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Linens ‘n Things seem to have a large collection of items on sale.

More details at the Linens ‘n Things website

14 responses to “Linens ‘n Things Canada”

  1. Meta McCleave says:

    I bought a duvet cover with a price marked 39.99, which was scratched out and the cost came up to 59.99. The cashier noted the lower price was the US price. At this exchange rate, 100 USD would be 150 Canadian. I don’t think that is anywhere near the going rate. What a rip off.

  2. Sandra Hawkins says:

    Linens ‘N Things post large red “Sale” signs for items which are NOT on sale. Tonight’s example are the SunBeam electric blankets which had very large red SALE signs posted on the blanket shelves but when I asked for the regular price I was told this was the regular price. It makes me not trust them as a business, and I also find it insulting.

  3. Jim Jones says:

    The Canadian retail reflects more than just the exchange rate,import duties vary depending on the country of origin, as well as you should expect that the price of the item will increase based on transportation costs to bring the item into Canada. With the $ parity most people assume that the price of the item on the shelf should instantly be changed to reflect this however the item on the shelf was probably purchased by the importing company 6 to 12 months ago and the cost of that product has not decreased because of the $ parity. Be patient consumer pressure will force retailers to react – this is not isolated to one retailer.

  4. Ken Ogle says:

    Re: Linens ‘N Things rebate offer:

    I fell for the $25. rebate offered by this company on the purchase of a Hamilton Beach toaster oven on November 12,2007. It required the submission of the purchase receipt, the UPC bar code cut from the container, and a coupon. This I did and mailed to the required address in White Bear Lake MN on November 13. Having not received any respose by e-mail by November 30, I was finally able to get a human by telephone at the rebate centre and asked what gives with my submission. She did not know, and said to re-submit, which I did. Two days later, I received an e-mail saying that they had received my original submission, and that I should receive the rebate in “six to eight weeks”.

    Well, I waited and waited, and finally on February 3 an e-mail arrives stating that a cheque was mailed on February 1. It is now February 20, an still no cheque. Another call to the rebate centre, and all they could tell me was absolutely nothing! I should just be patient, “it often takes a month” (for the cheque to arrive)! They expect me to be patient after about 15 weeks!!

    This is absulutely absurd situation. Surely it doesn’t reqiuire the brain of a rocket scientist to realize that putting customers through all of this aggravation to receive a simple price reduction is a total waste of their time and the customer’s. Why in the name of heaven not just give the price reduction right in the store, and save all this time and effort on the part of the customer and their staff? I will not participate in such a scheme again, in fact they need not expect that I will again patronize Linens ‘N Things for anything, after this. One of my daughters also submitted a similar claim on the same day as I did, with exactly the same reults as I have descibed above, so this cannot be excused as an isolated case! She vows never again to patronize their stores.


    K. Ogle

  5. nobody you know says:

    In regards to the issues of pricing Linens N Things have started to make many changes slowly. There are no diffrent then any other retailer. Also the issue of American prices on the product if the product is tagged as for a manager and they will honour any price. Again with the rebate, did you contact the store in which you purchased it? Alot of the time the store will try to help you to get the rebate. I’ve even seen when the store has step up to the plate and gave it instantly in the store. So instead of complaining talk to someone who can actually do something!!!

  6. Someone in Brampton says:

    Actually, while I understand that “nobody you know” is likely an employee – your email is way too pro LNT – I would like to back up Ken Ogle’s comments.

    I purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner from LNT on one of those rebate offers. The Dyson was purchased in early October and the rebate was for $120 – quite generous. The coupon that I had to complete indicated 6-8 weeks for the rebate to arrive. I figured that would mean I would be looking at having the rebate in time for my Boxing Day shopping.

    I couldn’t have been more wrong. After months of correspondence with LNT customer service (and these would be the people paid to deal with these situations) I eventually received my rebate the end of February.

    Here is the odd thing – I wasn’t even getting a cheque – I was getting a gift card as my rebate. So why the delay? Economically, it makes little sense as the funds simply go back to the company anyways.

    So, if you are considering purchasing an item that offers a rebate from Linen and Things, bare in mind that the rebate could take up to five months to arrive. You will have to be patient. Very patient and persistent.

  7. Jan says:

    LNT??? THEY are a HUGE rip off and now bankrupt and closing the stores BE CAREFUL of their FINAL sales they jacked the price before they went to the bankruptcy sale.

    Good riddance to a company that does not believe in quality customer service. thankfully we have Home Sense and Home Outfitters

  8. snakey33 says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  9. krista says:

    Go to liquidation world…they acquired stock from the states for cheaper prices!!

  10. You're Douchebags and I hope you lose your jobs says:

    dear Jan

    the prices were not jacked so don’t talk about shit you don’t know =) and for the record Home Outfitters has the same products for the SAME PRICE and as for Homesense…well you definitely get what you paid for which is NOT much.
    and if you were to even walk into an lnt store you see tonnes of employees ready to help you. you walk into homesense or home outfitters and there is what? 2-3 people on the floor and they offer you no help.

  11. Jenni says:

    My room mate worked at LNT and I clearly remember her coming home and telling me that they removed ALL The sale tags from all the sale items and actually raised the prices on some items and “crap” merchandise came from the liquidators and they had to change the price on a lot off that stuff too. So mind your manners.

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  14. Carolynne says:

    I have a gift certificate for linens and things…
    I called the number on the back of the card…
    Line is always running a busy signal…
    Who do I contact about the gift certificate???


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