Great Wolf Lodge Canada 48 Hour Sale Of The Season Niagara Falls


Well once again I’ve got the privledge of being the first to scoop the Great Wold Lodge 48 hour sale!  The sale runs January 19-21  offering a certain amount of discounts per day.  Sometimes the sale is as high as 50% off but we never know until the actual sale starts.  Last time the discount code was “48HOUR” it might be that again.

Click here for more details.

Deal starts at 11am.

37 responses to “Great Wolf Lodge Canada 48 Hour Sale Of The Season Niagara Falls”

  1. Ashling says:

    Oooh I haven’t been there yet but have been looking for a good time to go. This may be it! Thanks Sally 🙂

  2. Joe Mead says:

    I would like to go but my wife say I is to old for so silly place. I tell her we are Canadian now and it is OK. Do we have to have kids to go or can we take my cousins. They are 54 and 61. They will be coming to the country any time now in the boat. They would like to go maybe too.. I love Canada

  3. tash says:

    Joe, you will love it! We’re taking my mom and inlaws, and they are 65+. My d-i-l won’t go on the slides due to his heart condition, but he will love the wave pool! Go for it, and have a blast Joe Mead!!!!

  4. itsjustmebub says:

    if you have the chance to go … GO!!!! Leave the kids at home and BE a big kid! lol

  5. sue says:

    What are the prices with the discount?? I have three children and my husband and myself…..would love to take them there but have heard it is so expensive, not sure if we could manage it.

  6. Lori says:

    We have been here many times! The room rates vary drastically, but two weeks ago we were able to score the KidCabin suite for 2 adults and 3 kids for $149 plus tax.
    If you are really looking to save money, bring your own food into your hotel room. All rooms are equipped with a small fridge and microwave. We always pick up a hot pizza on our way, and pack cereal and milk for the morning. If you choose to eat at the buffet instead, you would expect to pay about $75 for a family of 5.
    No matter what you spend, you will have a fabulous time. The waterpark and the staff are OUTSTANDING!

  7. momof_four says:

    Wow Lori! $149 is an amazing price! We’ve been there twice. This past Christmas we went to the Fallsview water park and stayed at the Skyline. We regreted it and missed GWL. We are definately looking for a cheap price to go again.

  8. Cheripou says:

    We took advantage of this deal last year during March Break. The kids had a BLAST!

  9. Tvguide says:

    We took the kids last January they were 9months and 2.5years old. We all had a great time. We paid about $100 with the deal and it was cheaper than going to our local waterpark for us 4. Loved the fact that your bracelette to get into the waterpark doubled as your room key. No need to carry anything. The kids also enjoyed the animated storytime – make sure you go for storytime early as it quickly fills up.

  10. Sally#2 says:


  11. leslie738 says:

    Sally#2 – How did you get the discount already? Do you have a code? From what I read, the earliest any of the sales start is tomorrow?

  12. Sally#2, the deal hasn’t started yet and Im not sure how you would “sell” it to a friend for triple?!?

    Been busy with some of my clients getting ready to scoop up this deal for them when it becomes available!

    May take advantage of it myself. We are in need of a fun weekend getaway!

  13. Sally says:

    I do believe Sally2 is just trolling.

  14. leslie738 says:

    I was able to use the 48HOUR code at the Sandusky location and it changed the price from 139.99 to 109.99 when I was experimenting with dates. I was checking for dates during March Break. FYI for anyone looking at that location.

  15. serra says:

    leslie738…what dates were you looking at?? i tried for the middle of march at the sandusky location and couldnt get anything??

  16. leslie738 says:

    I used March 13 for one night and entered 48HOUR in the promo code area.

  17. Shopoholic says:

    Is this place just for kids? I’m 30… is it a good place to go with my bf for a weekend? or are we too old to go without kids?

  18. Kathleen says:


    Me and my husband went last year for my 30th we had a blast no one even knows (or cares) if you have kids there or not. Just go for it and have fun!

  19. Shopoholic says:

    Thanks Kathleen! I’ll run it by the bf tonight! 🙂

  20. JadeSpade says:

    The Great Wolf Lodge was also featured in the reality show “Undercover Boss.” Their staff looked really friendly and I was impressed with how quickly their lifeguards respond to a potential drowning. In the show, someone threw in a dummy and timed when a life guard would start noticing that someone is drowning. Well, the life guard responded within seconds. I was impressed that this was part of their training! I wish this place was in the GVRD. 🙁

  21. Jen says:

    I had never heard about this place until I saw it on Undercover Boss either! If you want to watch the episode, you can watch it on TV Shack, the episode is there 🙂 Have fun!

  22. Debra5891 says:

    Any news on the code?

  23. Jen says:

    I’ve already booked a trip for next week, we got 20% off which is great but I’m wondering if there are better deals if we can get them instead???? Does anyone know???

  24. Debra5891 says:

    Good morning,
    Has the code been posted?

  25. Debra5891 says:

    Sorry for the repeat can you tell I really want the code 🙂

  26. KMP says:

    Advance code R48HOUR is working now. Details below. Blackout dates include family day weekend, March break and easter.

    Promotional Rate:
    48 Hour Sale – Suites may be booked at 25% off our regular rates during our 48 hour sale (January 17, 18, 2011). Discount available January 17 – April 30, 2011. Rate not available on Blackout dates. Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Sale may end without notice.

  27. CouponLady says:

    R48HOUR is the code!

  28. CouponLadey says:

    R48HOUR is the code

  29. mereteng says:

    Just a warning I recently heard the GWL in Niagara Falls, Ontario had bedbugs. Anyone else hear anything?

  30. stayathomedad says:

    We were at GWL NF in October and our family had 3 different rooms on different floors and no sign of Bedbugs. And my sister-inlaw who is a public health nurse went through each of the rooms looking for any evidence of bedbugs either present or previously infested and found none.

  31. Mommyinottawa says:

    Both the R48HOUR and the 48HOUR code are active the R48HOUR code is 25% and the other is coming in at 20%. However there was a date that was blacked out by the R48HOUR that wasnt for the other. Just and FYI. Melissa

  32. Shannon says:

    Kinda nervous the promo code says 48 hour sale Jan. 17 and 18th for NF… and the website says 19-21… I was going to book tomorrow… need to get a prepaid visa… do you think I still have a chance??

  33. stayathomedad says:

    The R in the code refers to returning guests… At least according to the Sales agent this afternoon. When I called to change our CAA code to the 48hour code she asked if there was a letter in front of the “48hour” code. The R is worth an additional 5% for returning guests… At least thats what she told me.

  34. Anita says:

    We’ve been there 3 times…to the Niagara Falls location…and ONCE I was eaten alive by bed bugs! Got about 40 bites all over and my doctor confirmed it was from bed bugs…of course the staff claimed otherwise…

    If you’re going to go…just be sure to check your bed ahead of time. Oh..and try not to use the sofa bed…we’re sure it was the sofa bed since i was the only one bitten and slept on the sofa bed… =(

  35. Melody113 says:

    My daughter and I reserved today the loft fireplace suit for 4 adults 2 kids and a child 3 or under(she is free). 2 boys will have the upstairs room as it has a queen size bed and a 2 piece bath. My daughter and the baby will take a queen size bed and her hubby will take the pullout couch. Hubby and I will take the other Queen. We bring breakfast both days and supper for the first night as you can cook in the room.We always bring snacks booze and lunch as well. No microwave popcorn though it isn’t allowed. We always bring a toaster so we can do a full breakfast and this time of year you can leave frozen waffles or pancakes in the car and make hubby go get them for the kids. : )Costco has that partially cooked bacon you can just pop in the micro for a huge bag for $11.99 so the adults can have bacon tomatoe and cheese bagels. The fireplace is great for drying suits and just relaxing. We paid $593.22 (that’s taxes already in )split 2 ways is less than $300 each so pretty cheap for 2 days. The rooms that hold 8 allow 6 in at the same price they would 2-3-4-5 guest and if you go to the 8 it would be $40 for each extra person.I can’t wait it is there valentines gift. : ) The cheapest suit to hold 6 is the kids cabin suite with balcony coming in at $449.99 and then taxed $508.48 it also has a fireplace. The majestic bear is great but misses a fireplace for me. Double up with a friend it is quite affordable really. The smaller rooms are not as good a deal. We are going on the weekend as well so cheaper deals are to be had during the week. Have fun I love the place this will be our third time this year alone.LOL

  36. cjunk says:

    RE: Bed Bugs…that is terrible. I hope that this doesn’t happen to us as we are booked in the Niagara Falls location for March. We stayed there in early December on another sale from the summer and had a great time with no issues. Let’s hope we have the same experience again this time!!

  37. Lindsay says:

    I dont have a credit card…I know I can book this through someone elses CC- fill out paperwork etc but can I do it all myself through a prepaid credit card? and pay cash at the hotel?


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