Netflix Canada: Free One-Month Unlimited Streaming + $25 Buytopia Credit!

Right now, Buytopia is offering not only 1-month free membership to Netflix which includes unlimited movies/tv streaming, but also $25 credit for Buytopia. All this can be yours for $0.00!

I guess Netflix is really pushing people to try out their services as I’ve recently received 2 ads for them! The flyer in the mail just offered a 1-month free trial membership whereas the Buytopia deal includes the credit!

Even at an affordable $7.99/month, I’ve never subscribed to Netflix just because I don’t want to deal with bandwidth overage charges at the end of the month.

(And I’d definitely have an overage as there is really nothing on the channels that I have on cable! 🙁 )

If you’ve used Netflix, what do you think about it? How did you manage your bandwidth limit with the added service?

27 responses to “Netflix Canada: Free One-Month Unlimited Streaming + $25 Buytopia Credit!”

  1. kendra says:

    darn! after i signed up an offer comes!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I love my NetFlix and internet in BC isn’t charged as a bandwidth package =D

  3. Jean says:

    Bandwidth overage charges? What the hell internet company are you with?

  4. cherie says:

    We have an highspeed unlitmed package (who knows what that really means thou) I have next flix hooked up to 3 PS3’s in our home. So the kids dont have to fight over what movie they want to see. We’ve never had an overage charge. I like net flix personally. They have a wide vaitey of movies, and netflix of kids – strickly kids tv shows, and movies. I love it!

  5. TrixyLuxx says:

    its great! I have canadian and usa netflix, usa netflix is better! The only way you can get usa netflix is y having a canadian account.

  6. Andrea says:

    we have Bell for internet and were able to almost double our bandwidth allotment for only $5/month.

  7. Moom says:

    We’ve had netflix for a few months (got a $15 dominos gift card as well as the first month free) – even though we use it quite a bit we’ve never seen a significant difference in bandwidth used.

    I like it a lot, although I do wish the Canadian netflix had the choice and some of the features of the US netflix. I guess there are issues with licensing content from the studios though. I’ve read a few articles saying that netflix have committed to having the same quality of programming in Canada as the US by the end of 2012. I’m willing to wait to see if that happens.

  8. ashokia says:

    I love Netflix! I signed up for the free trial when Superpoints was offering 1000 points ($10 to try it out). The Canadian Netflix is horrible, but there are sites out there that will let you use their DNS server to trick Netflix into thinking you are in the US, which means access to all US content.

    We switched to Teksavvy and have 300GB/month for the same price we were paying Rogers for 25, so we don’t have to worry about Overage at all. We ended up just getting rid of our cable since we’ve got lots to watch now, and you can download/stream every TV show you’d want to watch anyway!

  9. Johnny Matt says:

    Have netflix and no cable/dish… It has introduced us to some shows that we would not have even known about. We get caught up and then stream the current episodes that are avail…. A-Team is a favorite of mine, Classic! It now has TED Talks, Awesome in 10 minute intervals!
    Does anyone have anything to say about D-Link’s Boxee Box?

  10. Johnny Matt says:

    Sorry and Ontera does not have a limit per month…Goodtimes.

  11. mealplanmuncie says:

    i just watch most of my shows on ctv’s website.

  12. Jessica Marie says:

    We have a Boxee Box hooked up to our tv, and use Netflix through it all the time. I also enjoy watching Netflix on my ipad. (While I cook, or laying in bed…) Prior to Netflix we were really big into British tv, so when we got it we were thrilled to see many of our favourite shows.
    We have unlimited internet through Primus.

    More on Boxee Box….BEST purchase ever if you do not have cable/dish. I used to have my computer hooked up to the living room tv, but it looked so messy and was sort of a pain to use.
    I love how Boxee shows me whats available to stream, and I can also access Netflix + Youtube. Also have an external hard drive attached to Boxee Box with all my media files on it. (I move everything off my computer to it every few weeks) Otherwise there is a little program called Boxee Media Manager which allows you to access files direct from your computer.

  13. fred233 says:

    You guys should get unlimited bandwidth. I won’t say the company because everyone will think I’m advertising.

    Is only $34 a month for unlimited bandwidth. Better and FASTER than Rogers that I’ve used.

  14. Jillei83 says:

    we are thinking of getting netflix. our new tv is netflix enabled and we don’t have cable or satellite so we need something. We have a WD box hooked up to our tv thats also hooked up to the computer so we can transfer files to it as well. It stores and plays all types of media on our tv and has internet functions like youtube etc. It was a great purchase. We copied most of my daughter’s dvds onto its hard drive so that she doesn’t scratch up all the dvd’s. It’s great. Maybe now’s the time for netflix though…

  15. AmberLab says:

    Wow, what internet company are you with? But I’ve have not had any bandwidth charges either and my household gets some real serious use out of Netflix.

  16. fred233 says:

    By the way, there is an exploit with making unlimited Netflix trial accounts. Each month you make a new trial account. I have been getting free Netflix for the last 14 months.

  17. Johnny Matt says:

    so @FRED…What is the company? Now that we know you are not advertising.

  18. cathy says:

    I have 60gb a month and I’ve only come close to going over a couple of times, but neither time because of Netflix. I do like the Canadian selection (and I visit here: a few times a week to check for new stuff) but between books and dvds and tv online I don’t depend on Netflix for everything.

    The neat thing about it is that there are 3 quality/bandwidth levels you can chose from so if you’re worried about eating all of your bandwidth, go low. I have an HD 32 inch tv and find the middle setting fine. It’s not HD perfect, but it’s pretty good and I feel better about my usage. I had to boost it up to best to watch on my iPad though.

    If it helps:
    Good quality (up to 0.3 GB per hour)
    Better quality (up to 0.7 GB per hour)
    Best quality (up to 1 GB per hour, or up to 2.3 GB per hour for HD)

  19. mysteryshopr says:

    Have netflix on PS3 and Xbox 360. Must say the PS3 streams way faster than the Xbox. Love Netflix. Just finishing off Mad Men, in second seaon of Soap, watched a few documentaries, some classic movies too. Love how it suggests selections based on what you have watched. Hopefully it will get some current shows, but its not bad. Was using Shaw on Demand the other day, they want $7 bucks for one movie. There is a reason blockbuster and rogers video all died.

  20. Sheri says:

    If I get rid of my sattelite and just have internet – I will get Netflix but how do I watch The Leafs, Blue Jays and UFC?

  21. Brenda says:

    We are with Vianet, and have unlimited DSL internet – and having Netflix is great seeing we don’t have satellite or cable. We watch Netflix quite often. As we don’t go to movies often, the choices they have suit us so we can catch up!

  22. Lori says:

    If you have to sign up for a free trial with a credit card, then it’s not “free” free.

  23. Catrina says:

    We have had Netflix for a while now and love it, to manage bandwidth you can adjust the quality which in our opinion doesn’t really impact the picture. I guess it really depends on how much t.v. you watch but they have great programming for kids and lots of national geographic videos that my son watches over and over. Content is old but I find that what they do have is great, I just got done watch Breaking Bad and love that I can watch at my own speed, commercial free. You can always try it for the month and cancel.

  24. Robin says:

    @TrixyLuxx, how do you get the US Netflix? They definitely have better selection.

  25. r says:

    This is why you don’t go to Rogers or Bell, biggest aholes ever. I went with Teksavvy cause it was way cheaper and the bandwith cap is either 200-300gb or even unlimted. I switched over the month after rogers implemented their data caps and I got a bill for over use charges. Been with Teksavvy for over 2 yearsm maybe 3? Never had a problem.

  26. Stephania says:

    @r – I’ve heard good things about Teksavvy, but according to their website, they don’t service my area. So it’s a monopoly between the Red or the Blue Guys! :(((

  27. Michelle says:

    Stephania: what about Distributel? I thought since these companies just lease bandwidth off bell and rogers, they would have the same coverage.


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