Free Tax Filing at for Canadians with Low Income

Individuals or families with total income of $25,000 or less can prepare and file their income tax for free at

This is mentioned in’s FAQs.

23 responses to “Free Tax Filing at for Canadians with Low Income”

  1. Jim Squires says:

    Same deal over at (that’s who I use.)

  2. Scott says:

    Not to tell them how to name their software, but… Wouldn’t iFile make more sense?

    After all, you don’t file my return… I do.

    The next best thing to free is cheap and the cheapest single return software I’ve found is TaxTron.
    Free to download and use. $12.99 for a licence and EFile or free if you made under $30,000

  3. barry says:

    All of them are listed here (and many cost less than TaxTron.

    Studiotax is careware (i.e. free)

  4. Rob says:

    I filed a return with them this year, and due to some technical issues with the online page setup they use they calculated I needed to pay despite reporting well under 25000. So stupidly I did and as it turns out I didn’t have to, but their system got screwed up and charged it anyways.

    I’ve spent a couple weeks batting e-mails back and forth with their support people, but it turns out they can only offer me a voucher for next year, which should be free anyways…

    And the amount I paid? They recommended I forget about it.

    As someone who does customer service, I’m more than a little annoyed and wanted to make sure this got out here.

  5. Bill W says:

    Taxtron is not free for 2007, just filled out the forms and was told that there is no free program for 2008. One has to buy a licnse.

    News releases on the website states that ufile is free for $25,000 and under however after filling out thier forms and went to get the free program, the limit turned out to be $20,000 not $25,000 as stated.

  6. ellengodfrey says:

    While I am entirely happy with ufile (so far),I would like an e-pass icon to set up on my desktop so I can click it in the morning to see if my return has progressed toward completion and refund, how hard is that?

  7. Samantha says:

    I have used Ufile for 5 years in a row now, and have filed online everytime. I have never had a problem and I highly recommend it.


  8. NOEL RIVERS says:

    Good afternoon. I am not sure if I have the right site or person to talk to. Anyway I just filed my tax return on ufile. Now I’m not sure if it goes directly to government canada, Or i need to mail it off.This is a first for me . If you cannot help me , Is it possible to refer me to the proper source. Thank you NOEL

  9. Darcy says:

    This year I used StudioTax ( which is 100% free (donations accepted). You simply download the software, prepare your entire households returns, create a netfile output file and upload it to the government via thier NETFILE site ( also for free. The software is certified by the gov’t so it is error free. I had very complicated tax filing and StudioTax was able to handle it all. Why pay anything for the other packages. This one is very highly recommended.

  10. The magpie says:

    Where are the instructions you want me to use this system MAKE IT EASY

  11. Frederick says:

    I have used Ufile for a number of years now, and couldnt be more satisfied. Since I am a senior citizen, Ufile usually offers an opportunity to file for free. This is very welcome since I have a limited income, but not below 25,000. Ufile has my recommendations.

  12. George says:

    This is the first time that I have bought UFILE and all I have is problems trying to get it activated on my HP computer.
    I have had Quick Tax for years and I have never had any problems with it.

  13. Mark Ress says:

    %d%aGreat post! More folks should post valuable information like this. I know a guy, Mark Ress, who teaches people how to make money online for free. He offers homebased business training at no cost. More for more information about Mark Ress and his free webinars and teleseminars check him out.

  14. Catherine says:

    I have used UFile in the past and haven’t had a problem. I’ll use it again this year. I do have a problem with NSLSC who haven’t sent my tax info. When I called they said they’d do a reprint because their system said it’s been sent. The catch – I won’t receive it until the end of March! I’m ready to file now except for that one piece of info. Darned student loans!

  15. Jo says:

    I used UFile last year after the Quicktax fiasco. I adapted quite quickly to the new system. I am using it now for 2008 but for each file I saved, I still get the 2007 UFile Icon with the file name underneath (ie Jones.08 with the 2007 UFile Icon above it. Anyone have any ideas on this? I have sent an e-mail to UFile but I’m sure I won’t hear for a few days.

  16. Pacy says:

    I just had a run in with TaxTron. I have used their software for several years to file, and with a 22,200 income as a student for last year, I have a simple and straight foward filing.

    Last month I downloaded the 2008 taxtron software and last week entered my return. When I got to the filing part – I hit the netfile button and was told – my software was liccenced and to continue, – I then hit the continue button only to be stopped by notice that I needed to purchase a licence.

    I downloaded the original software package for 2008 which has the original notices – If your Net Income is below “our free threshold of $30,000 no payment is required”.

    To find this notice, go to the help tab on the Taxtron Software and the payment and filing button after that. Then go to the Requirement for Payment page and at the bottom of that page with a large yellow and gold maple leaf is the notice

    “If your Net Income is below our free threshold of $30,000 no payment is required.

    I think what Taxtron is doing is criminal fraud

  17. Don says:

    your all mooches looking for a freebie

  18. jenn says:

    Hey Don,
    Your a hypocrite!!!
    If your not “mooching” and looking for a freebie…….why are you here???
    You don’t know any of us….so don’t judge!!

  19. Carl says:

    Hey Jenn – he has a chartered right to express his opinion so don’t violate it okay. I happen to think he is right! But heck, aren’t freebies what make this country great? What cracks me up is when people complain about the free product, especially when it doesn’t perform correctly!

  20. Marguerita says:

    Turbo tax is only free to those with an income of 20,000 or less. I’m on ODSP and the income is less than 25000 and had to pay 16.99 for a simple standard tax filing

  21. LARRY says:

    I volunteer doing income taxes at our community center here in Mission BC and we only rely on donations from our clients. A LOT of people don’t donate which is fine because our clients are seniors, single parents and low income. I say this because if anyone wants their taxes done cheaply contact your community center most of you can get it done for free. We use ufile with no problems I personally have done over 300 returns within the past year……It gives me a feeling of accomplishment to donate my time

  22. DJ says:

    everything is free which should be …

    get real 😉

  23. SC says:

    Great info. Thanks all. And for those of you who think we are cheap because we are looking for the best deal? You must be the 70 percent of our population that are in perpetual debt. Good luck.

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