Free Similac Samples & Coupons!

Right now, if you join the Similac Club, you will receive $80 worth in free samples and coupons for their popular baby formula!

Click here, fill out your details, and wait by your mailbox. 😉

Btw, this is truly an ugly baby!

13 responses to “Free Similac Samples & Coupons!”

  1. .................... says:

    please change this picture!!!!

  2. brandyzz says:

    I second that:> This is one of the creepiest pictures I have ever seen! It is very hard to look it!

  3. Minou says:

    I jumped!

  4. K says:

    Oh god that picture scared me at first glance LMAO

  5. OMG! says:

    Creepy Picture!!!

  6. couponnoob says:

    Good god, that is terrifying…

  7. I love to travel says:

    Isn’t that Mr. Bean? LOL

  8. Sallycat says:

    Yes…please change it!! It’s very freaky and disturbing!

  9. Breasts best says:

    I don’t see how this fits into the idea behind Smart Canucks. If we’re all supposed to be saving money and being savvy shoppers – how does buying formula fit into that??? Buy synthetic ‘food’ that dwindles mothers milk supply thus forcing her to BUY more formula.
    C’mon, this is a really crappy ‘deal’ and it has no place here. Savvy consumers don’t buy infant formula, they breastfeed!

  10. Stephania says:

    @Breasts best – Some women find it difficult to almost impossible to breastfeed, so they need alternatives! Obviously, it would be more economical, environmental, and natural to breastfeed, but how about if you can’t??

  11. Leanne says:

    I second that Stephania! I wanted nothing more to breastfeed my daughter but I had very little milk despite pumping, eating healthy and taking medication from the doctor to increase my supply. Some people have no choice. Don’t judge!

  12. Mrs Doubt flyer says:

    I love the pic! LOL

  13. Breasts best says:

    The point is that this offer from Similac isn’t geared to women like you. If you truly need formula and there isn’t a milk bank in your community you would seek out formula. This type of advertising is predatory and it undermines moms who want and can breastfeed.
    Why are you siding with formula manufactures? And their advertising styles? They’re massive conglomerates in the business of making money! How embarrassingly unsavvy.
    Why do formula feeders always feel so guilty about it that at the very hint of someone being pro-breastfeeding they’re accused of being judgmental? If you formula feed – own it.


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