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Holy Moly did I just get a great deal I just have to share with you!  You can now get the 50% off an outerwear item of your choice online with the coupon code OUTER50!  Oh and to make it even better, it can be combined with another 15% off everything by using coupon code loulou15!!!  I just placed an order and got my son his winter coat for $10.48.  Also if you’re order is at least $50 you get it shipped for FREE.

I’m so excited with my purchases and I hope you can all get in on this sale too.  I’m could find an expiry date for these coupons, but I’m assuming the 50% off outerwear one is only until October 28 like the in store coupon.  Hurry if you want to get the best selection though!

Click here to shop at Old Navy online.

95 responses to “Old Navy Canada 50% Off 1 Outerwear Item PLUS 15% Off Everything ONLINE ONLY!”

  1. macfsh says:

    Great deal! Thank you! Got a winter coat for my son too. And a couple of shirts.

    • maybe says:

      I know, I was just saying yesterday that we needed to buy my son a new coat and now a great deal pops up!! I got a hoodie and sweater for my husband for Christmas to bump up to the $50. Although my whole order only have out to $35.

  2. Sara says:

    Anyone recieved an order to Canada from them yet?
    Any surprise charges?

  3. giffy85 says:

    I believe the 50% off only lasts til Thurs. Oct 28. I purchased 2 coats online, both were on sale as well. However I just went to check out the selection again in case I wanted something else for a gift and one of the coats I bought was no longer on sale. Thank goodness I got it when I did. The womens ruffled collar wool blend I got for $12 but now its back to $90! Looks like old navy caught on lol Great deal though

  4. Connie 106 says:

    thank you soooo much – I love the Old Navy online site. I have ordered many times, so surprise charges and much better deals than in stores.

  5. Connie 106 says:

    sorry …typo … meant to say no surprise charges

  6. ElaineA says:

    I’ve already ordered online quite a few times from Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic Canadian sites and no suprise charges! Love the free shipping (over $50) and free returns in store too.

  7. Katie says:

    Has anybody ordered from Old Navy by phone before? Thanks.

  8. carmela says:

    thanks for the heads up! got a great deal too, just in time for some early Christmas shopping! 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    Woot, just got one of their frost free jackets for the little guy for just over $10! Thanks for the codes!

  10. twinmommy says:

    What a fantastic sale! With the loulou15 coupon code I was able to save 65% off the winter coat I bought which brought me well below the $25 limit we agreed to this year for nieces and nephews gifts for Christmas! I also bought my husband an entire outfit for under $25 and for all my efforts I bought myself a new shirt for just $8! Thank you for this heads up!

  11. anniecannie says:

    wonderful… picked up pants for my son for Christmas and a coat for my daughter… as long as jeans for my little one!!! YEAH!!!!! Thanks for posting this… my daughter is wearing a very old coat because I new one was not in the cards… and low and behold… great coupon codes!!!!

  12. Jerry Hung says:

    Final checkout shows the details

    50% off any single outerwear item


    Offer valid from 10/26/2010 at 12:00 am ET through 10/29/2010 at 12:00 am ET in the US (including Puerto Rico) at Old Navy stores and online. Valid in Canada (excluding Quebec and oldnavy.ca). Discount applies to merchandise only, not to GiftCards. Discount taken off of regular ticket price. Coupon is good for one time use and must be surrendered at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per customer per transaction. Not responsible for lost or stolen coupons or codes. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

    Get 15% off your order at bananarepublic.ca, oldnavy.ca and gapcanada.ca.


    Offer valid online only at bananarepublic.ca, oldnavy.ca and gapcanada.ca through October 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM ET. Offer only valid in Canada. Offer not valid at Banana Republic or Banana Republic Factory Stores. Qualifying amount applies to merchandise only not to Giftcards purchased, packaging, applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges. No adjustments on previous purchases. Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Offer cannot be combined with Gap Inc. employee discount or any other offers or discounts. Not responsible for lost or stolen coupons.

  13. ElaineA says:

    ummm. I purchased the ladies ruffled wool coat on sale for $29 and after the discounts came to $12.33. That was about 3 hours ago. The coat is now back up to $99.50 – regular price. How can they do that?

  14. jenn says:

    Can you order items so they qualify for free shipping and then return some items in store? 😛

  15. thaichips says:

    oly moly is right! i’m ordering some tonight!!

  16. Melissa13 says:

    I ordered my coat last night before I saw the extra 15% off code. Oh well, my size is gone from the site now and I was able to get free shipping even though I was under $50.

    I did notice about some of the coats going back up to regular price. I guess they thought it was too good of a deal.

  17. thaichips says:

    i like the bright yellow and orange coats. 🙂

  18. jenn says:

    melissa13 how did u get free shipping under $50?

    • maybe says:

      If you’re order is $50 before you put in the coupon codes it stays free after you enter them. Make sure you choose free shipping before entering the codes. Oh course, before the discounts your order has to be at least. $50.

  19. Dalfie says:

    I did buy once online with Old Navy. I bought enough to have free shipping and returned the items i didn’t want in store with no problem.

  20. jenn says:

    Do the SALE items = FINAL SALE items? Can someone confirm this?

    What’s eligible for return?

    * You can return or exchange any item that’s in its original condition (unwashed and unworn) or defective, *****unless it was purchased for final sale.******
    * All swimwear must have the original price tags and hygienic liner intact.
    * Unworn Banana Republic sunglasses may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase if accompanied by the original receipt and complimentary case, with tags attached. Defective sunglasses will be accepted for return at anytime.

  21. ElaineA says:

    Sale items aren’t final sale items. I assume they would have to state that? I never buy at full price!

  22. loveadeal says:

    what a deal!!! know what’s funny though? When you are checking out you can pick the free shipping option.

    Brand Item Description Size Unit Price Qty Total Return Type
    Boys Performance Fleece-Line Black Jack S $19.50 1 $19.50 –
    Girls Black Skinny Jeans Black 14 $12.00 1 $12.00 –
    Women’s Fold-Over Yoga Pants New Black XS $15.00 1 $15.00 –

    Summary of Charges

    Order Subtotal: $46.50
    Promotions: -$6.98
    Shipping & Handling: Free
    13.00% HST $5.14
    8.00% Rebate $2.15
    Total Tax: $2.99

    Order Total: CA$42.51

    Crazy eh? So I got both discounts too!!

  23. jenn says:

    how did you get the 8.00% Rebate $2.15?

  24. Dalfie says:

    From my experience, sale items are not final sale items. I know, I was wondering me too when I placed my order. Don’t know what are final sale items though… never seen one.

  25. loveadeal says:

    jenn…no clue. It’s how it all came up on what they emailed me.

  26. jekky says:

    How do you apply both promotion code?? anyone…please??

  27. coupondiva says:


  28. ElaineA says:

    jekky – in the checkout apply the first code and the price will adjust. then apply the 2nd code and the price will adjust again.

  29. Cmoody8107 says:

    Sara – I just placed another ordered for a coat. That was my 5th or 6th ordered since they started shipping to Canada – no hidden fees. Quick shipping (usually 8-10 days from date ordered)Easy returns! Orders come with a sticker to return anything at their cost. (Takes them about 10 days to credit $ back to your CC)

  30. Cmoody8107 says:

    Jenn – I bought shirt a couple weeks ago online – wrong size. It was a clearance priced item & I used a discount code. No problem with returning it – took them about 10 days to refund $ and free return.

  31. Julie says:

    Jenn – the HST discount is because children’s clothes are taxed at a lower rate

  32. Susan says:

    Both the 50% off outerwear and 15% off code worked for me! I got a wool-blend winter coat for just under $40 including taxes and shipping! Total bargoon!

  33. loveadeal says:

    Has anyone tried a 3rd promo code yet? like the one they give you at the bottom of your receipt?

  34. Frugal.Tea says:

    Is it just CC or is there another option?

  35. Abby1 says:

    @ ElaineA: I was wondering the same thing! I’ve had an eye on a trench coat of theirs for awhile now (almost bought it in-store once) and last night/early this morning it was discounted from $59.50 to $30.00 and I thought with the coupon that starts today it would be a steal to get it for $15.00 in-store, if they had my size left in-store. When I saw this post (with the additional 15% off) I was like screw it, I’m buying it online! But I just checked the coat and it’s back up at $59.50, what the bleep! Going to try to find it in-store tonight, otherwise might still try to order it online.

  36. FunkyMunky says:

    OMG I JUST ordered a coat yesterday! Sooooooo mad!

  37. Erin says:

    I just got a coat for my son, total was 25, but that’s because I paid 8 dollars for shipping.

  38. FunkyMunky says:

    ah what the hell, ordered the coat again will return the first one when it arrives 🙂


  39. Abby1 says:

    @ FunkyMunky: good plan!

  40. Speederd says:

    @Jenn – 8% rebate is given to children clothing…

  41. FunkyMunky says:

    Abby – I couldn’t NOT do it, I kicked myself under my desk at work! it was $89.50 originally, but I got 15% off on it with loulou15.. so paid $85 – but $42.99 is SO much nicer! 🙂

  42. Abby1 says:

    @ FunkyMunky: SO much nicer! Glad you got a much better deal 🙂

  43. thaichips says:

    FunkyMunky – which one did you get?

  44. Lily says:

    Hey, is there anyway you could buy for over $50, to get the free shipping, and then just do a free return in store?

    Somebody message me if they’ve tried it!

  45. FunkyMunky says:

    Lily – absolutely, I had an order of just over $50, and returned the $34 part of it to the store, all good!

    thai chips – this guy – http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/Asset_Archive/ONWeb/Assets/Product/772/772427/big/on772427-01vliv01.jpg

  46. draven79 says:

    Are these winter coats or just fall jackets? If they would be warm enough for winter I’ll have to get some for the whole family!

  47. Deb says:

    I am STILL waiting for an order that I placed on October 9th to be shipped! NOT IMPRESSED one bit! All customer service would say is that they have had such an increase in online customers that they are having a hard time shipping everything out. They said they would expedite ship my order as soon as it was ready last week for no extra money from me…Gee thanks.

  48. FunkyMunky says:

    so strange.. I ordered on 6th and got it the next week… my order from yesterday already says shipped – where are you located? they do say that it takes up to 13 business days to ship to remote areas, so it wouldn’t be 13 days yet..

  49. 2010 says:

    Ordered the same jacket twice:( I haven’t gotten confirmation yet though… so when I do I’ll call to cancel… Got the jacket I really wanted for $33!! Hope it’s going to be warm enough!:)

  50. FunkyMunky says:

    2010 – you can’t cancel 🙁 I called about mine too

    gotta wait for it to be delivered then either mail it back with a free mail postage they include or in store…

  51. Andie says:

    I ordered one this morning (one of the wool ones that have gone back up to $100, glad i did it when it said $29 and then i got the discounts on that), and i was in an Old Navy right after so i tried it on to make sure I ordered the right size.

    As for warmth, the one I got will *not* do in the coldest days of winter for me. but it will be good up till Christmas and on the milder, less windy days, and it’s super cute. 🙂

    this one: http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=55474&vid=1&pid=789249

  52. 2010 says:

    Thanks for letting me know FunkyMunky!:) That’s too bad, lol, it kept telling me my card wasn’t accepted so I pressed it too many times:(

  53. Deb says:

    FunkyMunky I am in Hamilton, Ontario. They just sent me a coupon for 10% discount on my next order.

  54. Deb says:

    Looks like they caught on as I just ordered and used the 50% off coupon, loulou15 and tried the code they just gave me. They only took the 50% off the coat and nothing else the other stuff.

  55. Nottinkerbel says:

    Yeah!!!! Thanks for sharing this great deal!!! Just got a faux fur trimmed winter coat for $16.75 as well as a PILE of clothes for my kids all for 52.00 and free shipping….. Happy, happy, happy….

  56. Maria says:

    It didn’t work for me for some reason:-(-they didn’t want to apply 50%discount.

  57. jenn says:

    Thanks guys! I called a local ON store and they said anything except Final sale items can be returned in stores. And yup final sale is different than sale items. So I ordered one coat, 2 sweaters and if the sweaters don’t fit well I guess I can just return them! The total came to $50 after taxes. Pretty good deal since I got a jacket under $15 ^^

  58. Christine says:

    FYI I placed an order earlier for a coat, and got the 50 and 15 off.
    I just checked to see if I could place a second order and I was able to get the deal again.
    Also, my order before tax was $46 and it let me choose free shipping

  59. Annie says:

    I found that if you put the loulou15 coupon code first and then the outer50 code you save even more because the second code applies to the new lower price…if that makes sense lol

  60. FunkyMunky says:

    this topic became all sorts of win 🙂 I don’t think I’ve seen so many ppl excited about a sale before, weeeeeeeee 🙂

  61. Deb says:

    Just got this email from old Navy customer service regarding my order from October 9th.

    Thank you for your recent order #xxxxxx. We’re sorry, but while processing your order, we found that the item(s) below are no longer available. Your Order Total has been adjusted to reflect any changes. If you paid with a credit card, you have not been charged for the item(s).

    Took them almost 3 weeks to realize that my items were not available??? I am BEYOND mad now.

  62. Shan says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, i went in store today and toddler coats were on sale for $35 when I checked out and gave them my 50% off, it came to 31.25??? So I asked him and he said it only applied to the regular price. Got home saw this, and got the same coat for $14.07, it was on sale online plus the 50% and 15%, thanks so much!!!

  63. loveadeal says:

    Just a heads up. The free shipping is calculated on the price before the discounts. Just click the free shipping button, just before you enter your cc’d information.

    I just bought….
    Girls Frost-Free Hooded Puff Mole XL $24.50 1 $24.50 –
    Boys Mini-Striped Graphic Po Volcanic Ash S $2.99 1 $2.99 –

    Summary of Charges

    Order Subtotal: $27.49
    Promotions: -$4.12
    Shipping & Handling: Free
    13.00% HST $3.04
    8.00% Rebate $1.87
    Total Tax: $1.17

    Order Total: CA$24.54

    Only 24.54 and still got the free shipping. The girls coat was $49 before all the discounts and the boys shirt was $2.99. I did this earlier with my sons coat and got free shipping again.

  64. Dinglehopper says:

    I don’t know why, but my boyfriend got the free shipping, but I didn’t. Meh, oh well – still got a good deal – a coat and 5 pair of flip flops (I can’t find those anywhere and I go away to Mexico on 3 weeks) for $37, including the $8 shipping.

  65. theweave says:

    Wow! For fun I went and looked at a coat that I would buy for my dad, it was 89.99 I think… after discounts it was like $41!!!

    I am going to tell my parent’s tomorrow, they may want some stuff for my nephew, I am done his shopping!!! *LOL* But they have not started yet!

    Thanks OP!

  66. Abby1 says:

    Went to Old Navy tonight and the coat I wanted wasn’t on sale there either. So, came home and ordered the coat, applied free shipping first, then outerwear code, then the loulou code, and bam $28.58 after tax :top: so happy! Even tried on my coat at Old Navy to double check the size 🙂

    Boyfriend didn’t have much luck though–he almost bought two items tonight with the 10%/15% WUB x amount coupon, but I said wait and order them online with the loulou code; meanwhile they’re not even on the website 🙁 Poor guy is going back tomorrow.

  67. Donna says:

    Along with all these awesome coupons I went to the Gap site as well and found everything was 25% off online , including sale stuff , put a few items in the same basket ….what a deal ….and SALE is not FINAL SALE , those items if any will be clearly marked :), so they are absolutely returnable …..waiting to receive my stuff 😀

  68. sarah says:

    where has the yellow jacket gone? I wanted the yellow one 🙁

  69. baggylady says:

    fyi, banana republic in-store said final sale for them is anything ending in $.97 – maybe same for Gap and Old Navy?

  70. meguwo says:

    I am trying to checkout and it won’t let me 🙁 I think it’s down right now!

  71. meguwo says:

    If I add my Old Navy items in the cart the checkout won’t load…. BUT if I add the Old Navy items in the cart and then click on the Gap…. and then click checkout it works? Weird?

  72. Shelly says:

    I got myself a coat, sweater and a couple of camis yesterday, 2 pairs of jeans and a tshirt for my husband for Christmas and a winter coat for my daughter!!! All for only…. $121.75. Free shipping over $50, can’t beat that. I have ordered from them before. You can reuse the bag your order comes in to return items. There is a label in the bag for free returns. No hassles; its great!!!

  73. Shannon says:

    Last night I *almost* bought a toddler coat, a cami for me, and some undershirts for my son, but I didn’t have enough for free shipping. There’s no ON in my town, and driving to Kitchener to return an item just so I could get free shipping would be a PITA. I talked myself out of the purchase remembering that even though it was such a good deal, it’s no deal if I don’t really NEED the stuff (wants vs. needs). Then this morning, I saw the 25% off +free shipping at the Gap offer, so I went to check that out for a shirt that I bought in store and loved and wanted another one–anyway, I put that in my basket and my ON stuff from last night was still in there, and I got free shipping for all of it because of the Gap offer. Cool that you can combine purchases from the stores. I got a cami, a t-shirt, a wool toggle toddler coat, and 2 packs of 2pack undershirts for $35! (and I got to lighten my wallet by using up a gift card to boot!)

  74. Donna says:

    I called Customer service last night and was on hold for over 20 mins. just to confirm that SALE items are returnable. Asked about Gap and OldNavy, no clue re. BR ….

  75. Mandy says:

    Grrrr…. THe checkout isnt working for me…is anyone else having the same problem… I go to check out… select my shipping and the next page is frozen?

  76. Reb says:

    Old Navy Checkout isn’t working but just click on the gap site – then hit checkout and it works. You don’t have to buy anything from the gap site

  77. Sher says:

    Buyer beware for Canada – same as whatDeb says. I too have placed a few orders on the website. I just got an email AND a phone call that my order that I placed on October 9 (One Day Wonder sale) for the $16 jackets – none are available (even though I ordered them at 6:00 am that day and there was plenty left!). They also took three weeks to tell me – even after I phone last week AND sent an email asking about why my order wasn’t processed?
    My learning – you don’t have the article of clothing from them until it shows up two weeks later (or more) in your mailbox. A 10% off coupon doesn’t cut the mustard when the jackets were purchased at a great discount…

  78. Mandy says:

    Thanks so much Reb!

  79. JulieA says:

    I’m REALLY mad!! I tried placing an online order at least a dozen times, but each time, once I clicked the “checkout” button, the next screen was a blank order form.

    So…I called the 800 number. I was told I could NOT use both codes, just one or the other. I told the man that others on this board have received confirmation that they would be getting both codes. This did not phase him one iota. He said it was “company policy” and there was nothing he could do. I simply told him to cancel my order as well as my business.

  80. meguwo says:

    JulieA click on the Gap page after you add your items in the cart and then checkout. Should work. I was having the same problem about 12 hours ago, lol.

  81. Nice Sass says:


    I never would have thought to try using the Gap tab’s checkout instead. I just did two separate orders: Bought two coats for my little munchkins – $35 for two wool coats.

    Did a second order and hubbie got a new coat for $33!

    Thanks OP and helpers in this chain! 🙂

  82. Abby1 says:

    My coat has shipped already!

  83. 2010 says:

    How long does it take for them to give you a confirmation order? that the order was received? or do they just send you an a email when it’s shipped? most plaecs i’ve ordered from have given me a confirmation email and then an email that it;s been shipped… but I haven’t rec’vd anything from them confirming my order, even though my CC was charged. Thanks for any clarification!:)

  84. aesclark says:

    Thanks so much for posting Meguwo!! Was getting a little worried when I couldnt place my order for an hour!! Went to the gap and checkout worked just like you said….weird!!

  85. FunkyMunky says:

    I ordered coat #1 on Monday – got it today! expecting coat #2 tomorrow (ordered yesterday)

  86. jenn says:

    oh my…I just got an email from them that “We’re sorry, but while processing your order, we found that the item(s) below are no longer available. Your Order Total has been adjusted to reflect any changes. If you paid with a credit card, you have not been charged for the item(s).” -.- that sucks!

  87. Andie says:

    My super cheap coat (the one that was mistakenly listed at $29 for a few hours Tuesday) has shipped, yeah!

    All in all, I got myself a coat and a vest, my DH a vest and a pair of jeans for Christmas (3 separate orders) and I think it all came to just under $80. Less that the coat is selling for in-store.

    SO HAPPY about this deal!

  88. Deb says:

    Yup that is what I got 3 weeks AFTER i placed an order Jenn

    Sher- I got this email last night.. Your order from October 9th has been shipped Priority Next Day AM and should arrive by Oct 22, 2010 21:53:00 ….hmmm wasn’t yesterday October 27th? I checked the tracking number and it is still sitting in Mississauga. Seriously, I could have walked to the depot and back to Hamilton quite a few times in the 3 weeks it has taken to reach me!

    Then I woke up to this email today.

    Thank you for your email regarding your oldnavy.ca order, #xxxxx.
    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you’ve experienced with this order. Please know our goal is to exceed our customer’s service expectations and it appears that in your particular case, we did not meet that goal.

    If you wish to place a replacement order for these out of stock items, you may do so by contacting us at the number below and one of our representatives will gladly place this order for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to place orders via email.

    Our records show that your two most recent orders placed on October 26, 2010, which are currently being processed, will be shipped to:


    Our standard shipments are expected to arrive in 4-5 business days once payment is authorized, 13 business days for remote locations. If you don’t receive your package by November 8, 2010, please let us know.

    Deborah, we hope this information is helpful. Please know you’re a valued customer and we hope you will continue to honor us with your patronage in the future.

    I gave up being on hold with customer service and did the replacement order online. I didn’t bother with the puffy coat this time. I just want the puffy vests for my kids!!!

  89. FunkyMunky says:

    just FYI everyone – I tried to use both codes again for the same coat as I’m waiting on – everything works without a problem and checkout isn’t slow

  90. onlybluemomma says:

    I just got 3 winter coats for my boys and it only cost 62.00!

  91. Abby1 says:

    My coat arrived today! 😀


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