Harvey’s Coupon: Free Angus with Any Purchase (update)



Harvey’s Canada Coupon: Free Angus Burger with purchase of an Angus Burger

Harvey’s Coupon: Free Angus with Any Purchase

Get a free Angus with the purchase of any Harvey’s menu item.

Click here to print the original Harvey’s coupon

Update: bumping this up since it’s still valid all across Canada except at 4 Toronto locations. Read comments for more details.

51 responses to “Harvey’s Coupon: Free Angus with Any Purchase (update)”

  1. Ryan says:

    I tried this at the eaton center location and was turned down.

  2. John says:

    I tried this at the Bayview/Cummer location & it was accepted.

  3. Rodric says:

    The expiration date for the larger version of the coupon, if you click on it, is for april 9th, as opposed to the 27th for the smaller pic.

  4. BigFatGus says:

    It looks like they’ve changed the coupon – going through the link it now says it expired April 9th.

    I’ll try the image posted here that says the 27th and see if that is good enough.

  5. will says:

    works at union. Huge lineups…and apparently they ran out of burgers at around 12:30

  6. jeff says:

    Get it while you can. Harvey’s has already forced another website to remove their link/lock their thread. Only a matter of time before they find this (I found it via google since I didn’t print out the e-mail I received from them before today!)

  7. G says:

    Tried this today @ Home Depot Harvey’s @ Woodbine & Hwy 7. Accepted.

  8. ilmk says:

    I think they should be thankful for the free advertisement!

  9. Ryan says:

    I’m kinda pissed i got turned down! is there anything in particular you have to buy, or can it be anything?

  10. Johhny Angus says:

    Wow – lots of chatter all over about this one huh?

    IMO – Harvey’s has the best FF burgers in the market – not sure standing in a line for 5 minutes with coupon in hand – facing the possibility of humiliation of not accepting is really worth a free $4 burger though.

    I’m hungry, but not hungry enough to argue with someone wearing a funny hat today.

    I recommend everyone saves this image as clearly it’s a possibility it could be removed from this site REALLY soon.

    Pffffft – Lawyers and all their “legal mumbo jumbo”.


  11. amycanada77 says:

    Got two free ones with the purchase of fries and onion rings – kitchener, ontario

  12. Fpolacco says:

    It works as long as you take the complete print-out with the Harvey’s link at the top of the page (that is what we were told when we called up Harvey’s). Some Harvey’s are accepting it and some are rejecting. We went there for lunch and had no problem getting the free burger.

  13. Tom says:

    No longer accepted at Union Station.

  14. Kevin Turner says:

    I just used it at the Harveys at 541 Boul. St-Joseph, Hull (Gatineau), Québec. Sweet!

  15. Ryan says:

    On Harveys Website it is listed, the 4 downtown toronto locations are not accepting the coupon.

  16. Hungery says:

    Thought it was a scam so called their office in mississauga today and customer service told me it was legit, just not accepted at a couple locations in Toronto. Print the whole page like mentioned. Had no problem using mine today. Going to eat ’em every day till the 27th or I can’t get up anymore!

  17. Charlie123123 says:

    Today is April 16/2008.
    I just went to a Harvey’s in Mississauga, Ont.
    It was accepted no problem… however I did have a coupon with date of April 27, 2008

    Still being accepted !!!

  18. mark says:

    I went to the one in richmond hill, yonge/16th and it worked without a problem. make sure to print out the full copy with the expiration date and the harveys website on top.

  19. Mirna says:

    Went to Harveys on Rexdale, the one beside Kippling and Rexdale intersection and had no problem…
    And it was delicious..

  20. Charlie123123 says:

    I just came back from a Harvey’s within Homedepot in Mississauga. I was told that they currently don’t have anymore Angus burgers. So I left the store.

    I called Harvey’s headoffice (today April 17/08) , and was told that IF Harvey’s has no more Angus burgers, you can request a DOUBLE BURGER and they should give you that instead of the Agnus.

  21. Frugal P says:

    Just used it today and went smooth

  22. Gauldar says:

    Just used mine, worked fine.

  23. Tom says:

    Works at Dufferin and Lawrence!

  24. 2busygal says:

    Harvey’s website lists 4 downtown Toronto sites that are not taking the coupon. Out in Mississauga they were accepting them no problem, even web versions as far as I could tell.

  25. Dirty Deeds says:

    Yep…tried this at 4 places in Brampton and was told to get lost…..fake coupon being spread around. Manager at the home Queen St location said they have been turning them down all week.

  26. Skywalker says:

    Me too..tried Brampton.went to Mississauga and got a hit at the city center and turned down at the Dundas street and Home Depot location…told they were not part of any promotion…fake…lucky the Dundas st location had old people and little kids running the place.Ha ha

  27. Wonderwoman says:

    I tried the Toronto locations and was turned down…….spent more money on bloody gas than the coupon is worth.

  28. Tom says:

    Works at O’Connor!

  29. Charlie123123 says:

    I normally go to the Harvey’s in Mississauga ( Dundas and Winston Churchill)…

    The only thing I buy is a POP or a SM MILK. The Angus burger is FREE.

    Present the ENTIRE coupon to them, and they should honor it.

    ONLY 8 days to go… so I printer out 8 more coupons. ONE for each day left in the promotion. 🙂

  30. kt says:

    We used it today in Ottawa (Bells Corners) and it was accepted. Thanks!

  31. Jenkins says:

    You can use the coupon anywhere but 4 downtown toronto locations

  32. hello_johnson says:

    yo, i used it at that one place in toronto and it was accepted. But it sucks because they didnt take it. I talked to the manager and he said they were fake, but then i talked to an employee and he said it was real. I ended up getting hired there for P/T employment. Yo, I didnt get hired though. But I’m gonna start next week training shifts.

  33. HUGE_CaaK says:

    I have a Huge caak, and recently had a huge angus burger.

  34. Robin says:

    Me and a friend both used one coupon at Harveys Henri-Bourassa in Québec city and it worked fine, but the employee had to get the ok from the manager, told me I was the first customer to come up with that coupon in their restaurant.

    Theirs burgers are delicious !

  35. BENJI says:

    Accepted in Ottawa at Bank/Hunt Club on Sunday April 20th. No problems at all.

  36. Janu says:

    OMG huge lineups well done queen and Torbram Harvey’s team
    Specially evening ppl you guys are awesome
    Very frndly
    thank you

  37. Caraota says:

    Got one today. What a deal ! Best hamburger in town since Lick’s left us …

  38. Worrell Johnson says:

    lol this is awesome.
    i have to admit im an employee of mcdonalds and loving scamming harveys that much more. lol.
    but the burger was great.
    $2 for fries, water, and burger which should be a total value of like 7-8$ with tax. hahahaha

  39. Boo Radley says:

    That’s not scamming… it’s a valid and genuine coupon offered by Harvey’s.

  40. Deepfryer says:

    I’m not sure but I think this promo has something to do with the fact that McDonald’s will be starting a new line of Angus burgers here in Ottawa (at least) on April 29th

  41. amycanada77 says:

    Yeah Possibly … McDonalds is also advertising their new Angus Burgers here in Kitchener-Waterloo … don’t recall a start date though.

    Harveys is still giving away free burgers here no problem!

  42. peter says:

    worked at cummer/ bayview
    now instead of angus burgers its double burgers cuz they ran out of angus because so many kids from high skool go there

  43. blue says:

    Accepted @ Heartland location (Britannia X McLaughlin)

  44. consumatrix says:

    I couldn’t figure out why Harvey’s would have such a radical give away, but then I noticed a sign at McDonald’s the other day which said: ‘Angus burger coming April 29!’

  45. 2210 says:

    I work at harveys 2210 lol, they are damn pissed about this coupon , i did drive through and we literrally had 25 people lined up in cars !

  46. Bill Clinton says:

    I went to the one besides Markville Mall in Markham Ontario around 8 pm Friday April 25th and there was a sign said no more angus beef.

    I’m not going to lineup begging for another burger.

    So disappointed.

  47. tdotsaver says:

    went to the one at bayview and cummer. they have a sign up that said (paraphrased): due to ttc strike, they have a labour shortage and so will not be accepting free angus coupons. my husband and i managed to convince them to let us get it though b/c we went at a off-peak time.

  48. Charlie123123 says:

    Personally, I am SICK of Harvey’s burgers.. I’ve gone to Harvey’s for an Angus burger, about 6 times in 10 days.
    I think I will stay clear of burgers for a while.

    Too bad PIZZA HUT doesn’t have a similar promo… hehe 🙂

    Sunday is the last day.. April 27th…
    Like all good things, they evenually come to an END !!!

  49. Boo Radley says:

    I ordered Pizza Hut yesterday and while I was eating I found hair in the pizza 🙁 🙁 🙁

    No more Pizza Hut for me.

  50. amycanada77 says:

    I got my last free burgers yesterday and I can defaintely say I’m done with them hahaha They lady at my Harvey’s said they had only seen about a dozen coupons – it sounds like certain areas (ie Toronto) had a lot more action!

    And ewwwww hair in your pizza! I hope you called Boo becuase it sounds like they are violating some health and saftey issues there!

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