HP Canada: Touchpad Now $100!

I’m not much of a gadget person, but I know that many of you are so this may be of interest to all you tekkies!

Last week, HP announced that they are discontinuing their tablets. So after this news broke, electronics retailers have begun to sell off their remaining HP Touchpads at the major discount price of $99.99 for the 16GB model which retailed for $449.99! With the 32GB model selling for $149.99.

But there’s a catch: The units are hard to come by since prices have been dramatically slashed. Most retail places are already sold out of them. 🙂 Have you managed to get your hands on one?

Click here to read the news story.

34 responses to “HP Canada: Touchpad Now $100!”

  1. Moody Khoudoud says:

    I wish I heard about this earlier. I saw it this morning, and already everywhere was sold out. My family was on the phone all day with various retailers, HP, and tech stores trying to find one. Nobody in BC that we called had any. Craigslist is already overflowing with overpriced tablets, I just wish I could grab one for a reasonable $120-$130

  2. brandyzz says:

    Futureshop.ca says they have them in store only – Limit 1 per household.

  3. Moody Khoudoud says:

    @brandyzz I called in the one store that said it had stock online, and they say they didnt haven any. It was a ways away, so checking physically would have been better, but difficult. Now online says no stock anywhere (in BC)

  4. Stephania says:

    Isn’t that old adage soo true?: You always want what you can’t have!

  5. honeydoo says:

    i’m pretty sure they’re gone (for now) everywhere in canada (minus maybe very remote stores).. i spent hours looking friday evening to no avail. this is definitely old news! 😉

  6. Lori says:

    If it’s been discontinued how will they continue to provide updates, apps etc?

  7. Me says:

    I saw the very first announcement of it from Staples that the sale would start the day after. I happened to go to Future Shop and noticed a bunch of people paying for them, tried to get one but the Future Shop sales associates were too busy on their cell phones making personal calls to care about me. I went searching at Best Buy, The Source and then waited for Staples’ online sale but everything was sold out. I was actually considering buying it too as I’m starting to look for a tablet to buy. Oh well.

  8. tudorchick says:

    i live in small community with a source that no one hardly goes to..i am crossing fingers but it will be tuesday tomorrow…wish i had heard this earlier.

  9. Dwayne says:

    got one, love it, great for entertainment while in the crapper!
    Overclocked it to 1.7 ghz 😀

  10. Trinity991 says:

    I found one at an independent computer store in Regina on Saturday morning.

  11. Stephania says:

    AWESOME score, Dwayne! I don’t have $ for the iPad, but for $100 I think I can afford the HP…if I find one.

  12. Michelle says:

    Got one!

  13. lawfirm_fan42 says:

    This is definitely old news. Most people who didn’t have a chance to look for one on Friday and that have been trying to buy one all weekend have been unsuccessful. So for anyone.reading this today only: unless you live in a more remote area, as a poster above does, don’t get your hopes up.

  14. Sandie says:

    Anywhere in BC is sold out in pretty much every store. You can find them on Craigslist but people are selling them for 3-400 bucks. Also beware HP will NOT be providing ANY support for this item. So if anything goes wrong with it you are hooped.

  15. Brad says:

    Saw this mentioned on Reddit on Saturday, been looking since then, it is impossible to find online

  16. bullwhip29 says:

    Old news. None available for sale right now. I believe a whole pile of these were stashed away for later since it was next to impossible to find one within hours of the price drop. The stores I checked had NONE in stock at time of store opening. Maybe we’ll get the Nintendo Wii treatment or perhaps these will resurface on Boxing Day? Anyway, the whole thing stinks since 24-48 hrs prior to the price drop, all the stores were complaining about 100,000’s of unsold units that they wanted to send back to HP.

  17. Harro says:

    This is such old news, this will just disappoint everyone reading t her because they will pretty much have no chance on getting their hands on one, unless of course as aforementioned, you live in a random remote area

  18. Shadyman says:

    @Lori: They are discontinuing production of the hardware, not the webOS it runs on 😉

  19. Julie says:

    this is just so sad..

  20. meguwo says:

    Did this not JUST come out? LOL. Thank goodness I bought an iPad 2 🙂

  21. Brian says:

    Yes, they are discontinuing the WebOS. HP are abandoning this thing completely, so there won’t be any updates for it. What you get out of the box is all you’re going to get, unless you try out some custom firmware.

  22. gooniesguy says:

    I THINK I might have got a couple for myself and a friend who called me to tell me about it, but I’ve been on hold for more than 7 hours yesterday, and already 33 min today as of this posting TRYING to confirm the lower price because their own site was the one that gave me the wrong price… just want to confirm the lower price or that I even got it.
    Yesterday the line was down for the first 6 or 7 hours, then I got through to the first 800# and he told me.. “this is the US number I can’t help you; you have to call the Canadian number” even though I got the number from hp.ca, and I told him the line was down.
    Here’s hoping I actually get one for the right price that is.
    As for those in St. John’s NL.. don’t bother looking, I checked all over myself, so IF you find one now, it’s because you know somebody who tucked it away… but good luck!

  23. Harro says:

    There’s currently a $1500 bounty on android dev forums for the first group/person to port honeycomb or another version of android on the touchpad, and there are dev teaser videos saying it will be out on the 24th.

    If you know what you’re doing and can port android, the operating system on this thing is far from being discontinued, you have a full homebrew community to support you and upgrade the software over time!

  24. Matt says:

    Picked a 16GB one up Saturday Morning.

    As for the Android Dev…they probably won’t be able to port Honeycomb to it due to the fact that the code is not being released…that being said, it would make more sense for the to port Gingerbread (2.3) and then Ice Cream Sandwich (which will have all the tablet features of Honeycomb).

    I for one like it so far…although the App community is lacking.

  25. Sandi says:

    Anyone have any luck finding one in the Mississauga area?

  26. Jonathan says:

    It was online and in-store all across North America. People bought them up. What turned me off buying one was 1) no customer support/updates, 2) extremely limited apps and no new ones here on in, 3) cannot download torrents to it 4) doesn’t play mkv/avi files 5) doesn’t fit in my pocket.

  27. Amanda says:

    My husband read about it online two minutes after it posted. It was later at night so the stores were closed, he went online to best buy and they already said they were out of stock online and in store. NOt sure how that’s even possible when the rumor was best buy had bought so many they wanted to return some to HP.

  28. gooniesguy says:

    Well.. after over 2 hours on hold I got through. Hope this will save others some time on hold: 1) They will send you an email by the end of the week to let you know if you are getting one, 2) If you are like me and placed the order at the normal price you will get the sale price IF you get it, and 3) They will NOT be filling all the orders as there are about 3000 orders to be cancelled that were placed over the weekend.
    If you have to call remember.. it’s the not fault of the person you’re speaking to if they don’t fill the order.. so be nice :).
    I’m thinking mine are going to be cancelled as I didn’t get the order in until Sunday.. but there is always hope.

  29. kingy says:

    it is funny that everyone wants one now after they discontinue it. a little too late for HP.

  30. KC says:

    I wished I knew this was going to happen. I only read about it here. I searched online with no luck. Oh well.

  31. bianca says:

    what took you so long to post this? it was on the news last week and you just posted this yesterday. a lot of people could had the chance to buy the touchpad if you posted this earlier.

  32. Natalia says:

    @ Amanda – I work at Best Buy and we def didn’t return any back from our store. What happened is a week before HP announced they would be discontinued they launched an ‘incentive’ for employees @ Best Buy all over Canada to get the tablets at the extremely discounted price. Of course, almost every single employee bought one (they didn’t know it was going to be discontinued) so they were completely sold out the week before the announcement. One shipment came in after this and those lucky few got them (we were sold out around one hour after opening). Personally, I didn’t get one because I hate the OS and there is no guarantee you can run android OS on it. I would much rather just buy the transformer

  33. Sakura says:

    Well… this was posted a little too late. My tech savy bf bought one on FS website Friday at around 5pm-ish. After he got it, 3 of his coworkers who stayed around also got it on FS. By the time he told me after dinner time (around 9pm?), FS is already sold out online.

  34. Daniloth says:


    The HP Canada website has this to say about orders:

    Q: How can I find out the status of my order from HP Shopping?

    A: Click here to check the status of your order. Enter your web order number and order date and you will be shown your order status:

    If it shows Shipped, then your order has already shipped.
    If it shows Admin, then your order is in queue to be shipped. All shipments will begin the week of September 12, 2011 in priority based on your day and time of purchase.
    If it shows Submitted, then your order is in review and we ask you to please check your order status again the next business day.

    Back to top »

    So… My order number is SCAS14xxxx and I show as ADMIN, so it sounds like I can still expect one. No guarantee until it’s in my hands, but thought I’d mention it.

    I’ve still not gotten through on the phone. Waited 3.5h on Monday (headset ftw) and no luck.

    Anyway, just mentioning my order # and HP’s info to give potential hope to those that DID get an order in.


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