Kodak Save and Trade Event At Staples, Bring in any used Ink Cartridge for $20 off Kodak ESP

Bring in any used empty ink cartridge to Staples this week to receive $20.00 off a Kodak ESP All-In-One Printer. The printers start at about  $100 and they claim to have the cheapest ink (the replacement cartridges shown in the flyer ranged from $10-$20). These printers all are WIFI enabled to make wireless printing from your PC, laptop or smartphone easy. Don’t forget the paper, all Staples brand photo paper is BOGO free (must be identical item).

See the printers here

9 responses to “Kodak Save and Trade Event At Staples, Bring in any used Ink Cartridge for $20 off Kodak ESP”

  1. hopesdreams says:

    I just spent 60 dollars on printer ink. Otherwise I would have grab this deal. This model looks like a great savings on ink.

  2. cmoody8107 says:

    Just a word of advice from experience. Dont buy the ESP 3 – pay the extra $20- or so for the ESP 5. We bought the ESP 3 model about 3 years ago and had to have a new printhead delivered from Kodak about every 2-3 months after the first year. (Which is a real pain – needing to wait a week for a new one without being able to print/copy or scan) After 4 printheads (about a year of issues) eventually they sent us the ESP 5 to replace. Have had this one for over a year now – not a single issue. Great print quality and the ink lasts a while.
    Black $9.99
    XLarge Black $16.99 (worth it if you use alot)
    Color $19.99
    Combo Colour & Black $29.99

  3. Niya says:

    cmoody8107, so is the ESP 5250 model the better kodak printer, or do u mean the ESP 5250 was the model that gave you alot of trouble??


  4. cmoody8107 says:

    lol – sorry that it got confusing. the ESP 5250 is the better model – worth the extra $20! Its $99 I believe.

  5. PWest says:

    I have had 4 Kodak printers and in the end they all weren’t worth the money you supposedly ‘saved’ in ink. I have had similar printhead issues both with the ESP3 series and the ESP5 series, and I now have one huge paperweight on the shelf in the ESP9, which I used maybe 3 months for just text and which very shortly thereafter printed huge white gaps in any text accompanied pictures. The only one I actually liked was the first one they came out with, until it broke within the year and I thought upgrading to the 3 would be better. I should have taken that as a sign.

    New printheads don’t seem to fix it but they swear that’s always the problem, but tend to hold off on sending them (at least the last one) until your year is up.

    Also another word to the wise, if you prefer your home pictures on higher quality gloss paper like I do, DO NOT BUY A KODAK. Their cheaper inks are just that, water based and designed only for the semi-glossy crappy Kodak paper. My series 3, 5 and 9 printers ALL printed little bubbles of ink instead of the images when I used high quality paper.

    I was like you guys and I loved my kodak camera so I gave their printers a good long chance, trying 4 printers in all and always upgrading, but in the end the inks dry up quick because they are watery and soak up on paper more and they didn’t produce the photo quality I needed. Not to mention thier printheads, I will bet that 4 in 10 at least who buy a kodak will be requesting a new printhead from the company within the year. It’s a shame.

    I ended up going with a Canon I got for $100 in the US around Christmas time, it’s got those seperate ink tanks for each color which run around $12 CAD or US on amazon and I find I change them overall less, since the inks only use what they need individually. I like that system and I love the pictures it produces.

    Please just look into it before you get a kodak, because I found in the end the ‘cheapest inks in town’ thing doesn’t hold a candle to all of the headaches the actual printer has in store for you. I’d rather pay more for ink for a reliable printer myself. But I’ve spent about $1000 over 5 years to learn that lesson with Kodak. I’d just like to try and save you all from the same fate.

  6. Daffy131 says:

    We’ve had trouble with our printer as well (ESP7). We don’t print a whole lot, and we run into trouble about once a year. After a few hours with tech support over the phone, which is VERY frustrating. They send us a new printer, oops I mean refurbished printer, which solves them problem for another year. It is very inconvenient (as cmoody mentioned above) to wait for the replacement printer to arrive. I am not that turned off that I would never buy another Kodak printer, but hopefully we don’t need a new one until they can produce a longer lasting product. The quality of printing suits our needs, but we rarely print photos. You just can’t beat the price of Kodak ink refills!

  7. Christian says:

    Can someone point me to a source where this deal came from? I can’t find it in their flyer or on their website and I went to my local staples today to take advantage of this deal and they had no idea what I was talking about.


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