Maple Syrup = Healthy?

Move over blueberries, cranberries, acai, goji, quinoa, wild salmon, etc. and make way for Maple Syrup. Maple Syrup? Yes, Maple Syrup…not to be confused by that brown chemical sludge that you buy at the store with Aunt Jemima on it!

According to a new study, Maple Syrup has been touted as the next superfood, containing antioxidants and a whole bunch of other good stuff worthy for a Dr. Oz episode.

I was quite surprised to hear these findings, although not delighted as I don’t eat enough of the honey-like condiment to make a dent to my overall health. Like how often do I eat pancakes? Besides, this stuff AIN’T cheap!

(To its credit though, like honey, maple syrup apparently doesn’t go bad – with the exception of eventually growing a blanket of mold on the surface that you can just scrap off and make it all good again. Don’t quote me on this technique as I have not personally attempted it. I’m just reiterating what the internet says.)

In addition to not using enough Maple Syrup to “count”, I’m also skeptical as the study was funded by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Is this even ethical? Isn’t it a conflict of interest? I’m assuming that if there were any negative findings they wouldn’t be printed.

Unethical or not, I think everyone should proceed with caution before they overindulge in this superfood &/or wait until another independent study is released.

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30 responses to “Maple Syrup = Healthy?”

  1. Sally says:

    Hmmn interesting, I love maple syrup. My cousin owns a sugar bush, we use to help out as kids. It wasn’t the industrial lines either, we collected buckets and drove a tractor and tailer all over the bush. Rustic fun before video games lol!

  2. Scarecrow says:

    that picture makes me want to have pancakes for dinner

  3. anisa says:

    there’s nothing unethical about the study funding. where’s the conflict?

    anyhow, maple syrup is all yummy and not expensive if you aren’t a glutton. a little goes a long way.

  4. abbasgirl says:

    I think I’ll just keep eating what I have been eating – a little of this and a little of that. Eventually it will all be labeled a super food. 🙂

  5. sally says:

    I love Cracker Barrels syrup its fake and real mixed together. Best of both worlds. Maple Syrup is expensive if you compare it to Aunt Jems.

  6. Elizabeth Blaze says:

    Maple Syrup = Yummy! That’s all I need to know!

  7. lp89 says:

    All right everyone, be sure to have your 8 glasses of maple syrup a day to stay healthy!… Errr, wait a mintute, is it water? My mistake.

  8. lp89 says:

    ps… i think you mean “touted” instead of “tooted”, atleast i got a giggle out of that typo 😛 .

  9. ladie fannie says:

    Anything that is a WHOLE food is WAY better than anything processed. If your grandparents didn’t yet it, neither should you. If you cannot pronounce it and it didn’t come from our earth…stay away. Butter is better than margarine…North Americans and their gluttony can’t seem to use anything sparingly.

  10. Jenn says:

    I did the master cleanse for 6 days, and went through soooo much 100% maple syrup (grade b). I’m a believer in it’s benefits!

  11. lyssapaquette475 says:

    I’m a master cleanser too, at my house we only use the pure maple syrup from Quebec, soo much healthier for you.

  12. Peaches says:

    Maple butter is one of my favourite foods. It’s expensive but it’s one of my few indulgences. It has substantially fewer calories than almond or cashew butter to boot!!!

  13. slide says:

    I guess the conflict would be that the the study is (partially) funded by a group whose interest is a positive outcome of the research. Also, this study being put into a respectable research journal would add to the legitimacy so at least we know it’s peer-reviewed.

    But yeah to the OP – maple syrup is tasty, definitely better than Aunt Jemima’s in taste and nutrition but also leagues more expensive. ::sadface::

  14. caroman says:

    most studies that put a product in a good light are funded by that particular industry. where do you think they get the money to do these studies?

  15. Lisa says:

    We only use the real deal from Quebec..even my 9 yr old won’t touch the fake stuff..we’ve run out so we’ll have to buy some local syrup..just intime.

  16. Brenda says:

    Maple syrup is expensive because it is labour intensive and only made during a certain time of the year – spring when the snow is melting and before the buds on the sugar maple open. If the weather conditions are poor, so is the maple syrup season. Weather has to be warm days (not too warm), and cold nights for the sap to run properly. 40 litres of sap = 1 litre of syrup. I grew up working in the sugar bush each spring in Northern Ontario. Real syrup is the ONLY way to eat pancakes! Yummy! Naturally produced – no additives.

  17. shawnmikey716 says:

    Yummmmmmy. Now thats a study I think I might get some use out of :). But now I’m very interested in the Master Cleanse. Google time for me.

  18. mrsamyweber says:

    I live near Elmira, ON, where they have a huge maple syrup festival every year – it was this past Saturday. Thousands of people lining the main street to eat maple treats – pancakes, etc 🙂 Its so yummy!

  19. muffinman says:

    I’m really tired of hearing all kinds of food studies. I eat whatever tastes good and maple syrup happens to be one.

  20. v says:

    Well no surprise, its perfectly natural, created by mother nature.
    The problem is the pancakes are bad for you.
    Who’s going to eat syrup by itself?

  21. SavingMentor says:

    I have to admit v that I’ve eaten maple syrup by itself but I’m type 1 diabetic and it’s a quick sugar hit when my blood sugar goes low, which happens a lot. Since I don’t like to drink juices of any sort, it’s a good substitute!

    I usually go for the honey instead though.

  22. dealornodeal says:

    We’re in the process of making our last batch of maple syrup right now (near north ontario). Ours is a community affair, 4 neighbours collecting saps and then boiling down and bottling together. Many people don’t realize that long below sugar was available as a household staples in the north, maple syryp was “the” sugar used for everything. We end up with at least a gallon a year, sometimes more and sometimes less. A little goes a long way.

    I’ll take natural maple syrup over whatever fructose-laden mock syrup that nice auntie lady puts into her bottle any day, superfood or not.

  23. dealornodeal says:

    Make that “long before sugar…”

  24. glowworm2k says:

    Just a note… if maple syrup grows mold on top it becomes TOXIC! Do not just scrape the mold off – discard it!!! That said, it will keep in the fridge for about a year, and in the freezer for even longer (Often, as it ages it will crystallize in the container; that’s not dangerous, just natural maple sugar). Just make sure to take a look at the syrup if you haven’t used it in a whie and toss it out if you see any mold!

  25. jo says:

    maple syrup is great in alot of dishes aside from pancakes. It is very time consuming to make and involves alot of labour. When you see what is involved the price seems very reasonable.

  26. Joe Medad says:

    If it is made in Canada it is good for you

  27. Andrew says:

    It’s not unethical for an industry/trade group to fund a study. Often no one else is interested in funding a study – it’s not exactly the cheapest thing in the world. The key is to examine the study itself (not the headline – every headline should be taken with a massive grain of salt because they are rarely accurate).

  28. Martha says:

    I live in Quebec and maple syrup is not cheap here either! When it goes on SALE, I stock up. In fact,I just bought 12 cans of it last month when Loblaws had them on sale for practically half the regular price.
    I eat maple syrup practically every day! But not on pancakes. I have it with plain greek yogurt topped with cinnamon, walnuts and pecan halves. Or, I pour it over my plain hot oatmeal. Okay,sometimes I put it on my eggs! I even cook with it: salmon + maple syrup= Awesome!
    I can’t help it! I love the stuff!
    Bonus= It’s Made In CANADA!
    ps. I love this site!

  29. mol says:

    wehre do you buy the real maple syrup from quebec in BC?

  30. dizzyb says:

    Maple syrup is expensive, but so worth it. I agree with ladie fannie–whole foods, all the way! In the long run, if you’re eating whole foods, in reasonably sized portions, it will work out to be LESS expensive.
    We use maple syrup to add a bit of sweetness to homemade oatmeal (so much more tasty than the packaged instant stuff) and to plain yogurt.
    I’m wondering if it has any healing properties when dabbed on a wound, like honey does…

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