Gymboree save an extra 30% through the weekend

My favourite store is having a sale, and save 30% off of everthing at there online store. Also right now is gymbuck earning time (see faq for details on the site)They carry newborn to size 10 and ship Usps priority, at a decent rate to Canada!

Great deals for back to school is a given! Click here to shop and use code ”gymfriend” at checkout for your extra 30%  off, while your there sign up for the emails and get the deals right to your inbox!

15 responses to “Gymboree save an extra 30% through the weekend”

  1. ILMK says:

    Sweet thanks!!

  2. CoCo says:


    If you plan to order from and have items shipped to Canada you will be paying an arm and leg on custom and duty fees!
    It’s tempting since lots of things are cheaper online, but trust me! I ordered like $300 worth of clothes and paid like $90 on taxes…not worth it!!

  3. Eri says:

    Did you file an appeal with customs? On children’s clothing you should have only had to pay the 5$ brokerage fee plus the GST (no PST on children’s clothing) which would be 15$ so you should have been paying 20$ max in fees…

  4. CoCo says:

    the problem is not that it is children’s clothing…but because gymboree says the clothes are made in china/taiwan etc…so they are charging like import taxes and stuff

  5. Sally says:

    Ive actually never had to pay much at all and Ive ordered from them about 8-10 times. Once I had to send back in my customs form to get my pst back but thats about it. You should of done the same.
    I think my last order was 200 and I paid 15 in tax and thats it.

  6. Sally says:

    Also to mention last Christmas I bought my boys a ton of clothes all on for great prices via the online store, A few weeks later while In London Ont, I popped into the gymbo there and the coat I bought my youngest was 50 dollars more expensive, some shirt were about 20 more each and they were on sale in London! When I asked the sales lady why they were so much more she said it was because the Canadian dollar is so low, and 60 cents to the dollar evens out (this was when the Canadian dollar was pretty high) so I kind of chuckled and said were above the USA dollar right now, she just shrugged and said then the prices are the same as the USA haha, needless to say I said no there not and didn’t buy anything.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I too, ordered around $200 of clothes for my kids and pain almost $50 in duty/customs. I phoned and was told there is nothing you could do about it. This more of a buyer beware!

  8. Sally says:

    Thats my point though, Gymboree can’t do anything if customs overcharges you, you have to fill back out the customs form with your order information and send it back to customs, for your overcharges on import and taxes to be reimbursed.

    Ive seriously ordered from them so many times and never once had this problem, other then the PST.

    I don’t see it as a buyer beware since it is from the USA and we do have to pay customs on anything over 20, when your overcharged they reimburse you 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    I did try to fight this, got nowhere with it. I order from many US companies and have never had to pay duty/custom charges except for gymboree. I will shop in their store, but I will not order from them online….due to this.

  10. Sally says:

    Shrug Ive ordered 10 times and never had a problem.

    You fought with customs?

  11. Jennifer says:

    I phoned everyone who would listen, I am sure I was a pita! However, all they advised me to do was not pick it up at the post office and it would get returned….my card would be credited. That way I didn’t pay the c.o.d charge by customs. I talked to customs and never was I offered a refund on the pst.

  12. Sally says:

    I’ve never talked to customs, I find with the gov over the phone u get nowhere lol! Same thing as bell canada….

    anyways I just mailed my forms in and get rebated, thats it.

    Its unfortunate that happened to you but ive never run into it and ive ordered about 2000 dollars worth of stuff from them over my times ordering 🙂

  13. CoCo says:

    Yep same with me…I ordered like $325 USD and was charged $55 duty and $23 gst and $6.00 COD…I’m in alberta so no pst…I don’t care about the gst COD but $55 in duty is way too much…but they wouldn’t do anything about it…

    I know online is a lot cheaper especially when our dollar was high…that is when I ordered it…online items are cheaper than instore here sometimes…but you have to be really sure you want the items…because if you decide to refund/exchange…then you have to spend money to ship items back…

    Lucky you sally that you never ran into these overcharges then…maybe it is cheaper that we all order and send to sally’s house…then she sends it to us 😛

  14. CoCo says:

    by the way it is 30% off everything in store and also gymbucks earning time! I just spent a little over $100 already for my baby girl 😀

  15. SoageDatacent says:

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