Old Navy Canada Mystery Bag Sale and Summer Clearance up to 75% off!


This is kind of an interesting promo.  On the morning of July 9 (and while supplies last), you can buy a Mystery Bag of clothing at Old Navy for $20.  The value of the bags is between $105 and $130, so huge savings.  You are allowed 2 bags per person.  I assume they will be separated by size and gender, but I guess that remains to be seen.  This is in store only.

Also, while you’re there picking up you’re mystery bags, check out the summer clearance section which will be discounted up to 75%.

31 responses to “Old Navy Canada Mystery Bag Sale and Summer Clearance up to 75% off!”

  1. Dayanara says:

    I am curious about this. I am between an XL and an XXL and even then sometimes those don’t even fit right.

    Tempted to try it out though. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. KM says:

    The email I got said the bags were final sale too.

  3. jthompso says:

    They had me at mystery.. lol Sounds like an intriguing sale. I will be participating for sure. Thanks for the post

  4. icietailleurs says:

    I don’t like this idea even a little bit, even $20 is too much for clothes you might not like/wear. I’ll pass on this one. The clearance of up to 75% sounds much better to me.

  5. Cheryl888 says:

    I have a feeling this will be the junk they are unable to sell…

  6. ARPL says:

    Hopefully someone will post with what they receive. With a photo! It is a very bizarre promotion and I would fear it would be the junky stuff that hasn’t been moving from clearance.

  7. Heather says:

    I called my store and they said they will have a brief description on each bag!! 🙂
    I will be trying it. I can always givethe clothes away as gifts if I dont like it.

    Its like those surprise bags you got as kids!!

  8. moi says:

    probably all the canada day stuff they have left over and other odds and ends. there is definitely a reason they are putting it in a bag and saying no returns!

  9. lana says:

    no way will I buy this!! first, I’m sure the ‘value’ will be based on ON’s regular prices – and who pays regular price there?? and like others have said, there is a reason its in a bag, no returns. yikes!! If it was a bag of baby or kid clothes, fine, but otherwise… I’ll look forward to the reports from those who got sucked in!

  10. jr says:

    this is weird

  11. Aron says:

    Got confirmation from the insider, the stuff that is usually on shelf for while, Canada day promotion, stuff they regularly get complaints about, some uneven things cannot be sold at regular price, stuff you see on clearance at $5 or less, more huge sizes available etc., and about price you guys are right they look at regular price to say 100+, on sale + coupon you could bring it down about half or more. But person did say its good value for ladies for man if you don’t care what you wear… go for it!! I say its $20 worth gamble, you may like or may not, also has chance to win some $1000…I think! Go for it!

  12. QuinsMom says:

    Will they have toddler sizes on or are these just adult bags?

  13. Mary says:

    I actually messages the FaceBook page and called the store. They have it sorted by size and gender. They also have it by baby girl/boy, and toddler girl/boy. I am going strictly for the baby and toddler for my 1 week old and 2 year old nieces.

  14. Moi says:

    All sales final
    Limit 2 bags per customer

    The BAGS will have the SIZES marked on them
    Bags will be organized by size
    (i.e. Women’s Medium, Children’s Small, Men’s XL, etc)

    While supplies last. Bags cannot be sold if opened.

    Not valid online.

    Plus there’s a chance to win $1,000 or a $50 shopping spree in every bag.

    For Canadian residents: Mathematical skill-testing question to be correctly answered in order to win. 5 grand prizes of $1,000 cash and 500 first prizes of $50 Old Navy appreciation cards available to be won.

    From another site:
    On another blog, says you can’t use your groupon for this. Also, the bags will be filled with clearance items

  15. Sally says:

    I don’t think i’ll get this one. Old Navys sizing is pretty inconsistent and I know I’ll get a bunch of stuff that wont fit me.

    This however would be a good deal for kids.

  16. Sandra5 says:

    OK, I am trying to imagine what it would be like to put on a blindfold, and potholders on my hands so I can’t feel anything, and then going into Old Navy and shoving stuff into a bag. And then after paying, looking inside the bag to see what I got.
    Jeeze, that was fun. Not.
    I think I’ll pass on this “deal”.

  17. Ladena says:

    LOL, I’m super curious about this deal. I would prob only do it for the kids stuff though… I really hope ppl post what they get in their bags!!

  18. silentbob1 says:

    Super deal for me because I love Old Navy… the stuff that i like I will wear, and the rest I can donate… which I always do anyway

  19. melis84 says:

    I am so intrigued….. just for the mystery of it. But $20 for things I probably won’t like? Meh. I’d rather buy a shirt I LOVE for $20.

  20. meguwo says:

    So if it is Women’s Medium will it be all shirts? Or even a women’s large?

    I am wondering about pants that are sized….. would a small be pants size 2-6… medium size 8-10? large 12-14? XL would be 16-18? Or something like that?

  21. Trixyluxx says:

    Im out

  22. sarah says:

    no thanks. i ain’t paying $20 for a bag of rejects!

  23. Mary says:

    I went this morning to the Erin Mills Town Centre location. They had maybe 50 bags. They are all tops, organized by gender and size. I bought 4 bags, they allowed me, they had to ring them all through separately, due to something in the system. For baby/toddler they only had 1 for each size. What I did get was absolutely worth it with the exception of some NHL shirts, but they are pink and for babys so its cute. I did get some cute sweater dress things and a cute crop sweater, also got a bathing suit in there. So for me it was completely worth it!!!

  24. Theresa says:

    Curious to hear more about what people had in their bags…

  25. NT says:

    I bought a men’s bag size M and got 5 tshirts, mostly graphic prints. Not a bad deal.

  26. Heather says:

    Just got back from my old navy
    I got the womens bag size Medium
    in there was: a brown zip hoodie with pink letters not sure of reg price but 13.99 sale
    a cute grey shirt with little cap sleeves reg price 17.50 sale 4.99
    a grey dressy tank top (i really like this one) reg price 17.94 sale 8.99
    a light colour tank top light grey with jewles on it reg price 19.50 sale 9.99
    a white t-shirt that says love on the front with purple flowers / beading (its cute with jeans) reg 17.94 sale 4.99

    So about $44 if i bought everything on I can wear some of it to work and some on the weekends. No crazy colours etc, the only thing i dont LOVE is the hoodie 🙂

  27. Ricky says:

    I went to the store at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto. I bought one boys bag size small(6-7 years old) for my nephews. There are 8 t-shirts inside ($2.50 x 8 = $20). They are pretty good. I liked the deal. The cashier told me that the bags for adults were sold out in two hours in the morning.

  28. kathy says:

    Went to Bramalea city centre they had maybe 20 bags and they were gone in seconds!!! Literally. I managed a Ladies med tops bag and my cousin got a ladies xs tops bag. I got a cute white shirt with some detailing on the front can wear to work, one with sequins on the front colors arn’t so great again for work, one grey with jewles on it, and two tank tops both good for sleeping. Not too bad my cousin got three slightly dressy tank tops in different colors and a Oilers t-shirt. Didn’t even see if they had any kids bags it was one for all all for yourself. CRAZINESS.

  29. Sally says:

    I sauntered in around 3pm at London North’s ON and there were about 5 bags left, I didn’t buy any but I did get some swim trunks for the boys at under $4 a pair with tax.

  30. Jillei83 says:

    i bought a bag yesterday – it was a womens medium bag and it had 5 tops in it. Everything fits well, but one of the shirts is a button up paisely pattern that might be too busy for me, but i can always pass it on to a friend. Whenn i got there is was 11 am and there were lots of girls and boys bags left, but no toddler girls, and only about 12 wmns and 4 mens bags – all in smaller sizes. I was hoping to get a toddler girl bag for my daughter, but I had 3 womens med bags to choose from. I chose the fattest bag hoping to get a hoodie or sweater. All in all my bag had:

    1 navy chunky knit sweater with tie belt
    1 periwinkle blue spaghetti strap tank
    1 purple/maroon v neck t-shirt
    1 powder blue cardigan
    1 paisely blue patterned button-up shirt

    luckily blue is one of my favourite colours – or else i might be mad that 4/5 items were blue, but all in all i think it was a fun way for them to get rid of some older stock. I didn’t win on my scratch card inside, but i did get some great 75% off deals in the store. My other purchases came up to 33.89 and it said i had saved 82.60 on my receipt. I was pretty happy to find DH a pair of decent jeans for 9.87! I took a pic of my mystery bag stuff I’ll post as well 🙂

  31. Jillei83 says:

    posted pic in my album, lets see if i can add it to this thread? Help anyone?


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