HBC Rewards: Earn Up To 35000 Points Using These Printable Coupons


* Offer expires February 28, 2011.

This is perfect, as it`ll bring my points balance up to redeem another $10 GC. I surely hope they release coupons like these every month.

Click here to print the 10K coupon.

Click here to print the 25K coupon.

Thanks Frugal and stasymipip!

28 responses to “HBC Rewards: Earn Up To 35000 Points Using These Printable Coupons”

  1. RedEng says:

    Where do these coupons come from. They always ask me at the store where they come from, since they don’t scan in. It works when they punch in the number though.

  2. mcminsen says:

    RedEng, that’s a good question. You’d best not say you copied it from somewhere due to the fine print. They probably do work, once per account?

  3. xXtiggerXx says:

    Whenever I bring these in they’ve always scanned at the check out.

    My mom on the other hand was told she needed to use her HBC credit card in order to get them, which you don’t. My local Zellers always puts up a fuss over coupons, even their own.

  4. janice says:

    Never had a problem scanning or using .
    Thanks for shaing

  5. LuLu says:

    It’s from your e-statement of your hbc rewards account. you should only need to use your hbc rewards card to get the points. i’ve done this now for all the coupons and it has worked, sometimes it doesn’t scan and they punch in the code.

  6. dealsniffer says:

    I get these sometimes through my email from HBC directly. not every one of them comes to me through my email though so I really like that they are posted here. The one cashier the last time kept saying she was sure it was copied and my mom said she got it off an email (which was true) and had to be printed and the cashier was saying that printing is copying too and on and on. my goodness Zellers cashiers can be soooooo frustrating! if it wasn’t for me trying to finish getting enough points to get something then I would not go there.

  7. seaweed sally says:

    they always work for me, actually can use as many as i like in one day , just checking out at different times. and u can then redeem for airmiles

  8. AnW-Bear says:

    Intresting….so there is a loophole where you can use these coupons more than once?

  9. dealsniffer says:

    you can use them more than once? it says once per account-I thought it would register somehow on the account that you have used the coupon already. I won’t abuse the system though because then they will stop giving out the points coupons.

  10. kerry says:

    They take these automatically at my Zellers,no hassle,no fuss,no credit card.Last time I spend under $5 with the 2 coupons,going to different cashiers.By the end I had enough for a $10 HBC Card.

  11. Angie says:

    Didn’t have a problem at all last time I used it. And from my experience working there, one of my managers would always watch us to make sure we were checking to see if any coupons were counterfeit, so I would sometimes ask about where people got them, but only when she was around lol. It probably just depends on your cashier…

  12. Dinglehopper says:

    I have had problems with them scanning a few times – but one cashier said that the problem may be because the cashier was trying to scan them at the end of my purchase. She said try having it scanned before anything is rung in.

  13. debra5891 says:

    They wouldn’t print, came up with error message?????

  14. Daknees9 says:

    The coupons are no longer available as the links aren’t working.

  15. Kimmie says:

    Hey, click on the actual images. They will show up. =)

  16. Kimie says:

    Click on the actual images. They will show up. =)

  17. debra5891 says:

    Thanks, it worked, now off to Zellers 🙂

  18. Sandra Bartman says:

    Hi: I saw the coupons being promoted here and elsewhere. When I click on the link I get a page that says this page cannot be found. Otherwise it would be great.


  19. Robbiii says:

    These coupons can only be redeemed once with you HBC rewards card and should be only be used once. Please do not abuse the rules for these offers; as it just ruins it for everyone else who is honest and follows rules.
    HBC will simply stop offering these great incentive if there is abuse.

  20. Rainbow Girl says:

    Did anyone else have difficulty printing the Febuary coupons? Nothing happened and it says that there is nothing there.

  21. theweave says:

    Have not tried printing as I am on my laptop but will try in the morning! For some reason my laptop keeps dropping my wireless printer connection! Grrr. that is the whole reason I bought the printer in the first place was to be able to print from BED!!!!!!! *LOL*

  22. theweave says:

    Got my printer to work this time and heard it printing upstairs so I am pretty sure it worked. Will check in the morning to be 100%!

    Just click on the image above, then right click and print.

    Do just use one per HBC card… I was tempted to use a coupon more then once but was reminded they are all tracked on my account and figured it was not worth the hassle. I have never had a problem before using them and do not want to start now either! 🙂

  23. crazeeT says:


  24. FallenPixels says:

    They seem to have taken the coupons down

  25. dizzyb says:

    Thank you!

  26. macw1960 says:

    Thanks for posting…looking forward to using both coupons.:)

  27. Me says:

    They must have taken the coupons down to send out new ones with minum purchase of $15!
    I just got the coupon from HBC sent to me by email with that minumum purchase amount. Hope they will still accept those ones here without the minimum…

  28. minimusiclover says:

    Thanks @Kimmie


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