FREE McDonalds Coffee stars today! (Nov 16-29)

After enjoying my delightful free McDonalds coffee this morning I thought I’d remind you all that you can get one too!

From today until Monday, November 29th enjoy a free small coffee at McDonalds from 5:30am – 10:30am.



Huge thanks to 23edge and maybe for keeping us up to date on this great freebie offer.

36 responses to “FREE McDonalds Coffee stars today! (Nov 16-29)”

  1. Annie76 says:

    It’s not till nov. 29 ?

  2. T. says:

    It is 2 weeks, I was there this morning & the sign said Nov. 29th. Make note it’s one per person.
    I went through drive thru & ordered 2 (one for me & my co-worker), and they asked me how many people were in the car.

  3. Jess says:

    If you want a medium or large coffee, you just pay the difference. I got a medium coffee for .21!

  4. Barb says:

    I got a large coffee for free this morning… I had forgotten about this, and was originally going to Tim’s but the line was INSANE so I though – I’ll just stop at McD’s – and then got my large for free – what a great bonus!!! The coffee has gotten so much better – and never ONCE has McD’s made a mistake on how I take my coffee – Tim’s does AT LEAST twice a week. I think I may be switchin’!

  5. Kim says:

    This morning I asked for a large and she told me $1.67 – I asked if the small was free and did I not just pay the difference. She said no. A small is free but a large you pay for. I was at the drive thru so I just changed my order to a small.

  6. Dave says:

    Same here – they did not let me get a large and pay the difference. Small only.

  7. Ally says:

    I asked if there was anything new with the coffee like the last time they had this.. the lady said there was no difference. Just wanted to give out coffee.

  8. Jenn says:

    I got a breakfast combo – small coffee was listed as $1-something. When I asked if it was free, she said not in the combo because it was still cheaper than ordering everything separately. It was early and I didn’t want to argue, but I don’t understand how that works – ordering a BLT bagel, a hashbrown and a small coffee (even though the small coffee is FREE) separately would end up being cheaper than $5.07, wouldn’t it??

  9. Justine says:

    bub, did you buy anything else, or just go in and get the free coffee?

  10. Kelly says:

    Great coffee!!! Plus, they can serve entire meals AND coffee faster than Tim’s can get your coffee and a donut!

  11. itsjustmebub says:

    I just went through the drive thru and asked for a small coffee and she said sure it’s free!
    that was all i got.

  12. Skippy says:

    Look for the face on your lid!

  13. Eric says:

    Is it every day or just Mondays to Fridays?

  14. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Eric, it’s every day

  15. Britt says:

    Not free in Cranbrook, BC…figures

  16. jenlively49 says:

    all day in halifax NS

  17. marty says:

    like to others opinios, but I’m noticing that coffee is getting better
    and sometimes has more flavor than Tim’s

  18. Valerie says:

    I like better than TH

  19. Alicia says:

    The place I stopped at wouldn’t let me upsize by just paying the difference (which is odd, you would think by paying the difference I am probably paying the COG… but whatever). I just got the small. Enjoyed it so much I got another small a couple of hours later 🙂 I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoy TH coffee – the price is also comparable to TH.

  20. Donna Gignac says:

    What a great way to start the morning!

  21. Jeff says:

    Tim’s coffee is good but nothing special. McD’s is just as good or better and the service is better and the wait is way shorter. Plus Tim Horton’s has the atmosphere of a 1970’s diner/dump. McD’s is the way to go.

  22. itsjustmebub says:

    Off to get my 2nd free coffee of the week! 🙂

  23. Lisa says:

    Got a free coffee this morning and I just figured it would be a small but the lady asked me what size I wanted. So not being greedy I just asked for a medium. No difference was paid or anything. And the best part was that there was a sign on the window that said 29cent hashbrowns! So of course I had to snag one of those too! Great start to the day!

  24. itsjustmebub says:

    nice score Lisa! I’ve had my 4 free coffees so far lol

  25. Have Scars says:

    The prie is right plus the coffee much better than Tim or ScarryBucks! the tissues are larger and better!!
    I will be buying some McD stocks on TSX soon

  26. Retta says:

    All week I went to one McDonalds and got a large for free. I went to one closer to home today and they charged me for the coffee…the full $1.49 each for three coffee so I told the gal at the window that I should get it for free and she said only small coffee was free so I said fine…give me six small coffee’s to go! It does not make sense. If you want people to try the coffee, why should the size matter?? Keep in mind that refills are free at MsD’s in Canada!! It took the gals much longer to prepare my 6 smalls than for the 3 large that I assume they threw away. Can you say DUH???

  27. Retta says:

    To add to the Tims vs. McD debate: I used to go to Tims and get a large coffee and give a toonie(cost of coffee + assumed tip). Now I go to McD and I get a large coffee and a muffin for $1.91. Fruit & Fibre is my favourite!! Besides sometimes Tim’s is burnt! McD’s does not stay on a burner, it’s in a thermos so the quality of the coffee doesn’t change in a 10 minute window :o)

    XTim’s Fan

  28. Reflex says:

    It is free in Montreal! I’ve been getting one everyday so far. The coffee tastes better than Tim’s. I haven’t tried to get a large and pay the diffrence, but I saw people buying the large ones and paying… so I’m guessing it is just the small free. Anyways… it is great! Tim’s gives me the shakes when I drink it. Way too much caffine I think at Tims.

  29. McChick says:

    The small IS free..the medium IS to be 21 cents and the large IS 34 CENTS. Some McD’s may be unclear about this–communication can be lacking. Two weeks starting Nov 16 to the 29 only during breakfast hours. If you have received mediums and large for free than lucky you lol. If you have been paying full price for medium or large than call the manager of the store, keep your receipts and they will likely make it right, with either free coffee or perhaps breakfast, depending on the mood of the manager. You should not be asked how many people in your car. Generally, unless you are requesting a ridiculous amount you should be able to take away 2 free for yourself. What amazes me, as an employee of McD’s, is that for many free just isn’t good enough. It isn’t free when purchased in an EXTRA VALUE MEAL…the purpose is to offer a free coffee IN ADDITION TO your purchase or on its own. This isn’t lets make a deal or can I change the “free SMALL coffee offer” to suit me. Nor is drive thru the place to negotiate prices or hold up others behind you while you quibble over getting a FREE coffee. I must say, in the year I have worked drive thru, I have seen all manner of humanity..most are pleasant. Some feel it quite alright to be exceedingly rude..some think drive thru is where you use your dirty ashtray coins..jeez it is so nice to receive a $5.35 order in filthy nickles. It is drive thru people, meant to be a quick alternative to walking into the restaurant. For those who get stuck behind the penny counters, or the people who feel they need to argue when free just isn’t free enough, all I can say is try standing in our nonslip shoes. Oh and NO– the ketchup isn’t in the bag UNLESS you tell us when you ORDER that you would like some…Could you PLEASE try to remember your order when you leave the speaker, so when we verify it with you, you get YOUR order and NOT the order of the poor guy behind you. It never ceases to amaze me the look of contempt I get from some, when I dare to ask their order. It is as if they are the ONLY person there and I must be the stupidest person on the planet for not knowing what they ordered. Often I haven’t taken the order, nor is it IN ORDER on my screen when princess drives up to window one, which by the way is ALWAYS THE FIRST WINDOW. The order from the other lane may be the first to be on my screen rather than the first to be at window I making sense here or am I too vague. Would it kill you to repeat yourself when you are told “I am sorry I am having trouble hearing you” Unroll your window fully and face the fricken screen. If you need a new muffler or drive a diesel turn the damn thing OFF already–we cannot hear you over your vehicle. And passenger, just leave the ordering to the person closest to the speaker will you? We can’t hear you regardless of how shrill you get. Also, while I am ranting…if you didn’t order nuggets YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SAUCE…if you want mayo, which is also called McChicken sauce FYI, to dip your chips in—you have to PAY for it. Oh, and breakfast is over at 10:30. The grills we use to prepare that menu product is cooked at a certain temp..lunch is prepared on a higher temp–why??? because if we cooked your burgers at the same temp as eggs we’d make you sick..At 1030 we raise the temp of the grill and fryers, we then cook the meat, we then check the temp of the meat– if it isn’t at the proper temp, the meat is wasted and we start again the ensure your food is fully cooked–does this confuse anyone? The same goes for hashbrowns–they are prepared in the fryer at a lower temp than the fries require. The name for hashbrowns is HASHBROWNS–not potato things. The egg McMuffin is made with HAM aka canadian bacon–if you want one with BACON ask for a bacon McMuffin–not an egg Mcmuffin with bacon..if you insist on ordering and egg muffin with back you will get an egg McMuffin with both bacon AND ham and we will charge you extra. The quarterpounder with cheese– COMES with cheese that is why it is called a QUARTERPOUNDER WITH CHEESE–always has, always will.

    Well, I feel better—any confusion with the drive thru system please feel free to ask for clarification and thank you for choosing McDonalds — have yourself a good day!

  30. Lisa says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! As an ex-McDonald’s employee, I know EXACTLY what you are ranting about and absolutely feel your pain!!!!

  31. McChick says:

    thank you Lisa…lol A lady came thru drive thru and asked for a whopper today…never a dull moment at window 1..I should start a facebook page for McD employees past and present just to share tarded customer stories..lmao

  32. Jeff says:

    It’s free because Tim Horton’s today started their “Roll Up The Rim To Win”. Let the coffee wars begin.

  33. it happened in march in vancouver canada says:

    cant you get two small cofee,that wat i did
    i got an extra big cup to poor both coffees in

  34. Dole says:

    Just went to McDonald’s, got 2 burgers without a meal. Cashier asked me if I would like a free coffee, I said sure. He then asked me which size I would like, to which I responded, “Large”. No extra $ was added to my receipt, I paid for the 2 burgers and that was it. Pretty cool!

  35. steve sanders says:

    the fat ass manager in richmond centre mall put up a sign in felt “no free coffee”. I asked him why, he then stated “costs us too much” He turned away 3 customers in 20 seconds when he stated that out loud. I called him a cheap idiot and walked away.

  36. Layne says:

    Free larges all day in Burnaby!!

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