Old Navy Canada: 2 Days of Rockin Deals “Shoppa Palooza”


Old Navy is holding “Shoppa Palooza” on Friday, Nov 27 and Saturday, Nov 28, 2009! Yes, this is valid in Canada, in the US it is called Gobblepalooza to celebrate Thanksgiving. Here is a rundown of the deals, please note that some are only valid on certain days and some are limited!

Chance to win a $200 SHOPPING SPREE!!
FREE Rock Band Guitar w/ Purchase of Rock Band2– Supplies very limited
Coupon on Back of Flyer for $10 off $50+ (before taxes)
Play Rock Band in Store w/ your Family
*SAT ONLY* FREE Lego Rock Band (Video) Game w/ $20 purchase (while supplies last and game rated E for everyone)

-All outerwear 50% off
-Sweaters (for family) $20 — Reg $25-$54.50
-ALL Kids & Baby UNDER $20 (excludes outerwear)
-Collectable (superhero & band tees) B2G1 free
-Long-Sleeved Tees –Adults $9
–Kids & Toddler $7

Thermals (For Family) $5 — Reg $9.50-$24.50

ALL Jeans: Adult $20 (Reg $39.50-$44.50)
–Kids $15 (Reg $19.50-$29.50)
Performance Fleece Blankets $5 —Reg $10
Holiday Stockings $2 — Reg $9.50
ALL Kids and Toddler Frost-Free Jackets $25 — Reg $44.50-$59.50
Performance Fleece Tops (For Family) $7
Graphic Tees (For Family) $7

Thanks to Nat for sharing this deal with us!

15 responses to “Old Navy Canada: 2 Days of Rockin Deals “Shoppa Palooza””

  1. Sally says:

    I was reading the small print on the tv commercial “stocks are VERY limited…Bah

  2. Jessie says:

    This says at the bottom of the page in fine print….
    “Prices valid during dates indicated on select styles in US stores and online, while supplies last. Not valid in Canada”

    Is there a separate link for the Canadian deals?

  3. amycanada77 says:

    I will be there bright and early to spend $20 and get a free $60 video game!

  4. Justine says:

    jessie- where are you getting that information from? a website?

    yes it’s valid in Canada, I said so in the post and I just got an email about it too. 😉

  5. Jessie says:

    That’s great news! The old navy weekly website says Not valid in Canada.
    Thanks a lot

  6. amycanada77 says:

    They were advertising it on our local radio station too

  7. Tammy says:

    Does anyone know what the 5.00 “Thermals” are? I know they have the old style long-johns, normally about 12.50—are they what are 5.00? My DH needs new ones for working outside this winter. Thanks!

  8. Zuri says:

    I just called my local Old Navy (Langley, BC) and yes, the sale is ON ladies! 🙂

  9. Mel says:

    Are they really giving out games in Canada? It didn’t say that in the email I got…

  10. amycanada77 says:

    Confirmed in Kitchener Waterloo that they are giving out games with a $20 purchase!!!! That’s a $60+tax free game!!! You could just trade it in at EB for like $30 or $40!!! Can’t wait

  11. Snoocy says:

    Our store only gave away 6 games…yeah, that’s pretty limited

  12. Rosie says:

    Hey, Amycanada77-that’s pretty shady. Why not just go for freebies that you can use or give to someone that can use them? Sounds like you are going to get that game just to make some easy bucks. Some little kid is going to be mighty disappointed that his mom bought $20 worth of stuff, but can’t get the game because they have been all given out to people who think like you do. Hooray for the Christmas spirit!

  13. amycanada77 says:

    Our store in Kitchener has approx 20 for EACH system – 360 – wii and PS3 but a lot of people have been calling and asking about it so I bet the line-up before the store opens will be huge – and our store is opening early – they open at 7am.

  14. amycanada77 says:

    Stood in line for 45 minutes – they handed out wristbands about 10 minutes before the store openend – colour coded to which system you had – spent $20 on a sweater and recieved the $60 Lego Rockband xbox 360 game for free!!! Worth the 45 minute wait for sure!

  15. YJ says:

    At Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, they opened at 9:00 am and had 25 per system (75 total). My brother and I went at 8:20, and although there was already a medium sized line ahead of us, we each got a wristband, there were still wristbands left for the rest of the line behind us and even a few left by the time the store opened. They were giving a wristband to each person over 16. We hadn’t known the number of games they had before hand and we were afraid we wouldn’t get one, but we were glad we took the extra effort to wake up and go 🙂

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