KFC Canada Discount Coupons & Delivery Coupon Codes

Coupon has been removed as requested by KFC Canada.

33 responses to “KFC Canada Discount Coupons & Delivery Coupon Codes”

  1. Ottawa says:

    any of the coupons for free delivery? lol i stopped ordering from there when they started to charge a delivery fee, same as pizza pizza. then the delivery guy gets to your door and wants a tip too. i wouldnt mind an increase in the food thats delivered but hate that im being charged a delivery fee on top of expensive food. bah! thats my rant for tonight lol

  2. Merly says:

    I used them yesterday without question.

  3. Darin says:

    I agree, their delivery charge is like 3 bucks and the food is expensive. okay it’s an original recipe but even that has downgraded over the years and what’s with them only having mashed potatoes when there’s a promo on in Canada, the U.S. has them all the time.

  4. Kelly Ward says:

    Maybe someone should take the coupon site down now that the coupons are expired, AND I agree with OTTAWA & Darin above although I am in Edmonton..charges on delivery on the expensive food.Might as well go out to a restaurant..

  5. VIV says:

    wat’s the point of having expired coupons on line???

  6. Lisa says:

    I stopped using KFC. The last few times they have gotten reaaly chincy on the quanity of food. Seems like u get less fries now and the chicken thigns and ribs alot smaller now. I’d rather go to Swiss Chalet from now on

  7. ed says:

    Popeyes chicken is more bang for your buck (bigger pieces) and better tasting too. But if you have to have KFC, you should go on TUE when it’s as good a deal as you can get ($2.79 + tax for 2 pieces of dark meat + small fries), AND without a coupon too!

  8. flyingfynn says:

    We do not have delivery service and because I live in an apartment I never get any types of coupons perfer A&W , Burger King, and KFC

  9. flyingfynn says:

    I like quiznos too but I live in a small town that doesn’t have one and have to take a bus 3 hours to get to a city in Nanaimo,BC

  10. FaRt says:

    Your ranting on delivery charges???
    You do realize delivery drivers dont get page by the hour, they get paid by the deliveries that they do and their tip. So seriously, get over it! Don’t be a cheap prick, it’s the same as servers in a restaurant, you tip 15%! People who aren’t nice enough to tip or bitches about delivery charges should just cook for themselves.

  11. jodie says:

    hahahaha omg Fart that is so funny! yes tip the guy or gal.. they work as a delivery driver they obviously need the money.. If you can afford to sit on your lazy ass and order food you can spare a few bucks for the person who brought it to ya!!!!

    Kelowna BC
    ( im hungry lol)

  12. jenn says:


  13. Karc says:

    The Simpsons KFC coupons valid from September 7th to October 25th. This promotion is misleading in that you may think you are getting meals at a bargain, only to realize that the small print on these coupons indicates a premium charge for white meat. In other words KFC has found chickens with only legs and thighs, however, should you want or expect white meat as well a premium charge will apply. Therefore, these coupons are a complete ripoff. KFC sucks!

  14. spiderken says:

    It’s kinda funny to hear people rant about KFC…It’s KFC, what the hell do you expect? Fine cuisine? When you order, you get really salty greasy chicken…It’s the same crap as it’s alwayse been. I always tip the driver, but I didn’t know that they were not paid hourly, thanks for the info. And man your life has to suck if that’s what you do for a living!!! Tip the dude!

  15. Paul says:

    Agreed..tip the dude if you have that option. Being in the capital city (victoria) bc we have no delivery. you hjave to go the the restaurant to order. No Tip Required..just hot, fresh,. chicken.

  16. Paul says:

    Mmmmm chicken….After reading these post, I want some. (greasy or not)

  17. ed says:

    I went to kfc yda. could not understand pricing on chicken. one piece
    $1.75 but if you want 7 peices chicken only.. $17.00, 6 pieces
    chiken only 12.00 . I had wings at Safeway.. not great.

  18. KIM says:


  19. Chicken little says:

    Does the chicken get the fee for crossing road?

  20. KFC is toooo expensive!!! The pieces are small plus we never rec any coupons here in Manitoba. What’s the problem???

  21. Lucy says:

    KFC is tooo expensive and the pieces are tooo small. We never get any coupons here in Man. what is the problem??

  22. Bonnie says:

    These coupons have expired and doesn’t make sense to leave them on the website thinking we are getting coupons!!!!!

  23. tony says:

    man if u not getting paid an hourly rate, that highly against the law here in canada !!! u must be daft too be working for just tips !!! slow as forrest gump and dam even he got rich dude !!! i know lots of delivery drivers get paid at least minimum wage and than the tips. so for sure if u not getting paid the minimum wage, perhaps u r being paid under the table in cash, cuz u r probably sitting on welfare ripping the system off haha !! and than calling other people cheap cuz they dont wanna tip your lying rip off ass !!! so lying ass delivery guy, trying too make the masses feel guilty cuz u dont have the werewithall too go and get a real job !!!
    and as for kfc, it all good. and if some of ya cant read, there r still some coupons that havent expired, hence the reason the page is still posted duh !!!!

  24. I no longer recieve your discount coupons , why is this? My sons still get your coupons delivered and I have to get them off of them. Again why is this ?????

  25. saboos says:


  26. This is a exceptional post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

  27. Lee Einzinger says:

    Re the discussion about delivery guys ripping off the system. I think everybody has choices.I personally know someone that worked for KFC in Winnipeg. He was retired and his wife worked there for years. It was close to where they lived. So, he would hang there and wait for a call to deliver. So, yeah, he didn’t make a ton of money but it’s what he chose to do. He did say that most of the time, the tips were pretty decent. It just topped off his pension money and he had the time.

    I love KFC. It’s my sinful treat once in awhile pleasure. I always want it on my birthday. I’m in my late 50s and remember my mom ordering it as a treat when I was a kid. Does anybody remember those tennis ball buns? It’s expensive though. They have a Thursday deal and the Tuesday deal is ok.

  28. Tim says:

    I stopped going to KFC as it is expensive and everytime they are sourpusses about ordering. In Japan you can go to KFC and order chicken by the peice. Get exactly what you want. In Canada you have to take what they give you and its always greasy thighs aplenty.

    This backfires on them becuase now the thought of eating that grease make me want to puke. Before I used to love it. Thanks KFC! I;m sure your competition thanks you too.

  29. KFC Coupons Canada says:

    Ok the truth is i love KFC. There hot wings are my favorite. I am always looking for coupons. Guess Ill get the RSS thanks smartcanucks!

  30. Sarah says:

    where can I get printables

  31. I am travelling to Corunna, Ontario, Canada and would like some printable coupons for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Thanks.

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