfer over an account you already have open that you don’t really need.
  3. tell a TD financial rep(not a teller) you want to take advantage of the Nano promo
  4. provide them with your PC Financial account number(not bank card number) so they can start the transfer process over to your TD account
  5. You will be asked for a day when you want the easyswitch dept to call you. Pick a time when you will have about 10-20 mins free to be on the phone.
  6. Apply for your Gold Visa (If you are not approved then you wont be able to get the Nano, but there is a possible way around this if you have $5000. Leave a comment below if you want more details about this issue.
  7. When you are approved(either on the spot or in a day or two after the application is started by the rep) Upgrade your TD account to the Select Service account so you don’t get the Gold Visa annual fee.
  8. Deposit $5000 if you want to get around the Select service fee(24.95 a month during the time you are waiting for the nano).
  9. Set up your 1 DD or 2 PAD’s. These can already be existing in your account. So if you have your Payroll going into your TD account you already got this step done. You can use the Visa you are getting for one PAD as well. So you really only need 1 DD or 1 PAD for the Nano promo. You can set up the VISA PAD at the TD bank, the other PAD you can simply do yourself by obtaining a direct deposit/PAD form from the rep. and provide that to your work/billing company.

No you will need to have some info with you for the EasySwitch call.

You will need your PC account# and your TD account number handy. Also, it would help if you knew when you opened the PC account.

After the call is done you are in the home stretch. All you have to do is wait for your Nano. TD will not inform you that you have qualified, but your account will be flagged. If you want you can ask a TD rep if your account is flagged about 2 weeks after you do the call. Your DD or PAD’s do not actually have to go through, they just need to be registered to your account. They get registered once your work/billing company put the work through so I can’t guarantee a timeline on this.

Once you receive your Nano you can downgrade/close your Gold Visa, then downgrade/close your Select service account. Make sure you do it in that order because the Select Service account needs to be there while your Gold Visa is an Annual fee one.

If the Select service account you have is a brand new account then do not close it rightway, downgrade it first. Then close it after 90days are up.

The PC Financial account will get 2 charges due to the EasySwitch. A balance of account transfer(BOAT) fee and an early closing fee. These both will be taken care of by the easyswitch. If easyswitch does not cover them your PC account will just not be transferred over. However, because you already went through with the easyswitch work, that still qualifies you for the Nano. This actually happened to a few people during last year’s promo.


You will be doing all of the above, but instead of using an existing TD account you will have to open a new TD account.

Here is my quick FAQ.

Q: Do ING, ICICI or any other non traditional bank savings accounts work?
A: No, they do not, but during last years promotion people were able to transfer over traditional bank savings accounts like BMO, CIBC, RBC etc…

Q: Do GST chqs count as Direct Deposits?
A: No, they must be monthly DD’s. So Child tax benefit, pension, EI etc… those would count.

Q: I already have a DD’s going into my account, can I use that?
A: Yes, please read the top part of the post. Basically anything existing can be used except for the Gold Visa

Q: Can I use a DD’s that’s on my RBC account?
A: Yes you would have to obtain a Direct Deposit form from your TD Rep and provide it to your company. The same goes for PAD’s.

Q: Can I get the Nano if I got the Shuffle during last year’s promo?
A: yes you can. If a rep says you can’t go to another branch, they might not know much about the promo.

Q: Can I get a Nano and a shuffle this year?
A: No, the Nano is an upgrade to the Shuffle if you get a Gold Visa.

Q: Is it really worth all the trouble?
A: That is up to personal opinion. But I think it is. This promo involves you going to two banks. Both trips combined should take about 30 mins. Then your easyswitch call which takes about 10-20 mins. So that’s rounded up 1 hr for over $150 value.

Q: I still have a question
A: Please leave a comment and I’ll ask AlexElder to kindly help answer your questions.

Good Luck everyone. Enjoy your nano/shuffle if you choose to take advantage of the promo.

PS: Here are a few other benefits of this promo
You will get 7500 bonus Travel points if you sign up for a travel Visa worth $112.50.
You will have unlimited transactions while you are waiting for your NANO due to the select account.
Free certified chqs and free bank drafts/money orders
You can order free chqs
You can get a free borderless USD account that gets you a slightly better exchange rate

24 responses to “Free iPod Nano from TD Bank Canada Trust – Updated”



  3. emma says:

    thanks for all the posts!! this one’s really easy to understand.

  4. Elmo says:

    Is there any cancellation fee if I cancel a PC banking account within 90 days?

  5. nolookingca says:

    “The PC Financial account will get 2 charges due to the EasySwitch. A balance of account transfer(BOAT) fee and an early closing fee. These both will be taken care of by the easyswitch.”

  6. Boo Radley says:

    As nolookingca mentioned TD will never charge you any cancellation fees 🙂

  7. nolookingca says:

    Actually Boo, if you close your TD account within 3 months, they WILL charge a cancellation fee. What I meant was that EasySwitch will cover the cost of the OTHER account’s cancellation fee.

  8. rebonae says:

    Thanks for this. Last year when I switched my major account to TD Canada Trust the fellow at the TD Canada Trust told me that I had missed the deal by two days. Since he refused to give me the Ipod treat, I did not transfer my monthly bills. I am marching right over there to get my free Ipod. Thanks.

  9. Bobo says:

    You forget to mention that you get free cheques with a Select Service account. Thats a 20 dollar value and important to get for most people. Which brings the cost down to 4.95 for the Ipod Nano if you do it right..

  10. […] Since I already bought an iPod Video last year I’m not sure of what to do with the iPod Nano. Any suggestions? If you’re interested in in detailed explanation of getting a free iPod Nano or shuffle from TD checked Alexelder’s detailed explanation here. […]

  11. JLam says:

    Gone thru the process today,

    1. Setup a CIBC account
    2. Went to TD, setup a Select Account and a Travel Gold Visa.
    3. Gave the rep the CIBC account number for the easy switch.

    Now, the rep was rather mis-informed saying that only 1 free ipod for one address but I’m sure my brother can setup another TD account elsewhere and get the Nano.

    Two questions remain:
    1. The rep said I cannot setup a PAD for my new CIBC Visa card, is that true? For convienece sake, I would rather setup two PAD for my other Bay card or Zellers Card, can this be done?

    2. For the bonus 7500 travel points, does it mean I can go and spend the $112.50 on travel expenses?

    BTW, the rep was rather nice and gave me a two month exemption on the Select account so that I will have sufficient time to transfer $5000 to my account.

    Perhaps, other people can try to use the same argument when they setup their Select account as well.

    All in all, great deal and thanks for the tips.

  12. am says:

    Gone thru the process and saw funds transferred into TD acct today. After calculations, seems like $28 in fees were deducted. My acct was from BMO, which has $8 early closing fee, and $15 BOAT fee; not sure where the missing $5 went. Guess will have to wait to see my BMO statement and call TD to get the fees credited back.

  13. franco says:

    this offer has expired, right? why are you still posting it?

  14. Boo Radley says:

    thanks for pointing that out franco :-). I updated the post to say that the promo has expired

  15. Mary says:

    hey is this gonna be on for this year?

  16. Boo Radley says:

    most likely yes

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    tweetmeme_url = ”;tweetmeme_source = ‘tim_un’;
    Not even 4 months after MacBook exploded, another accident case – 19th iPod Nano explosion happen in Japan!
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  20. Aaron says:


    an interesting take on a boring topic….

  21. Faith says:


    once again you outdid myself…

  22. Betty says:


    this is why i always pick my nose….

  23. Ruth Dalluge says:

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