Kijiji Deals Canada $10 for a $25 Gift Certificate to


Kijiji is offering daily deals now and today the deal is $10 for a $25 gift certificiate to  Quantities are limited so I’d order soon.  Click here to order.

Keep in mind
Electronic Gift Certificates from Chapters Indigo are not redeemable for cash and may be redeemed online only at; Vouchers cannot be refunded, resold or transferred for value; Limit 1 per person

69 responses to “Kijiji Deals Canada $10 for a $25 Gift Certificate to”

  1. Dayanara says:

    Thanks for this, needed to get one of these for a gift!

  2. SavingMentor says:

    This is a great deal, thanks for posting it! I purchased one myself.

  3. anrev says:

    I picked one up too! Can’t beat a deal like that this time of year:)


  4. itsjustmebub says:


  5. Islandiep says:

    It looks like you can order more than one, has anyone tried?

  6. tlk1215 says:

    @ Islandiep

    I tried to purchase more than one. When you try to process your order, it makes you go back and change the quantity to one.

    Still a good deal though!

  7. Sally says:

    I suppose if you have multiple credit cards you can make multiple accounts.

  8. Cmoody8107 says:

    I purchased 1 – I think you can order another on a different credit card because when I tried to do another it said that a significant other should try with a different credit card,

  9. Rock says:

    It’s a great deal, thanks. Just wanted to add if you do not want to use it “electronically” you can redeem your e-gift certificate for an actual $25 gift card & they will mail it to you for free.

  10. laurac86 says:

    Yeah to order more than one, you need multiple emails and credit cards. You can’t use the credit card or email more than once.

  11. clare says:

    Ordered one, thanks!

  12. Patti says:

    How do you do that Rock? Do you just bring the voucher into the store?
    I ordered 2.. 1 on two different cards.

  13. Lin says:

    Is there an expiry on the coupon? Couldn’t find any details on the Kijiji website.

  14. Bhawana says:

    But I think u can buy more as a gift and it will be emailed to you only and then u can use it for urself if you want.
    I am not 100% sure about it but thats what I understood from the information given.
    Can anyone confirm that please?

  15. buddyl says:

    Bhawana…I bought one for myself then tried buying one as a gift and it wouldnt let me. Told me to get significant other or friend to purchase it. So you can purchase more than one you just need more than one credit card and email account.

  16. Ann says:

    thanks for this, what a great deal!

  17. Andie says:

    I’m *guessing* that what Rock means is you go online to buy a $25 Gift Card and use this ecard to pay for it. Which is fantastic. I just bought 2, one in my name and one in hubby’s. If i can flip those into 2 $25 GCs i’ll be thrilled. (getting a kobo for Christmas, so $50 worth of books is awesome.)

    Thanks for posting this!!!

  18. Emily says:

    Thanks, I bought one! What a good deal 🙂

  19. Lovethedeal says:

    Is it OK that the name on the two credit cards is the same? Can I use two certificiate to buy a book which costs $50? Or can I just use one? Thanks

  20. dealsniffer says:

    So this is legit? I have never heard of this before. Have people tried redeeming their gift certificates yet? just wondering. If it is legit then I am very excited about this!!!

  21. Emily says:

    dealsniffer according to the site you have to wait until at least tomorrow to redeem your gift certificate

  22. Me says:

    Can anyone confirm that you can indeed use this e-certificate to purchase a gift card?
    It says that you can only use 1 coupon/certificate at a time, but if you wanna use the full value of $50 (2 certificates) to purchase a bigger item, it would be great if you can purchase 2 gift cards with the 2 certificates and use the 2 gift cards for 1 bigger purchase…

  23. Heather says:

    just got my purchase email and it says the actual coupon will be available within 24 hours of deal closing…

  24. starrynight8765 says:

    Awesome deal, I ordered one and told my mom about the deal too!

  25. samantha says:

    looks like you can buy as many as you want as a gift! I am thinking about 3 for my hub

  26. jen says:

    Got one! thanks! 🙂

  27. amy says:

    AWESOME DEAL !!!!!

  28. Yan says:

    YAY! I got one!

    I was going to go back and use another credit card to buy another one but it’s sold out!

  29. jane says:

    Is the transaction safe to buy from Kijiji online?

  30. crazycoupongirl says:

    I hope its safe since i just bought one before it sold out! they sell alot of nice stuff on that site! so it was well worth it!
    i really wanted a book called all about us or all about me, which is a book you write stuff about yourself and give to your significant other or bf or the all about us u do together its a good book !

  31. Me says:

    I just posted a question on this forum and it says in bold yellow “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Anybody knows why?

  32. Me says:

    This is what I posted:

    Can anyone confirm that you can indeed use this e-certificate to purchase a gift card?
    It says that you can only use 1 coupon/certificate at a time, but if you wanna use the full value of $50 (2 certificates) to purchase a bigger item, it would be great if you can purchase 2 gift cards with the 2 certificates and use the 2 gift cards for 1 bigger purchase…

  33. Kris says:

    I ordered one for myself and one as a gift for my husband. Great deal! Thanks for posting.

  34. NA says:

    Can anyone post the expiry of this coupon please? Thanks!

  35. Maddie2008 says:

    I ordered 2 separately/different accounts.

  36. t says:

    It says it expires in 2013.
    Unlike groupon, Kijiji doesn’t allow user to delete the credit card on file, they’ll keep that information forever… If there’s a glitch in their system and all the information leaks, there’ll be a major identity theft possibility…

  37. Missy says:

    no Amex. only Visa or Mastercard.

  38. Bree says:

    Just got mine. (well, two actually). Kijiji meets Chapters meets Printable Coupon. This must be how George Costanza felt when he mixed sandwiches and sex!! (Too bad about the limit, though. I would have bought 5+ otherwise).

  39. Zeen says:

    This is great!! I got one! Thank you 🙂

  40. tami says:

    no you can not buy as many as you like for a gift, not even one, it seems one e-mail/credit card can only be used once, whether for a gift or for yourself…

  41. kekes says:

    nice find,even though its only 1 ! Thanks!!!!

  42. Twalker says:

    I used a different email addy with the same cc and it let me order more than 1.

  43. Twalker says:

    Nope nvm lol it caught me!

  44. dizzyb says:

    There is more to the “Keep in mind” section than stated above:
    “Kijiji Daily Deals gift certificates cannot be “stacked”; Multiple orders from the same person will all be canceled”
    So ordering more than one using a different email account might land you with none at all.
    Great deal! I was hesitant to give my cc info as I’m wondering if this is legit. Groupon knockoff, I assume?

  45. NA says:

    Thank you!

  46. Lannie says:

    @Rock from post 9, could you explain how I could redeem the e-certificate into an actual $25 gift card. If we can really do that, it’ll be great! I contacted Kijiji and they said they only issue electronic coupon.

  47. James says:

    I think you can just order the physical gift card with your e-certificate online.
    “Gift Cards always ship for free”:

  48. Tammy says:

    This is so great! I love that we now are getting these types of Groupon, Wagjag, Kijji deals in Canada. They were common in the US years ago and it was always frustrating not to get them here.
    Also, although I’d love to get lots of these Chapters deals too I appreciate the 1 per person limit…there is nothing more frustrating than finding a good deal offer like this and because they let people buy multiples or an unlimited number there are none left when you go to buy one. I’d rather spread the deal around to as many individuals as possible than have a handful of people hog them all. Just my two cents!

  49. Sally says:

    Yes! Its completely legit Dealsniffer. I use these types of sites all the time.

  50. Ditto says:

    NOOO it’s sold out :(….

  51. honeydoo says:

    dang, just sold out. oh well, i got 3.

  52. OK says:

    ^ “Limit 1 per person”…

  53. Perogie says:

    My sister got me one to use towards her boyfriends gift from us. So nice because that means I have extra money to get him more stuff 🙂 Great deal 🙂

  54. Insane says:

    When I click on the link it’s not chapters but a website called spoilmerotten or something?

  55. Insane says:

    It’s sold out! 🙁

  56. Sally says:

    Sorry guys this deal is long gone, and would of ended at 12am est anyways

  57. cally says:

    I think there are more for today, because I was just able to purchase one at 6:50am CST on Dec. 1st!!!

  58. cally says:

    Oops, forget the last comment….it is for something else not Chapters now!

  59. Cmoody8107 says:

    I used mine this morning to buy a $25 Gift card for my son.

  60. Annatree says:

    used mine this morning. order total 31.15. combine $5 discount for using
    online debit I pay $11.15.

  61. Maddie says:

    Yes you can order actual gift cards with this “online gift certificate”
    Once you have the “online gift certificate”, copy the certificate number(really really long number under “special instructions” on your certificate), and go to site select “gift ideas, then gift card”.
    You can put more than 1 in your cart. Then when you check out, you can use as many of the online gift certicate numbers that you have/ordered in a single order(no need to do it separately).
    I just used mine and my hubbys to order 2 $25 GCs in a single order.

  62. Happy Munchkin says:

    Thanks for the infomation!

  63. dizzyb says:

    If you have a reloadable gift card, you can transfer the $25 from the gift certificate into your online account, then transfer that to your gift card, so you can use it in store. It beats having to wait for the postman to bring it to you, if you need to use it right away.
    Now I’m torn between taking advantage of the $5 generic “interac” discount online, or using the Twice as Happy Giftcard in store. More choice online, but possibly better discount in store? hmmmmmmmm…

  64. kekes says:

    used mine this am to purchased dvd set dh has been dying for … I had $10 gc from ?? last year (still active on my account) + the $25 gc thanks to Kijiji for $35 credit and then purchased his dvd set for only $35 after GCs much more reasonable than $70 !

    thanks again for great find and leting me of a site’s daily deals I never knew existed 😉

  65. sara says:

    The website would not allow me to purchase a GC with this deal. It doesn’t say on the coupon that it can’t be used for a GC, but I got a note during Checkout. I tried entering the certificate and depositing the amount to my account and neither method worked. If someone was successful, I would appreciate knowing the steps.

  66. nguyen3828 says:

    ….got my added into my chapters account…thanks…

    Sara, once you logged into your chapters account, go to check your balance, then log into your Kijiji deals account and click on print your coupon, then there’s a gift cert # on half-way down to the right, copy and paste that, go back into your chapters account and click on add gift cert#, then paste the # & click submit…once submitted you will see your balance updated….PM if you still have trouble…good luck.

  67. sara says:

    I can add the certificate to my account, but I can’t buy a gift card with it so I can use it in store, as some have been able to do. Apparently the system does not allow it and I don’t have an existing card that I can transfer the balance to. I guess I’ll just wait until I find something online.

  68. Andie says:

    Sorry you’re having trouble Sara. I did as I selected the gift card I wanted and when I went to pay i used the code (i believe it goes under Gift Certificate, right? that is written on the email they send you.)

    Perhaps Chapters caught on? I did it immediately in case they changed the rules.

    I got one and my DH got one. Plus I got another $25 GC from airmiles. Plus the Twice as Happy card, PLUS we got a coupon for a blanket. So tonight my Kobo reader will cost $149 – $25 – $25 – $25 + $20(cost of cards from Kijiji) – $5 (at least) = $89+tax. And the blanket (i hope that’s still good, DH has that coupon….) Merry Christmas to me!

  69. 4ebl says:


    If you are looking for discounts on merchandise and serivices, AVOID is a company that does not protect customers. If the merchant/vendor chooses to not honour the pre-purchased voucher, you may be out of luck as will give you a hard time to recover your funds. They place the risk on the consumer, even when you take necessary steps to deal with the merchant!!!


    Find another way to save money!!!


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