HBC Rewards Canada Printable Bonus Reward Points *Printable Coupons* Earn up to 45,000 Points


HBC is offering some great bonus reward coupons right now.  These are a great way to rack up points easily!  Apparently you can buy a really cheap item and still get the points, but i’m not so sure on this as I’ve never done it.

Click here to print the 10,000 reward points coupon

Click here to print off your coupon for 15,000 reward points coupon

Click here to print off your coupon for 20,000 reward points coupon

These coupons all expire on January 31st 2011.  Thank you so much ChristieJ and ShabbyChic for posting this great offer!

33 responses to “HBC Rewards Canada Printable Bonus Reward Points *Printable Coupons* Earn up to 45,000 Points”

  1. vienna4u says:

    can we redeem all 3 on 1 purchase?

  2. jeff says:

    one coupon per purchase, but just buy 2 different items in different transactions while you are at the cashier, most cashiers don’t mind i have found. And it is any purchase, just buy something for a dollar and save other purchases for when u do not have a coupon.

  3. Sally says:

    Thanks for the tips Jeff!

  4. mhk says:

    Thanks! Need bread and stuff from Zellers 🙂

  5. Little LuLu says:

    I just got my HBC card (none-MasterCard).. is there a separate HBC rewards card that I need to get the points?

  6. S says:

    This really does work. I’ve printed these out for my mom previously. We simply bought a chocolate bar and redeemed the points. It’s great! You can rack up points faster– and cheaper.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    hey sorry I am new to all this.. but do I just print it off as is? like on a big sheet of paper and cut it out and the barcode will work? Sorry if this is a stupid question lol!

  8. Tania says:

    Yep Elizabeth, that’s it. Make copies or print duplicates an use one every time you visit, until the expiry date!

    Happy Shopping!

    An yes, I have used these on purchases of just over $1 ea and the points were put on my account.

  9. Joe says:

    The coupons say “one identical offer per member account”. That sounds like you can only use each coupon once.

  10. wendy jane says:

    Tania one identical offer per member account – I’m assuming that you can’t go day after day and redeem these a “million” times I usually print an extra one out to give to the next person in line – they look gobsmacked usually 🙂

  11. Little LuLu says:

    .. is there a separate HBC rewards card other than my HBC credit card that I need to get the points?

  12. CeciliaJoan says:

    I have a question. I just called the Zellers and they said that I have to have received the coupons at my own mailing address? And is it only for people who have the credit card?

    Thanks for helping me. I am new and trying to get into the swing of things!

  13. Tammy says:

    I used two of these today and got the points. You need an HBC rewards card – not the credit card just the points card.
    Thanks for the coupons!

  14. Newby says:

    Thanks for the posting! Just spent 9 bucks and got 20 000 points!

  15. Sally says:

    Cecilia most times Zellers has no idea what their talking about, this is an online offer available to everyone, has nothing to do with mailing addresses.

  16. Inna says:

    Thank you!

  17. Diane456 says:

    Thanks for the coupons! I have used a 10,000 one before and only bought bread! Fast & easy way to rack up those points!

  18. Little LuLu says:

    How did you get your awards card? All they sent me was the credit card. :\

  19. diane king says:

    I tried to use a printed coupon similar to these and was refused. too much scamming going on. people would print a whole bunch and use them all on their account.

  20. Rachel says:

    Little Lulu — yes, there’s a HBC/Zellers points card that you can get, for free, at either the Bay or at Zellers. Find the customer service desk in the store (it’s separate from the checkout) and ask. Specify that you DON’T want a credit card, just the points card.

    However, if you have a HBC credit card, you can use it plus the points card to get two times the points on your purchase (not two times the bonus points though, sadly).

    Also, for everyone, I’ve used similar coupons before to buy the cheapest thing in the store (Zellers) — which was a package of Ramen noodles for 33 cents. It worked. I then donated the noodles to the food bank. I think the next cheapest thing is hand sanitizer for 99 cents.

  21. Rachel says:


    It’s weird that they refused — there’s instructions on the coupon for how to type the code into the Point of Sale terminal, and their POS’ will automatically refuse it if you’ve put the coupon through on your card already. I’d try again, and ask to talk to a manager if the cashier says no.

  22. Little LuLu says:

    Gotcha, thanks so much for the info Rachel!

  23. Maddie2008 says:

    looks like i will have to go in and use these

  24. ATCole says:

    Are these new ones or the same batch as before xmas?

  25. Julie says:

    Thanks, I tried this today and it worked! Great!

  26. Kimmie says:

    Anyone tried to use the same coupon, i.e. the 20,000 points one, twice on the same HBC account? Just wondering if it work, as the coupon states that only 1 identical coupon can be used per account…

  27. jeff says:

    you can only use it once, the system knows somehow surprisingly.

  28. FallenPixels says:

    Kimmie, it won’t work – the system only allows it to go through once per account

  29. Katrina H says:

    I tried using the 20k one at the bay and it wouldn’t work, wouldn’t scan at all.

  30. Sarah says:

    I was refused use of this coupon today because it wouldn’t scan and they tried to tell me I photocopied it. They told me that there was fraud and they wouldn’t accept them unless they scanned. However, there was no signs posted about this and honestly no coupon I’ve ever printed myself off the internet has scanned. I am pissed!

  31. Margo says:

    Actually, it says right on the coupon that they have the right to refuse the coupon if obtained from an UNAUTHORIZED source. Considering HBC.com as well as Capital One (with your credit card statements), and coupons mailed directly to your house with your name on it are the only sources, this coupon is fraud.

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