Keurig Home Brewing System $10 Mail in Rebate

Purchase a Keurig Special Edition System, Keurig Elite Brewing System or Keurig Classic System, UPC 649645 00654 3, 649645 00454 9, or 062151 10700 7, and get a $10 rebate by mail. Participating brewers will feature a $10 peel off sticker which you must send by mail with a copy of your receipt. The purchase must be made between October 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Maximum of one request per person, per address.  The request must be post-marked by for March 1, 2013. Click here for more information and to download your rebate form.

Please note that SmartCanucks does not have access to additional forms or stickers. 

This post is for informational purposes only. 

Click the link above to access the rebate form or contact Keurig directly

55 responses to “Keurig Home Brewing System $10 Mail in Rebate”

  1. ODRafoss says:

    i purchased a Keurig Elite coffee maker at Canadian Tire on Monday November 26 but there was no rebate coupon. Ido not have a computer or printer. You could email my daughter at [email protected] and she could print one out for me. Thank you.

  2. Tina Ming says:

    I purchased a Kuerig coffee maker. The sticker said I have to fill in a form and mail it in.
    I have search your sites , but no forms anywhere to be found.
    You don’t make it easy for us to get the rebate.
    Can you please email me a form thank you!

  3. Jeannette Brazeau says:

    could you pleasse email me a form for the 10$ rebate…Not very easy for us to get a rebate if we can’t find the form…Please send one asap…Thank you

  4. paula says:

    also cannot find any form….can a form be emailed??? would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    Also can not find rebate form……can you please email

  6. wilma says:

    Could not find the rebate form. Please e-mail it to me Thanks

  7. Walter Okihiro says:

    Please email rebate application form ASAP so I can process this offer. Thanks.

  8. D. Spring says:

    I purchase an Elite, and did not receive anything from CT. They advised I’d get one online. Could you please email me a Keurig rebate form. Thank you very much.

  9. Reader says:

    Read again, carefully. Then click where it says “Click here for more information and to download your re-bate form.”

    The word “here” is a link which will take you to the site to register your machine and get your coupon.

  10. Jo Brietzke says:

    I applied for my $10.00 rebate at the end of October 2012. I have yet to receive anything from the Company. I bought 3 more Coffee Makers and gave them away for Christmas presents. I have told each person that there is a $10 rebate coupon on the box. Hopefully something happens with these.
    I would like very much to have some kind of answer sent to me by mail or email. thank you.

  11. Sheila Patriquin says:

    I purchased a coffee maker at Canadian tire, I thought the rebate paper was in the box. It wasn’t and nothing on the box. Was also sop pose to get a 12 pkg sample, got an Italian roast that is too strong to drink. Like the product but dislike the fact that things are not as advertised.

  12. Beth Severson says:

    Please e-mail. me two (2) rebate forms.

    These are for my friend Lorraine Byrd who purchased 2 Keurig coffee makers for Christmas Presents. She does not have a computer..

    • FallenPixels says:

      Please note that you need to fill in the form in the link in the post – we do not have forms to email and this thread is not monitored by Keurig

  13. Carol says:

    I, like all the rest have tried to download this form but nothing happens. I bought for Christmas gifts as well. I registered but nothing happens

  14. Lynda Kalp says:

    I cannot locate the form to fill out for the $10.00 rebate. Could you please email one to me at the above email address. How am I to claim the rebate when I cannot locate the form required to submit with the receipt?

  15. filomena donaldson says:

    I purchased the cooffee makers and I would like the 10..00 rebate form

  16. Anne Marie gallant says:

    Please email me a copy of the rebate form.

  17. Jeanette Jackson says:

    Can’t find form to fill out please email asap thanks Jeanette

  18. Nancy Shay says:

    Please email the form for the $10.00 rebate

  19. betty says:

    Can you please e-mail me rebate form to above e-mail address. I do not see it here .It is frustrating !

  20. Vicky Le says:

    My daughter and I bought the coffee machine Keurig before Christmas and we had already sent the rebate form with tickers for months but until now we both haven’t received the rebate yet.
    Thank you for your consideration ,
    Vicky Le

  21. M.R says:

    I got the form off their website, filled it out and sent if off. Received the rebate a couple of weeks ago. No problems at all!

  22. Lynn Cupples says:

    I need a rebate form e-mailed to me. There is none on your web-site.

  23. Sheila Brooks says:

    We have purchased two Keurig Elites for Christmas and are trying to find the form for the $10 rebate. We have searched and can’t find the form. Please e-mail the form to us, so we can get two rebates of $10 each, as we have two stickers. Thanks!

  24. Patti says:

    We bought a Keurig Elite at Canadian Tire on Dec10/12. Can’t find $10 form on website, can you please email form.
    thank you

  25. Feb. 10-13 says:

    Like so many others before me I too have tried to find the $10 off mail in rebate form with no success …. it says on the coupon that the request must be post dated by March 1, 2013. Can you help??


  26. Sharon Oliver says:

    I bought a Keurig in November, and when I go and try and get the rebate form online it tells me that the rebate is closed. I was wondering if there is a new rebate form that we need and where can I get one. The sticker says that the form must be post-dated by March 1, 2013. Can you please email me a form.

    Thank you Sharon

  27. Donna Laffin says:

    I have clicked “here for more information and to download your rebate form”. This brings me to the .com site and it indicates that the mail in rebate is over. But the sticker indicates you have until postmarked by March 1, 2013. Please email me the rebate form or send me the correct link.

    • FallenPixels says:

      As mentioned in the blog, SC has no access to the rebate form and you should contact Keurig directly

  28. Theresa Anthony says:

    I purchased a keurig elite with the sticker, filled out the form that was required and mailed it on December 17th. My boyfriend had bought one and mailed his information in on December 14th. Neither of us have received anything yet. How long is it supposed to take?

    T Anthony

  29. Sonia Delrue says:

    I also cannot find the mail-in rebate form anywhere. Can someone please forward me a copy. tks

  30. I found the rebate form by searching on Google for “Keurig Rebate PDF”

  31. Krista says:

    I received the Keurig as a Christmas gift. Just finally got the receipt. It was purchased between the valid dates and says needs to be postmarked by March 1, 2013. Website shows rebate over. Can you please let me know what’s up and send me a form if still valid. This is a Canadian application.

  32. Cathy Holmes says:

    I purchased a Keurig Machine on February 17, 2013. There was a rebate sticker on the box for $10.00 back. The sticker did not indicate any time limitations. When I peeled the sticker to mail in for the rebate, the reverse side of the sticker indicated it must be mailed by March 1, 2013, but the purchase was limited to October 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. The date of purchase should have been clearly posted on the front side of the sticker so not to deceive the consumer. When I checked the Keurig rebate form online you state October 1, 2012 as the limitation date to qualify for the rebate. You should decide the rules and be consistent. I am totally disappointed as the rebate sticker was the deciding factor in my purchase of this item. I would appreciate the opportunity to submit for the rebate. Please give a response. Thank you.

  33. Susan says:

    Could you please send me a rebate form for contest closing march1, it doesn’t seem to be available on your site.

  34. Robert Gregory says:

    Hi I purchased a Keurig Coffee Maker – December 7, 2012. Sent in for the Rebate and registered the PIN # for a chance to win one of the listed prizes. Up to date I have NOT received the $10.00 rebate??? Also WHO won the prizes?? Where do we find this info? Looking forward to a reply from your Compnay. Thank you.

  35. Hazel Follestad says:

    March 10, 2013
    I just purchased a Keurig today with a sticker offering $10.00 back. When I brought it home and removed the sticker, it said the rebate was over Jan 31, 2013. There was no sign indicating the rebate was no longer valid. That is very misleading to all consumers.

  36. Bernice Doiron says:

    March 12 2013

    We also purchased a Keurig today at walmart with a sticker on the Box for a $10.00 rebate and a chance to win $30,000 in prizes to be won. very disapointed this is our second purchase of keurig machine plus all the Kcups over the past 3 years plus Carousel etc. What a rip off. not impressed !

  37. Lucy Gregor says:

    I purchased my feurig on march 16 th 2013. .why are the stickers still on box if not able to get rebate.this is also my second purchase .so I feel this is a rip of as well.

  38. I am looking for an application form so I can send me the rebate I bought a keurig machine at Walmart and the sticker is good from April 8 to July 1, 2013 but I am having a problem to get the form that is required. Please email me this form as soon as possible. Thanks

  39. Henry Larente says:

    Good Day. It is now April 20, 2013 and I have just purchased a Keurig Elite Brewer. It has the $10.00 Rebate sticker on it but the instructions say this is not valid after 31 March 2013. Why are they stickers still on the boxes if they are not valid?

  40. Barry R Hurt says:

    I another person who purchased a Keurig Elite Brewer on April 30 20113 with the understanding that a $10.00 rebate was in effect. When I got it home it expired on Mar. 31 2013. This was a deciding factor when I purchased it. If I would have known the rebate expired I would have bought another brand. I know that $10.00 does not seam like a lot of money but in these times it is still money. I will not recommend this product to my friends. All coupons should have been removed or the expired date clearly made known on the front of the box. This is miss leading and should be reported to the BBB.

  41. bill allan says:



  42. yvonne hoekstra says:

    Could you please send me a form,I just purchased your Keurig coffee maker at sears in Ontario Canada The contest says it runs until July1/2013 and I cannot find the form. asap
    Thank you

  43. Maureen McCubbin says:

    Like the others, I can find no form for the rebate of $10.00. could you kindly send this via email asap. Thank You. Maureen Mccubbin

  44. larry bosada says:

    i just purchased a keurig coffee maker with a 10.00 rebate sticker on the box only to find that it expired. what kind of scam is this.

  45. Mary says:

    The mail-in rebate on the box should be taken out or change the boxing since the offer is already expired as to it is misleading.

  46. Arleen Reid says:

    I bought a Keurig Platinum single cup brewing system. It has a $10.00 rebate sticker with the dates good from April8-July1,2013. However your website has not updated the dates for the rebate. It says on my box that I must mail it by Sept.15,2013. Will you email me my application form for the rebate? Thank you.

  47. Don Ormsby says:

    I just purchased my second Keurig Special Edition single cup system today. It has a $10.00 rebate sticker with the dates good from April 8-July 1,2013. Would you please mail me my application form for the rebate?? Thank You

  48. Jennifer Smith says:

    I just purchased a Keurig Platinum brewing system. It has the $10.00 rebate sticker with dates good from April 8 – Jul 1, 2013. Your website states that the rebate is only good until March 1st, 2013. Not too sure what iinformation is correct?? Can you please email me the application form the rebate? Thank you

  49. Paula Currie says:

    I just bought the Keurig today and when i went to print the rebate form, it said it had expired. My box sticker says it only expires in july 2013. I will be waiting for the form by e-mail or mail asap.
    Thanks in advance

  50. Paula Currie says:

    Why does it say the rebate form is no longer available? I just bought mine today and my sticker says the rebate expires July 2013. Please send me the form or just the 10$ check asap. I am not impressed with this deal or is it a scam?

  51. AirHeads says:

    My kids are not in school this summer, allowing them to be outside doing more dangerous activities. Any ways to ensure their safety?

  52. C. Mammen says:

    Kindly send me form for $ 10 rebate to my email
    C. Mammen


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