McDonald’s Canada: Free small coffee everyday Feb 28 until March 6, 2011



Do you love your morning coffee? Or how about afternoon coffee? Or maybe you just love coffee whenever you can get it!  Starting Feb 28th, McDonald’s resturaunts all over Canada will be giving out FREE small coffee to anyone who wants them, all day, everyday, up until March 6th. No purchase required! So have a cup of coffee on them!

Thanks to AnnieP and Skippy


38 responses to “McDonald’s Canada: Free small coffee everyday Feb 28 until March 6, 2011”

  1. Kristin says:

    Last time if you asked for a larger size, they would give that one for free, I hope so this time too!

  2. f says:

    Cool! Thanks for posting!

  3. Eric says:

    With how often they do this, I think they should just either charge for individual coffees, and give free coffee with purchase. These free coffee promotions tend to just cause drive-thrus and insides to be busier, especially in the morning, of people who just want a coffee. At least at our local McDonalds, it does not bring in any more revenue.

  4. Crystal says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mcdonalds coffee!!!!!
    @ Kristin….The Mcdonalds close to me would charge the difference for a larger size .25 cents I think….

  5. donny68 says:

    the homeless people I know who hang out in front of McD’s will love this. They won’t have to ask for change to buy a coffee. Thanks McD’s.

  6. dfsfs says:

    Tim Hortons still wins.

  7. Mark says:

    Mcds have been generous lately with free biscuits and now coffee.

  8. Mark says:

    Tims must be having rollup the rim contest. This is to take away some sales from Tims.

  9. Amy says:

    Interesting how their free coffee promotions always coincide somewhat with Tim Horton’s roll-up-the-rim. I’m not complaining though =) I prefer the taste of McD’s coffee anyway.

    @Kristin – All of the locations I went to in the previous promotion were happy to give you a large or medium for free as well until the last week when I was told they were no longer doing that because “someone complained”. But they just charge the difference between a small and large which is still a good deal =)

  10. dfsfs says:

    Yeah roll up the rim starts FEB 21.

  11. smartmama says:

    I agree Amy. Much prefer McD’s coffee to Tim Horton’s. Considering I drink coffee black, taste is crucial.

  12. Dealspower says:

    Thanks so much for the find 🙂

  13. stardustcross says:

    Doesn’t McDs have this promo from time to time – not just when Tim’s has their roll up the rim contest?

    Either way, McDs coffee was always way better than Tim’s gross watered down coffee. -_-

  14. marilynMansion says:

    Timmys coffee is watered down and way over-rated…..i think ppl just dont know any better…..McDonalds coffee is much better, they should open a McCafe in Canada…..

  15. Danielle says:

    I’m a manager at a McDonald’s and for this promotion unfortunately it is ONLY a small coffee for free, not a medium or large as in previous promotions. It just got too crazy when people were asking for 15 larges haha. However there will be an upcharge so if you want a medium or large you can still get a deal, you can just pay the difference and get more!

  16. Sandra5 says:

    28 cents for an upgrade to large size is still a great deal!

  17. Bugga says:

    A small mcD coffee is almost the same size as a large tims. And McD’s tastes way better!

  18. tudorchick says:

    i much as i love tim hortons as a canadian brand,their coffee,atleast in my town,isn’t worth the trip anymore.i ask for a double double,what i get tastes like a triple triple because it is just so watered down.don’t know if their coffee has changed or who is making it,but it is just blechh…as much as i dont like going to mcdonalds in the morning,their coffee has a full bodied taste and they mix it correctly. and so much cheaper..

  19. Amy says:

    @smartmama – Black coffee is the way to go; it’s how I take mine as well 🙂

    And I definitely agree! Let’s get some McCafe’s in Canada pretty please!

  20. BJ says:

    Double double? You really need to realize how much fat you are getting in your coffee. I used to drink doublex2 all the time, but I’ve switched to just milk. You wouldn’t believe how many calories you’ll save over the week.

    And then have the odd double double on the weekend when you’re relaxing with your significant other! When we are working coffee is used as a drug to wake us up, but on the weekend we drink it for fun! Not trying to tell people what to do but just wanted to pass on a little health tip (and yes I still buy the occasional mc d’s sandwhich!!).

  21. CHAR says:


  22. hondamanic says:

    i’ve been waiting for this!!! thank you!!

  23. Pat says:

    Truthfully you get what you pay for. Mcdonalds is trying to capture any sales they can get in the morning. Currently Tims is by far the market leader in that daypart of the business, hence FREE Biscuits and FREE Coffee. As I said you get what you pay for. Free = lesser quality

  24. PearLS says:

    MMMMMMMcDonald’s Coffee…….
    So good. Does not matter if you are in a big cty or small town. It is still good and tastes the same.

    Tim’s on the other hand…. If you are in the city…. Poor service and horrible coffee….. But if you travel say 100km from any large city and the quality of both the coffee and service is much better. Shame on Tim’s for letting their service go down the drain. And what ever happened to the Toonie Tim Bit Box??

  25. Stephania says:

    Thanks for the reminder!

    I think I’m gonna be totin’ my reusable, ceramic cup ’round just for this purpose alone!

  26. mia says:

    Thanks for the reminder as well!!!
    I love the mcdo coffee!!!
    Last time I miss the biskit promotions si I will enjoy this one!!!
    And I would love them to do again the buble and ice coffee any size for 1$ this summer…that was awesome!!!

  27. Kiri says:

    “free = lesser quality” not necessarily true

    As an employee, Coffee is still coffee, whether they pay for it or not. Brew, put it in cup. serve. no difference 😛

  28. NanaJanne says:

    Missed this one last time. Will try it for sure. Thanks for posting

  29. yummy says:


  30. DENIS says:

    i do not like their coffe it taste bad i try it one and i will not buy it

  31. boyzmom33 says:

    I usually prefer their coffe over Timmies anyways, so it’s nice getting my extra large for .37 cents this morning!

  32. Kimmie says:

    Holy cow, I waited 20 min just to get my coffee… is it really worth it? lol
    I think I’ll stick with my usual from tomorrow… =P

  33. CaptainUSA says:

    Tim Hortons coffee outranks Mcdonalds anyday. Quality of the product is far more superior IMO. Maybe its because im from the states but Canada should appreciate what they got!

  34. coffee? says:

    don’t you see that caffeine is a drug? you become dependent and it messes up your teeth. just get water and be healthy.

  35. White says:

    I think its a GREAT idea, who anywhere gives FREE coffee in fact FREE anything.. it just doesn’t happen.. But McDonald’s is doing and the way it looks is pissing off that donut shop down the road with its roll under the rim to win or that other cafe shop across the street, they never give nothing for free except for the creamer/sugar with your bot coffee. Your coffee is very good, your staff are extremely polite weather your speaking English or French they talk to you in whatever language you wish.They want you to come back.. and you will.

  36. Diva says:

    what about Starbucks?

  37. Sarah says:

    I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia and today I got a free medium cappuccino. Regular price here is 2.99+ tax. Not sure if this is another promotion but I’ll take it 🙂

  38. Sinner says:

    Its funny the are giving away coffee for free. The other day I spent $38.00 for some meals for my family for take out, I asked for some ketsup and vinager and I was told Vinager is an extra charge.
    How cheap is that? I can fill a drink cup full of katsup, grab hand fulls of napkins also salt and pepper refill my pop multiple times but they charge for one of the cheapiest condiments to produce, I cant imagine them saving much pinching pennies this way. I wonder if there washroom ass wipe will be on the next charge list?
    A new clown other than Ronald McDonald must still be running the show now..
    Lynn Valley McDonald, North Vancouver B.C.

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