March Break @ Boston Pizza!

This March (Break) the kids menu at Boston Pizza starts at $6.25 with 8 items including: Bugs n’ Cheese, Pint-sized Pizza, Gooey Grilled Cheese, Baked Salmon, BP Kids Cheeseburgers, Chicken Fingers, Super Spaghetti or Lovely Linguini.

(The deal isn’t as good as last year as it seems as though kids under 10 ate free last March Break!  They probably lost money.)

I avoid eating at chain restaurants, but I don’t mind Boston Pizza!  In fact, I’ve had only good experiences with their food…especially their pizza. 😉  So keep this promo in mind if&when you’re stuck with the kids this March Break!

For some reason, the promo isn’t posted on their website.  However, it does appear here on their Facebook page.  I received it as part of the BP E-mail Club.

Please call your local BP for details as the promo seems to vary depending on your location!

Click here, under “About Us” to find a BP location near you!

20 responses to “March Break @ Boston Pizza!”

  1. isey says:

    At my local Boston Pizza they have kids eat for $3.99 every Sunday in March. Not sure if it is all boston pizza’a though.

  2. Stephania says:

    If it helps, my closest location is Square One, so perhaps the deal is specific to the GTA area.

  3. Stephania says:

    $3.99 sounds a heckuva lot better than $6.25!

  4. isey says:

    Here is the email that I got from Boston Pizza. I am in BC, it says all lower mainland locations…..


    Did you know every Sunday is Kids Sunday at Boston Pizza? That means all kids meals are only $3.99 and that includes a drink and dessert. So take a night off from cooking at head out to Boston Pizza this Sunday!

    It doesn’t say anything about being just for March so perhaps it is indefinite?

  5. Stephania says:

    This sounds like a badly marketed promo!

    The email I got said both “March” and “March Bread” and there was no dates specified in terms of whether or not the promo ran for the entire month or just during the Break.

    I think, to be safe, CALL your local BP to get the specifics. I’ll update my post!

  6. adora says:

    My local BP’s kid’s meals has been $6.25. This is not a deal at all!

  7. Lynn says:

    No comments!

  8. bonnie says:

    That is regular price. Not a deal whatsoever.

  9. Stephania says:

    Okay, deal fail, BP. Never been for their kids menu, so I guess this isn’t a deal after all! I did sound kinda pricey to me.

  10. Shanon says:

    $6.25 is the regular price for a kids meal at our locations in BC, it’s not worth it for my boy, it’s too much food for him so most goes to waste and I can’t bring myself to pay more than $5 for a few noodles covered in a basic cheese sauce.

  11. willowsprite says:

    I’ll never go to BP again…went once on my b-day last year and boy was it a rip off. Service sucked too.

  12. Sally says:

    I’m up for some March Bread.

  13. ValeriE says:

    It is a good place to be with the kids . They are kid friendly. They don’t give you dirty looks if your kid is under the table playing nintendo etc…


  14. Ashley says:

    Kids meals are $6.25 but that includes one of those options, a side dish, drink, and dessert. Super Kids Sundays meals are $3.99. The size of a kids meal for 6.25 is an amazing value to families compared to most chain restaurants…..

  15. maple_bling says:

    Amazing value? Here they get maybe 4 or 5 fries and 2 chicken fingers heh, but I don’t go there anymore, its a rip.

  16. SuperMel says:

    Every year I buy my kids a “BP kids club card” during their November fundraiser they have in store. They make great gifts/stocking stuffers as well! The 5 bucks goes to charity, and the card is good for 5 FREE KIDS MEALS with and adult purchase of 14$ or more during the following year! Makes it a really cost effective night out for my family.

  17. del says:

    In my city THAT IS THE REGULAR PRICE!!!!! Why do they think it is a deal is beyond me.

  18. oki says:

    I think in Montreal, kids eat free… I saw some billboards

  19. olivercat says:

    It seems to be different deals in different areas–and the service can be TOTALLY different in areas–in some locations kids are not really ‘wanted’–and you can tell by the lack of service you get! (personally, I like take out at the Cambridge location best!)

  20. Ashley says:

    yep, amazing value….you can either take your kid to a fast food chain and spend 5$ on a hamburger happy meal or you can go and get real food with choices like pasta, vegetables, rice, salmon….plus drink (pop, juice, milk etc.) and a dessert….that to me is value…if you are only getting two chicken fingers they must be pretty big fingers as I know for sure they serve all the food by weight.


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