How I Earned 53000 Shoppers Drug Mart SDM Points for under $20

Well actually it wasn’t me but attheendoftherainbow who posted this in our Canadian Bragging Section. I stole her thread title 😛

Here’s what she had to say:

Okay I am so happy this worked. I have been reading all the posts about this deal at Shoppers Drug Mart and decided to try it out.

First I started with a price adjustment at Old Navy. Men’s cargo shorts. Got $13.38 back into my pocket!

So, in actuality it only cost me $6.62 to earn my 53260 Optimum points .

1. Bought a $55 SDM GIft Card (GC). Got the 100 coupon book. (550)
2. Used the GC to buy a Vanilla Master Card (VMC) and used the 10,000 wus 50 coupon. (5000 + 10000+ 540)
3. Used the $50 VMC plus $5 to purchase a new VMC and used the 5000 wus 30 coupon. (540+5000+5000)

This gives me a total of $10 spent and 26630 points!!!! Rinse and repeat one more time at a different Shoppers location

Viola 53260 points!

And…my cousin is gifting me her 10,000 coupon for tomorrow so I can spend one of my VMC plus 5 more dollars to get another 5000 + 10000 + 540 = 15540 points! I am so stoked cause that will bring me to over 75,000!!!!!!!


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38 responses to “How I Earned 53000 Shoppers Drug Mart SDM Points for under $20”

  1. rikku says:

    can i ask what’s in the $100 coupon book?

  2. buttercup says:

    Wow! what a calculations.

  3. Mia says:

    Thanks for the information!
    I am so excited to try this.
    Just have a question, If I purchase a $50.00 Visa Card from Shoppers today, will I be entitled to the coupon book? Does that quality as a $50.00 purchase on anything in store? Anyone know?

  4. Rob says:

    I thought they shouldn’t give the coupon book and other freebies for GC purchases? At least that’s what some of the cashiers were telling me, that GC are always excluded from promotions (other than specific GC promos).

  5. Eric says:

    I don’t get the # wus # coupon part. what’s wus and where did the original $55 go?

  6. Stephanie (esbee) says:

    i don’t know about you, but this post made my head spin… like… WAH???

  7. tammysyb says:

    makes sense to me! wow! way to go, I think I’m going to have to try this one:’)

  8. mel says:

    But I think there are fees when you activate the mastercard, am I right? It’s like a gift card right?

  9. FunkyMunky says:

    I’m confused too 🙁
    and I don’t like the idea of getting credit cards..

  10. Jenn says:

    FunkyMunky brings up a good point. The above system seems to work, but would your credit still take a hit since you’re buying so many credit cards? Or does the credit hit not apply if it’s prepaid?

  11. higgins says:

    “Or does the credit hit not apply if it’s prepaid?”

    No, because it’s prepaid, it’s not dependent on your credit rating at all.

    They’re not concerned with your ability to keep up with your financial obligations because you’re providing the funds to them upfront.

  12. Lori says:

    This made my head spin too! So…are you subtracting the monetary value of the optimum points from what you will have spent ($110.00) to come up with getting 53000 points for under $20? Soooo confused. )-:

  13. mlongboat says:

    They wouldnt give me the book with a GC purchase!!!! Now Im mad:(

  14. blah says:

    is this legal?
    i’m a little skeptical about this coz most of the time when you buy GC or prepaid credit cards promotions and coupons cannot be applied.

  15. Natalie says:

    I asked today and they told me I couldn’t use the 10,000 point coupon from the coupon book with the $50 MC purchase because you are already getting the 5,000 bonus points from it

  16. Chi of Steel says:

    This reeks of the notion of paying your credit card debts with other credit cards. As others have said, promotions such as these typically do not apply with purchase of gift/electronic cards.

  17. Jackie says:

    But what about the activation fee for the credit card?

  18. dude says:

    Yeah, i’m not getting the math either… didn’t you spend $55 for the first gift card and then $5 for each one after that. Yes, you get lots of points, but you still end up spending 60-70 dollars and if i’m not mistaken, you only end up with a $55 card at the end??? you say you spent $10, i don’t get it.
    wus = when you spend (as in 5000 bonus points when you spend $30)

  19. abbasgirl says:

    I’d be careful about this though. I’ve heard of people having their Optimum points suspended because of “unique” methods of obtaining their points.

  20. tashabing29 says:

    I actually tried the first step of this today…. buying the gift card(s) to get the coupon book and it didn’t work. The cashier showed me the small print on how the coupon book can be obtained and it states that electronic gift cards aren’t eligible. She must have just gotten lucky with her cashier…..

  21. Infonut says:

    Make sure you check you points online. On the last promotion they didn’t credit my points till I called in to check on them!

  22. Stan says:

    I tried to buy the $50 SDM gift card tonight, and the lady behind the counter said I couldn’t get a free coupon book. Anyone else have this problem?

    Not to be the skeptic, but are you sure you can use a Vanilla MC to buy another Vanilla MC, without getting into trouble? I mean why not use a $50 SDM card to buy a $50 SDM card then?

  23. kk says:

    coupon deal doesnt even work!! rigged.. cause then we just bought a gift card that we mite nhot nessisarily use!

  24. Ivan says:

    Due to prepaid Mastercard’s activation fee, you lose $4.95 each time you go through this transaction for a gain of 5000 points. Yes you still likely gained a little, but take into consideration that you likely have to drive to a different Shoppers for each transaction, and hope for a cool cashier that doesn’t mind handling such transaction, the work is not really worth it. There is also a risk of getting flagged by Shoppers.

  25. operabob says:

    Simple question related to this:

    Can I buy a $50 SDM card, get points, then turn around and use it to buy a $50 Cara Card (Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Harvey’s, ETC.) and get the 5,000 bonus points for that?

    BTW: What’s the approx. value of 5,000 SDM points?


  26. meee says:

    I got $100 sdm GC, and asked for the book. Used the GC (different store)to buy mastercard, and also applied the 10,000 bonus points from the book I just recieved. On my way out, I went back to the cashier and asked for another book for spending $50, so I have another book for tomorrow to use.

  27. SDAB says:


    “wus” is being used here in substitution of “when you spend”

  28. Divine~Miss~M says:

    I actually posted that idea days ago. I’m glad to see it worked. 🙂 Great points!

  29. Sandy says:

    good for you for being able to stack your points like that, but it seems like way too much effort and time and gas to be driving around to different SDM’s to do that. also, i didn’t know that SDM can suspend people’s optimum cards??!! i have been doing the buy a GC, then turn around and use it to pay for items. wonder if SDM considers that “dodgy”…

  30. Rox says:

    Wow, that does seem like a lot of effort and money spent to earn points. And it might not be “legal” either. I don’t mind spending money to earn points but I do mind so much money upfront just for points. When I shop, it’s to buy things I need, not to earn points; the points are just a bonus (a nice bonus) and I would still shop there if the price was right for an item I needed.

    (And why 50 bucks? I never spend 50 bucks at SDM, so I can never take advantage of those offers! Since I am quite frugal and buy only what I need and avoid all those name brand “necessities”, I never get close to 50 bucks at an SDM….rant over.)

  31. The_Scarecrow says:

    Looks like this deal only worked for a few people from some “nice” cashiers. Other than possibly getting your Optimum pts card suspended it sounds like low risk if people want to do the work from buying multipule credit cards and making several trips to SDM. Good to those for whom it worked.

  32. Jerry Hung says:

    RFD already tried to exploit this
    The OP is just lucky

    SDM will normally NOT allow (as every other retailer)
    consumer to use GC to buy another GC

    And the Vanilla MC Activation fee really sucks

  33. Rob says:

    I hope nothing happens to any of the cashiers who get pressured into giving coupons for gift cards and other stuff that they probably shouldn’t.

  34. FunkyMunky says:

    long story short – do not try this!

  35. benji says:

    Quote: “Looks like this deal only worked for a few people from some “nice” cashiers’

    No, those cashiers weren’t nice…they didn’t know the rules so they were actually making mistakes. These casheirs were taken advantage of.

    Also, you’re not supposed to be able to by a credit card gift card with anothe credit card gift card.

    THis post should be remove, since I didn’t think SC supported immoral behavior just to get a deal.

  36. Boo Radley says:

    Benji, I had no ideas any rules were being broken. I thought getting points on Gift Cards is known and allowed by SDM since I have gotten them myself before and I didn’t even give the cashiers my optimum card… they asked for it.

  37. Sandy says:

    i have to agree with benji on this. the OP and others who posted bragging about their stacking points were only able to do it because there were cashiers who didn’t know the rules. this is different than buying a GC and getting points for it, as you have to (should) pay for a GC with either cash or a credit card, NOT another GC. it looks like the OP and others weren’t afraid to take advantage of those cashiers and their lack of knowledge. it’s a fine line between getting an awesome deal and purposely exploiting someone just because you can.

  38. Susan says:

    $author Awesome Blog Post! Can’t wait to read more content like this.


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