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MAC has emailed me another free shipping code.  Simply enter “AMBER” at checkout to receive free standard shipping.  I was just in a MAC last week and stocked up so I don’t need to take advantage of this.  Hopefully some readers can.  Code is valid until February 27th.  Click here to shop.

18 responses to “MAC COSMETICS Canada Free Shipping Discount Coupon Code”

  1. silentbob1 says:

    eeek… thats one ugly dude

  2. Cheap says:

    I don’t understand the hype around Gaga. Most of her looks remind me of Madonna or Sir Elton John. Her song “Born this way” reminds me of Madonna’s song “Express Yourself”. The lyrics of Gaga’s song “Born again” reminded me of the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “Black or white”. She is not of the same calibre as Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Cher, Madonna or Barbra Streisand, to name a few. Sometimes the way she dresses, reminds me of transvestite. Yet people are buying her CD’s. I wonder if it is because the younger generation has forgotten or never heard the songs of previous singers. I wonder if Gaga’s success is due to a lack of talented young singers. No offense intended to Katy Perry because I think that Katy Perry is a breath of fresh air.

  3. Sally says:

    I don’t know why people hate Gaga so much. Srsly.

  4. Dark_Angel says:

    @Cheap So what?? One of her songs sounds similar to something else. I do agree with the “Black Or White” comparison. Have you forgot all the songs she created before this one that made her famous? “Poker Face”, “Bad Romance” etc… You’re acting like this is the only song she’s ever made and basing your hate on that. Grow up. I bet the reason she wrote “Born This Way” is to slam haters like you who constantly make comparisons and discredit her originality. I think if you look behind the image you will see that she wants to be original not like anyone else. I don’t see anyone else walking around in the same outfits she does until after she’s worn them herself. So please… give me a break!

  5. Cheap says:

    I never said that I hate Gaga. I said that I don’t understand why people like Gaga so much. I don’t understand Gaga is so popular in comparison to past musical performers. I find that fans of Lady Gaga become extremely defensive whenever someone questions her abilities to perform and to sing. Fans of Lady Gaga also exaggerate the comments of people who question her ability to perform and to sing.

  6. macgirl says:

    anybody knows if the mac plush glass in plus luxe is discontinued??

  7. Laura says:

    Have you ever heard Katy Perry sing live? She can’t even carry a tune. Her recorded stuff is fine because they can autotune her but man, she couldn’t even get her act together for one song at the Grammy’s. Sad.

  8. Sally says:

    I personally am excited to see Gaga live. Her and Katy Perry aren’t even on the same level. Gaga can sing without auto tune.

  9. Cheap says:

    I think that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are different with regards to their lyrics, beat, style of music and public image.

    The only reason that I think that Katy Perry has made a contribution is with regards to her lyrics about a girl kissing a girl and another song about a man who acts gay. Two very controversial and contradictory themes when comparing the lyrics and themes of the songs with each other. I don’t think that a performer has ever sung about homosexuality. I am not comparing Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, I am comparing Katy Perry to past performers.

    With regards to Lady Gaga, I think that her lyrics lack depth. A song about a telephone, a song about poker, a song about dancing.

    Let me ask this question, would you rather go to a concert performed by the original Elvis if he were still alive or would you rather go to a concert by Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

    Would you rather go to a concert to see Freddie Mercury or would you rather go to a concert performed by Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

    Do you think that the artists of today are comparable with the icons of the past such as Cher, Ella Fitzgerald and Barbara Streisand or has music become too commercialized with the intentions of marketing to a younger generation in order to sell CD’s?

  10. Dark_Angel says:

    @Cheap I highly suggest you watch Gaga’s performances before she got famous. Search exactly that. Lady Gaga before fame or Lady Gaga Captivated & Electric Kiss. You will see that the voice she sings with is authentic, live and not auto tune. I think if some of the icons you are mentioning were still alive they might work with Gaga. I haven’t heard of any icons that hate Gaga or what she does. I may be wrong but if you can name some… cool. I understand your right to your opinions and I respect you for that until you say she looks like a transvestite.

    @Laura I will be seeing Katy Perry live as my friend is taking me and i’m happy but I have to strongly agree. Katy’s live voice is very weak and doesn’t hold a candle to Gaga’s live voice.

    See the amazing thing about creativity is that people can bounce ideas back and forth. Or take something that was previously done before and put their own twist on it. Even famous artists do this/did this. IE. Andy Warhol. I think it’s a natural progression of art. But to each his or her own.

  11. Laura says:

    Uh, clearly Cheap doesn’t understand metaphors. Poor child.

    Also, just for the record, speaking AS A GAY PERSON, Katy Perry is hardly the first person to sing about gay issues. Shockingly, queer people have the ability to learn how to play instruments and sing and write music too and have been for quite some time. Kindly go F.Y. for that statement. Also, to clarify, U R So Gay isn’t about a guy who acts gay. The only way you can “act gay” is by being in a relationship with someone of the same gender. It’s actually about a society’s homophobia and a woman’s ignorance about gay men and gay stereotypes. Listening to classical music, driving environmentally friendly cars and being interested in your appearance are not akin to getting down with another dude. She’s either ignorant as **** or using “gay” as synonym for “stupid”. Both of which suck.

    Even if you want to play the “popular pop entertainer” card, TATU, The Kinks, Christina, Madonna have all done this. Katy Perry is just jumping on the bandwagon.

    Even Madonna borrowed from other people (Paris is Burning for one, underground gay clubs, S&M culture, etc.) Why do so many people blame Gaga like she’s the first? Gaga often references other artists but always takes what they’ve done and push it in her style. She’s always honest about her influences. All artists do this. trying to attacking her for it is just reaching and makes people look silly and completely ignorant about art and culture.

    @Dark_Angel, I would totally see Katy in concert too if I had the chance. Her show looks like a lot of fun (lots of costume changes, props etc.)

  12. Dark_Angel says:

    Owenx = Cheap 😛
    Gaga ain’t going anywhere. Sorry. Deal with it.

  13. Dark_Angel says:

    @Laura Yep. She looks like a lot of fun. I love her candy theme. 🙂

  14. Dark_Angel says:

    @Sally Me too! It’s so different… although I admit graphic at times.

  15. Sally says:

    Yeah it was for sure.

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