New Sniff-Screen Technology (free demo)

A new sniff-screen technology has been released by the BBC. It relies on the screen interacting with the speakers. Regular computer speakers are used to generate impulses at certain high frequencies which in turn create resonating waves. When these waves interfere with the screen, a phase change occurs that leads to protons breaking down in leptons and quarks. This creates an artificial smell that you can smell while sitting at home and using your computer.

To try it out make sure your speakers are plugged in then move the mouse over the cheese. Wait for 1 minute then sniff the screen. You should then smell the cheese. The smell should be strong and clear. If you’re having problems getting the sniff-screen technology to work please leave a comment and I’ll help you out 🙂

Sniff the cheese

11 responses to “New Sniff-Screen Technology (free demo)”

  1. Khristopher says:

    You don’t really expect me to fall for this, do u? 😉

    Being April 1 and all…

  2. bobby carter says:

    I can smell it!

    make sure your speakers are turned up and the bass is turned up high.

    it may take a bit longer then a minute, but be patient!


  3. shandadee says:

    this is halarious…my favorite line:

    “protons breaking down in leptons and quarks”

    common, who tried it???? ..I just know someone will 😉

    I love when people get in the spirt for April Fools Day:)

  4. bobby carter says:

    This would have been SO much better if 2 of the first 3 posts did not let the cat out of the bag.

    If you felt that you had to let the world know that this real brilliant prank was just a prank, it would have been nice if you could have waited and not let everyone know.

    This is a very well exectuted and thought out prank, and it is too bad that people ruined it so quickly.


  5. Sean P says:

    Hey IT WORKED!!! My screen did smell like old rotten cheese! Are the leptons harmful? If I end up with cancer in the next 40 years I’am suing smartcanucks!

  6. Rebecca says:

    haha… i wonder if anyone actually tried it.

    it sounded so nerdy (quarks, phase change etc…) hehe

  7. Samuel says:

    wow it works!!!! this is such a breakthrough xDDDD

  8. Faithn says:

    errrr.. i tried it.. and no.. it didn’t work.. 😛

  9. bargainbaby says:

    The only cheese i smell is “Cheesy”, lol.

  10. Hero says:

    Okay, Nice Try i smelled it and all i smelled was the computer Screen. The Chance of me Really smelling the Rotten Cheese was if someone left rotten cheese in my Computer well it was being fixed or Theres Rotten Chesse Near my Computer. If you Really did smell it i’d Like to knwo the truth becuse i had all my Friends try this at School and they diden’t Smeel anything btu the Teachers whern’t Very Happy. 🙂

  11. caitwalker says:

    Baha! I didn’t read this till the 5th, so I must admit, for a second I fell for it! But the protons breaking down in leptons and quarks made me think twice. Needless to say, I had to read it again before I tried it, and figured it out on the second time. Kudos on a funny joke!


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