Lululemon Overstock Sale Up To 50% (Or More) Off Select Items


Lululemon are having an overstock sale.  Quantities and sizes are very limited.

  • Down To The Studio Jacket $129.00 CAD (was $298.00 CAD ).  Available in black sizes 8 & 10
  • Run:U-Turn Pullover *Silver $89.00 CAD (was $118.00 CAD ). Blue sizes 2 & 4
  • Forme Jacket *Brushed $89.00 CAD (was $118.00 CAD ) Red & Black sizes 4 & 6
  • Run: Make It Rain Jacket $99.00 CAD (was $198.00 CAD ) Silver Slate sizes 8 & 10
  • Pedal Power Blazer $199.00 CAD (was $298.00 CAD ) Black sizes 4, 6 & 8 or Blush sizes 4 & 6

Plus other items.  Click here to view them all

14 responses to “Lululemon Overstock Sale Up To 50% (Or More) Off Select Items”

  1. michelle says:

    When is the sale until? Lululemon

  2. Nevah says:

    This isn’t a big deal, their website always has a “We Made Too Much” section with “overstock”. It’s often discontinued colours and/or styles. Quite frankly, it’s usually the crap that no one wants, some items have been there for quite a while. Or it’s stuff that was way too overpriced to begin with. If you go into their store, you’ll find it’s all the exact same stuff that’s on the sale rack (again, overpriced crap that no one wants). There is no sale end date, it’s until it runs out.

  3. Andrea says:

    Agree with everything Nevah said. Also, its very rarely 50% off or more. Usually the 50% off items are the extremely overpriced outerwear items. Mostly its 10-20% off.

    Also, be careful, because Lulu’s quality has been on a steep decline over the last 18 months. Sometimes the items in “we made too much” are there because of quality issues (for example, a lot of their pants are see through in the butt) – and this stuff is all final sale.

    Read reviews for anything you intend to buy from there.

  4. . says:

    as someone who works there – and doesn’t want to get fired – allow me a little rant. i apologize in advance.

    the people who think things are see-thru in the butt are morons… you just need a bigger size. there are a few pair of pants (like the under pants that are only in store) that are acknowledged to be sheer, and it says so right on the tag. the people who write reviews about the ‘steep decline in quality’ are people who are choked that they do things like slide on a gym floor until their knee bleeds and then expect us to give them brand new pants. that’s not a quality issue – are you also going to sue your parents for a skin graft? the “decline in quality” correlates precisely with the increase in brand familiarity, and is a direct result of nothing more than people wanting a handout because they’re upset they wrecked their clothes – and feel they can get it because we’re a big enough company that we can handle it.

    i say this as someone who has lululemon items from as early as 2003. There is no difference aside from the silhouettes. acknowledged mistakes (like bleeding dye last summer) is taken care of immediately and without issue – we even did things like replace items ruined when washing with the bleeding dye when the customer did not follow directions to wash the jacket by itself first – ie, if the customer had 4 shirts from walmart and 2 pairs of shorts from target and washed them with one of our jackets (though the care instructions state to wash with like colours), we gave them 4 lululemon shorts and 2 lululemon shorts. Again, complaints are from people who are looking for handouts and have NOTHING to do with quality – as a company, we own it when our quality isn’t there.

  5. Heather R says:

    While it is fine to rant and we all do from time to time, it isn’t o.k. to call people morons. Part of the Lululemon manifesto is “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.”

  6. Andrea says:

    People can disagree about the quality if they want. Its funny because if you go onto their facebook page from time to time, you’ll see pictures of fraying seams, bleeding dyes, and stories of people who have a very hard time getting a refund.

    Go to LuluAddict blog or LuluMum blog. Both have many many many posts about quality issues (and this does include sheerness, even when sizing up).

    I’m not trying to argue anything with a lulu employee, but as a customer for years who has spent thousands there, I know the quality is different. And by the way, I do still shop there A LOT, I just make sure I read reviews from other lulu lovers before I buy.

    I’m just simply telling people to do their research prior to purchasing (especially from the clearance section, which is always final sale).

    But thanks for calling me a moron though, nice way to represent your company.

  7. test says:

    1. as mentioned the “we made too much section” has always been there, this post made it seem like there was a sale.

    2. lol at lululemon employee who thinks their company can do no wrong, but no need to call us customers morons that feel that way, and i assure you we are not the only ones, just look at the review section on the website and see for yourself.

    • FallenPixels says:

      It has always been there but not always with items over 50% off – some of the deals this week are better than usual

  8. juicy says:

    In a society where the mentality that the customer is always right, it causes some people to expect companies to bend over backwards for them, and most times they do! There are countless rants about customer service, about how they were treated, and then the customer expects something in return for that horrible service. When simply they can just stop shopping there! For the lululemon pants. I just purchased a crop and their wunder under. The quality is excellent. It was not sheer because I got it in my size. Maybe if those “morons” didnt try to squeeze into a smaller number maybe it wouldnt be sheer. This world is full of morons and the employee is not wrong to call them out.

  9. Sarah says:

    I really love lululemon gear but you definitely can’t get away with saying that nothing has changed in their product. I own quite a few pairs of lululemon pants that are over a year old and the material used in these is much more substantial than it is in the pants that are currently stocked. Reading reviews on their website, this lulu employee appears to be the only one who thinks nothing has changed. There is also the issue with the switch from the diamond to triangle gusset…which you certainly can’t deny is a change and not a positive one at that. I still purchase items from lululemon (tanks, bras, etc) but have had to steer away from any tight fitting pants because of the sheerness issue that has been brought up time and time again. And no, it is not a sizing issue. To fix the sheerness issue you need to size up so much so that the pants wont stay up in any sort of workout.

  10. Lori Hahn says:

    The decline in quality started when LLL started outsourcing everything. I have had seams unravelling on shirts that were washed on delicate, hung to dry. Plastic poking out of waistbands upon arrival. Does that make me a moron too? I think having some like you represent that company is just perfect…I pretty much expect that they think we are all morons and will just keep buying while they continue to cut costs and rely on brand loyalty.

  11. Sue says:

    Well, quality product or not, still can’t afford Lululemon. Can’t afford Maple Leaf tickets, either. BTW when teaching customer service the FIRST now taught is that the customer is NOT always right. This came around (oh, about 15 years ago) to deal with how to respond to the abusive customer. This is the number one phrase offered by super abusive customers. Have you seen that note in Doctors’ offices? Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. About time.

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