FREE One Year Equifax Credit Monitoring From Target Canada


To help consumers who may be at risk after data was stolen from Target recently, they are offering a one year subscription to Equifax’s credit monitoring (regular price of $14.95 per month) so you can keep an eye on your credit and ensure that your identity is not being stolen.

Do not enter your payment information unless you would like to purchase other services or coverage beyond this first year of free credit monitoring.

Instead, use the promotional code provided by email in the promotion code field to receive the first year for free. Any product pricing information for the Equifax Complete Advantage Plan (make sure you do not change the options from this plan) will not apply to you for the first year if you use the promotional code.

Please note that submitting your Social Insurance Number in the enrollment process is also optional but you do have to verify your ID.

You must register by April 30, 2014, as the offer expires after this date. By enrolling in this service, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive view of your Equifax Credit Report
  • Equifax Credit Score to see how lenders may perceive you
  • 24/7 credit monitoring with email notification of key changes to your file
  • Quarterly credit updates of your Equifax Credit Report and Score
  • Dedicated fraud specialists
  • Up to $25,000 identity theft insurance

Click here to sign up

32 responses to “FREE One Year Equifax Credit Monitoring From Target Canada”

  1. SF says:

    Equifax has extra credit monitoring for FREE for 5 years. DONT GET SCAMMED AGAIN AND PAY FOR A SERVICE THAT IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im part of the canada student loan breach and trust me… this service is FREE!

    • FallenPixels says:

      They have alerts for free but I can’t see any offers for the Advantage plan for free (which includes protection if your bank doesn’t pay etc)

      • SF says:

        With a large scale breach like this do you really think someone is going to be stupid enough to try to steal your money or identity right now? No they are going to wait a year or 2 or more until it all blows over.
        Right… IF your bank doesn’t pay… Again most people have this service provided to them for free from their bank. Best to check there first. It’s also best to just get a new bank account entirely because of this.

    • SA says:

      I was part of it too, but how do you sign up? where can i find the info for extra credit monitoring?

  2. Leanne says:

    The promotional code is unique to each email sent out and can only be used once.

  3. Chris says:

    Promo code doesnt work

  4. User says:

    Doesn’t work

  5. Erin says:

    This doesn’t work! I put in all of my info. & the page froze! Now I’m worried that this website wasn’t even legitimate.

  6. Mary says:

    Go here, sign up and they will send you your code.

    Says can take up to 72 hours to receive code in your email. So I can’t report that it works for sure yet.

  7. Mary says: is for US residents only. SORRY!

  8. meme says:

    Find it funny that the email from Target warns us of the breach and to be worried about potential scam emails but then we are just supposed to trust this email is legit.

  9. Mary says:

    According to their website here: they are only sending the code to those that they have emails for. So I guess even though I shop there but don’t sign up for emails I am not eligible.

    The news reports are not specific enough. It is not for everyone.

  10. Sparkle says:

    Seriously SC you didn’t bother trying this or anything before posting this?
    The promo code doesn’t work, it’s unique to the e-mail it was given to.
    I can’t find on Target Canada anywhere to get a promo code except the USA site which isn’t for Equifax.

    The link is legit tho which goes to equifax so i’m not concerned.
    Hopefully the link to get promo code is posted soon.

  11. canadianmom3 says:

    THATS The correct code, i used it and was able to get my free 1 year service no hassles and seems legitamate, its in the news and media i dont think this is a scam as much as it seems like it could be. Also i am Canadian and it worked for me.

    • Montevilla says:

      Mod, can you delete the code in canadianmom3 message (the one I am replying to). Scammers are using it to add +1 until they find one that works on the Equifax site. This effectively steals the code from the intended recipient, which you will recall is someone who possibly had their credit information stolen. There has been a lot of discussion about this on RFD where posts with codes of this offer are deleted and posters banned. Consider doing the same.

  12. canadianmom3 says:

    Sorry as i just read above the code is unique for each email so my code provided likely will not work for everyone but i can attest that the service is a legitamate one and if you can you should take advantage of it!

  13. twigster28 says:

    just called target and they indicate that they are sending this offer via email ONLY to those who their investigation concluded were impacted (shopped in the U.S. in November/December last year). Each code is unique so not available to just anyone.

    • FallenPixels says:

      twigster, I did not shop in the US and received an email, just as my coworker did (and she has never been in the US EVER)

  14. Rico says:

    Code doesn’t work? What about Canadians who shopped in the US?

    its on Target USA’s corporate page as well

  15. Melanie says:

    As a recent Target member, I receive the code by email this morning and it works well in Equifax Canada website. I never trust a link by email, but I went directly on Equifax site and used my code there.

  16. AMC says:

    I am very confused by this. I received 3 emails now from Target with a code for Equifax…I haven’t shopped at Target in the States since 2009ish. As far as I know none of the Canadian stores were compromised?

  17. Mapry says:

    AMC, Can you please share any code you may have received ?

  18. Gmiterek says:

    I got a promotional code and if you choose the 12 months ($149.50) it doesn’t give the error that the promotional code is not valid. But it still wants my credit card information to submit the order. Is that correct? If I enter it, it won’t be billed?

    • FallenPixels says:

      gmiterek I think it is using it to ensure it is you

    • Montevilla says:


      It is possible your promotional code was stolen. As detailed by player below, codes are sequential. So people like player have been adding +1 to codes they find on the Internet until they find one that works. Unfortunately, that could mean the code intended for you no longer works because it was used by someone else before you had a chance.

      Considering the Target offer was for possible victims of identity theft, I find this “practice” unethical at the very least.

      I was one of those that received a code in an e-mail from Target. Mine did work and did not have to enter credit card information at any point.

  19. A says:

    You all are going through so much trouble when equifax and transunion provide extra credit monitoring and protection for free for 5 years just by calling them!

    P.s Gimterek they want your credit card info so after 1 year they can convienantly continue the service at your expense.

  20. player says:

    It looks like the promo codes are sequential, I repeatedly tried increments of one of the codes found here or in google search results and got a combination to work


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