Hey Canada, Guess What Creepy Fish This Is. Joys Of Summer Feature Day 1

This was considered a “garbage” fish when we were younger, commonly also known as a bottom feeder.  Do you know what fish this is with the eerie human like teeth? (answer under the picture)



This is none other then the “Sheepshead”  These are found in the Great Lakes of Ontario as well as other areas in Canada. Remember that next time when you go swimming.

29 responses to “Hey Canada, Guess What Creepy Fish This Is. Joys Of Summer Feature Day 1”

  1. fahlinluv says:

    we always called them sucker fish… dont know the real name though lol… apparently they actually taste really good, i personally wouldnt know. To creepy…

  2. bambinoitaliano says:

    It’s teeth looks better than some people i know.

  3. Carole says:


  4. Danip467 says:

    make a fish ‘useful’ and harvest for dentures… 🙂

  5. Markvh says:

    If you open up the head of this fish you will find a rock in the forehead area.It looks like a black quartzit.Also,the sheephead puts up a great fight. It goes straight to the bottom and hold you there until it gets tired..I loved catching this fish at my old cottage along Lake Erie near Pt Dover. Not a very good eating fish, Very boney and muddy tasting. My mom used them for fertalizer for her garden.

  6. carlyincanada says:

    OMG!! That is creepy!! Hope there aren’t any in Mitchell’s Bay where we go boating & swimming!! yikes, lol

  7. HistoryBuffette says:

    Another great reason why I don’t eat fish. Why the heck does it need people-like teeth? Does it like corn on the cob? Ask it the next time you catch one, then let the poor thing go, it’s got enough bad going for it.

    A side note, I lived on a lake from age 8 to 25, never been bit by a fish. Turtles have tried, alway got out of the water too quick for snakes… the only fish that ever gave me a tickle of a nibble were sunfish on my toes when I was little… This bad boy would hurt, but I doubt your chances of being bit would be very high.

    Anyone have an actual Sheepshead bite story? And I mean this fish, not Pike, because many people have been bit by a Pike if they swim in the Great lakes.

  8. BCGirl says:

    Funny how some people have too much time on their hands! This is a website for fun and coupons!!!!! This isn’t english class.

  9. r says:

    sally, you post some interesting stuff

  10. BunnyJ says:

    Ewwwww! I would be creeped out if I had this at the end of my line, lol. Would this be a good one for “Rters”? 😉

  11. justaydan1 says:

    Pacu fish i think

  12. dander says:

    So…How is this going to save us money? Thanks for having too much free time … Sally.

  13. Ferdo says:

    You sure this type of fish isnt mutated because the pollution of Lake Ontario? Whats with those teeth

  14. Maddie2008 says:

    Hey Carly, sheephead are all over in Mitchell’s Bay actually. It was always my luck even when no other fish were biting out there, i always caught a few sheephead.

  15. Karinny says:

    He needs braces! :p

  16. poohbear says:


  17. hogama says:

    baahahaha! This reminds me of the time when I was a teenager and a bunch of us were at the beach. An older man came up to us and asked if any of us saw his teeth. He lost them at the beach. For weeks, he’d come to the beach and rake all day. Anyway *THIS* is the image that would pop into my head whenever I’d think of a fish getting hold of that man’s teeth. LMAO! I’ll probably have nightmares tonight… haha… Thanks Sally!

  18. Punkie says:

    Mitchell’s Bay does have plenty of Sheephead in it but I’ve never caught any with teeth like this or with teeth at all fot that matter. No worries Carly our Sheephead are edentulous!

  19. Sally says:

    Well Dan, technically you could save money by catching this fish and using its teeth as dentures.

    But seriously?

    Smart Canucks has posted random posts, fun posts, off topics since 2006. We generally do a few a week at least…

  20. Erin D says:

    Wow, not bad alignment for a fish!! Maybe I should give his Ortho a ring…

    Seriously, that’s scary as heck. ICKY!!!!

  21. denise says:

    OMG, so funny! It reminds me of that “Doggie Dentures” commercial–only for fish. tee hee!

  22. carlyincanada says:

    Maddie2008 & Punkie,
    Wow, I will keep my eyes peeled….there was a fish that swam by my BF the other day but i was on the boat at the time, lol

  23. Tao says:

    Photoshop Fish

  24. Sally says:

    Its not photoshopped.

  25. r says:

    i actually think that fish has a really nice set of chompers!

  26. Todd says:

    This is not a sheephead. Sheephead mouth is on the bottom of their face. They are bottom fish. This fish is photoshopped

  27. carlyincanada says:

    I searched on Swagbucks under images…& there are similar pics!

  28. Lisa says:

    I caught one of these in Florida 17 years ago. The picture is not photoshopped

  29. NadiaL says:

    Sally, I love little tidbits of info like this.I’m sending it to everyone I know!


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