Lululemon Athletica Canada Warehouse Sale 2009: Niagara Falls

Lululemon Canada Warehouse Sale 2009: Niagra Falls

Got an email from the guys at Lululemon Canada telling me about this year’s warehouse sale:

Hey Boo!

Just wanted to give you guys the heads up! lululemon athletica is hosting a HUGE warehouse sale in Niagara Falls towards the end of January! I’ve attached all the important details for you!

Have a great afternoon, and keep up the amazing work on Smart Canucks!


Here’s a summary of this sale:

4 Day Lululemon Warehouse Sale at Niagara Falls.

Thursday  January 29th to Sunday February 1st, 2009
9am – 7pm daily
Doors close at 6:30pm

Lululemon Athletica Niagara Falls Warehouse Sale
Victoria Plaza
5175 Victoia Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON

Have any questions?
If you have questions about this Lululemon Canada warehouse sale you can leave a comment below and I’ll forward the questions to Carolyn of Lululemon 😀

Lululemon Canada Warehouse Sale 2009: Niagra Falls
Lululemon Canada Warehouse Sale 2009: Niagra Falls

72 responses to “Lululemon Athletica Canada Warehouse Sale 2009: Niagara Falls”

  1. tofuu says:

    omgoodness! how much % off the sale will be? (example: regular retail price: $98 > sale: $40) is it on everything? (fleece zip ups, full length pant, capri’s, accessories, etc). i can’t think of anything else to ask, maybe i’ll be back lol

    it’ll be a 2 hour drive, but if the sales are worth it my friends & i will probably go (and visit a few friends that live up there too!)

    thanks boo 🙂

  2. hm says:

    will there be headbands there?

  3. Aliciax says:

    Will the sale get better as the day goes on?

  4. Aliciax says:

    Whoops, I meant to put more than 1 question

    1) Will the sale get better as the days goes by? Like it would be better to go on Saturday then Thursday?

    2)What are the sample prices?

  5. J says:

    It’s Niagara, not Niagra!

  6. Truestar says:

    Headbands aren’t that expensive so if you were only going to buy that, the line up to get in sometime is super long.

    I live in Calgary and last year they had the sale here. The prices do get marked down as the days go on but the good stuff will probably be gone. I got a pair of capri yoga pants for $25 so it’s pretty cheap.

  7. Boo Radley says:

    Thanks J for pointing that out!
    Fixed 🙂

  8. MOI says:

    Um it’s a SALE folks
    You are asking questions that no one would know the answers to
    JUST go and find out……

  9. couponmom says:

    I am impressed that a company goes to SC and advertises their sale in this manner. What a terrific attitude!
    More business should contact you Boo.

    Thanks Carolyn. I won’t be going but many others will!


  10. silsan says:

    I’ll definitely be there, I live in Welland, just 25-30 minutes drive. I hope there is no too much snow to drive that day !! tks Boo and tks Carolyn 🙂

  11. gregarious says:

    Thanks for sharing – I was in a Lululemon store in Scarborough tonight and the sale was ok as Scarborough Town Centre is having a sidewalk sale but this sounds like it will be worth the drive. Cheers!

  12. Carolyn says:

    Hi everyone!

    Wow – thanks for all your support and excitement about the Warehouse Sale!

    To give you guys a better feel for how big the sale will be .. just imagine this:

    34,000 square feet of space…
    Over 300 rolling racks full of lululemon clothing…
    As much product as you’d normally see in SIX lululemon stores, all in one spot…

    We also have a great group of local athletes helping us staff the event. Along with complimentary yoga classes (so dress comfy), we’ll have wine tasting, and free parking.

    We also know that it may well be pretty darn cold, so we’ve found a venue that allows us to have a line-up inside this year! If for any reason the line gets too long and spills outside, well have some warm beverages on hand.

    Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, Boo will forward then my way! Or else feel free to visit our Facebook Event page:

    Happy Friday,
    Online Community
    lululemon athletica

  13. a says:

    does the sale get better on the last few days?

  14. emily says:

    Will there be purses there!!!!!!

  15. emily says:

    How long is the wait in line approx, the first morning….

  16. amanda says:

    I wonder if there will be a spot to try stuff on?? This is so exciting.. finally a store in niagara!!

  17. Carolyn says:

    Hi everyone!

    We’re still not sure how long the line will be each morning, but we’ll be posting updates on our Facebook Event page with line information / photos.

    Also, there will be communal changing areas for women, and a separate communal area for men.

    Currently I don’t have price information, but it will definitely be worth your while! I know that prices will be lower than boxing day and that we’re consolidating inventory from MANY different locations, so the selection will be GREAT!

    Hope you have fun at the event!!! Don’t forget to wear comfy clothes for the free yoga!


  18. tmac says:

    just wondering if you accept lululemon gift cards at the sale???

  19. Julia says:

    Approximately how much of a sale will the items be,
    becauase I’m from about 2 hours away and may miss school for this event, so when you know the approximate percentage of how much the clothing will be on sale, then please update us:)

  20. kori says:

    heeey 🙂
    how much would the regular priced ($90 ish) pants be??
    and how much off is everything in the store?

  21. kori says:

    ohh and what time does it start at in the morning ?

  22. brit says:

    hey, what if you hate yoga and you don’t want to do it? like do you have to participate in this if i you go there? because i just want to shop… Will it take up like all the room in the store? please reply. thanks so much!!!!

  23. .. says:

    is it actually going to be a sale? or is it going to be gay with like 5 bucks off or something?

  24. Eryn says:

    What sizes are their going to be??
    And estimated how many people are going to be their on Thursday!
    -thank you

  25. kori says:

    okay well i see what time it starts …
    but i still dont know how much the pants will be ( approx)

  26. purple_raptor says:

    hey guys..
    anyone have a chance to check out what kind of discounts they had?

  27. Jaylene says:

    I heard that the line ups are about 4hrs long, is this true. I will be travlleing 2hrs and I don’t want to wait for 4hrs in line, please let me know as I am coming there Saturday.


  28. Ottawalady says:

    I can’t go to the sale but I figure noone knows about lines, prices, etc till they get there. I would just relax people. Noone is forcing you to go. Boo doesn’t know everything, go to the facebook site and ask there. This is a deals website, not the Luluemon website. Just be happy he posts these for you to know about. Boo just posts them, he doesn’t run them.

  29. JM says:

    I went yesterday. The line was 2 1/2 hours around noon. I went back around 5pm and only waited 30 minutes. The sales are not that great. Pants are about $55. There are no deals on sweaters, you can get them in the store for $3 more. Sports bras and tank tops are from $24-$45. Bags are $39 but there wasn’t a selection, only 1 kind. There were headbands, scarfs and underwear from $4-$10. I wouldn’t wait in line for longer than 30 minutes. You caould probably get better deals in the store or pay the same price and walk right in. PS…They make you leave all of your belongings at the door, including purses so just bring what you need!

  30. Katherine says:

    My friend is in the sale right now. She just said there are no thick hoodies there. Yoga pants are starting at $55. She waited about 40mins to get inside. They did let you wait inside the warehouse, not out in the cold. You do have to leave your belongings at the door. I think she also said, if you wear something lulu lemon in, you get something free. I didn’t ask her what it was…… Lots of yoga stuff…….

  31. Sally says:

    Youch, how much are yoga pants usually? Aren’t they thin material? Did anyone find really good deals?

  32. Lululemon Sale says:

    I went this morning at 7:55AM and after the coat and bag check, I was shopping at 9:15AM. The yoga pants are $55 (regular price $94), thick hoodies with the Lululemon symbol on the hood for $89 (not very many left and were gone within 20 minutes, at like 9:20AM), gym bag for $39 (Metallic Grey Podium Lululemon bag), sports bra for $19-29, capris for $39, and hoodies for $69. Just remember to bring a photo ID when you are using a credit card because they will check at the cash register. There’s a changeroom (not individual rooms) but a large space for changing and there are mirrors everywhere in the changeroom.

  33. Steven says:

    Just curious what was the men section like? Prices and sizes please?

  34. bearbear says:

    I thought that men’s would be better -lots of ts and long sleeve ts as well as hoodies and shorts in S and M, less in L and XL.
    I would also caution against drinking the tea they offer – there’s no bathrooms inside, and portapotties outside are all there are – and there’s no holding spots in line.
    I was in line this a.m. at 6:30 – they let us inside at 8 – was shopping at 9.
    Well worth it, though!

  35. Carolyn says:

    Some more answers for you guys!

    Are there washrooms?
    We have washrooms located outside of the sale (near the entrance) don’t forget to use them before you come in since there aren’t washrooms inside.

    Is there a coat check?
    Yes, we have a coat check inside where you will need to check your coats, bags, etc! So pack light.

    What do I need to bring with me?
    If you are paying by credit card, please have photo id handy. Keep your method of payment on you. Bring lots of energy and a smile! We’re all here to have fun.

    What if I lose something?
    General lost in found is at the coat check. Credit and debit cards without a home are with a cash manager. “Lost purchases” are usually at cash.

    It’s so cold, will the line be long?
    Nope! We’re doing everything in our power this year to keep the line short and moving quickly. Plus, most of the line-up is inside this year. You’ll stay nice and toasty!

    Where can I park?
    We have free parking right here at the event. There is also street parking nearby. Make sure you aren’t parking illegally! After saving all this money on your new goods, no one wants to find a parking ticket on their car. (Psst – the bus & train stations are close too! Or carpool if you can!)

    What are prices like?
    They are great! We have items marked as low as $4. The selection is also top notch and we are replenishing inventory throughout the day!

    Is there anything else to do other than shop?
    Yes! We will be having complimentary yoga, demos, music, drinks, games, and giveaways! This is one big party!

    Keep the questions coming! We’ve reworked the line so that you’ll get in MUCH faster!


  36. Ottawagirl says:

    Anyone know if this warehouse sale will be coming to Ottawa again?

  37. kathyo says:

    A friend of mine made her way there this morning and didn’t find the sale very good. She said the styles seemed dated and prices were okay (when they were here in TO, I found SUPER deals!).

  38. Lily says:

    I was at the warehouse sale tonight. I got there around 6:00. I had to wait about 15 mintues in line for the coat check which i wasn’t too thrilled about as i was just wearing a t-shirt and it was quite cold in the store. Although there was a lot of stuff, the selection wasn’t that great. The discount wasn’t that great either on the more popular items. I would much rather go to the store and pay about 10% more then that warehouse sale prices to be able to shop more comfortably and have a much larger selection.

  39. K says:

    I’m all for a great sale but man has this been a pain in locals behinds trying to get down victoria! especialy those of us headed to / from work in that area.
    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION when parking on the street, i’ve seen one to many near accidents with customers not paying attention to traffic.

  40. Lululemon? says:

    Are the sales getting better by the days going by? I’ll probably go on Sunday 5:30ish. Would I pick up any good deals?

  41. Elysa says:

    do u usally have these sales going on every day of the year??

  42. Elysa says:

    is the warehouse sale coming to london ontario ever?

  43. Lee says:

    Got a few good deals today at the sale. It really takes some searching to look through the products as some of the best deals were shirts that were simply in the wrong size area. Not much for men’s wear either.

  44. Lululemon Sale - Sunday says:

    The prices are lowered and the pants are now $49 instead of $55. Everything in the store is $49 and below!

  45. Carolyn says:

    Hey everyone! It’s the LAST day of the sale and now NOTHING is priced at over $29. Walk, run, carpool your way here.

    Have fun!
    Online Community
    lululemon athletica

  46. Sally says:

    Sounds like today would be the day to go and get a deal.

  47. Amber says:

    Hey can you email me to tell me this is really true??? thanks because there was one in TO to wasn’t there>?

  48. Suz says:

    I bought a lot of stuff at the sale on Friday and Sunday. I love a good deal so naturally, I wish I had waited until later on Sunday as the prices finally went down. The sales in Toronto two and four years ago were substantially better. Plus they had gifts for every $100.00 spent. I picked up two sweet purses. See you in two years – do you known where it will be yet?

  49. Catherine says:

    Just wondering if you have any sales in the spring because I missed your winder sale? 🙂

  50. sujan says:

    yes march 31

  51. Cherry says:

    Can you please tell us the details?! Thanks, much appreciated.

  52. LuluLuver says:

    On the last day everything will be marked down to $29!!!!!
    I recommend you go .. its something you dont wanna miss

  53. Dina says:

    Is there one that’s going to come to London, Ontario??

  54. Jojo says:

    How do we get notified of Lululemon sales…dates? and Locations? Love your gear!

  55. Laurie says:

    When and where is the next Warehouse sale? Can you notify me by email above?

  56. Lisa says:

    Do you have any more warehouse sales scheduled for 2009 or 2010

    Thank you

  57. Jenn says:

    Hey! Next sale: July 23rd to July 26th is In Hamilton, ON. At the Convention Centre in the Heart of Hamilton!! 🙂

  58. Shelley says:

    Is there an admission cost to the warehouse sale?

  59. Lisa Fraser says:

    I just heard about the warehouse sale in Hamilton and missed it. When will the next one be and where?

  60. Kathy says:

    When Is the next great sale? I am a Bikram yoga teacher and I can not tell my students enough about your clothes. They buy them and love them but as a teacher I would love to get a great discount so that it is easy for me to sport your line.

  61. m says:

    Sunday is January 31st and Monday is February 1st!!!
    So is the sale on untill Sunday or Monday?

  62. Teresa Knight says:

    just want to know when the next is and when

  63. jill says:

    Is there a sale this year 2010????

  64. tammy says:

    when is the next sale ,2010, ontario??? thxxxxx

  65. Chloe says:

    When is the nexxt sale in 2010 ONTARIO 🙂

  66. laurie says:

    When and where will there be a sale in 2010?

  67. t says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a 2010 sale, I heard a rumor that there was not going to be one this year due to the Olympics?

  68. gwyn andrews says:

    When is the 2010 warehouse sale?

  69. alice says:

    seeing if lululemon is having as warehouse sale this year within a close drive from the gta- if not where is the best place to shop in buffalo for the best deal- going in the summer

  70. Simply amazing, no other words can describe the beauty of Niagara Falls. Kids, adults and people from different generations will surely be awed by its real beauty.

  71. Marlene Jenkins says:

    I am coming to Niagara Falls the weekend of Feb 19th 2011.I am a very competitive dragonboater and I am looking for relaxed capris,(snug on the toush of course) dryfit shirts (loose fit) and possibly hoodies. Is there an outlet store, sales or other happening this weekend for lululemons. I have never bought any of the yoga appariel but my crew members have and they seem amazing. I am no longer a young chick anymore but fit and having fun. My husband supports the events and also thinks I am crazy. I am a breast cancer survivor and do ocassionally help out our local breast cancer team but 90% of the time I paddle with the regular club in Cobourg.I would likely wear L or XL being a little older and trying to hide a little muffin top but remember the muscle. Can you help me with my questions please? I also need to know location. We will be staying at the Crown Plaza with three of our nine grandchildren and two parents Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many Thanks

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