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Does anyone else find Google’s autocomplete feature amusing? It’s very interesting what people search for. Try anything from “Is Canada” to “I think my” and you’ll discover a new silly world of amusement 😛

24 responses to “Is Canada…”

  1. k says:

    Yes. And it’s even worse for the fact that it’s on google(dot)CA.

  2. J.N. says:

    ^LOL @ k. I love the Google autocomplete when I need some giggles. I laughed out loud at the “Is Canada a country”. Seriously? Sigh.

  3. stardustcross says:

    haha, put in “canada is” for the answers… :-p

  4. Melissa says:

    Is Canada a State??

  5. Glen says:


  6. Maddie2008 says:

    LOL, try being drunk and GOOGLE surfing…or at least being around someone who was doing that. YUP, we had friends over before xmas, the wives were xmas baking all day and my husband and his buddies played pool most of the day and got totally wasted and ended up hooking the computer up to our big screen tv and were all google surfing, or trying to, but couldn’t get past the auto complete, cause they were cracking themselves up with what the auto complete was filling in. They were silly wasted, and we(the women) were laughing at the men so hard we had tears in our eyes.
    Lets just say that GOOGLE made for cheap entertainment instead of babysitting them men. LOL

  7. Laura says:

    Canada Goose is definitely worth it!

  8. Blanky says:

    “why does my” yields fun results.

  9. jayne_a says:

    my husband was look up something on google, and he typed ” what do i do if” the first thing that showed up was “what do i do if a ginger kid bites me” I don’t know if any of you are south park fans, but i laughed so hard!!!!!

  10. TakeTheCar says:

    DERP!!!….for more google auto-complete fun visit….

  11. Oxana says:

    Is Canada the best country in the world? Definitely.No need for auto-complete 🙂

  12. anon says:

    If you type in “why”, google autocomplete includes “why can’t i own a Canadian?” : )

  13. Diane456 says:

    Just typed it in…. seriously sad but comically true. When friends visited from the US they asked why there were no mounties on the street corners? What was that t-shirt years ago ….. I AM CANADIAN and Oxana you’re right!

  14. sheri says:

    i actually went to some of the pages, yahoo answers for instance, and found this .. i was like seriously?!

  15. ben says:

    “Definitely.No” – Oxana

  16. benji says:

    Try “Should I..”


  17. Ssseth says:

    Some good ones, nice way to brighten up an otherwise drab Monday morning.

  18. Baloo. says:

    Someone needs to google the word ‘relevancy’…

  19. laura says:

    I think the best one yet is…”americans are..” then after that look up “canadians are….” apparently we are thought of more highly then our northern counterparts.

    Here is a funny one I typed in “irish are..” this is what it comes up with first one “irish are impervious to psychoanalyis”

  20. benji says:

    LOL @Laura!! Try “Canadians are”

    Apparently we are afraid of the dark, and are both awesome and boring! HAHAHA!!!

  21. loveadeal says:

    try typing in ” why is there” …..too funny.

  22. mle says:

    Try “I like to t”.
    “I like to think of jesus as a mischievous badger”
    “I like to think of the homeless as outdoorsy”

    who googles that? 😛

  23. laura says:

    sounds like something ya would of think of when ya using swagbucks to search lol


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