Cozy Up Sale up to 50% off

I recently discovered this website and instantly fell in love. Their clothing is all vintage-inspired which means you get the benefit of those adorable vintage styles with modern day fabrics. They also carry decorative items, shoes, bags and accessories.

Check it out and I hope you love it as much as I do!


Click here to check out the sale

Here are some of my favorite sale items:


31 responses to “ Cozy Up Sale up to 50% off”

  1. Youngin' says:

    I disapprove .

  2. itsjustmebub says:

    LOL – too awesome for you? 😉

  3. jui says:

    Oooo, I fell in love with their dresses! Did you have to pay duty/brokerage fee?

  4. itsjustmebub says:

    Check out the gifts under $25

    such adorable stuff!!!

  5. Youngin' says:

    Dresses make me have to shave my legs..

  6. itsjustmebub says:

    nahhh youngin you can just wear colored tights these days – they sell those too! lmao

  7. Litesandsirens911 says:

    that grey dress is cute, thanks for posting 🙂

  8. Youngin' says:

    You do NOT want to see Chewbacca in a dress.

  9. honeydoo says:

    jui – i placed a BIG order on there just before christmas–the price that showed when i paid was final (tax is charged, no add’l customs fees). also their int’l shipping is pretty high, but there used to be a 10% off code for int’l customers. check their FAQ for the code or google it, i can’t remember what it was exactly.. something with the number 10 in it……

  10. Anne Dougherty says:


    Same idea…they’re based in Toronto.

  11. Melissa says:

    OMG! Both sites are sooo great! Thanks you guys, for posting them. I love those vintage styles!!

  12. Anne Dougherty says:

    Hey! Their gifts under 25$ is kinda like the stuff they sell at Urban Outfitters:

    Look Bub! Domo string lights and owl tree toothbrush holders!

  13. Melissa says:

    Dress 911 – Monique dress and Vanessa dress please!!! I better freeze my credit cards in a block of ice…

  14. espresso-romance says:

    Check out this site too, they have some of the same stuff as those other sites. I’ve been shopping off all three stores for a year now and well…I never go to the malls anymore!

    With Modcloth, like someone else says, they charge more for international shipping so the customs and brokerage is all covered, they also collect Canadian taxes so there are no hidden fees. The International coupon code for orders over $100 is “inter100” I think, I’ve used it several times.

    With Ruche, which is also American, they ship with USPS BUT Canada Post almost never charges duty. For all the shopping I’ve done from Ruche and other American sites, I’ve only been charged duty and taxes ONCE. And it was a pretty low price so totally worth it.

    With Dress 911, they’re Canadian! So I think taxes are collected but the shipping is cheap because it’s in the same country!

  15. mhk says:

    I suddenly NEEEEED new clothes 😉

  16. Anne Dougherty says:

    Wow! Those are great dresses too!! I suddenly want about 20 new dresses. lol

  17. julyprincess says:

    Make that 25!!!

  18. itsjustmebub says:

    woo glad this was so popular and MUST check out all these new sites!!

  19. pam says:

    Can anyone tell me what the quality of the clothes are like? Price looks good but it’s always the quality i’m concerned about.

  20. itsjustmebub says:

    @ pam if you mean the modcloth quality you can read about each item and the reviews it has gotten if you click on it. i’ve never noted any really bad commentary on any item i have checked.
    they each come from individual indie designers so it’s hard to say as a whole

  21. pam says:

    @itsjustmebub Thanks very much for the info!

  22. liz says:

    O M G !!! LOVE their stuff…

    Any idea how often they replenish their “out of stock” items”?

  23. Cath says:

    omg.. those are SOOO cute!!!! (I’ll check out the dress911 site later – thanks Anne for the 3 additional sites!!! 🙂 (i’ll be busy this w-e :)))) – thanks!! 🙂

  24. espresso-romance says:

    In terms of replenishing…you just got to sign up for their notification email at Modcloth. It works, one time I was waiting for a pocket watch to come back in and they sent me an email letting me know it was restocked.

    For Ruche, they also do the same. Not sure about Dress 911 but it’s a smaller company and the person who’s in charge, Lana, seems to be pretty on top of things.

  25. espresso-romance says:

    So just shoot customer service an email if you ever have a question!

  26. Zay says:

    Some really great stuff, I totally love those dresses. Thanks!

  27. FunkyCrew says:

    I hate you guys!!! who’s paying for my CC bill 🙁 so cute, so nice, want everything!

  28. Ruby says:

    Ruche and Mod both have clothes that I’m interested in – especially from the sale items! Thanks for the tips, it’s nice to find out about clothing options that people have tried and love other than from the big box stores.

  29. Missy says:

    awesome. love the recommendation sites also. any others out there like this. based in Canada ?

  30. Sunnie says:

    don’t buy anything just because it says on sale. you will end up paying more money with shipping, duty and brockerage fee whatever..i paid like 120 bucks for sale items including shipping.. the shipping was already 26 bucks and i need to pay like 45 bucks for other fees actually before i get my items.

  31. Jessica says:

    I agree with Sunnie. I think modcloth changed something because I bought a couple dresses and when it got here, I had to pay 40 dollars at the post office on top of the shipping the site cost. In the end it wasn’t worth all that extra money for the dresses I got. Plus it took 3 and a half weeks to get to me so I didn’t have time to return the dress I hated (has to go back within a month of when they ship it out).

    I’ve shopped on and the shipping was way faster (about 7 business days) and only 7 dollars. I just wish they restocked new items more often!


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